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Hello again. This is another chapter that I have finished. This is a semi-continuation of the story. It’s the same universe but focuses on a different character. Let me know if you like it. Reading the first chapter is not required, but makes it more interesting. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or send me a message with your thoughts.


“See ya, Alex!”

“See ya, Nate!”

Nathan Sinclair walked out of school and over to his car in the student parking lot. He unlocked his used BMW his parents got him since he got his license. He didn’t care that it was used, it was still a nice car, especially for a high school student. He started his car and started his drive home, making sure he was driving carefully.

Nathan was a senior in high school, recently turned 18. His parents told him he had to wait to get his driver’s license, so he got it the day after his birthday. He had a thin layer of facial hair that was getting less patchy by the day, as well as a short head of hair. His hazel eyes were the first thing most noticed about him, and he enjoyed every compliment about them. Although Nate was a bit hairier than most, he hardly had any muscle to his body. He was a slim guy, and he hated that his body was more like his twin sister’s. His waist was thin, and his thighs and but decided to horde up all the fat in his body. While his torso hardly had any hair on it, he was glad that his arms, legs, and face had hair on them or someone might not realize he was a guy with a more curvy figure.

Before he knew it, he was pulling into his driveway. The drive went by quicker than normal, his mind was focused on something else.

Why was Alex acting weird today? He thought to himself as he got out of his car.

He unlocked the door and walked inside. His parent’s cars weren’t in the driveway so they weren’t home, and his twin sister Ruby was hanging out with friends after school. Nathan had two more sisters that were older than him. Kimberly, his oldest sister, had moved out a few years ago for college. The next oldest, Melody, attended the same college but commuted from home. She was the only one that could be home right now.

“Hello?” Nate called out.

“Hey!” A voice responded from upstairs, his sister Melody’s voice.

Nathan walked up to his room and shut the door. He prefered to be alone but it wasn’t easy with such a big family. Melody normally kept to her room so he felt as if this was the closest thing to being alone in this house. He set his backpack down and sat down at his desk. His extremely active libido was annoying him at school. He normally jerked off twice a day, but yesterday he was busy and didn’t get to jerk of once. He was distracted by lewd thoughts all day at school and he wanted to jerk off as soon as possible. Doing it now would be risky, so he decided to focus on homework for a few hours.

Nathan’s phone buzzed as he received texts from his mom and sister Ruby. His parents would be going out for dinner, and Ruby would be staying out until later. With his homework done, he couldn’t help but think of his needy cock. Shaking his head, he got up and walked over to Melody’s room. The door was probably unlocked, but he knocked just in case.

“Come in!” His sister said.

Nathan walked through the door to find his sister Melody laying stomach first on her bed, staring at her phone. She was wearing a tank top and volleyball shorts. It seemed that curves ran in the family, but Melody was something else. Her breasts were a decent size, B cups, but her ass and thighs were wide. Her ass bounced if she made any movement, and her thighs would follow. She wasn’t anywhere close to chubby, her waist was small but her hips flared and led to a huge ass. Her long brown hair came down to her mid back.

Her green eyes stayed focused on her phone as Nate walked in, trying his best not to stare at his sister’s ass. The shorts were tight around it, and the bottom of each ass cheek was visibly sticking out of the shorts. Nate’s cock started to grow, he had to get out fast.

“Mom and dad are going out for dinner, so we’re on our own.”

Her eyes finally looked up at him and he shifted nervously, hoping his cock wouldn’t get hard in front of her.

“Are you going to eat at home or go grab something?”

“Uh… I might go get some fast food or something.”

“If küçükçekmece escort you go out just text me where you’re going and I’ll let you know if I want anything.” As her sentence finished her eyes returned to her phone.


Nathan turned, thankful his sister made it easy for him. Returning to his room he had to do something about his horniness. He closed the door, but left it unlocked. He felt as if anybody who tried to open the door would know what he was doing if it was locked. He pulled up some porn and started to watch a few videos to get him started. Nathan loved jerking off, he edged for hours sometimes because it made his orgasm so much more intense. Nathan had consumed many hours of porn in the recent weeks and his interests in anything vanilla were waning. He had an internal struggle within himself as he watched.

Over the last few weeks he has been staring at cocks more and more often. His cock would react to them, and in his most honest moments he would find himself thinking about how beautiful a man’s cock looked in the porn he was watching. It had been weeks since the first realization, and before yesterday he even watched some gay porn. He came hard as he watched one man fuck another, the bottom leaking and eventually cumming, his cock squirting cum underneath. As soon as Nate would cum, he would feel ashamed. He had no idea why, logically it was fine, but he always had a bad feeling after cumming to a man or cock.

He clicked away from the video he was watching. As much as he loved watching a girl with a big ass bounce on a cock… he had other desires right now. He wasn’t only looking at cocks for the last few weeks, he downloaded a gay dating app and had been chatting with various men. He had made the decision that he would never meet these men, but talking to them about fantasies would make his cock rock hard.

