Nadine’s Night Out Ch. 02

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As Nadine drives, she keeps thinking back to her session with Gabriel earlier this evening. It was one of the most satisfying evenings she had ever experienced. Gabriel was a true gentleman and lover. They had been going on like this for many years. Never really committing to one another. Just coming together when they had time and just enjoying each others’ company, no strings attached. They would somehow make the effort to meet. Sometimes more often, depending on the desire and need.

Tonight is an exceptional evening. They had dinner and an absolutely crazy fuck session in the restroom of a well-known restaurant. Now, they are scouting around for another suitable location. She in her BMW convertible and him in his superbike. They had gone the opposite directions coming out from the restaurant and would keep in constant communication as they search for the place with most action that night. It was still early Friday night and people were just done with dinner and filling up the pubs and clubs and dance halls and discos. She is yearning for more. Gabriel knows it and he is looking for a good place where there are lots of handsome men willing to take a risk of fucking in public. Then, he had an idea and scooted over to a place called “Club J.” The name doesn’t say much but this club has many jacuzzis in the middle of the dance floor. It is in an old converted warehouse and there is usually a lot of action there.

When he arrived at Club J, he wasn’t disappointed. He called for Nadine to come over and she arrived in about 10 minutes. During this time, he had observed many lewd on-goings in the place. Mostly in the water, but some of them just openly kissing and fondling in public. The action may sometimes get a lot heavier, depending on the people there that night and the amount of alcohol which has flowed. When Nadine is here, she quickly grabs his arm and they walk around the place, shaking their butt a little to the music and just taking in the hot, lustful atmosphere. Most people in the pools were nude. Mostly just talking and drinking, having fun and telling jokes and stories. There were some engaged in heavy petting. Breasts were bobbing in the water. Occasionally, one could see a long, hard cock breaking the water surface.

Nadine and Gabriel decide to get into one of the pools. Stripping down to their underwear, they elicited some cat calls and whistles from the guys and even girls. While not perfect, they are sexy as a couple, complementing each other in every way. Her sexy tits bounced as she excitedly climbed into the water. They went to the one at the far corner, not much of a crowd. About 20 people could comfortably sit in one of these big pools. The one they got in had only 2 guys in it. Two good friends just chatting about old times. Nadine noticed they were quite handsome and well built. She imagined their cocks in her hand and went over to talk to them. She found out that they were football players. American football teams had the hunkiest guys usually. Gabriel was watching her from the corner of his eye. Two other women was eyeing Gabriel intently, hoping that Nadine was the sharing type. They had found him rather attractive. Muscular without being oversized. Sinewy muscles of a man who had been doing some serious workout or hard labor before.

Nadine had the men eating out of her palm. Soon, their conversation turned to sex. They had complimented her on her body and also her partner’s. They watched with interest as her beautiful breasts bobs gently on the surface of the water. Her lacy bra is drenched and hides almost nothing now. Her silk panties the same. As the conversation gets hotter, the men begins to reach out to her, touching her now and then. Sometimes brushing against her nipple, causing her to gasp and turn away but always with a sly smile which actually beckons them to continue. Gosh, she is so horny she could suck them underwater until they cum. Gabriel, noticing her horniness, moves behind her and gently puts his arm around her. The two women interested in Gabriel gets into the same jacuzzi and moves up behind him. The two men had their mouth agape when Gabriel reached around Nadine and pushes her tits together causing a deep cleavage to form. Nadine gasps out loud but it is too late to back out. He then pulls down her lacy bra and asked the two men, James and Richard, to suckle on her hard, sensitive nipples. The two ladies had moved behind Gabriel and begins to rub their sexy, exposed bodies against his as he cuddles Nadine while offering her breasts to the two ravenous men in the pool. Jessica and Cynthia reached into Gabriel’s shorts to grab and rub his already stiff manhood.

