My Wife’s Mother

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Big Dick

I think I went to my in-laws house that day to reminisce about the way my life used to be. As I sat outside in my car looking at the house my wife had grown up in, I began to wonder what had gone wrong. Why did Debbie and I grow apart? Today was our anniversary and my wife didn’t seem to care that much. That morning when I wished her happy anniversary, she just smiled. Just another day.

I watched as the digits on the clock changed to one o’clock. Two years ago Debbie and I exchanged vows; it had been the best day of my life and I don’t think there was ever a day in my life since that I didn’t feel the same way I did then. But somehow over the past several months my wife and I drifted apart. She’s gone back to college; I’ve graduated and started a promising career in finance and we just don’t move in the same circles these days.

As I sat watching the Treble’s house, my mother-in-law’s car pulled into the drive. I nearly put mine in gear and sped off but I reached for the key instead. There was no way I could leave without speaking to Jane, so I opened the door and stepped out of my car. I hadn’t meant for her to catch me loitering outside her home but it was a sure bet that she saw me.

“Hi, Terry,” she said as she stood by the Lincoln with one hand shading her eyes. “Come help me with the groceries.”

“Sure, Jane.”

There weren’t more than half a dozen plastic sacks and I was able to get them inside without making a second trip. Jane placed two glasses of ice tea on the table, and then put away the perishables before she sat down at the table next to me.

“I didn’t expect to find you here this early in the day,” she said as she reached for her glass. “You don’t get off work until five.”

“Well…I, ah, decided to take the afternoon off and drive around.”

“Trouble at work?” She must have seen something in my face and when I hesitated she arched a brow. “Are you and Debbie having trouble?”

“Well, no…that is…I…” My mouth stumbled about trying to turn this one around but I hadn’t expected to see her. And I wasn’t prepared for Jane’s questions, either.

“I thought she might be a little too young when you two married,” Jane said after an awkward moment. “She was twenty and not responsible enough for marriage. I don’t think she had the ‘rambling disease’ out of her system when she said, “I do.”

I sat there for a couple of minutes without speaking. I didn’t want to unburden myself in front of my mother-in-law – especially about her daughter. But what she said about Debbie sounded as though she understood my dilemma, had noticed her daughter’s behavior long ago. So, I spilled my guts and told Jane about how her daughter and I have been getting along over the last several months. She listened to every word without interruption. I told her that Debbie and I have grown apart, that we no longer seem to share the same dreams.

“So, I take it that your sex life hasn’t been all that great lately, either.”

“Well, no…”

“That’s a shame.” Jane’s voice had become softer, less audible. Then, suddenly, she laid a hand on my left thigh.

“I…Jane, ah, I don’t think you should do this…” My voice faltered when my mother-in-law’s hand slipped onto the bulge my hard cock was making in my dress pants.

The truth is I was stunned that Jane had laid a hand between my thighs and was now caressing the length of my cock with long, red fingernails. I’m not prudish by any means but this was my mother-in-law. Debbie and I were having some really tough times but I didn’t think catching me between her mother’s legs would help matters. Then there was my father-in-law. That big bastard would kill me.

“I know you want me, Terry, or your cock wouldn’t be so damned hard. “

I did want her. Even though there were some of Debbie’s father in her features, Jane was an older version of what her daughter would look like one day when she became forty-five. Jane’s hips were a little wider; she was older and didn’t have the same youthful complexion that she had when she was twenty years younger, but she was definitely attractive. But, I couldn’t take the chance.

“If Debbie finds out, it’s over,” I said.

“Debbie won’t find out,” Jane said with a smile. “She’s in class right now and won’t be out before three.”

“Your husband…Herb’s been good to me.”

She smiled. “Herb and I haven’t fucked for five months and it doesn’t look good for anytime in the near future. I’m lucky if we have sex more than twice in a year.”

“Yeah, but – “

“I’ve wanted you since the first day I met you, Terry,” she said softly, her eyes boring into mine. “I know I’m brazen and I’m acting like a slut but I want you. I can’t even count the times I’ve had fantasies of you and I together.”

I could feel my resolve fading away as Jane continued to caress my cock through the thin fabric. It had been three months since Debbie and I made love, and that’s a long time for me. There always seemed to be one excuse or another not to have sex and now a desirable çatalca escort older woman who wanted what I wanted was seducing me.

Without a word, as Jane and I locked eyes, she slowly slid the zipper of my pants down and reached one hand inside of my pants. When she curled long, soft fingers around the shaft of my cock, there was no turning back. She owned me at that moment and I think she realized it.

“What a nice cock!” she said breathlessly. Jane caught my gaze again as she lightly ran a long red nail along the shaft. “I think you like what I’m doing, Terry.”

I just nodded.

“Has my daughter ever sucked your beautiful cock?”


“What a shame,” she smiled. “Your cock should be sucked at least once a day.”


“You like that idea, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh, fuck! Yes!”

“Then I’ll have to make sure I have time every day to suck your cock.” Her voice was low, her eyes piecing as she looked at me. “I’d like a daily diet of your cum.”

I couldn’t believe my mother-in-law was holding my cock, caressing it, and telling me how much she wanted to suck it, drink my cum. I was nearly drunk with lust for Jane and I could feel a tremor of excitement every time she ran one of her red fingernails along the sensitive shaft and head.

“Suck me, Jane,” I gasped. “Take my cock in your sexy mouth!”

“Would you like that, Terry?” she asked with a teasing smile. “Would you like to watch your wife’s mother suck your big cock?”


