Natural Born Ch. 03

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The gasp is what caught my attention. In slow motion I turned my head to look directly up into the face of the cute maid. Erin was holding a yardstick in one hand and the other was clasped over her mouth to stifle her utter shock. She advanced on me with quick steps that were accompanied by loud clacks from the high heels on her leather loafers. My hips still pumped my boner through my hand and the stocking remained glued to my face as I looked up at her like a frightened child. She immediately brought the yardstick down on my naked rear end with a crack. I gave a yelp but continued to jack.

“Oh! Stop it!”

She spanked me again with the yardstick.

“Stop doing that… you pervert!”

My balls, stung by her words began to unleash torrents of thick jism onto the floor. Her sharp spanks were raining down on my bare ass and I was completely missing the drain.

“Let go of Ms. Douglas’ stocking! You’re messing all over! You’ll get it on the stocking!”

I inhaled the stiff toe reinforcement and was rewarded with a vinegary odor that made my skin tingle and form gooseflesh. Sperm poured out of me onto the drain at last with a few spurts and I finally collapsed in a heap.

Erin grabbed up the navy blue stocking from my hand and then forced my faced down into the puddle I had made. She gave me a few more smacks with the yardstick and then abruptly left me there in a puddle of my cooling shame.

I was lightheaded and sweaty from my exertions but I raised a timed eye from the floor just in time to see her lovely white-tighted bottom jiggle from view as she marched back to the clothes rack.

She was muttering under her breath and seemed very upset with me. I thought it best to simply lay there for a bit before approaching her with my apologies. Plus, she was still holding that yardstick. Erin was smoothing the stocking out on the rack with long, almost reverent strokes and I imagined her small girl-fingers doing the same to my naked penis. Okay, I know she was fairly innocent but a handjob from a college coed who had just literally spanked the jizz out of me was were my mind was at. She suddenly turned to look at me on the floor. Her hands were on her hips as she spoke.

“You could have gotten your gross sperm all over her hosiery. She wouldn’t have liked that.”

“Erin… I’m sorry. I got carried away is all.”

“If I had any say in it, you’d be in a cockring and ball stretcher when you touched the Mistress’ things.”

It wasn’t the first time I had heard the word Mistress before… but it was the first time I had heard it in reference to my new, uh… well, Mistress. As my dick gave an inappropriate throb from her use of cockring and ballstretcher to describe her agenda, I realized I was owned now by Ms. Douglas. And Erin had her ear. Would she really put me in a cockring and ballstretcher?

As it was, the day wound to a close with Erin and I not doing much talking. We finished the extensive cleaning of all of Ms. Douglas’ panties and stockings and I was left alone in my basement room while Erin left for the upper floor with the clean laundry. I pondered my fate and lazily jacked my half-hard cock in the darkness until I heard the front door open and Erin greeting her. My Mistress was home.

I didn’t have a mirror down there, but for some reason I wanted to make sure I looked nice and presentable. I pulled the comb from my back pocked and raked it through my hair a few times and straightened my T-shirt and blue jeans as much as such things can be straightened. I crept up to the top steps and as I slowly turned the handle to get a sneak peek at them, realized to my shock that the door was locked. etiler escort I was a prisoner!

The sound of approaching footsteps sent me scurrying back down to my “room” and I stared up at the doorknob as it turned. I think my mouth was agape as I saw her lovely black hosiery come into view, wrapped around her strong calves, pulled taught by her feet pressed into shiny black designer pumps. She moved with the grace of a dangerous tiger but those beautiful stockings pulling with her every step had me riveted to my spot.

Ms. Douglas came down the stairs and then stood in front of me. She took up a protective stance, with hands folded across bosom. She was dressed very nicely today in a gray business suit with tailored skirt that revealed her hose covered calves and those wickedly black pumps of hers.

“Erin told me of your mischief today, Dick.”

I felt my cheeks get hot with embarrassment. She could do that so easily! I watched her cock an eyebrow and her eyes regarded my crotch for a second before she looked back up and continued.

