Niece’s Decision Ch. 04

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Andrew got in the car slowly, or at least slower than Daneeka expected. Every fiber of her being was on fire, the clothes felt constraining, and more than anything she wished Andrew would rip them off her. Still he took his time, slowly buckling his seatbelt, adjusting the mirror; he seemed to ignore the thong laid out for him on the steering wheel. Daneeka squirmed in her seat and cleared her throat, in part to demonstrate that he needed to pay attention to her. She wanted to scream out “I’m right here!” but sensed that wouldn’t end well for her.

Slowly picking the thong off the steering wheel with both hands, Andrew brought it close to his face. As he unfolded the pair of undies, Daneeka found herself blushing, and when he brought the, still wet, spot to his nose she was beet red. Andrew took a deep, deliberate breath and ran the tip of his tongue around the crotch part before carefully folding the pair and putting it in the pocket of his jacket. Daneeka was in a trance, no one has ever asked to smell, much less taste, her pussy and yet this stranger was doing just that and enjoying that! Her mom’s and auntie’s words came back to mind, “Them white boys be freaky!”

As if sensing her bewilderment, Andrew reached over, pulling Daneeka closer to him, their lips meeting for the first time. Daneeka realized she has not made out since high school, Darian always felt he “put in the time” when they were dating and after they started being intimate the courtship was over. “He always just wanted to bust a nut” she thought to herself with what she now realized was just resentment. She felt Andrew’s tongue play with hers, a dance of sorts, probing slowly, complimenting hers. She felt herself getting wetter and was acutely aware that she was not wearing any panties. She wanted to pull away, she didn’t want to make a mess in his nice car, but didn’t know how to do so without angering Andrew. Finally Andrew broke the kiss but before pulling away, leaned over and whispered something that made Daneeka’s whole body flush, “I hope the real thing tastes as good.”

“Of course!” Daneeka stammered, trying to regain composure. “Even better!” she almost screamed out the last part trying to appear un-phased.

Andrew laughed, a hearty laugh, not a mean one Daneeka realized. He could see through her façade and realized putting on a show was useless.

“We shall see soon enough.” He said confidently, without a hint of boastfulness in his tone.

That was something Daneeka realized was missing from her relationship, all the lies, all the macho bullshit, one fairy tale after another wore thin. She liked confidence but not fakeness. She got engaged to a boy and let him convince her that he was a man.

As Andrew started the drive to… Daneeka realized she had no idea where they were going but strangely she was OK with that. Having spent most of her day to day life being in control and having to make decisions regarding every aspect of not just her own life, but also their kids’ lives, it was nice to relinquish that control and enjoy the ride, both literally and figuratively. She looked over and saw a slight bulge appear in Andrew’s pants. Feeling proud of herself, she decided to take it a step further and reached over to stroke it through the pants. Daneeka could feel Andrew getting harder and could’ve sworn she heard a soft groan. She felt her confidence returning, “All men are the same” she thought to herself but then she felt something she did not expect. Andrew put his hand over hers and gently, but forcefully, moved it back to her leg.

“There will be time for that later. I can see you have been taught to please boys.”

Daneeka was suddenly reminded of the response she received previously when she wanted to show off herself via text and was met with reprieve of sorts. She pulled back and slouched in the passenger seats, visibly pouting. She was always the “baby” of the family and was not used to beşiktaş escort being told “No”, especially not by men and especially not by men who she thought were less attractive than she was!

“You will stop that right now.” Andrew’s voice broke the uncomfortable silence. “This arrangement is not about you getting your way, it’s about…”

“But I wasn’t!” Daneeka screamed out, “I was just trying to..”

“Just trying to please me, I know”, Andrew calmly replied. “Now, learn to listen and this will go a lot smoother. If you want to throw a fit every time you don’t get your way, I will drop you off at your house and we will go about as if tonight did not happen. I am not in the habit of repeating myself and so I will ask one last time, are you prepared to do as you are told?”

Daneeka slowly nodded and quickly felt a slight slap across her cheek.

“When I ask you a question, you will respond verbally and respond with manners. Try again.” Andrew said calmly but with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Yes Sir.” Daneeka replied, looking up at Andrew out of the corner of her eyes. “Just please be patient with me. This is… this is new to me.”

Without taking his eyes off the road, Andrew caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and rested his hand on her leg, slightly squeezing.

