Naughty Karen Ch. 02

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As with all my stories, all characters are at least 18 years old and any forced compliance is pure role-play style fantasy.

You don’t really need to read the previous chapter to enjoy this but it never hurts.

This was written by request for a “fan” of my other stories and strays a little beyond my usual stuff, a bit more aggressive…a bit of “use & abuse”…as per her request.


My friends and I came home early from a night on the town and discovered Karen, my daughter’s best friend, watching porn on my 65-inch flatscreen. Her feet on the table, shorts and panties around her ankles and finger plunging in and out of her tight little pussy as she moaned for daddy to fuck her. Deciding she needed a “daddy” I snuck up on her, while the others stayed out of sight, and before long was shooting my first load of hot, sticky cum into her soft, teenage mouth.

When she quickly climbed off me and sat up to her knees to look at me her cum smeared mouth dropped open. Her hands quickly moved to try to cover her private bits as she looked around her to see the three other men standing around us, each naked and stroking rock hard cocks ready for her attentions. She gulped nervously as the situation cleared itself in her mind and she realized she knew these men. Chuck Jackson, my neighbor who she’d known since before we moved here, Kyle Ortez, her high school guidance counselor, and Tom Avery, the father of her on-again-off-again boyfriend. All of then had just watched her eagerly take my cum and all of them were ready for their turn.

“Oh my god!” She tried to scramble over the back of the couch to run away.

I wrapped one arm around her waist and stopped her about half way over the couch, my other hand gave her two quick swats across her chubby little ass. SLAP-SLAP!! “Where do you think you’re going, young lady?! Daddy has guests and they want some of you too!”

“NO!” she screamed as she tried to wiggle free of my grasp.

“KAREN!” She stopped instantly when my booming voice shouted her name. “Just like before, if you want to leave, you can. But the minute you stop doing what you’re told, I’m no longer going to be your daddy. It’s entirely up to you.”

She sat back down and snuggled up next to me as if trying to hide herself from the others. She looked around at each of them in turn. Each stood naked respectfully at more than arms reach waiting for my approval to advance, stroking their anxious cocks and staring at he plump, nubile flesh. A gave a subtle nod and they all moved to stand in front of us after moving the table from in front of the couch. Karen snuggled harder against my side. I grabbed her by the wrist and moved her hand to my half hard cock, her delicate little finger wrapped around it as far as they could and she began to slowly stroke it.

“These are the rules,” I began, “if Karen wants to stop, you STOP. Her safe word will be…mommy. Baby, if you really want to stop you say mommy and we stop, you go home, and we never talk about this again. NOTHING that happens here tonight ever leaves here, I don’t even want you talking to each other about it outside this house. You randy bastards may not have anything to worry about but Karen doesn’t need the whole world knowing. Except you, Ortez, the high school probably frowns on gangbanging your students.”

I was fully hard now but Karen kept gently working my warm cock in her hand. I glances down at her and she was no longer trying to hide quite so much. Her head was up a little and she was obviously scanning the buffet of man meat laid out before her. I could tell her free hand was wiggling a bit between her clamped thighs. I leaned down and kissed her on top of the head, she looked up at me with a nervous smile.

“Daddy is the first one to use every hole and nobody cums inside her but Daddy. No one. Daddy’s girl was getting off on that little thing on the video being treated like a dirty cumslut so lets show her what it feels like.”

Tom Avery, her boyfriend’s dad, stepped forward first. He had the typical body of a high school football stud turned lazy middle-aged man…arms and legs thick with muscle but a large, round midsection soft with years of beer and burgers. “I figure since my boy got in here before any of us I get to go first. Get on topkapı escort your knees, Karen, get your mouth on this dick.”

She looked at me and I nodded permission. Sliding gingerly off the couch and onto her knees, her hand never left my cock. She looked up at him, “huh…sure…I guess…”

I sat forward and grabbed her gentle but firmly by the back of the neck and turned her toward me. “You speak to your elder with respect, young lady,” I said before giving her a passionate kiss on the lips and turning her back to the task at hand.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said sweetly then turned to look up at her boyfriend’s dad, “I’m sorry, Mr. Avery, I’m ready to suck your cock now if you want.”

Avery’s only answer was to grab her hair roughly and pull her mouth toward his crotch. He pulled her head from side to side rubbing his dick all over her face. It was a couple inches shorter than mine but just a little thicker, she had to open her little mouth extra wide when she wrapped her lips around it and he slammed it in as hard as he could. She gagged a little and looked back at me, a fat cock buried in her face and nervous fear in her eyes. I nodded at her to tell her it would be okay and she went to work on him. One hand on my cock, her security blanket, she used the other to grasp his heavy balls and started to piston her mouth up and down his chubby shaft.

