Now Serving Ch. 03

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This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don’t like the juxtaposition. There’s plenty of both. To phrase it differently, this story contains harsh BDSM with incest and incest with harsh BDSM, so please don’t read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres.

Otherwise, these chapters contain many of the physical attributes, mental characteristics, toys and devices to be found in my previous pieces. All characters are of legal age.

In the past, many enthusiastic readers have contributed positive and creative ideas. However, it’s my custom to complete an entire story before submission, so I won’t be returning to Now Serving to make changes.

Instead, I’m currently working on a new story. It’s a shorter piece with fewer characters. However, I welcome your non-irate, non-flaming comments and will try to respond to your questions.


After school on Friday, Angie went directly home. On Saturday morning, Janette went to visit Angie for the first time at her small, modest apartment, located in a plain apartment building in an inexpensive neighborhood. The inexpensive cars parked on the street were all several years old. But Janette arrived twenty minutes earlier than expected, since she’d estimated the drive time online during the height of Friday afternoon rush hour.

After ringing the doorbell, she had to wait three minutes before Justine, Angie’s mother, opened the door, blocking the view indie with her body. The door jerked open. It was Justine, not Angie. The mother’s pretty face was flushed, her breathing exaggerated and her short black hair was tussled. It was 11 am, but she was still disheveled, dressed in a thin robe, the sash hastily tied, the robe barely covering what looked like a black baby doll that was matted to her sweaty upper chest.

Janette was staggered by the robe’s shortness, it ended just beneath the mother’s groin. Even with the robe partially closed, there was lots of cleavage for Janette to notice. She’d never seen a MILF like this one before. She couldn’t believe that Justine was a 36-year-old. She looked like a slightly older, much sluttier version of Angie.

“Oh, you must be Janette,” she said, admiring the extremely pretty girl, who looked like she could be Angie’s sister or first cousin. “But you’re way early.” Justine took note of the girl’s thick lips and prominent chest. “It’s only 10:30.” Janette understood that she’d arrived at a really bad time. An image flashed into Janette’s mind of Justine kneeling on an ottoman in black lingerie while Janette stood behind her and fucked the slut mother’s pussy with a big strap-on.

“Sorry about that, but Angie said to come at 11:30. And it’s actually 11:00 now. I guess I should have called but I didn’t think it mattered.”

“Well, you’re here now.” Justine smiled thinly and turned around for a long moment, looking at her apartment. “Wait a minute.” She closed the door. Janette thought about how weird all this was. She heard a door close inside.

Justine opened the front door again. “Ok, come on in. Please call me Justine.”

Janette looked around the small, modest apartment. She saw the master bedroom at the end of the short hallway, a small bathroom and another door, shut tightly, that must be the second bedroom. “Can I get you some coffee?”

“Sure, thanks.” Janette sat in the cramped dinette area while Justine poured coffee.

“Damn, no sugar, ” Justine complained. She opened a cabinet and rummaged around. “Not here. Mmmm. Oh, I remember.” She went to her knees, opened a cupboard low to the ground, and reached deep inside, the ultra-short robe rising up and exposing the MILF’s pussy lips and ass, which liked like those that a 26-year-old would envy.

Janette stared in shock and said to herself, “This slut is an exhibitionist!” But the most surprising sight was that Justine’s upper thighs and ass were striated with whip marks – and very recent ones. Their close and parallel welts looked they’d been applied by an experienced Dom.

Janice stood up with the sugar, acting completely oblivious, gave some to her pretty guest, and sat. They chatted for a few minutes. Janette couldn’t believe how gigantic Justine’s nipples looked, even hidden by two layers of clothing. Despite Janette’s awkward arrival time, Justine had immediately liked the pretty and polite Janette – who wouldn’t? – and said how appreciative she was of everything that Janette and Matt were doing for her daughter. Justine subtly appreciated Janette’s curvy body, expensive makeup and nice clothing.

After a few minutes, Janette asked, “Where’s Angie?”

“Oh,” Justine said. “She had to run out on some errand.”

“That’s funny, she didn’t text me about that.”

“Oh, she rushed out and forgot her phone. She didn’t say when she’d be back.” At that moment a kitchen timer buzzed. “Oh, I forgot, that’s the laundry. I have taksim grup yapan escort to move the wash to the dryer. The neighbors don’t like wet clothes lying in a machine, especially on a Saturday.” She straightened her hair in the small mirror by the front door, rearranged her robe, and said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes, ok? I’ve gotta check the mail too.”