“You are not in the least bit well-behaved. Erin was upset and that doesn’t make me happy. You could have soiled my precious stockings with your semen. Do you really think any woman wants to wear semen-covered stockings out of the house? Do you?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Oh, come on now. I’m sure you’ve had all sorts of dirty fantasies just like that. Don’t tell me the little boy I have in my basement is afraid to admit it in front of his big, scary landlady?”

Again, though I was a fully grown adult, she had expertly made me feel small and childish with her smug and leering questions.

“I… I’m not, but…”

“Are you afraid I’ll put you into a cockring and ballstretcher?”

She was smiling as the realization showed in my face that Erin had indeed made recommendations to her. I began to shift nervously from each foot and I looked down at the floor in more embarrassment.

“I don’t need that, Ms. Douglas. I just got carried away. And I did it into the drain like you said to.”

“You got carried away because of my stockings? My panties? Touching them? Did you smell them too, you pervert?”

She was laughing now and I was almost relieved. Apparently she had been teasing me. Something I would learn she enjoyed a great deal. Still my cock and balls were happy to learn that their forthcoming bondage and discipline was not to be forthcoming at all.

“Strip naked, I have a surprise for you.”

My dick jumped in my jeans at the command. It’s sort of funny in retrospect… at least my cock knew who was in charge. Still, I hurriedly obeyed in the hopes of some kinky reward from her. Once my clothes were in a heap beside me she told me to pick them up and hand them to her. With the bundle in her arms, she turned and left for the upstairs with me staring up at her quizzically. She, however, didn’t offer any further explanation. Once the door closed, I felt my naked vulnerability begin to sink in. It was a big turn on but also kind of creepy. Those two feelings gave me a big hardon and I was thinking of jerking off when the door opened and Ms. Douglas returned, followed by a smug looking Erin.

Feeling my dignity a bit threatened; I somehow found the courage to make a joke.

“Well, if it isn’t the Ladies from the upper floor, come to see their nude basement boy.” My grin was met with steely determination in the faces of the two women. My smile quickly faded, but the hardon stayed.

“Sorry, just not used to being, uh, seen like this.”

Ms. Douglas brought a pair of, what looked like leather mittens out fatih escort from behind her back.

“Hold your hands out Dickie. Time for your surprise.”

I did as told, and she forced the snug leather mitts over my fingers and palms before pulling them behind my bare back and securing them with some kind of lock. She strode back around in front of me and the two women looked me up and down. My cock throbbed from the perverse thrill of indecent exposure.

“Erin had the sweetest idea today, Dickie. She caught you mistreating my hosiery and came to me about it right away. I must say I was shocked and disappointed. But then she suggested a punishment.”

With that, Erin brought a collection of leather straps and metal rings from behind her back. Her smile broadened. Ms. Douglas continued.

“I think that having your penis tended to this way will keep your mind on your work. Probably something your last employer should have thought about, hmm?”

I fought against the leather mittens behind my back as I realized that my cock was about to be ringed and my balls stretched, but my struggles only made Erin giggle and Ms. Douglas gave me a hard spank to my naked asscheek.

“Stop it! Stay still, and it will only take a second. Fight me, and it will take longer but your rear end will be very very sore.”

Erin beamed at her (my) Mistress. “Should I get the yardstick, Ma’am?”

“Not just yet, Erin. We’ll see if the boy behaves himself now.”

They worked together on me. Their hands were busily allied between my legs as their manicured nails and soft fingers pricked and tugged at my dick and scrotum. Lady-fingers that cinched leather tight and squeezed at my sensitive balls. Metal that closed around my aching cock and made it more apparent to their appraising female eyes. It was the first time either of them had actually touched my penis. They had done it to me quite quickly and now surveyed their handiwork with that smug satisfaction that only a dominant woman can truly showcase. Even then, they both looked beautiful to me. I felt my knees grow weak as gravity… and the large marble ashtray that formed the weight on the chain… tugged downward at my testicles. Awash in my new submissive feelings, I simply let it all pull me downward until I knelt on the floor naked at their feet.

Where my next words came from, I don’t know. I’m a guy though, and so I’m sort of embarrassed to write about it here. But so others might learn- It was something like…

“Oh Ms. Douglas and Ms. Erin… thank you for helping me with my problem and for showing me who is in charge. I am yours to command! I am dirt and a lowly pervert! Do with me as you wish!”