Chuck Jackson moved around and flopped on the couch next to me. He leaned forward, gave a her a couple playful pats on the ass and sat back to watch the show and stroke his skinny pecker. It was definitely longer than mine but I swear he was lucky if it was thicker than a roll of quarters. Ortez got down on his knees behind her, spit a few globs of slipper spit that ran down into the crack of her ass. Then he began rubbing his young, brown prick up and down, riding the groove between her tight ass cheeks as he ran his hands over her young body. His cock was nearly identical to mine, long and fairly thick but where I have a fat cockhead his was tapered….the head actually being more narrow than the shaft itself. Reaching around he cupped her little breasts and teased her tiny, pale pink nipple. She groaned her appreciation around Avery’s cock making him moan along with her.

She released my dick and moved both of her hands around to clutch Avery’s ass cheeks. She thrust her face forward while pulling his hips toward her with all her might. Fast and faster she bobbed on his fat dick. She moaned in excitement. Faster and faster she worked. He tried to pull away but she wouldn’t let him.

“Not so fast! Stop! I don’t wanna cum already!” he cried but she was suddenly very eager to see him cum.

“Don’t you cum in my girl’s mouth, Tom,” I reminded him.

He sighed a disappointed sigh and forcefully removed one of her hands from his ass so he could pull out of her mouth. Barely clear of her lips, his fat stick shot it’s first blob of cum. It splattered up across her cheek. He grabbed his shaft and stroked furiously but only blopped out two or three more shots of cum, not nearly as big as the first, onto her milky white tits. I have to admit, I was unimpressed with his staying power and his meager load, but Karen seemed to enjoy it.

“Mmmmmmm…thank you, Mr. Avery,” she said in a bit of a sing-song as she rubbed the hot wet liquid into her tit flesh. “Did I do good, Daddy?”

“Really good, baby girl. Now why don’t you get down onto your back.”

She did as she was told and I slid from the couch not my knees between her plump white thighs. Ortez moved alongside of her and rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across her nipple. She reached up and started to massage his balls while he jerked himself and rubber it against her. I pushed her knees up toward her chest and got a good look at her dripping wet cunt. I positioned myself closer and rubbed the head of my prick around just inside her slippery opening.

“Daddy, pelisse,” she moaned.

“What, baby girl, tell Daddy what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, Daddy,” she leaned over and licked a glob of pre-cum from the tip of Ortez’s dick. “I want you to put your big daddy cock in my tiny little pussy.”

I smiled at her, she was learning to play Daddy’s little girl very quickly. I was surprised to find myself a little jealous when she broke eye contact tuzla escort with me to slurp Ortez’s raging erection into her mouth. I watched her for a minute, the jealously growing as it was obvious how much she was enjoying his dick. Suddenly, I slammed my thick cock into her little pussy, every last inch, filling her violently and completely.

“OOWWW!! Jesus, Daddy! That fucking hurt!!”

I ignored her and slammed it into her again. She groaned again in discomfort but this time from around the thick prick between her lips. She gave me a pouty angry look as her faced bounced back and forth on his member. I slammed in again, over and over never easing up on the aggressiveness of my thrusts. She moaned and winced every time I bottomed out inside her, little tears trickling from the corners of her eyes, but she just rebelliously sucked Ortez’s cock more fervently, she knew she was making me jealous.

“Oh shit!” I heard from behind me. Suddenly, Jackson was at my side working his skinny dick like a madman. “I’m gonna fuckin’ blow.”

“Me too!” Ortez cried as he pulled out of her mouth.

“Oh, Mr. Jackson! Mr. Ortez! Please give me your cum! Cum on me! Cum all over Daddy’s dirty little slut!”

That’s all it took and they both blew almost simultaneously as I continued to pound her cunt angrily. Ortez shot out long, thick, ropey blasts of seed all over her face and neck. Jackson’s cum, like his prick, was thin and sprayed out in short little blasts but it went on for some time, covering her tummy and tits in an impressive glaze of jizz. He wiped the drooling tip of his spent cock on her thigh as Ortez release two final shots of thick goo across the side of her face. I kept on pounding and pounding away at her, I think trying to punish her for enjoying any cock but mine. Out every aggressive thrust now brought a wincing smile from my little girl, she had discovered that she LIKED it rough. I thrust in one more time with no mercy whatsoever, pains scratched its way across her cute face but she giggled in delight simultaneously.

Then I pulled out or her hungry pussy and rose to my feet, I turned to Tom Avery who had been jerking off to the show and was now hard again. “Tom, why don’t you get that stumpy fucking thing in that pussy and see if you can make her cum.”

Karen looked at me and I could read a mix of emotions in her…arousal, disappointment and concern that I was cross with her. I settled back into my spot on the couch, looking deep into her eyes as Avery settled in between her legs and lined his fat, stubby dick up with her hole. As her twat accepted his thickness for the first time I could see her discomfort at behind spread wider than ever before.

“You like that, girl,” Avery asked. It seemed more like a genuine question than a taunt. “Whose cock you like in here better…me or my boy?”

“I…I don’t know, Mr. Avery,” she groaned as he shoved his fat stick into her. “Yours is so much fatter than his.” That was enough for him and he went back to focussing on his cock in her cunt.

Jackson walked toward her head on his knees, his skinny cock hard again already. “Karen, honey, I want you to suck on my balls. OK, sweetie?”

