Nathan’s Secret

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Nathan Baker was in a panic. He and his best friend, Colleen Quinn, were about to take their relationship to a higher level.

They had been best friends since they were three years old, when the Bakers moved next door to the Quinns in the quiet neighborhood in the small city in Illinois where they lived. The Baker family consisted of Bob and Betty and their two offspring, Nathan and his sister Susan, who was two years older.

They had just celebrated their eighteenth birthdays, that were two days apart. Nathan gave Colleen a boxed set of Beatles CD’s, and she gave him a set of socket wrenches to work on his car, a vintage Mustang that had been a gift from his parents.

Colleen and Nathan were like two peas in a pod. They played hard and usually got filthy dirty, especially after a mud puddle splashing contest. At the end of the day, Mary, Colleen’s mother, or Betty would strip off their dirty clothes and throw the kids in the bathtub together.

Nathan and Colleen did everything together. They walked to and from school with each other, took the same classes. Their relationship was purely platonic. They never touched each other unless they were skating.

When puberty hit, Nathan shot up a foot. His voice deepened and peach fuzz appeared all over his face. Bob bought him a razor and taught him how to use it. He developed in other areas as well, growing man-sized equipment. He could tell, by comparing himself to other boys in the locker room, that he was larger than average. He soon discovered masturbation.

The first time he did it, he was rubbing his penis furiously, when a tingling sensation started at the bottom of his feet. His toes curled, his scrotum contracted, and the best feeling he had ever felt in his life rushed through his engorged cock. His semen shot straight up into the air and came down on his belly.

He did it again. And again. And again. He did it first thing upon awakening, stroking his morning wood. He did it when he got home from school. He did it before going to sleep at night, fantasizing about this girl in his class with humongous tits. Betty was amused the first time she washed his sheets, and a box of tissues appeared on his night stand.

When he couldn’t stop, he began to worry that he was some kind of a pervert. What if he hurt himself? What if he used up all his jizz?

One afternoon, he was beating his meat with a copy of Playboy lying next to him. He hadn’t closed the door all the way, and Betty walked in with armload of his folded laundry. “Excuse me, I should have knocked.” She backed out of his room, but not before noticing the size of his erection.

“Oh God,” he thought, “am I ever in trouble now.”

When Nathan didn’t come down for dinner, Mary told Bob what had happened. “Guess I’d better go talk to him,” he said with a grin.

He knocked on the door and entered the room. “Hey, Sport, what’s going on?”

He was in a fetal position, lying on his bed. “Oh Jeez, Dad, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll never do it again.”

“Well, I hope you do. It’s one of life’s greater pleasures. I used to love to do it when I was your age.” Maybe he wasn’t in as much trouble as he thought.

“But what if I do it too much and use up all my jizz? What if I hurt myself?”

“Well, in the first place, you’ll never use it all up. Your body makes a new supply everyday. And the only way you’ll hurt yourself is if you rub the skin off. Get yourself some lotion or some Vaseline, lube it up.”

“But what about Mom, doesn’t she hate me?”

“She’s just embarrassed that she didn’t knock. Come on, let’s get something to eat.”

He shuffled downstairs and into the kitchen. “Gee, Mom, I’m so ashamed.”

She gave him a big hug. “Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly natural. Your Dad did, I did it.” That one threw him off. How does a girl jerk off, she doesn’t have a dick?

The jar of Vaseline disappeared from the bathroom, and he discovered a whole new world. He could lube it up and squeeze the head really tight and let it slide through his fingers. He could roll over on his stomach and fuck his hand.

His sister, Susan, had always teased him. When they were younger, she would swipe one of his toys and play keep-away with it, or catch him and tickle him unmercifully.

When he reached puberty, her teasing took on an entirely different dimension. She delighted in parading around in front of him in her skimpy underwear. Or walking down the hallway, fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her, and “accidently” letting it slip, exposing one of her breasts.

Their bathroom was located between their bedrooms and locked, if they remembered to do it, from both sides. One morning Nathan knocked on the door. “Hurry up, Susie, I really gotta pee.” Having just stepped out of the shower, she pulled the door open and stood stark naked right in front of him. He stared at her firm, round breasts and the patch of blonde hair between her legs.