“Yeah, sure, take your time, I’m fine.”

The moment the front door shut, it was completely quiet, and Janette heard a low buzzing sound. It was on the threshold of her hearing. Not even sure that it was real, she walked to the closed bedroom door and opened it a few inches. Instantly the buzz was much louder and she could tell that it was Angie’s room.

She swung the door more open and gasped. On the bed was a leather flogger. In the corner, facing the wall, was Angie, nude and kneeling on a pillow, wearing a sleep mask and headphones. Her hands were behind her, tied at the waist. A cord led to a black spreader bar bar between her ankles, forcing her to bend a bit backwards. Angie was sweating in the stuffy room, her pajamas lying at her feet.

Janette slowly and silently approached the disciplined girl, whose luscious ass and trim thighs were densely striped with raised red lines. Her mother had not only whipped her ass and thighs, the gorgeous teen’s belly and tits had also been cruelly whipped.

Janette inched a little closer. Angie’s mouth was stretched around a penis gag. There was a plug the in the base. It had been filled with a thick creamy liquid. Angie must have been clamping down on it long and hard, because her cheeks and chin were overrun with the goo. Her shoulders had been splashed with the gunk and the slimy river coated her heaving tits. It was remarkably homogenous in texture.

Janette wondered whether its smooth consistency was because it was a concoction, like those silly porn videos where women’s faces and tits are deluged with torrents of fake cum from fake cocks. Sometimes the dildos looked totally fake, sometimes less so. Even though they were contrived, she was in fact a cum slut, so she loved to see the pretty faces and gorgeous makeup drowned in thick gunk, the thick strands hanging off eyebrows, swinging from noses and and streaming off chins.

The curious teen stuck out a finger and slid it across one of Angie’s tits, scooping up so much glop that some of it fell onto the welts on the bound daughter’s thigh. Janette put the tip of her finger on her tongue, her long tongue delicately licking off a glob. It was in fact cum. But she knew you couldn’t really tell how good cum was from the first taste. She licked along the entire length of her finger and circled her tongue around her mouth, spreading the viscous muck around her taste buds. It was different than her father’s.

She stuck her entire finger between her greasy lips and slowly extracted the digit, sucking noisily. Hmmm, it was quite good, different from Daddy’s but almost as tasty. But where was it from? There was no guy in this household.

The buzzing came from a big vibrator, angled on a pillow and pointing to the girl’s dripping slit but not touching it. Janette guessed that during one of Angie’s multiple orgasms, she’d wriggled and flailed so much that she’d dislodged the vibe. Janette turned it off.

Janette was incredibly turned on. She wondered what infraction her friend had committed to deserve such a harsh punishment. This changed everything. If Justine used discipline on her daughter, maybe Justine herself was also a sub? Or could be turned into a sub? Janette flashed on an image of Justine, her big hazel eyes wild with pain and excitement, the gorgeous body suspended, clamped, chained and plugged. With Justine’s dark hair and olive skin, her nipples, pussy lips and asshole might be the dark color that so turned on Janette and her father.

Perspiring herself, Justine realized she had to get out of the room. She took two quick photos with her phone, of Angie from the front and rear, the flash hidden by Angie’s eye mask. She had just shut the door, sat in the dinette and taken a gulp of coffee when Justine returned, nervous. “Any sign of Angie?” she asked innocently.

“Uhhh, no, not yet. . .”

“Oh, it’s too bad that you came all the way here.”

“By the way, my Dad said he’d like to meet you really soon.”

“That sounds good. Tell him I’m available whenever he wants. Oh, I forgot to get the mail.”

Janette perceived two stains on Justine’s robe, at her breasts. “Wait, you’ve got stains on your robe. Let me fix them before you pick up the mail.” Justine stared down at her mounds.

“That’s ok, don’t bother.”

Janette stepped forward so she was very close to the sensuous woman. She touched one of the spots. The deposit seems clear but sticky. Suddenly she realized that it was pussy juice from Justine’s bondage of Angie. Janette felt a bit dizzy with excitement. taksim masöz escort Her friend’s slut mother was standing in front of her covered with her own daughter’s cunt juice.