This was, of course, met with snickers.
I felt the toe of her black leather shoe prod my nose as she told me to get up of the floor.

“You look ridiculous. Be a man and stop acting so foolish.”

The two women left the basement talking about me as if I wasn’t there and I stared down at the elaborate bindings of my cock and balls…. god my balls ached!

Shambling over to the drain, I learned that they had been merciful enough to allow me the room to masturbate. I mean they could have easily covered my entire penis in leather or something and I would be weeping myself to sleep. As it was, I jerked off and replayed the whole scene back in my head. And then I came. Well… almost. It was mostly dribbles of milky white cream as the major clots had been forced to hold back due to the tight cockring. It prolonged my ejaculation and made me involuntarily hump the air, making it especially humiliating.

As I fell asleep on fındıkzade escort the floor, my head was full of questions. I wondered when I would get my clothes back and when would I be allowed out of this thing? And, what kind of stockings would Ms. Douglas be wearing tomorrow? But I was sure of one thing: I would be a good boy for Ms. Erin when I did my chores in the morning.

I woke up groggy and intensely aroused. My penis was like bone. The cockring had choked it into a tower of lust-engorged meat that wobbled above me as I laid there. I crawled over to my drain when the door at the top of the stairs opened. Erin came down with a cheery smile and a fresh basket of laundry.

“No time for that, Dickie. Panties and stockings for you to clean.”

“Uh… okay, but I just thought I would… you know… real quck.”

“Uh-huh… you thought you would beat it so you wouldn’t be a pervert with Ms. Douglas’ underwear? Is that it?”

“Well, yes.”

“Yes, what?”

I looked at her. She seemed to be in a very playful mood, but I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. And then it dawned on me.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good boy.”

Erin sat herself comfortably on the edge of the dryer as she watched me work. She held the yardstick on her stockinged lap as a reminder of what lay in store for me if I got up to any mischief. I was very aware of the heavy ashtray pulling on my balls and reminding me of yesterday’s naughtiness. The morning went well, though and despite a very stiff boner that kept bumping into things and making her giggle, I was a gentleman.

Erin, too was pleased with my work and told me I did a good job. I was thinking about when she might leave so I could jerk off. Handling all of the Mistress’ panties and stockings had been very erotic to me.

“Bend over now.”


“Over here. By me. I want you to bend over with your ass sticking out.”

“But… you said I did a good job.”

“Spare the rod and spoil the pervert. I’m asking you to do something and I won’t ask again.”

I assumed the position and she took up a stance behind me, with her yardstick.

“Don’t worry, Dickie. I’m not going to spank you… yet. I just want to ask you a few things.”

I felt the vulnerability again from my awkward position. She had me in a classical spanking pose and was behind me with that yardstick. I wasn’t sure my bottom would make it through her questioning unscathed. Her voice softened a bit though, as if she was really curious about something.

“Did you really mean what you said last night? I mean… about doing anything we command?”

“Uh… I guess I was sort of caught up in the moment.”

“I see. I guess that happens to you a lot… getting caught up in the moment.”

I felt her drag the edge of the yardstick across my bare asscheeks before drawing it away. I was expecting it’s return visit to be more painful, but instead, she began rubbing the end of it against my bulging, naked balls.

“Does it bother you… what I’m doing?”

“Ugh… no… it doesn’t.” My grunting was unintentional but I think she was enjoying my response, because she continued her teasing.

“So I guess you like it when a pretty girl plays with your balls, huh?”

Lost in the moment, I failed to answer immediately. That was the mistake that brought the stick down on my ass with a loud smack.


“I asked you a direct question. Answer me. Do you like it when a pretty girl plays with your big bare balls, Dickie?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The yardstick returned to poke at my balls. She also tapped at my swollen dickhead with one finger, as if she was deliberating about whether or not to spank me again. At last she spoke.

“That’s a good boy. Now, tell me something else. Have you ever thought about being naked in front of more than just me and Ms. Douglas? Have you thought about being made to do embarrassing things?”

-to be continued-

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