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Big Tits

Late on a snowy Friday night in March, I sit in my darkened living room wearing an over-sized sweater and sweatpants with socks. Two browser windows open on my laptop – one showing porn videos and the other set to my favorite chat website. My left hand casually slides under my sweater and my fingers begin to tease my right nipple until it is hard and elongated. Most men express self-arousal by stroking their cock but most of the time, I fondle my nipples.


For as long as I can remember looking at women, I have had a fascination with nipples. Sure, everyone stares at tits and youth is always wowed by large breasts, but I soon began to focus my attention on nipples and areolas. I realized that it didn’t matter if she has large breasts or small, the beauty of her nipples and the sexy brown ring around them was independent. I’m sure regular ‘reading’ of my monthly subscription to Playboy magazine only heightened this belief. After all, Playboy was still a leading venue for pornography in the late 70’s and early 80’s and the beautiful images that graced their pages were often focused on the breasts.

As I dated girls in high school and then college, I found myself becoming more and more obsessed with a woman’s nipples. I was constantly trying to get my hand inside her bra – to allow my fingers to move around her areola and stimulate her nipple. I dated a girl my sophomore year of college that had the longest aroused nipples I’ve ever had the pleasure. I swear they would grow more than an inch as I would play with them. We dated for some time and she is a great girl but the only thing I truly miss about her is her thick, sensitive nipples and dark areolas.

At some point in my life, my fascination with nipples transferred to my very own. I love when a woman pays extra attention to them when we fuck. I drop little hints to her to give special attention by kissing, licking and biting them. The occasional woman will really know how to get me off by her tending to my nipples.

At some point, I started chatting on-line in various forums about nipples. I was driven by my desire to make them more sensitive and larger. I came across this wonderful crossdresser name Janelle who gave me some fabulous advice. And so, several times everyday I began pinching and pulling on my nipples for 200 repetitions at a time. I found my nipples really did become larger and it seemed as if I could make them harder just by brushing over them.

Janelle made other suggestions with skirt hangers and clothespins as clamps. Each addition took me further down a path with my obsession for my nipples. It ultimately led me to the following.


Clamps with Set Screws. She set them down on the small table to my right, just barely in my peripheral vision. And then a pair of two pound lead weights. And then a pair of three pound lead weights. My mind began to race as I strained to see the weights on the table.

I had responded to an advertisement in an on-line forum. We ‘chatted’ in a chat room before she agreed to let me meet her. She chose a small, darkly-lit bar in an area known for strip clubs and adult books. She turned out to be a beautiful woman with long, auburn hair. She asked me a few questions before agreeing to allow me the pleasure of her services. She made it clear that I was to do exactly as she requested or she would end our appointment immediately.

I had sat down in the modified, straight-backed, steel chair willingly. I had been to visit a few times and each visit becoming more intense than the last. The seat back stopped just below my shoulder blades. The seat itself was only about half the size of a normal chair – just enough for my ass cheeks to sit on a thin cushion. My ankles were securely fastened to the front legs of the chair. My wrists and elbows were tightly fastened to the arms of the chair. The chair itself was bolted to the floor.

Upon entering her lair, I promptly removed all my clothes, neatly folded them and put them in a box by the door. She wore a latex bra and matching latex pants. They both were a deep red color and of course, snug to her body. Her hands and lower arms were covered by gloves made of the same material. And she had five-inch stiletto heels that gave her an even-more commanding presence.

While my cock was still soft, her gloved hands forced a metal cock ring down my shaft and one at a time, over my balls. The ring fit snugly between my body and my cock. This was the first time she had done this to me. As soon as her hands left the ring, I could feel my cock begin to swell. She fastened a three-inch wide collar made of leather around my neck. Her right hand grabbed my chin and moved my head from side-to-side but the width of the collar made the movement severely constricted. There were metal rings sewn into the collar on all four sides. I watched her eyes as she admired her efforts before she took my left elbow and walked me ten feet deeper into her lair.