Nadine looks around momentarily and as the sensations from her nipples fill her being with pleasure, she reaches down to her clit. Moving her panties aside, she begins to rub her sensitive clit in slow circles eliciting soft moans from her sweet lips. Looking down at the two men paying full attention to her nipples caused her to swoon. Giddy from the sexy ministrations of their mouth and tongue, she closes her eyes and lets the sensation levent escort flood through her body. Her fingers move faster and faster in circles on her sensitive clit. The hot water in the jacuzzi adding to the stimulation. She is eager for penetration and slides two fingers into her hot snatch, feeling the water touch her insides. The heat makes her gasp and her entire cuntal passage becomes extra sensitive as blood rushes there due to the stimulation from the combination of hot water and her fucking fingers. One of the men suckling on her tits moves his hand down between her legs and finger-fucks her too. Three fingers, one belonging to a man who was a stranger a moment ago, plunge in and out of her pussy, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Lust and desire continue to build up, from the tips of her breasts to her insatiable, wet, open, quivering cunt. The stimulation fuelling her insatiable need for release, for the blissful pleasure of orgasm. Everything is converging inside her being. The blissful pleasure, the passion and the relentless stimulation between her legs and the tips of her aching breasts. Her orgasm begins from between her legs, permeating to the rest of her body in glorious waves, rocking her body uncontrollably in its quest to burst free. Her legs are shaking in the water, almost buckling and collapsing but she’s being held up, supported by the hand and fingers in her cunt. Her cuntal passage constricts tightly around the now two foreign fingers buried inside her, stopping them from pumping any longer. It’s just too tight to move. An orgasm smashes into her, causing her to whimper and moan out loud. One of the men moved to engulf her mouth with his, muffling her screams. Gabriel continues to hold her up from behind as her knees gave way. She throws her head back onto his strong chest and moans out again as her orgasm continues to ravage her body.

James and Richard look at each other, not believing how lucky they got. Three beautiful, sexy women in the same pool as them along with one crazy guy who had offered his lover’s heavy breasts for their taking and they had manipulated her to a breathtaking orgasm. Deciding to leave Nadine alone now, allowing her to catch her breath, they move behind the two other women in the pool. Gabriel had also moved away from Nadine as she moves to the edge of the jacuzzi to take a seat. The bubbles and jets massaging her tired yet satisfied body. The watches the scene unfolding in front of her with great interest as her hand wanders down to her clit. One of the water jets seem to be aimed just a little low and she used her palm to “guide” the jet to her clit. The hot water directly stimulating her clit relaxes her even further, eliciting a soft mewl from her open lips. She spread her cuntal lips open with her other hand and relishes in the feeling of the hard jet almost going into her. Nadine closes her eyes and slowly opens them again, readying herself for the upcoming show in the very same jacuzzi she was in.

Gabriel’s fat cock is out, being tugged and hungrily sucked by these two luscious ladies. He could swear they were porn stars. Biggish breasts, slightly enhanced. Legs and asses are perfect. Yearning to have hard cocks in their pussies and asses. Gabriel’s cock was thicker and fatter than most men although not very long. It could fill a pussy up satisfyingly for sure. Jessica and Cynthia had their hands and mouths on it and are now almost fighting to get it into their cunt, yearning to feel the thickness of it buried deep within. They were both kneeling in front of him now as they fought to get his thick cock into their mouths. They suddenly realized that the two other men were no longer focused on Nadine as they felt them press up against their asses. The girls could feel the throbbing cocks between their ass cheeks. They froze for a moment at the presence of strange cocks trying to probe their loins. The girls could now feel hands on their breasts from behind. Much the same way as Nadine felt just a few moments earlier before Gabriel offered her to the two men in the tub.

Jessica and Cynthia closed their eyes and began to feel the affect the vile manipulations of James and Richard on their already hungry nipples. The men then quickly pull down their panties and slide their hard cocks deep into their waiting pussies at once. They stayed in, not moving. The girls then moved their asses back, swallowing those hard cocks completely into their wet, clasping pussies simultaneously. Loud groans escape their lips as they try to continue sucking on Gabriel’s hard cock. The fucking begins and wet slapping sounds permeate the entire club. People gathered around the jacuzzi. More and more people were coming to watch the fantastic scene unfolding.

First, there was Nadine, the beautiful, sultry, sensual Filipino brunette. Half her magnificent tits were above water, with her nipples just on the surface. Her fingers manipulating her large, erect clitoris maddeningly. Her eyes are open wide, taking in the scene before her. Two men, with mahmutbey escort their long erect cocks buried deep into two women who you could easily mistaken for porn stars. Gabriel was having his cock sucked by these two women as the men increased their pace, fucking harder and deeper into the two girls. Unable to contain their lust, both the girls began slamming their asses back against the rampaging hard cocks pummeling into their pussies, going deeper and deeper and each time rubbing hard against their G-spots. Water splashed everywhere as each stroke penetrates their cunt hard.