Nathan pulled up a favorite video of his, an amatuer video of two college boys fucking each other. He also pulled out his phone, loading up the app. One man he was chatting with was really interested in him. They were both new to the gay scene and wanted to experiment. Normally Nathan would just lead men on until they gave up on ever meeting him. But this man was persistent. All Nathan knew about him was that he was Latino and was twenty five years old. They had discussed how they both loved to jerk off, and how they had both gotten to be curious about being with a man.

“Hey man, how’s your day?” The latino messaged him.

“Fine, just super horny right now.”

“Dude me too.”

There was a moment before the next message from the latino, “Wanna trade cock pics?”

Nathan didn’t know how to answer. He had never sent anybody a picture of his cock before, and he was unsure if he wanted another man to see his cock. He was too horny to think straight right now, and respond.

“You first?”

Nathan was nervous, he didn’t receive a response until a few minutes later. It was a close up picture of the latino’s cock and balls, both trimmed. Nathan instantly felt his cock starting to grow, and there was no denying he liked what he saw. He nervously pulled his shorts and boxers off, letting his cock free. He was hard quickly, and aimed his phone at his cock and balls to take a picture for a man he had never met. Nathan’s cock was an average thickness and when it was hard it was seven inches with above average balls below. He was circumcised and when he was hard the head of his cock looked amazing. He hit send before he could think, and the latino responded.

“Wow man, nice cock.”

“You too.”

“Dude we should totally meet up. We could watch some porn and jerk off together.”

Nathan didn’t know what to say. Actually meeting another man to be with each other, even if it was just jerking off. It made him uneasy, but his cock throbbed.

“How? We can’t meet at my house.”

“We can’t meet at my house either. What about in my truck?”

“What if someone sees us?”

“I have tinted windows and my truck is higher up than small cars. I can park somewhere with less people. We could meet at the plaza with the restaurants and the movie theater. It’s dark now anyway, nobody will see.”

Nathan’s lust filled mind was becoming convinced. His cock needed attention, and the idea of playing with another levent escort cock while he got jerked off was turning him on even more.

“You mean right now?”

“Yeah, I’m near the plaza now, we could meet up.”

The lust beat his nerves as he typed back, “On my way.”

“See you soon ;)”

Nathan pulled his boxers back up but grabbed some loose shorts to put on. His boner strained against his underwear as he grabbed his phone, wallet and keys. He quietly walked downstairs to his car. He walked out of the house and started his car, hoping Melody would think he was going to get food. His lust battled his nerves for the entire ride, but the plaza was only a few minutes away. Before he knew it, he had parked in a spot between a few cars.

He opened his app and sent a message to the latino, “I’m here.”

“Cool, my car is the brown chevy truck, I’m parked near the middle but I can drive us to the corner of the parking lot once you get here.”

“Alright.” Nathan nervously sent back.

He took slow steps towards the brown truck. The car was definitely on, and as he slowly walked over to the passenger side he realized that the windows had a dark tint and he could barely see inside. He knocked on the door and heard it unlock. He moved his hand up slowly, opening the door.

Inside he saw a chubby latino with a short haircut, wearing some gym clothes. There was a short silence before the latino spoke up.



“Just climb on in, there are some spots behind the theater.”

Nathan stepped up into the truck, getting into the seat and locking the door. The latino pulled out of the parking spot, and drove them both to a corner spot behind the large movie theater. There were other cars parked in various spots but there was very little foot traffic. He cracked the windows slightly for some air, then turned the car off.

“We could get in the back.”

Nathan was near speechless and simply nodded. Nathan climbed back first and didn’t even realize that he gave the latino a great view of his bubble butt. After Nathan took the seat on the right, the latin climbed back to the seat on the left. The latino started to stroke his cock over his pants slowly, and Nathan took the hint to do the same.

Nathan cleared his throat and said, “So uh… you wanna watch some porn?”

“Sure.” The latino responded.

Nathan watched him take his phone out and put on a generic porno, a schoolgirl fantasy. They both returned to slowly stroking their cocks. After a minute Nathan took the initiative, pulling his shorts and boxers off to reveal his cock. The latino quickly followed, revealing the five inch, uncircumcised cock he had seen in the picture beforehand. Both men started to stroke their own cocks, Nathan watching the latino’s cock closely.

“Go ahead and touch it.” The latino encouraged him.

Nathan reached out and for the first time ever, he was holding another man’s cock. It was soft and hard at the same time, and very warm. He had held his own cock so many times but this was so different. He started moving his hand up and down as the latino let out a satisfied sigh. Nathan was now jerking the latino with his left hand and jerking himself with his right hand. After a minute or two of that, the latino reached his hand for Nathan’s cock. His hand was large and wrapped around his cock nicely, it was completely different from how a girl’s hand would feel.