“We’re almost at our destination. I will drop you off at the front entrance of the hotel where I got us a room. It’s a nice little suite on the 14th floor, room 1407. Take the elevator that’s just past the front desk on your left and go inside. Get yourself ready and I will be up shortly.” With that, Andrew handed her the hotel key that read “Ritz Carlton” in fancy letters. Daneeka never stayed at the Ritz but heard it was nice. Then again everything would be nice when you compare it to a Motel 6, she thought to herself. While never rich, her family stressed the importance of semi-annual, and sometimes annual, family reunions that took them all over U.S. Given the lack of funds, flying to the destinations was out of the question and so her life, for as long as she could remember, was filled with road trips and stays at, sometimes borderline shady, motels.

A few minutes later, Andrew pulled up to the main entrance, giving her leg a stronger squeeze, Andrew’s hand travelled up before coming to a rest a couple inches away from her slit. Daneeka realized she was holding her breath and closed her eyes, slowly releasing it. She could hear people walking around right outside the car but she didn’t care, her nipples were poking through her dress and she almost grabbed Andrew’s hand again to guide it but stopped at the last second. “I will see you upstairs soon” he whispered in her ear before pulling away. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, it was getting to be too much for her; she needed the release. But all she could muster was a whimper as she tilted her head back. Daneeka knew that she needed to get out of the car, she agreed to follow all instructions without argument, and so with a frustrated groan she unbuckled the seat belt and opened the car door.

By the time Daneeka got to the front lobby, Andrew was nowhere to be seen. She felt a small twinge of panic in her chest, the whole thing still seemed surreal to her. Mustering what little bit of courage she had left, Daneeka marched past the front desk and saw the elevators Andrew mentioned. She pushed the “UP” button and saw the lights at the top changing, indicating the movement of the various elevators. Slowly but surely people started coming up to wait for the elevator as well and before too long there was a small gathering of about 10 people. She felt everyone’s eyes on her, some groups were talking amongst each other, laughing. “Maybe this is all just a giant joke, a set-up of sorts!” the thought quickly went through her mind. She forced herself to dismiss it, everyone in her family always joked beylikdüzü escort how she overthought everything, and surely this had to be one of those times.

After what seemed like an eternity, the elevator dinged indicating arrival and Daneeka rushed to jump in, almost knocking over the people trying to exit. She mumbled an apology and stumbled in, keeping her head down. If people looking at her was a figment of her imagination before, she knew everyone was now. All of a sudden Daneeka remembered that she wasn’t wearing any panties and wondered if anyone could tell. She felt embarrassed but strangely turned on, it wasn’t the first time she felt a combination of those feelings. She pushed the number 14 and stood silently as people reached over and pushed their floor number. As the elevator went up she realized that people were getting off quickly and by the time she reached the 14th floor, she was by herself.

The doors open and carefully peering out, Daneeka saw that the hall was empty. She clutched her purse, walked out, and found the room at the of the hall. It was somewhat secluded; no other room was next to it, just a utility closet. She wondered if Andrew did that on purpose, so no one would be able to hear them. She could feel excitement mixed with panic begin to creep up from the pit of her stomach, but realized she was probably over thinking things again. Daneeka inserted the keycard and saw the light on the lock turn green as she heard a pleasant ding. She pushed the door open and took in the view of a room. In the first room she found a fairly standard arrangement of a couch, small dining table with some chairs around it, and a big screen TV.

She walked through what she imagined was the “living room” of a suite and walked into the bedroom. There she found a king-size bed, with what looked like restraints at the four corners of the bed, some armchairs, and a couple tables that looked covered up. She slowly walked over and lifted up the paper covering the first table. Daneeka saw some massage oils, lubricants, some condoms, “nothing too shocking” she thought to herself, “just a standard aisle at Walgreens” she chuckled to herself. Walking over to the second table, Daneeka felt more confident, she moved the cover and gasped to herself. She recognized some items, there were a few dildos and vibrators, of various shapes and sizes, as well as butt plugs, a ball gag, what looked like a massage wand, a pair of handcuffs, and some things she didn’t recognize. She heard a voice in her head, “certainly wouldn’t find this in any pharmacy store”.

Daneeka heard a ding and realized that Andrew was about to enter. Quickly pulling back the cover over the table, she jumped on the bed; after all she was supposed to have been getting herself ready, whatever that meant. She tried to strike a sexy pose by laying on her side, holding her head up with hand, but realized she probably looked more flustered than sexy when Andrew came in and smiled.