She watched as his cock swelled up before her eyes, pendik escort and marveled at the size of it. “You better go take care of that first, you can’t pee through it that way.” She closed the door, giggling.

He was fascinated by her underwear in the clothes hamper in the bathroom. He watched as she went from a plain white 32A cup bra and Red Cross underpants, to a 34B, to the current lacy, colored 34C bra and matching thongs that she wore now. It amused her to no end when she’d find a pair of her panties sticky with his jism.

One day, while rummaging around in her desk, he found a CD-ROM way in the back of a drawer, labeled “Birthdays 13-17”. He took it back to his room and slipped it in his computer. Holy shit! Susie and five of her friends were standing in a row in front of the camera. They were all topless! Each year they had photographed themselves to record their development.

Her 18th birthday was coming up next week, and he was determined to watch that action live. Susie’s friend Mandy was coming and she, in the last year, had grown an enormous set of tits, at least a DD in Nathan’s estimation. He had a thing for big boobs, and he couldn’t wait to see hers.

The party was held in their basement rec room and he went down to scope out a good hiding place. There was a closet on one end of the room with a metal vent at the top. If he stood on a box and bent one of the louvers up, he’d have a perfect view.

The girls clomped down the stairs. Julie brought a quart of vodka, and there was a pitcher of orange juice. The more they drank, the merrier the atmosphere got. After awhile, Susie herded them together for their photo shoot. One at a time, they pulled off their tops, unhooked their bras and posed for the camera.

Julie and Heather had small breasts that didn’t do a lot for Nathan. Jennifer had gotten a boob job for her 18th birthday. She had two hard, round circles with no cleavage, and the surgeon had done weird things with her nipples. They were cross-eyed. Rachel had medium sized breasts, but they were kind of saggy.

Susie was next. She pulled off her top, and her round, full breasts spilled over the top of her black lace demi-bra. She slipped the bra off and her breasts didn’t drop a notch, they sat high on her chest, and when she turned sideways you could see her lovely uplift.

Mandy was last, and Nathan was quivering with anticipation, virtually drooling over the prospect of seeing those humongous hooters. She pulled off her top, and there they were, encased in a bra that was a engineering masterpiece. She reached behind her and undid the five hooks, slipped off the bra and FLOP! they dropped down to her navel and her nipples, surrounded by three inch bumpy areolas, pointed straight at the floor. There went Nathan’s big tit fetish.

When the other girls left, Rachel stayed behind. She approached Susie and said, “I’ve never felt another woman’s breasts before, may I touch yours?”

“I guess so, sure.” Rachel reached out and fondled Susie’s breasts, feeling them all over. When she ran her hands over her nipples, she felt them stiffen.

“Now touch mine.” Curious, Susie ran her hands over her friend’s breasts. They were saggy and kind of squishy, and she was glad that hers were firm and upright. Rachel moaned and moved closer, then pressed her lips to Susie’s and kissed her passionately.

Momentarily stunned, Susie pulled away, then thought “what the fuck” and returned the kiss. Their tongues tangled, their breasts rubbed against each other, and they were both breathing rapidly.

Rachel slid her hand down Susie’s pants and began to fondle her pussy. She pulled her pants down and pressed her mouth against her mound, her tongue slid through her slit and tickled her clit.

Rachel pulled her own pants down and stepped out of them, revealing an untrimmed mass of black pubic hair. She pulled Susie down onto the rug and straddled her face in the classic 69 position. They licked and sucked each other, until they both shuddered and came. Nathan jerked off so hard he was afraid he’s shoot his load right through the closet door.

Satiated, they lay side by side on the rug. Rachel leaned over and kissed her again. “I love you, Susan.”

“Whoa, whoa, that was different and kind of fun, but I’m into guys. I didn’t realize you were gay.” Rachel pulled her clothes back on and silently left the house.

“You can come out now, little brother, the show’s over.”

In high school, Colleen and Nathan were the nerds, the geeks at school that all the kids ostracized. They shrugged it off, content with each other’s company. They ate lunch together, always at the end of a table with no one else around.

They could talk about sexual matters, but it was always in a clinical manner, never personal. “Have you noticed that the girls with big boobs get all the guys?” she asked as they walked home together.

“Seems that way. Also seems that those relationships never last too long.”