“Mmmmm…yes, Mr. Jackson,” she said as he straddled her head. “You have nice big balls for me to lick and suck.”

Without and other word she went to work, tonguing his balls, drawing them into her mouth one at a time while he stroked the base of his long, skinny dick. From his moans she was doing a good job of it. Avery continued to work his fat dick into her but he was already all flushed and sweaty, he looked as if he was going to cum again and he’d barely gotten started. Karen reached up and moved Jackson’s hand away from his dick and replaced it with both of hers. Her two little hands together barely covered half his length as he began to rock his hips, fucking her fists while she made love to his heavy balls. Suddenly without warning, Avery pulled himself from her eager wetness, took his chubby member in hand and dribbled out two meager blops of seed onto her fluffy brown bush. He shuffled back away from her to lean against the wall exhausted and seemingly a little embarrassed at his performance.

I tapped Ortez on the shoulder and “sent him into the game,” so to speak. Karen and Jackson had slowed or stopped, not affected pendik escort in the slightest by Avery’s exit. Ortez crawled over to her and pinched her cum-slicked nipple just hard enough to make her squirm a little. He moved down between her legs and she lifted her legs to give him better access, she was a little pro at being gangbanged already.

He smacked her sweaty ass a couple times. “No no, baby, get on your knees. I want this culo up in the air.”

“OK, Mr. Ortez,” she said as she obediently complied.

Jackson sat back while she and Ortez repositioned themselves. She was on her hands and knees, wiggling her plump little ass as Ortez slid his big cock into her well-used pussy. He pounded into her very quickly but not bottoming out as I had. She threw her head back and moaned, she was loving it. I saw a light go off above Jackson’s eyes and knew he was ready for more. I was a little surprised to see him get on his hands and knees and crawl backward until his bare ass was in front of her face. She looked at him and then me, I made no indication what I wanted her to be. As her high school guidance counselor drove on and on inside her teenage pussy she shrugged her shoulders like “what the heck” and leaned her face forward toward Jackson’s butt. Brazenly burying her face in the crack of his ass and wiggling her pink, wet tongue against his asshole.

“That’s it, sweetie, get that tongue in Uncle Chucks asshole.” He moaned as she complied. “Good girl. Now you keep doing that while you jerk my cock, okay?”

She pulled her mouth away from him. “Yes, Mr. Jackson. You mean like this?” She shoved her tongue into him as much as she could and vigorously pulled on his pecker like she was milking a cow.

“Oh, fuck yeah, sweetie! You are so GOOD. I hope your daddy lets us play together again sometime.”

She pulled away again, just quickly enough to moan, “mmmmm…me too, Mr. Jackson. I’ll do anything Daddy says is OK.”

I knew right then and there that I was never going to share her again. Not with any man. As long as I was going to be her daddy, I was going to be the only man she’d be making cum. Ortez began to grunt more intensely and Jackson was groaning nonstop, they were both almost to the end. Karen’s was close too, I could hear it in every whimper and see it in every movement. Jackson was first, he almost couldn’t get turned around quick enough to keep from wasting his load on the floor. But he managed to spin around and shoot another impressive load of his water seed all over her face. As he fell back Karen and Ortez fucked harder, faster, each racing toward a climax. Ortez looked at me, my look let him know my rule still stood, no cumming inside of Karen,

“Oh jeeeezus fuck, Mr. Ortez! Oh goddam! Please! Please don’t stop! Please! I NEEEED to cum, Mr. Ortez!”

He had no choice, he pulled out and shot another huge load of thick white cum all over her pale skin. This time across her back and butt. Pulse after pulse it rained down on her until he was spent. He fell back panting. Karen was panting too, whining, her arms collapsed and her head and shoulder fell to the floor her lovely little ass still high in the air.

“Damn!” Ortez huffed.”I’m sorry, baby. I just couldn’t hold out any longer.”

“It’s…okay, Mr. Ortez…I just…I…” she exhaled defeated, “It’s OK.”

Avery was the first to quickly dress and go, scarcely making eye contact as he did so. I called after him to remind him the NO ON, especially his son, was to hear of the nights events. I had picked Karen up off the floor and laid her little cum covered body down on the shirt I’d spread out on the couch. She laid there dreamily toying with her clit, still aching to cum but not quite recovered enough to put in the effort. Ortez and Jackson each found clean spots on her face and gave her gentle kisses and thanked her for an amazing night. She smiled and thanked them back.

“Mr.– I mean, DADDY,” she caught herself before she could slip out of the roleplay, “did I do something wrong? You seemed kinda mad at me.”

I lifted her legs and sat down so that they laid across my lap and I took over rubbing her clit. “Not mad, baby girl, just jealous.”

“REALLY?!” She spread her legs a bit and weakly rolled her hip up toward my hand.

“Oh, hell yes. You’re not fucking another man as long as you want me for your daddy, I can’t stand it again.” I slid a couple fingers into her pussy and she was happy to have them.

“Daddy? I still reeeeeally want to cum.”

“Well,” I said moving my fingers faster, “there IS still one hole Daddy didn’t get to christen yet.” Her eyes grew wide. “You game, baby?”

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