“You seem out of breath, need a glass of water?” he asked winking at her as his gaze went over the table.

Daneeka realized she rushed covering it up and it was clear that someone was messing with it. She cleared her throat, and trying to sound sure of herself, answered “I’m aight but I’ll take a cocktail if you got one.” She could tell Andrew could see through her bravado, but felt the need to at least maintain a semblance of confidence, even though her mind was racing, her stomach was a haven for butterflies, in short she felt herself a nervous wreck but was trying her best not to let on. Andrew nodded, she thought she saw a wink, and walked over to the bar. He made them both drinks with his back to her as he casually asked “so what did you think of the buffet layout?” nodding towards the tables. As Andrew handed Daneeka her drink, a thought ran through her head again “don’t EVER accept drinks unless you saw how they beyoğlu escort were made and don’t EVER leave your drink unattended!” yet somehow Daneeka felt safe. She wanted to learn, granted she didn’t know what, but her body ached for what she imagined was to come.

“Put the drink down on the table and stand up.” The command snapped Daneeka out of her trance. Andrew did not yell it, there was no sense of impatience in his tone of voice which is what she was accustomed to, her fiancée was ready when he was ready, all else be damned. She got off the bed slowly, remembering that Andrew did not want anything rushed, and walked over to him. She felt his hands on her arms as he turned her around to unzip her dress. She could feel his breath on her neck and remembered teasing her over the years. “Payback’s a bitch I guess” she thought to herself. All his actions seemed calculated, this wasn’t his “first rodeo” and she could tell yet he didn’t seem bored, on the contrary she could tell he was savoring every moment.

Slowly stepping out of her dress, Daneeka felt exposed. Andrew was still fully dressed yet here she was in just her bra. Her first instinct was to cover her “kitty” up but he anticipated that and placed her arms at her sides.

“You look beautiful Daneeka.” He whispered in her ear, slowly kissing her neck.

She felt his hands on her, one on her stomach, moving down and the other on her neck. She felt him slowly reach between her legs and instinctively opened them up. He ran his fingers across her freshly shaved pussy and she felt herself opening her legs up more, tilting her head more. She knew she was soaking wet and felt her wetness run down her leg. Andrew ran his finger around her clit before inserting his middle finger in. He fingered her, slowly at first but picking up the pace. His other finger massaging her clit as he kissed her neck, deeper and longer kisses. Daneeka didn’t even realize how loud she was moaning until she felt the familiar buildup, her body tensed, and as she pushed down on Andrew’s fingers, she felt him pick up the pace and insert another finger in.

“Oh god, oh fuck, oh fffffffff” Daneeka felt herself lost the ability to talk and resigned to just making sounds. And then she felt it, she felt herself release as she came, hard. She was still shaking when she noticed a puddle on the floor and tried to pull away, muttering apologies. Andrew kept in her place with one hand still around her neck. She felt so exposed, her dark secret was out, it only happened once before and Darian made a huge deal about it. Screaming that she pissed on him, he stormed out of the room to take a shower and later threatened to tell all their friends about it. Daneeka prayed for a lightning bolt to take her out.

“Don’t move.” She finally heard Andrew speak and realized she was still semi struggling to pull away. “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You squirted, nothing more, nothing less. It’s perfectly natural and I guessed that about you.”

How he knew and what made him “guess” this, Daneeka did not know but she felt slightly better. He wasn’t angry, he wasn’t disgusted, he almost seemed… proud of himself?

“Now in the future, you need to ask permission to orgasm. Only then are you allowed a release. Is that clear?” Andrew asked, pulling her close to him. She nodded yes and felt his hand tighten around her neck “I mean, yes Sir!”

“Good” she felt Andrew’s grasp loosen slightly but felt the fingers on his other hand come up to her lips. “Lick them clean, you earned it.” Instinctively Daneeka opened her mouth and licked his fingers. She found herself fantasizing about what was to come next and treated his fingers the same way she learned to treat a dick. Slowly running her tongue up and down the length of it, the tip of her tongue massaging the top, then slowly forcing all of it in her mouth, fighting her gag reflex.

“That’s enough, I think you’re ready to please me. Let’s finish getting you undressed.” She felt his fingers on the clasp of her bra and in a second she stood before him completely nude. “The night is young and so are we” he smiled as he pulled her close to himself, kissing her, tasting her wetness that remained on her lips.


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