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Joy felt a spasm of pleasure as she pushed the 8-inch purple dildo deep into her ass. Clenching the dildo tightly with her muscles, she brought her free hand round to her cunt. Having her back passage filled with dildo always made her feel so hot and dirty. She would need to fuck her pussy with all four fingers to give herself the satisfaction that she needed. “Nadine, Nadine…,” she moaned quietly to herself as she pushed her fingers deep into her wet cunt.

Her thoughts filled with vivid images of her girlfriend’s cute, pert ass and sweet pussy. “Nadine, Nadine…,” she whispered and moaned the name over and over again, as she replayed in her mind the events of that day.

* * * *

Anyone watching the scene of the horny young woman fucking her ass with a dildo and masturbating furiously whilst mouthing the name of her best girlfriend could be forgiven for not realising that Joy was not a lesbian but a full-on hetero-sexual, 25-year old cock-lover.

Joy had been raised in a strict Christian family and whilst living at home had led a somewhat restricted sex life. But at 22 she had moved to the big city and taken an apartment of her own. The change of environment had proved to be liberating. By day Joy worked in a Christian book shop and studied part-time at college. Outwardly she was totally respectable. She looked attractive enough in her crisp white blouse and neat black skirt of course, but due to her strict upbringing Joy was always careful to conceal the sexual desires and fantasies that had began to obsess her.

On her days off from work she would travel the city to the park or a cafe. She loved to see the athletic young men in their shorts and to fantasise about how their cocks must rub up against the material of their garments. On returning home she would lie on her bed and spend hours exploring her body, learning to love her heavy breasts and full nipples. She began to masturbate regularly and obsessively. By day a respectable book store clerk, in her evenings alone – a dirty little masturbator. She had even plucked up the courage to buy herself a purple dildo, a sex-aid that became her most intimate friend and brought her many hours of pleasure.

After a while Joy found that it was easy enough to allow men to come up to her and talk to her. Sitting on a park bench, or by the river, a smile would usually be enough to encourage a handsome young man to engage her in conversation. In the large, anonymous city it was safe to flirt with the young men who she met casually. She enjoyed their company and would not discourage them if they attempted to turn the conversation towards sex. She learned how to subtly use her body to encourage them. A heave of the breast or a slight parting of the legs was usually sufficient to encourage their interest. She loved to get a sense of their cocks hardening in their shorts as they realised how much she enjoyed their attentions.

At first Joy found it sufficient to merely encourage and tease the men she met but, as her confidence grew, she discovered how easy it could be to gain the sexual satisfaction she desired. On a hot afternoon it was always easy enough to attract some male attention. If the young man looked to be a promising candidate she would playfully ask how well endowed he was. She grew to develop a liking for athletic young men with large cocks. Getting sex became so easy. She loved to be picked-up and taken somewhere, a flat or hotel, to be well and truly fucked senseless. Later she would leave her lover and return home, where she would lie on her bed and masturbate furiously. The next day she would reappear at the book shop as little miss prim and proper. She loved having her ‘dirty little secret’. Little miss prim and proper was getting fucked senseless whenever she could, and when not getting fucked was wanking like it was an Olympic sport.

This idyllic situation could have gone on forever if it wasn’t for the complicating güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri factor of Nadine. Nadine was Joy’s best friend and the two young women were inseparable. Joy loved Nadine. Her friend was cute, sassy, intelligent and funny. The two would often go shopping or ‘do lunch’ together. But the problem was that Nadine was probably the most sexually conservative young women one might ever meet. She had a boy-friend – Jeff – who wanted to marry her, but who she would keep at arms length most of the time. Sure they would go out on dinner dates or whatever, but he would rarely if ever stay over at Nadine’s apartment, and Joy doubted if the two were even sleeping together.

Nadine had declared to Joy that she disapproved of sex before marriage and even that she disapproved of masturbation! On one occasion Jeff had been foolish to enough to suggest to Nadine that as she saw more of Joy than him it must be the two girls who were having the relationship. Nadine had gone ballistic and let it be known in no uncertain terms that she would never let any woman touch her in that way, and that if any one, friend or not, ever went to lay a finger on her she would never speak to them ever again.

Nadine’s claimed sexual purity and disgust of even the suggestion of any improper sexual behaviour sat a little uneasily with some other aspects of her character and personality. Nadine loved to shop for sexy lingerie, although who she wore for was beyond Joy’s comprehension. Joy had often seen her friend changing into and out of some of the most outrageously sexy little numbers. Round at Nadine’s apartment after a days shopping Nadine would often flirt outrageously. She had the cutest ass, perky little tits and loved her music. She would think nothing of putting some slick beats on the CD player and dancing provocatively around the room to them, with Joy as her only audience.