Gabriel has moved to where Nadine was sitting. She was staring in utter disbelief as the long hard cocks penetrated those slick pussies easily, like a warm knife slicing through butter. She didn’t imagine James and Richard having such huge pricks. Although not as thick as Gabriel’s, they would penetrate her well. She was licking her lips when Gabriel’s mouth suddenly encompassed one of her hard, sensitive nipple. Licking and sucking on it furiously before moving over to the other nipple, paying her breasts full attention. He reached down to her pussy and gently begins to rub her clit before his other hand suddenly lifts her butt and slams two fingers deep inside her wet cunt from behind causing her to whimper and whelp, then moan uncontrollably as pleasure overcomes her. He begins to pump her vagina with two fingers while rubbing her clit with his other hand. Her cunt seems to contract and suck on his fingers as he continues his vile ministrations. Just before she could cum, his fingers plops out of her moist, open pussy and plunges themselves into her waiting asshole. He whispers in her ear, “You like this, don’t you?” She could not respond, but only to jerk and spasm as another two fingers invade her moist yearning pussy. He grabbed her, almost picking her up as all his four fingers plunge upwards deep into her eager orifices, fucking her so hard that she slumps over, her face just inches above the water. Her breath is ragged, out of control. Her body jerking and spasming involuntarily with each manipulation of Gabriel’s fingers.

She can’t stand it any longer. She gets up and pushes Gabriel down to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi. Everyone could see them now. Gabriel’s hard, fat cock throbbing in anticipation as does Nadine’s wetly quivering cunt. She wants him now. She wants him bad. She positions herself to straddle him, cowgirl style. Her sexy ass and cunt as if waving at the crowd as she slowly makes her way down to completely engulf his fat cock and bury it deep inside her yearning pussy. They both groan out loud as his fat log lay sunk inside her clasping cunt. She begins a slow grind on his hard cock, pushing down hard at the same time, as if trying to take it deeper into her, balls and everything.

Her being relishes in sensations and pleasure now permeating through her body, starting from her wetly, quivering pussy with a fat pulsating cock buried deep within. Oblivious to the rest of the world now as they begin to fuck and grind, driving the hard cock all the way into her open, welcoming cunt, thrusting hard upwards whenever she grinds herself down to swallow the fat tool in its entirety. She bounces on him and the water splashes with each hard slam downwards. Gabriel begins to fuck her harder now and she holds still, just positioning her cunt over his pistoning cock and taking in the pleasurable sensations as he fucks her hard and deep. Their audience had moved closer and some got into the jacuzzi with them as well. Nadine feels many hands on her body. Touching, pinching her nipples. Mouths kissing and sucking on her sensitive flesh. All the while, the deep and hard pummeling of Gabriel’s hard cock is driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

The other two women also have their hands full. Literally. Servicing hard cocks shoved at their faces, plunging into every open orifice. Jessica has been lifted up, in between two strapping men. She’s sandwiched in a double-penetration, her pussy and ass taken mercilessly. Other men help out by lifting and letting her drop on the two hard penetration pistons plunging deeply into her. Cynthia has been carried out of the jacuzzi and is on her hands and knees. There is a man below, fucking upwards deep into her pussy. Another man is plunging his long, hard cock into her ass. Another one moves over to her face and fucks her mouth. It is an all out orgy and everyone’s using each others’ bodies to satisfy their own unbridled lust. There are many more men than women in this joint. Some of them are just wanking off at the sides. Some of them are in the long queue waiting to fuck these three girls.

Nadine feels a rough hand on her ass as she rides Gabriel’s stiff tool. The hands part her ass cheeks apart, revealing her rosebud anus for all to see. She gasps as the cool air brushes against it, and gasps again when the hot water splashes and touches it directly. Then, slow probing fingers enter her ass. First two forefingers, spreading her apart. Then, she felt saliva maltepe escort or some lube. Then, another two fingers from each hand. Six fingers now, spreading her ass apart and expertly manipulating her wide open asshole. The sensation is overwhelming and she slams harder down on Gabriel’s pulsating cock as her ass gets finger-fucked. In a moment, the fingers are replaced and she feels a hard tool slowly slides into her gaping anal opening. Inch by pleasurable inch, the long hard cock slides deeply into her. Not as thick as Gabriel’s which makes it just nice for ass penetration. It is long though, sliding into her in an almost never ending motion, filling her up completely. Nadine groans out loud and buries her head in Gabriel’s shoulder while her ass moves back to continue to swallow the seemingly limitless cock driving deep into her well-lubricated, open rectum.