She motioned for me to sit down on the steel chair. I had learned through prior visits that she rarely spoke. And it was always in a commanding voice when she did. I looked başakşehir escort the chair over as I approached and noticed the short seat and the leather strap dangling against the seat back. I turned around and sat down on the cold vinyl. My ass cheeks barely fit on the short seat and my ball sac hung down between my thighs. She bent down to one knee and moved my right ankle against the steel chair leg. Steel cuffs quickly secured my ankle. She repeated with my left leg. She forced my right elbow flat against the chair arm and secured it tightly and then my wrist. She repeated with the left elbow and wrist. Even though the room was cool and I was nude, I could feel beads of perspiration on my brow and droplets of sweat from my pits. She walked around behind me and the chair. I could feel the leather strap being slid across my belly, just below my belly button. It was pulled fairly tight to secure my lower back to the chair. It effectively eliminated most of my ability to move in the chair.

Her heels clicked and echoed on the cold concrete as she walked to a table on the side wall. I watched her tight ass encased in latex sway with each step and could feel my dick stiffen. I had never worn a cock ring and really did not know what it was supposed to do to me. She returned with a steel chain with small clips on both ends. Her left hand roughly grasped my stiff cock and pulled it to the right. Her right hand clipped the chain to the cock ring and she released my cock. She rubbed her gloved, left hand on my belly and I could feel her rubbing my pre-cum on my skin. She stepped between my thighs and bent at the knees. Her eyes looked into mine and a thin smile crossed her lips. Her left hand pulled my neck forward and the right hand clipped the steel chain to the ring in front of the collar. When she released my neck, I realized the chain that ran between my neck and cock ring was not quite long enough to allow me to straighten. It caused me to lean forward in the chair, but the leather strap across my lower belly kept me from going any further forward. If I tried to straighten my back, the cock ring dug into my skin.

Standing five feet in front of me, well within my view, she reaches behind her back and unfastens her latex bra. She lowers it off her 36D breasts and shows them to me for first time in my visits. The left nipple has a thick barbell piercing it. The right nipple has a large ring. Her breasts are quite firm and sit high on her chest. She displays no tan lines, though the light is dim. She gets within a foot of me and lightly pinches each of her nipples and grins. Then she gets on her knees between my spread legs and pushes my chin up causing me to gasp as the cock ring digs into my flesh. Her gloved hands reach forward and grasp each nipple. As she pinches harder, I find myself clinching my jaw. She pulls the nipples from my body and twists them in opposite directions. My cock throbs as she does this. And then she releases them and I feel my body relax.

Her heels click as she walks to that table. She returns holding a leather strap with a hard rubber ring. She holds it up for me to see it clearly. “Do you know what this is?” When I shake my head from side to side to indicate ‘no’, she walks around behind me. She loops it in front of my mouth and says, “Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue.” I do as she directs me to do. The rubber ring is pulled over my tongue and into my mouth. She positions the hard rubber ring so it is inside my upper and lower jaws with my tongue sticking through it. My mouth is now wide-open without the ability to close it. The leather strap is buckled tightly behind my head. I can now feel sweat running down my arms from my pits.

And then she brings the clamps with set screws. She set them down on the small table to my right, just barely in my peripheral vision. She hesitates so I have time to mentally take in the clamps. And then a pair of two pound lead weights. And then a pair of three pound lead weights. My mind began to race as I strained to see the weights on the table. She sat them down so I could identify the ‘2’ and the ‘3’ stamped on them. More pre-cum oozes from the tip of my hard cock. My balls hang down between my legs. I am terrified at this moment. And this is why I have come to her lair this evening. I’m sure my body is shaking, though it could just be my imagination.

She produces a long-handled object like a leather flyswatter as she returns to my vision directly in front of me. I try to swallow as best I can but I can already feel my spittle drooling from my forced-open mouth. She bends down and flicks the swatter directly on my left nipple. My breathing quickens markedly as the sharp pain registers in my brain. Twenty, quick flicks has my nipple bright red and as erect as I’ve ever seen it. She puts the swatter across my lap as she reaches for one of the clamps. Her left breast brushes my extended tongue as she does. She opens the clamp and closes it around my nipple. I hear squeals of pain from my voice. The clamp bites the tender flesh. And then she twists the set screw bayrampaşa escort three full turns. I try to move but I am securely fastened to the steel chair. And with it bolted to the floor, I can barely move at all.