By instinct, she reached out, yanked the thin robe of Justine’s shoulders and pulled it down to the mother’s elbows. Justine, whose arm movement was now constricted, blurted “What are you doing?”

“What I said I’d do.” Swiftly, Janette tugged open the robe’s belt and wrenched the sleeves off all the way, drawing the belt out of the robe’s belt loops before dropping the tiny robe on the floor. The slut wasn’t even wearing panties. But she was entirely shaved.

Justine’s whole front was now exposed to her daughter’s best friend. “Oh jeesh, I had no idea,” Janette said, dazzled by the big tits capped by the big dark aureole and the thickest, longest, darkest nipples ever.

“How dare you!” the exhibitionistic mother said in a halting, husky voice, as if that was what vanilla behavior demanded she say. She tried to back up but her ass and thighs were already up against the table in the tiny dinette.

“You should be ashamed, walking around covered with your daughter’s pussy juice!”

“What? What are you—”

Without thinking, Janette grabbed for the huge nipples, holding each one at its base with a thumb and index finger. Even with her broad thumb, over an inch of the huge stalks extended above her fingers. Justine’s knees buckled and she sank to her knees for the second time in ten minutes.

Janette rapidly tied the black belt from the robe in a figure eight around the sub mother’s 34Cs, squeezing the big mounds till the belt forced them up and out. “Don’t move,” she warned.

The girl strode into the master bedroom. There was an armoire in addition to the main closet. Janette pulled on the handle but it was locked. She stood on her toes, reaching above the armoire, and immediately found the key. Swinging open both doors, she had discovered a serious toy collection. Every major piece of bondage gear was there, all well made and expensive.

She grabbed two handfuls and returned to the dinette, a gleeful smile on her face. Her new sub hadn’t moved and was looking more gorgeous than ever. Janette dumped the devices from her overflowing hands onto the table. “That’s quite a collection in your armoire.” Justine looked up just in time to be collared, gasping at the heap of metal and leather gear that Janette had piled onto the table. “You must have been a sub for a long time to have gathered so much expensive stuff.”

Janette stuck a small pair of clamps onto the burgeoning, swarthy nipples, amazed at the huge dusky nipple flesh that bulged out above the clamp. She compensated for the lightweight clamps by attaching two long chains with heavy metal links. Janette was correct: Justine accepted the nipple pain like a well-trained sub. So Janette clamped the comely MILF’s thick clit hood, added a long thin chain, and clipped the end to the D-ring in the front of the slave collar. Janette stood back to appraise her work. Not bad, but not enough. Justine’s eyelids fluttered, swooning with shock and excitement.

The time was almost noon. The teen felt hungry, so she opened the frig to see if there was a piece of fruit. She forgot about her snack when she saw several large storage containers, stacked on several shelves. They were all filled to the brim. Instantly, Janette knew what they contained. She was staggered.

“Where did you get these, you cum slut?” she asked Justine. But the sensuous sub only shook her head, resistant.

“All right,” Janette conceded. She gathered the compliant older woman’s nipple chains and pulled up on them. The docile, sultry sub scrambled to her feet and was led a few feet to the living room, where her new Mistress shoved her down so she was sitting on the edge of the coffee table. Automatically, Justine spread her limber, toned legs to the outside of the table legs, her dusky, chunky labia spreading apart, her pussy drenched with arousal at the hands of her daughter’s fiercely dominating best friend.

Janette held a spreader bar against the rear of the sweating sub’s waist and attached the enticing mother’s wrists to the bar. The dominating girl raised one of Justine’s ankles and raised it from the floor to the corner of the coffee table, strapping it tightly. She bound the other ankle the same way. Justine’s legs and thighs were now pointing up and out, with her knees at the highest point. So her groin was completely, obscenely exposed. Janette took a moment to admire the toned thighs, jutting clot and wet inner lips, juicing so much that Justine’s puckered hole was already saturated with cunt juice.

Janette picked up another of Justine’s penis gags. Although it was mostly hollow, so the reservoir could hold as much cum as possible, it had been designed to have the approximate stiffness and flexibility of a real cock. On the side of taksim otele gelen escort the base was a small red button that she’d never seen before. Janette pushed the button but nothing happened. Justine realized it was the brand new one she’d just bought. But she hadn’t noticed the red button when she’d bought it online.

“Last chance,” she offered. “Where’s it from?”

“I – I was away, away on vacation.”

