Nurse Myer Pt. 02

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I am on my back, I am ordered not to move, I am to lie still, hands behind my head, legs together. This is not for my enjoyment, but for hers. I am just here to please my new nurse/mistress.

She is really riding me hard, lifting up of my cock, to the point where it almost pops out, then she slams down hard and then up again. I am reminded how I am not to cum in here, if I do it’s over, she leaves.

I am getting close, I start to think about other things, cleaning the house, walking the dog, but the pounding is so hard, I cannot, so I am forced to beg her to stop, I am to close. She slams down one more time in disgust, slaps my face and tweaks each of my nipples. She tells me she is not impressed with my stamina and slowly slides off my cock and I am ordered to slide down the bed until my nose is below her pussy. She then pushes down hard on my face and it is hard to breath. She tells me to start licking, but not her pussy, she wants me to lick her tuzla escort ass whilst she plays with her clit.

I have never licked ass before, am worried about the taste and smell, but all I can smell is her beautiful pussy juice. She starts to moan and push down hard on my tongue, whilst I can feel her fingers working and knocking my forehead. Myer cums loudly and pushes hard down on my and holds it there for 30 seconds and I struggle to breathe.

She then tells me that I was very good at that and she loved it and as a reward, I am to have one of her small butt plugs in me and I can then fuck her in the ass and cum if I please her further.

She asks me to get back on my hands and knees on the bed and she gets a rather large butt plug from her bag, she tells me it is smaller than the rest and not to worry, just relax. With only a small amount of lube, she slides it in and my ass swallows the last little bit, where she lets go and my ass muscles grab it tuzla escort bayan and pull it in tight. She gives it a little wiggle, grabs my cock, it is still rock hard and she pats me on the bum and tells me I am a good boy.

I am once again ordered to lie down on the bed, arms behind my head, legs together and once again she climbs over me into a 69 position. I am ordered to continue to lick her pussy and give it some natural lube, whilst she puts some real lube and some spit on my cock. Then she crawls down to my cock, pulls my cock up to her ass, wriggles it around a little, then slowly slides on to my cock. She is so tight, it feels amazing.

However she just stays still, once I reach the full depth of her ass. Her fingers grab my balls, she rolls them between her fingers, and then with her other hand she starts back at her clit. As I hear her start to moan again, I can feel her ass muscles contracting and pulsing around my cock, but she will not escort tuzla move up and down. I am so frustrated, I just want more. Then in no time, I hear her cum again and wow, she pulses and clenches hard around my cock. She slowly calms down, she lets go of my balls, which were being held tightly during the orgasm and she then sits up and my cock slides out.

She looks back at me and smiles, and says, “you did not really think I would allow you to cum in me, my pussy or my ass did you?”

She tells me it is time for a bigger plug and whilst she gets it, I am to wank my self, don’t cum, just get close. I am unsure about this, as I know my cock now smells of ass, but I have no choice, so I begin. My cock feels slippery from the lube, but also a little sticky and I know the reasons for that.

Myer sits on the bed, next to my cock and just watches, her eyes glued to my gooey cock. she then leans forward and just when I think she is going to kiss me, she pushes my head to the side and bites my ear, hard, but not hard enough to draw blood. She whispers to me “You better cum soon or you will be ordered to stop, as I would like to cum again soon”

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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