Before I can control any sensation of my breathing, the right nipple is flicked five times. She pauses just a moment before fifteen more has my nipple red, sensitive and hard. Again, her large, firm breast brushes my extended tongue as she picks up the second clamp. It bites into my flesh as the clamp closes around my nipple. Three full turns with the set screw and my nipples are both on fire. While still on her knees between my spread legs, she positions her head inches over the crown of my cock. Thick spit drizzles from her lips. Her gloved hand rubs my cock from crown to base using her spit as lubricant. I’m erect and aroused but the cock ring is preventing any orgasm. For just a couple moments, the pain to my nipples is forgotten. And then she slaps my hanging ball sac and the pain returns. She stands and walks away from me into the darkness.

I sat on the small steel chair with my bare ass barely supported. I’m forced to lean forward by the chain and the clamps bite into my nipples. I can’t hear her or see her but I know she must be watching. Fifteen agonizing minutes pass. And then I hear the click of her heels on the cold concrete. She walked across the room and stops with her left tit inches from my face. She pressed her big tit to my tongue and mouth. My tongue, extended through the hard rubber ring, tries to lick and flick her nipple. I feel the metal of the barbell piercing against the tip of my tongue. Spittle runs down my tongue and onto her tit as my tongue flicks her nipple in an effort to please her. Her gloved hands began to rub my chest, massaging the area around my aching nipples. The suddenness makes my whole body lurch upwards. I try to cry out but my voice is hoarse and my mouth is covered by her big tit. Gloved hands rub next to the clamps and tears form in my eyes. Her hands leave my chest and her tit pulls free from my mouth.

The two pound weights have small hooks that easily attach to the clamps. She picks them up and holds them in front of my eyes. And then she slips one on the left nipple. I cry out as the weight drops and pulls on my nipples. And then the right nipple is pulled from the weight that is added. My breathing is ragged as I fight the pain to my nipples. My cock is rock hard and feels like it is on fire. This was the whole reason to make my head lean forward. It allows the weights to hang free of my body and thus, it makes them feel even heavier. She caresses my hanging ball sac. Her hand cups it in her hand and then I felt her hand close around it. And she pulled it downward. I scream through the ring. It comes out more like a croak. And she laughs at my anguish. I hear myself trying to beg her for mercy but the words are unintelligible. And she would not have acquiesced even if she could have understood me. That wasn’t the proposition.

Once again, she brings her tit – this time the right – to my drooling mouth. She put her hand behind my head and pulled it backwards a couple inches. I cry out as my cock is pulled by this action. Tears again stream down my cheeks. She shoves her tit into my mouth. I try to suckle, to kiss, but all I can do is lick her nipple with my tongue. It’s been just more than fifteen minutes with the two-pound weights hanging from my nipples. She releases my head. She reaches for the three-pound weights. I try to shake my head to plead, but all is does is pull the chain attached to my cock. Without much fanfare, a three-pound weight is added to each nipple clamp. Five pounds hang down from each nipple. I cry out. I try to scream. My whole body rebels against the steel chair that holds me in place. It’s as if I’m trying to make the chair move up and down but I can’t move. The restraints on my arms and ankles dig into my skin. My breathing is ragged. I know this is far more painful than I had imagined when I first contacted her. A gloved hand lightly rakes my throbbing cock and it jumps. This causes the weights to swing and I scream again.

She walks away and leaves me in total, mind-numbing pain. Ten minutes pass and then she returns. She is only wearing boots that lace to just below her knee and her gloves. Her pussy is smooth except for a small patch of auburn pubes. “Here’s the deal. You tongue my clit and get me off. When you do this, I’ll start the process of releasing you. Do you understand?” I nodded my head and plead with my eyes. She steps forward and presses her musky, wet pussy to my tongue. My tongue frantically flicks at her clitoris. I try to use every skill I have ever learned to get a woman off this way. My tongue strokes her pussy lips and tries to fuck her before returning to her clitoris. She has a large clit and it appears very sensitive based on her body reactions. Drool is running down my chin as I try to breathe through my nose. Her pussy is plastered to my mouth. My tongue flicks side-to-side and she pulls my head into her sex. beşiktaş escort Her body shakes and then shakes harder. “Yes, Yes.” And then she steps away from my tongue. Her inner thighs are wet from my drool and her orgasm.