Some times the two would hug and embrace, and when they did Joy would feel her pussy begin to moisten. She very soon developed a full-on crush on Nadine and had “the hots” for her all the time. Whenever they were together she had to struggle to subdue the urge to try to seduce her, but always remembered her friend’s threat that if she did ever lay a finger on her she would never talk to her again. An attempt at seduction seemed too risky, so Nadine remained beautiful, but unobtainable, and Joy masturbated furiously, running through her mind all of the different scenarios in which she would eventually succeed in burying her face deep in her friend’s delectable pussy.

* * * * * *

Earlier that day Joy and Nadine had gone shopping. They had tried on dresses and tops and window shopped. Eventually Nadine opted for buying some fine lingerie from an upmarket department store. A set of peach coloured bra and panties in a satin material with lace trim. Joy complimented her on her choice as calmly as she could, whilst inside she was in a turmoil of desire and knew that as soon as she got home she would immediately masturbate, fantasising about burying her face in her friend’s panty-clad pussy. Nadine was going out later that night and so dropped Joy directly to her flat. Rushing upstairs Joy immediately threw herself on her bed, pulled her dildo from her bedside draw and worked it deep into her ass. She masturbated furiously for almost an hour but was unable to cum and collapsed exhausted in a sticky heap. Masturbating whilst thinking about Nadine wasn’t working any more. It wasn’t enough. She wanted Nadine to be there with her. She wanted to telephone her and hear her voice. She wanted to tell her friend how much she desired her. But she knew she didn’t dare and so still frustrated went off to run a bath and lie in the bubble filled water.

Joy relaxed in the hot water and let her hands caress her breasts and thighs. She would lie there for an hour or so, she thought. She relaxed and caressed herself, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stimulating herself gently. Slipping into her fantasy she was suddenly jolted back to consciousness by her mobile phone beside the bath ringing. She answered it and was surprised to hear Nadine’s voice. She needed a favour and was on her way over. Joy was momentarily thrown. What did her friend want and how should she play the situation? Her cunt was aching and she was dying to cum. She resolved to stay in the bath when Nadine arrived and soaped up the bubble bath to double thickness. When the buzzer rang Joy dashed to the intercom.

“I’m in the bath – so come on up and let yourself in,” said Joy – unlocking the door and buzzing her friend in.

She dashed back to the bath and left the bathroom door open. Nadine showed herself in and into the bathroom. Sitting on the side of the tub trailing her hands in the water she explained that she had planned to wear a silk blouse with her outfit to go out tonight, but the dry cleaners had let her down and the blouse hadn’t been ready for collection when she had gone to pick it up. She needed to borrow Joy’s crème silk blouse. Joy told her no problem – its in the wardrobe in the bedroom, just pick it up and bring it back whenever.

Nadine kissed her friend on the cheek and declared that she would pick-up the blouse and leave her friend to it. Under the bubbled water Joy’s hand gripped her cunt tightly as her friend got up to leave. Joy heard Nadine go to the bedroom and pictured her looking in the wardrobe looking for the blouse. It was then that she remembered – the dildo! It was out on the bed – but would Nadine notice it? Did it matter if she did? Joy experienced a minor panic attack but was a little reassured when seconds later she heard Nadine shout that she had got the blouse and was on her way. Joy kept still and quite and listened. She heard the door to flat close and heaved a sigh of relief. She lay in the tub awhile totally confused and totally horny. She had to let Nadine know how she felt about her. She lusted after her so much it was simply driving her crazy.

She thought again about the dildo. Where had she left it? Out in view, or pushed under the pillow? Had Nadine seen it? Did she really disapprove of masturbation as much as she said she did? Joy was still as horny as hell. She got out of the bath and dried herself off before going to the bedroom. The dildo was there, half pushed under the pillow, but sill in plain view if you looked at it. She threw herself on the bed and picked it up. She would fuck herself silly with it, and worry tomorrow about how she was going to alert Nadine of her feelings towards her.

* * * * *

Joy felt a spasm of pleasure as she pushed the 8-inch purple dildo deep into her ass. Clenching the dildo tightly with her muscles she brought her free hand around to her cunt. Filling her back passage with her sex-aid always made her feel so hot and so durty. She knew she would have to fuck her pussy with all four fingers to achieve the stimulation that she needed. “Nadine, Nadine…,” she moaned quietly to herself as she pushed her fingers deep into her wet cunt.