“That’s it? That tells me nothing.”

She opened the container, poured the cold ingredient into a bowl, microwaved it and carefully poured the thick steaming contents into the penis gag, plugging the thick gag, inserting the gag into a head harness, and strapping the harness tightly to her new sub’s head, shoving the broad cock between the cock slut’s meaty lips.

Justine was stupefied to watch Janette attach a pussy clamp to each of her hefty labia, fasten cords to the clamps, lead the cords to her wrist cuffs, and tie the cords tightly, pulling her lips wider than ever before and stretching them beyond belief. The bound sub uttered a flurry of muffled sounds through the heavy penis gag.

Janette was nothing if not thorough. She picked up a modestly proportioned, 4-inch anal dildo, applied lube liberally, positioned it at the dark-haired sub’s dusky, crinkly wet hole, and slowly pushed it into her bottom’s bottom. Justine shook and whimpered with pleasure. However, Janette was surprised that the black dildo slid in so easily. Much too easily. So she pulled out the toy, to Justine’s grumble of disappointment, and marched back to the armoire in the master bedroom, seeking something more substantial. Hurriedly, she grabbed the largest anal dildo she saw.

Upon Janette’s return, she greased up the larger, 6-inch tool, placed the black shaft at the slightly gaping ring and carelessly shoved the head into the dark circle. This time, Justine didn’t whimper with pleasure, she gasped with pain. Janette couldn’t get more than half of the head inside. Then she remembered what she’d learned from Matt: always lube and go slowly. She withdrew the shaft, drenched in a thick coat of lubricant and slowly twisted the fake glans into the hole, rotating the shaft.

Justine produced a string of “Ugghhh!”s and “Ahhhh!”s as the huge dick plowed into her asshole. She guessed that Janette was way too inexperienced to know that only a well-trained, harshly used anal slut like Justine could have accepted the monster so readily. Janette wasn’t satisfied until the entire six inches was lodged up into Justine, who quivered and writhed in a massive cum, her hips bucking and groin gyrating frenziedly, causing the cords attached to the cunt lip clamps to stretch the abused labia even further.

As soon as Justine came down from her high, her eyes widened. Janette, perspiring from her exertions in the stuffy apartment, had stripped off her blouse and shorts, revealing a matching pair of expensive lace underwear. Justine ogled the teen’s luscious body, realizing that their bodies were so similar that Janette could be her own daughter.

The bra had plenty of lace in the décolletage and side boob areas, but none at all in the middle, exposing the beautiful girl’s large aureoles and thick nipples. Through the light gray fabric, Justine could see faint horizontal striations across the girl’s tits. Did that mean the girl would flog Justine’s tits?

Justine was stunned: this dominating teen was also a submissive who received discipline. But from whom? Certainly Angie would have known if Janette had a boyfriend. Justine had specifically asked Angie, who looked uncomfortable with the question and then replied, “I know that Janette definitely does not have a boyfriend.”

The boy shorts had lace on the hips, but the girl’s mons was totally visible, pussy juice covering the big dark outer lips that made a pronounced camel toe in the the gusset. There were striations across her mound, but darker, broader and angrier than the ones on her tits. Would this dominatrix crop Justine’s pussy?

Janette hefted a crop from the table. Justine shook her head wildly, drops of sweat flying off her black hair, trying to dissuade her tormentor. Janette just smiled. She bypassed the pain-slut mother’s tempting tits and thwacked the crop into Justine’s upper thighs. Justine grimaced from the blow as the mark bloomed on her flesh, but gritting her teeth on the penis gag didn’t release any of the contents.

Justine’s juiced-up pussy was dripping and she knew exactly what anguish was coming next. Janette whacked the crop’s leather flap alternately into the stretched, dusky lips, walloped the wet pink inner lips and swatted the distended clit, as oversized as the aureoles, nipples and labia. With each round thrashing the three throbbing areas, Janette struck harder. Justine’s pussy had never been tormented in quite this way. Where did an 18-year-old learn how to do this?

Janette pressed the red button only for a second. The penis gag lurched backward in its harness, the cock retracting and the shaft collapsing by a couple of inches. Then it sprang forward, spewing its contents with such force that Justine’s head jerked backward, the hot cum jetting against the roof of her mouth. She swallowed the mouthload of hot jizz while she was cumming, her entire torso shuddering.

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