Sherry sefaköy escort Smith was the perfect example. She applied bright red lipstick, heavy eye shadow and eyelash extensions that she batted shamelessly to flirt with boys and teachers alike. She wore low cut tops and frequently bent over to purposely display her lacy bras and ample breasts. Her jeans looked like they were painted on and showed everything from the cleft in her ass to an outrageous camel toe.

Sherry’s locker was right next to Nathan’s. She would “accidently” drop something and bend over to pick it up. She called the game “flashing the geek.” He had to lock himself in a stall in the boy’s room and take care of his hard-on.

One day Colleen asked “do you know what going to second base means? I heard a girl say she and her boyfriend went to second base last night.”

“Oh yeah, I heard some guys in the locker room talking about it. It’s a ‘scoring’ system using a baseball analogy. First base is feeling her up through her clothes, second base is getting ‘bare tit’, third base is finger fucking, and a home run is going all the way.”

“That sounds terribly sexist to me. What’s the girl’s part? Let’s see, first base would be feeling his cock through his pants, second base could be jerking him off, third base a blow job, and a home run being the same as the guy thing.” They both laughed and shook their heads.

They were both talented musicians. Nathan was a piano prodigy and Colleen played the guitar. They both had beautiful voices, and harmonized well together.

One day they were recording a duet, “Together Again” from a Kenny Rogers and Dotty West album. Their faces were an inch apart as they sang into the mike. As soon as the last notes were finished, Nathan kissed her on the lips. Startled, she returned the kiss, then gasped and fled from the room.

The phone rang again. Kathleen answered and it was Nathan, calling for Colleen. “I’m sorry, Nathan, for some reason she doesn’t want to talk to you. I don’t know what’s going on with her.” For three days Nathan had called, emailed, always with the same result. His last email said, “I’m so sorry, Colleen. I promise it will never happen again.”

Tiring of this, she marched up to Colleen’s room to get to the bottom of it. “All right, what’s going on between you and Nathan?”

Colleens sniffled and the tears began to flow. “N-Nathan kissed me she stuttered. “And I k-kissed him back. Then I ran away and hid from him.”

“What’s the matter with that?” Kathleen asked. “You’ve been best friends all your lives.”

“Th- that’s the problem,” Colleen wailed. “I don’t want to lose the friendship.”

“I don’t understand. How can a kiss ruin a friendship?” “Well, if you become romantically involved and you break up, you end up hating each other. It happens all the time in school.”

Kathleen held her sister in her arms until she quit shaking and the tears subsided. “You need to go talk to Nathan and fix this.”

Nathan didn’t hear her come in. He was playing a plaintive blues number on the piano that she couldn’t identify. His head was bent down until it almost touched the keyboard. When he had finished the song he looked up and jumped when he saw her standing there. He leapt to his feet and walked over to her.

“Colleen, I’m so sorry that happened. I don’t know what got into me, but I promise it will never happen again.”

“Sit down, Nathan. We need to talk.” Wringing his hands, he sat on the couch, leaving at least three feet of space between them. She took a deep breath and began. “First of all,” she said, “I want you to kiss me. And I want to kiss you, but I’m so afraid it would jeopardize our friendship and I couldn’t bear it if that happened.”

“That could never happen, Colleen. I care for you too much.” As he spoke, the tears welled up in his eyes.

“That could never happen, Colleen. I care for you too much.” As he spoke, the tears welled up in his eyes.

“What do you mean when you say you care for me?”

“Well,” he took a deep breath. “I guess it means I love you”. He looked stunned as the words came out of his mouth.

“You love me, or you’re in love with me?” Colleen asked quietly.

Nathan took another deep breath, then answered. “I guess it means both”.

“Oh God, Nathan,” she spoke as the tears ran down her cheeks, “I’ve been in love with you since the seventh grade.” She took his hands in hers and they cried together.

“I want to do this with you, Nathan, but I’m not quite ready yet.”

“Take all the time you need, Colleen. Just let me know when you are.”

This set Nathan into an absolute panic. He didn’t how to kiss a girl, or anything else. Whatever was he going to do?


When Susie became sexually active, she quit teasing him. She’d had a “thing” going with Colleen’s brother, Rob, during their first year of junior college. When they went their separate ways, they remained silivri escort good friends and occasional fuck buddies. Nathan could hear them going at, moaning, groaning, and mysterious slapping sounds.