I feel her behind me. Her 36D’s press against my back as she leans into me from behind me. Her gloves massage my shoulders and work their way down my chest. The latex is cool against my body covered in sweat. Her fingers move around my chest, rubbing and caressing my muscles. I can barely breathe – I know it will be intense. But I have no idea how intense and I don’t know when. I feel her hot breathe on my ear. I can not believe how I can be both so aroused and so terrified. And then the moment happens, she squeezes the left clamp and it opens. Blood from my entire body it seems, rushes to my nipple. My eyes go wide and I scream through now stretched and hoarse vocal cords. My tongue wiggles in my mouth. Her hand lightly rakes my distended and white nipple. I feel-light headed as if I will black out. And she seems to sense this as well. The right clamp is suddenly opened around my nipple. And once again, the rush of blood to my nipple. My body slumps and I black out from the pain.

I wake to a start, jerking my head backwards and pulling on my cock ring. She is standing in front of me with a cracked tube of smelling salts. “No fair blacking out. You’ll miss all the pleasure of my services.” My left arm is free of the restraints, though I don’t realize it. My nipples are on fire. Sweat is running from my body and pooling underneath me. My cock is like steel and throbbing.

“You may jerk yourself off now. It won’t ease the pain, but the orgasm will be like nothing you have ever experienced. You can release yourself when you are finished. When you stand, I will help you to your clothes.” And then she turned and walked into the darkness with just the echoes of her heels.

I tried to move my right arm, but it was still restrained. The left arm practically fell into my lap. My nipples were raw and screamed for attention but I was too afraid to even touch them. My hand moved around the base of my cock and tightened. I slowly began to stroke my hard seven-inch cock. My sweaty hand mixed with the pre-cum and my own drool to create a slick lubricant. I stroked up and down as I gained some control of my muscles. It felt so great to have any sense of control over my own body. The pace quickened and I could feel my orgasm locked inside my body. Finally my cock erupted. I screamed out through the ring in my mouth in pleasure. A thick, white stream shot upwards and landed on my face and lips. I continued pumping and more cum shot onto my chest. She was right about the experience. It had never felt so intense when I had cum. Finally I stopped stroking my cock. I released the chain from my neck and felt my body slump.

It took me a few minutes but I finally extricated myself from all of the restraints. My jaw ached after removing the ring that had held it open so long. My body was on fire and I could feel all my muscles trembling. I tried to stand and my legs gave way as I hit the seat. True to her word, she helped me to a bench in the darkness where my clothes were stored. I fumbled in the dark to dress myself. “You did well” was all she said to me as she opened a door into the dark outside.

I realized it was an alley and I gingerly pulled out my cell phone. It was nearly midnight. I had entered her lair at 8 o’clock. My body shuddered as I stumbled to the corner to hail a cab home.


I had met Lindsay a few years earlier when she was an 18-year old college freshman. She was working as a part-time stripper in a topless bar near the college she attended. She had shoulder-length dirty, blonde hair that should we swing wildly when she danced. Her smile always had a sadness to it and I later learned it had to do with the crummy family life she had at home. The first time I watched her dance – I usually sat midway back in the bar – I noticed her thin body and small tits. She was different than most of the girls that stripped – bigger girls with significant tits for show. The second time she took the stage that night, I moved to one of the front-row seats to get a better view. The bar wasn’t too crowded, it was mid-week and relatively late, and my steady stream of dollar bills kept her dancing near me.

As she removed her bikini top for the first time, the spotlight glinted off her nipple rings and I was hooked, of course. It was obvious she hadn’t been dancing long, but she moved with confidence and even gave me a smile or two during her solo numbers. Once her solo was finished, I moved back to my regular seat in the bar. A few minutes later, Lindsay was standing next to me in a bikini and very high stiletto’s. She said she appreciated my tipping at the stage and asked if I wanted a personal lap dance. I was going to say ‘no’, but the look in her eyes had me saying ‘yes’. We moved to a booth against the back wall just as the next dancer began her solos. I paid Lindsay the $10 and she began to rub her skinny ass against my crotch. She gyrated and straddled my thighs as she gave me her best. She really didn’t have much in the way of tits, but she squeezed them through her bikini top and pushed them into my face. I really wanted to see her nipples, but knew that was out of the question. The thought of her nipple piercings drove my erection more than her dance, but I smiled and tipped her when she was finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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