Then, the pumping begins. The long fuck tool withdraws almost completely and then plunges deeply in again, in time with the cock inside her wetly, yearning pussy. Two stiff weapons fucking her deep, driving her body out of control. She’s trashing about, splashing the water. Her torso shaking and spasming, trying to get those pumping pricks to fuck her harder. Nadine is completely out of control … and the crowd is just loving it. Gabriel closes his eyes and feels his prick pulse to an even greater thickness. Nadine slams her sexy pussy down hard, swallowing his cock into her most private depths. The long tool in her ass continues to pummel her without mercy, seeking release, fucking deeply into her. An unknown guy introduces his hard cock to her mouth. She opens up and eagerly sucks on the knobby head, noticing that it was bigger than anything she had experienced before. It looked like a microphone with the head a good half-inch thicker than the rest of his shaft. She sucks with earnest and hears the man groan his satisfaction. She’s being triple-penetrated now. Sucking and fucking for all to see. The pleasure building up in her is almost at bursting point.

As the cocks relentlessly violates her, she feels the slow familiar rumble of her climax building up from between her legs. The sensation grows stronger with every hard thrust from those cocks in her sex orifices. Her pussy, clasping tight and her ass almost sucking on cock. She fucks back, hard, taking the cocks as deeply as they would go inside her. She closes her eyes and the pleasurable sensations wells up ten-fold. The rush of orgasm is unstoppable now. She grinds herself harder back onto those throbbing pricks filling her sex holes while sucking hard on the cock in her mouth, licking around the enormous head and feeling it grow even bigger. Then it hits her. Like a tidal wave, her orgasm smashes into her body as she smashes her ass and pussy back onto the hard pricks penetrating her love holes. Wave after wave, her climax hits her, causing her to shake and spasm uncontrollably. Gabriel grabs onto her so his cock won’t slip out, and he continues to assault her open pussy with his hard cock. The man in her ass cums suddenly, splashing his seed deep in her as her anal opening clasps tightly around him, draining him of every single drop. She is still cumming and his climax drives another orgasm into her when she felt his hot seed fill up her insides.

He pumps his deflating cock deep into her ass a few more times before withdrawing completely, leaving a thin rivulet of semen across her sexy ass. The man with the bulbous cock head then gets up and gets behind her. While she is still shaking from her subsiding orgasm, the anticipation of his hard cock entering her sweet ass is almost too much to bear. She fucks Gabriel harder urging him to slam his cock up into her hungry, yearning cunt as the man prepares to fuck her in her ass. Then, she feels the bulbous cock head at the entrance of her well lubricated opening. Her muscles relax and as soon as he felt it, he rammed his cock deep into her causing her to cum uncontrollably again and again. Ramming. Fucking. Hammering. Fucking. Relentless in their quest to make her cum, both men in her cunt and ass continue to fuck her hard. She is trashing about. Unable to control the wild sensations coursing through her body. Almost every hard thrust had sent her into an orgasmic state. Her mind and body completely lost to the pleasure which has conquered her so completely.

The overwhelming pleasure is almost too much to bear and she is on the verge of passing out when suddenly, she felt two mouths on her sensitive nipples. She looked down to see two eager young men, suckling and lapping away at her breasts. Nadine convulses again in involuntary orgasm. Her hands reach out behind each men’s’ head to pull them even closer to her. They continue to worry her throbbing nipples maddeningly as they suck, lick, nibble, caress and wildly manipulate her sensitive buds with their mouths and tongues. Their hands reach down and rub her clit at the same time. It was like foreplay while being fucked. Each and every sensitive spot on her sex-crazed body was being manipulated, being stimulated. There is non-stop satisfying sensations coursing through her nubile body as she is completely used. She feels her every pore has opened to just “inhale” the sexual energy in which is now completely engulfed in. Fucked solidly, satisfyingly in her ass and pussy. Her nipples and clit, fondled, stimulated. Fuck … what else can a girl do but cum.

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