She hadn’t seen him in six months, ever since he moved in with his sister Kathleen at the house they shared near the university campus.

She had begun to wonder if there was more going on than just brother and sister as room mates, from they way they acted around each other, they way they looked at each other, the way they touched. She missed him. She particularly missed his cock inside her.

Nathan paced back and forth down the hallway in front of Susie’s bedroom. Finally, he screwed up his courage and knocked on her door.

“What’s up, little brother?”

“Uh, well, a situation might be coming up where I might have to kiss a girl.”

“Is it Colleen?”

“Uh, maybe.” Meaning it was Colleen.

“So what’s the problem?”

“Well, uh, I-I don’t know how to kiss a girl, or make-out or any of that stuff, and I thought you might be able to tell me what to do.”

“You can’t tell someone how to kiss, you learn to kiss by doing it. Come here, show me what you got.”

“You mean k-kiss you?”

“Right here,” she said, pointing at her mouth. Nathan, with his lips closed tight, pressed them against hers.

“Whoa, relax. Open your mouth a little bit.” She moved in close and kissed him. Her lips were so soft, supple. She slipped the end of her tongue gently into his mouth and sought his. “Do that to me, gently, just little butterfly flicks.” Wow! was that ever great.

“Now, a little more passion.” He had to taste her now, deeper now, while those little hums of shock and pleasure sounded in her throat. As he did, as he explored and he tasted, her arms came around him, her hands sliding into his hair, her body turned to fit itself against him. She hadn’t expected to be turned on. He felt her heart thud in time with his own, her breasts pressed against his chest.

His throbbing cock pushed into her stomach. As she wriggled against it, he came instantly. He tried to hide it from her, but she could see the stain spreading across the front of his pants.

“Thanks, Susie, that was wonderful. I really like making out. Now I need to figure out to learn about the rest of it.”

“The rest of what?”

“Um, you know, like second base and third base, that kind of stuff.”

“Are you saying you want to play with my boobs?”

“Gee, would you really let me?”

“It’ll have to be another time, I’m going out with Julie and Heather tonight. We’ll have to make it some night when Mom and Dad aren’t home. They’re pretty broad minded, but this might be a bit over the top for them.”

“How about Thursday? That’s their bowling night.”

Nathan was in a dither, waiting for Thursday to come. His fantasy life was on overload, his eyelids stuck on half-mast. He walked down the hall at school with his books held in front of him to hide the permanent erection. Colleen noticed that there was something different about him, but she didn’t know what it was.

Susie was wearing a pair of cut-off short shorts and a crop top. He was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. “W-what do I do?”

“Well, first we make out. You always kiss a woman before you do anything else.” They embraced. Tongues tangled. Both of their breaths came in ragged gasps. He had learned his lessons well. She broke their clinch and pulled her top over her head. “Now unhook my bra.”

He reached behind her and fumbled. And fumbled. “It’s in the front, silly.” His fingers trembled as he released the clasp and her full, ripe breasts hung free, right before his eyes. “Touch them, gently, don’t squeeze.”

He traced the curves on the bottom, lifting them to feel their weight, felt the top, around the sides and in between. When his hands skimmed over her nipples, he felt them swell and stiffen.

Susie took her own hand and showed him how to roll a nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Watching her fondle herself was the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

Following her instructions, he ran the tip of his tongue in circles around each nipple. They felt like gumdrops. “Now take it in your mouth and suck on it.” He sucked and sucked. He could feel her quiver, then she shuddered, and cried out, then fell limply back on the bed.

“Did you just have an, um, um, orgasm?”

“Wow, I sure did. A woman’s nipples are really sensitive.” Hers ran a firewire straight to her clit.

He started to stroke her breasts again, and she took his hand and moved it under the waistband of her shorts. Feeling her lacy thong, he slipped his hand underneath it and felt the patch of pubic hair on her mound.

Moving lower yet, he poked with his finger, in all the wrong places. She grinned, and let him fumble. Finally he found the entrance to her vagina and his finger slid inside. Hot. Wet.

He sawed his finger in and out. This must be what finger-fucking was all about. It felt good to her, but not good enough. She placed her hand over his and directed him higher, until he felt the hard lump. She moved his hand in circles around her clit until, thrusting her hips into his hand as she went over the edge again. Nathan beamed with pride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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