Joy ground her hot, wet pussy onto her fingers. She held the dildo tightly in her other hand and tried to work it in and out of her ass with a regular forceful rhythm. She thought about Nadine and imagined she was there with her. As she writhed and groaned, she imagined Nadine standing over her, watching her humiliation. She tried to imagine what it would be like to kneel in front of Nadine masturbating, to hold her face to her crotch and to ask for permission to lick and kiss her sweet cunt.

After a while the arm that was working the dildo began to tire. She pushed it up into her ass and rolled over onto her back, caressing her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. Her gaze wandered around the room until it came güvenilir bahis şirketleri to rest on the wardrobe. The door was slightly open, and the one of the doors was slatted. It occurred to Joy that anyone hiding inside the wardrobe would have been treated to a full show. She looked carefully – was there someone concealed behind the door? The door seemed to move!!

Joy was struck with shame and fear. Had Nadine only pretended to leave the flat and then hidden in the wardrobe? If Nadine was there then the game was up and her dirty little secret was out.

“Nadine? – I know your there, Nadine,” said Joy softly.

“Please come out. I’m not annoyed at you for watching me”.

The door seemed to move again. This time Joy was sure that it wasn’t just blowing in the breeze. She froze and stopped masturbating.

“Please Na’di, please come out. I know you’re only playing a joke on me,” Joy was beginning to implore with a hint of desperation in her voice.

To her absolute shock and surprise Joy heard Nadine’s voice answer her!!

“I will come out, but only if you get down on our knees in front of this wardrobe and continue masturbating.”

Joy froze in absolute horror! This couldn’t be happening.

“Do as you are told NOW!!” hissed Nadine’s voice from inside the wardrobe. “Do as you are told, or it will be much, much worse for you”.

“Please Na’di. Please don’t make me do this,” implored Joy.

“Do it for me now and we’ll laugh all this off as a girlie joke. Refuse and I will spread the word to everyone you know what a pathetic pervert you are,” hissed Nadine. “So, get your ass over here, NOW!!”

Joy couldn’t believe what she was hearing but reluctantly slid off the bed and crawled over to the wardrobe. Kneeling with her legs apart she began to half-heartedly caress the inside of her thighs.

Nadine came out from the wardrobe and stood in front of Joy, her legs apart and hands on hips.

“Come on,” she sneered. “You haven’t lost your enthusiasm for it have you?”

Joy knelt there shame faced half-heartedly caressing herself and did not reply.

Nadine allowed her hips to gyrate gently and rocked her pussy gently in the direction of Joy’s nose.

“Oh come on Joy,” she said softly, “You know you’ve had the hots for me for months now.”

Joy stared at crotch level as her friend moved teasingly in front of her. She was beginning to get turned on again and began to touch herself working her fingers in and out of her aching pussy.

“That’s it,” murmured Nadine approvingly, “Get yourself off nicely now and maybe I’ll let you have some.”

Joy’s pussy was moistening rapidly and she began to masturbate in earnest. Her eyes were fixed on Nadine’s crotch.

Nadine began to taunt Joy telling her that she was just a pathetic wannabe pussy- licker. She goaded Joy in to confessing how much she longed to pleasure another woman’s cunt with her mouth. Soon Joy was frigging her pussy for all she was worth, whilst her mouth was blurting out a stream of confessions about her pent up desires. Her pussy throbbed and ached, but at Nadine’s urging she continued to fuck it relentlessly with all four fingers and felt her orgasm building inside her.

“That’s it you durty, lil slut – cum for me now!” hissed Nadine.

The encouragement was enough and Joy began to orgasm hard, convulsing on her knees in front of her friend. Her orgasms came in waves and her body shuddered continually for what seemed like an eternity as she came more than she had ever done in her life before.

When she was done, Nadine looked down at Joy’s crumpled heap sneering patronisingly.

“Well done,” she said sarcastically. “Now, you will be round at my apartment at 10.00 am prompt tomorrow and we will discuss how I am going to deal with you.”

And, with that, Nadine turned and left, leaving Joy to wonder what pleasures or horrors the discussion would bring for her. At least Nadine now knew about her ‘secret desires’, but Joy began to fear that Nadine was not above manipulating these as cruelly as anyone. Still, there was nothing that could be done but to present herself at the appointed time to find out what her friend had in store for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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