Both men practically ignored the porn and watched each other as they jerked the opposing cock. Their breathing started to get heavier, and Nathan’s pleasure was overcoming his nerves. His cock was hard in the latino’s hand, and he loved it when the latino alternated between jerking him and rubbing his thigh.

The latino broke the sexually charged silence, “Do you want to try sucking it?

This is when Nathan realized that he had not taken his eyes off of the latino’s cock for a second since it has been out. Before Nathan even answered, the latino moved his hand from Nathan’s thigh, and put it on the back of his head. The latino put a very small amount of pressure on the back of Nathan’s head, and it was enough to push Nathan to the choice he wanted to make deep down. Nathan lowered his head and could see some pre cum leaking from the latino’s cock head. His lips opened and kurtköy escort his head went even further, and he took his first cock in his mouth.

The latino groaned and Nathan tasted salty cum for the first time. Nathan started to think of what girls did in porn. He started to lick the pre cum from the tip of the latino’s cock. He didn’t particularly enjoy the taste, but his lust was driving him forward. The latino’s cock was average in thickness but it was on the shorter side, so Nathan was able to take the whole thing easily. The latino guided Nathan’s head up and down, pushing Nathan into a study rhythm.

Nathan swirled his tongue around the latino’s cock head, licking up and leaking preacum and making sure to keep his lips tight around the latino cock. Every time his head went down, he smelled the musky aroma of another man. He could smell his balls, and even reached his tongue out to lick them on occasion.

With one hand on Nathan’s head and the other stroking Nathan’s thigh, Nathan’s cock was hard as rock. There wasn’t any direct pleasure, but he felt so hot and horny while he sucked his first cock. The latino’s hand roamed further and Nathan felt a hand on his sexy ass. Nathan’s body stiffened for a second, he didn’t want to explore anal at all. He continued sucking as the latino started to knead his ass cheek.

As long as he keeps his hand there and no further… Nathan thought.

They stayed like that for ten minutes, Nathan sucking while the latino played with his ass cheeks. As Nathan’s jaw was starting to get sore, the latino started groaning a bit louder.

“I’m close…” The latino said between sighs of pleasure.

Nathan lifted his head up off of the latino’s cock, unsure if he wanted cum in his mouth.

“You don’t have to swallow, just keep going and I’ll pull out when I’m ready.” The latino said, putting some pressure on the back of Nathan’s head.

Without a word Nathan lowered his head back down and took the latino’s cock in his mouth. The latino moved his right hand from Nathan’s ass to his cock and started to jerk him. This elicited a moan from Nathan’s lips, right onto the latinos cock. The latino groan in pleasure as Nathan’s mouth vibrated around his length. The latino was right on the edge so he pushed Nathan off from his cock. Nathan watched as the latino grabbed some boxers from his gym back and started to jerk his cock into them. With one last low groan, the latino’s cock exploded into his boxers. Nathan watched, filled with lust, as the latino shot string after string of cum.

Nathan started stroking his own hard cock as he watched. He was close too. The latino milked out the last few drops and handed the boxers to Nathan. Nathan took them and groaned, adding his own load to the underwear. The latino was using a dirty shirt to wipe off his cock as he watched Nathan empty his balls. As the high of orgasm faded, the shame was starting to set in.

“Uh… thanks.” Nathan said as he handed the boxers back to the latino.

Without any more exchanged words, they both got dressed. Nathan hopped out of the truck, and walked back to his car. He drove away quickly, and he was home before he knew it. It had been a little over half an hour since he left. He hoped he could sneak back in without Melody noticing. He opened the front door and walked in just as Melody was coming down the stairs.

“You didn’t get food?”

“W-What?” Nathan responded.

“I thought you went to get food, but I guess you didn’t.”

“Oh yeah… I just went for a drive. I’m thinking of making a sandwich for now. You want one?”

“Sure.” Melody shrugged and went upstairs.

Nathan felt awkward even being in front of his sister even though she didn’t know anything. He didn’t even watch as her ass bounced up the stairs. He made her a sandwich and spent the rest of the night in his room. He kept thinking that it was a mistake, he shouldn’t have done it. But as the hours went on and it was nearly time for bed, his cock was hard again. He snuck out into the hall, it was empty. His family was all asleep, and Nathan went straight for the dirty clothes hamper. He dug through and found a thong that must have been Melody’s since it was intertwined with her volleyball shorts. He snatched it and ran to his room. He brought the panties up to his nose and started to sniff them. After a second, he brought them down to his cock and started stroking. He tried to focus on his sister but his mind was full of images of him sucking the latino’s cock. He couldn’t get the image and feeling out of his mind, so he stuffed the panties under his pillow and went to bed. His cock was hard and his dreams were full of naughty images of him sucking cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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