Jane’s face changed and became a mask of hot desire. She began rubbing the soft pad of a thumb across the top of my cock head. I groaned with intense pleasure as I looked into her lust-filled eyes. I had known my mother-in-law for over three years and I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t the picture of grace. In the space of a few minutes my mother-in-law had become a cock-hungry slut and was holding my cock in one hand as she leaned close to my face.

“You want your wife’s mommy to take your big cock into her pussy?”

“Yes! I want to fuck you, Jane!”

“Oh, baby…”

Jane mashed her lips to mine and began to kiss me with an urgent, wanton desire while her tongue licked my lips and probed my mouth. I grabbed her ass through the black skirt she wore and squeezed her cheeks forcefully, pulling her lithe body hard against mine. Grunts of animal desire came from her mouth as we writhed against one another, our hands grabbing, exploring, caressing, our tongues touching, tasting, and licking.

Suddenly, the fire building within Jane erupted and she grabbed the front of my dress shirt. With one forceful pull buttons began popping off my shirt as she yanked hard and pressed her mouth against my chest. While I watched, my mother-in-law kissed my chest and sucked my nipples until I thought I would cum. It was raw, the most incredibly intense sex I had ever had. I was definitely seeing my wife’s mother in a different light, now.

“Let’s get these pants off of you, baby,” Jane gasped. “I have to have your cock, Terry.”

Both of us fumbled frantically until I finally got the button open, then Jane grabbed belt loops and yanked my pants down and off my feet. In less than a minute my mother-in-law had me completely naked, and I sat back to watch her undress. When she was naked, Jane stood in front of me and turned a slow three hundred sixty degrees. For a Forty-five-year old woman Jane was gorgeous. My eyes drank in my mother-in-law’s huge tits and the fat nipples, her sleek legs and sexy ass and the puffy, shaved mound of her pussy.

“Do you like me better this way?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”

“Well, I know what I like,” she said as she knelt between my legs. Her long, soft fingers brought a loud groan when she lightly grasped my cock in one hand. “You have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen!”

“What I really want to see is your sexy lips wrapped around my cock,” I said in a lust-filled voice. “Suck my cock, Jane!”

“MMMMM! It would be my pleasure, baby!”

I groaned loud and long when Jane’s tongue began teasing me. The pink tip slithered slowly up and down the fat shaft as she locked eyes with me. I have to admit that looking into my mother-in-law’s eyes while she licked my shaft was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced. Jane’s thumb and forefinger gripped the shaft tightly at the base and pressed down to make the skin tight. Up and down her tongue danced along the shaft of my cock, sending shivers of delight deep into my belly. When her tongue circled the massive head, caressing it softly as it flicked and danced, I nearly blew cum all over her beautiful face.

I watched through eyes glazed with desire as she began gently sucking my balls. Jane held my cock pointing straight up while she feasted on me. I reached for my mother-in-law’s head and combed my fingers through her short, dark hair, occasionally caressing the soft skin of her face. Now and then, as she loved my cock and balls, tiny esenyurt escort guttural sounds of pleasure came from her mouth.

I cried out suddenly when Jane took the head of my cock into her mouth. Slowly she lowered her face until several inches of my eight-inch cock disappeared inside of her eager mouth. Her head began to slowly bob up and down, taking me in and out of her while I groaned with pleasure. It was the most incredible event in my life; sitting naked in my mother-in-law’s kitchen while she devoured my hard cock was so hot that I didn’t think I had much longer to go before I would explode inside her mouth. The idea of filling my wife’s mother’s mouth with my seed was enough to send me over the edge.

“You like sucking my cock, Jane?” I asked with a voice thick with desire.

“MMMMM!” she groaned.

“You look so hot with my cock in you.”

Jane suddenly took my cock from her mouth and grinned at me. “Does it turn you on to watch me suck your dick?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Do you like having your wife’s mother be a slut for you?”

“Oh, yeah!” I exclaimed breathlessly. “I want you to be my permanent slut!”

“Really?” she grinned. “Then, why don’t you fuck my face, baby. Fuck my mouth like the slut I am!”

Before I could respond, Jane took my cock back inside her mouth and began to suck it with a furious hunger. I grabbed her head again and held it while I began to rock my hips. Jane groaned when my cock became a piston inside of her open mouth. While I held her head and fucked her mouth, Jane slipped her hands up to my chest and began to toy with my nipples again. She pinched and pulled them, rubbed and caressed my nipples until I though I would go mad with delight.

“Yessssssssss! Take my cock! Take all of it! Suck me until I cum in your slutty mouth!”


I felt an orgasm coming quickly. Without a word, I pulled my cock from Jane’s mouth and touched the tip to her bottom lip. Jane got the idea and slipped her tongue out to catch my seed. I not only wanted to watch as my balls emptied into my sexy moth-in-law’s mouth, but I wanted to look into her eyes as I came. I saw one rope of thick white seed shoot into her open mouth, and then my attention was stolen away by her beautiful brown eyes. Looking into Jane’s eyes while I came was so hot!

She took every drop then leaned back with her mouth open and tongue exposed. I had spilled most of my seed on Jane’s tongue and it was liberally coated with the thick, gooey cum. As I watched, my mother-in-law closed her mouth and swallowed every drop of my seed. I couldn’t believe it. My wife wouldn’t suck my cock much less swallow my seed, but her mother was proving to be quite a delightful cock sucker, who relishes the taste of a man’s seed.

“Baby, I’ve never had that much cum in my mouth before!” she purred with satisfaction. “You must have been saving that up!”

“Well, it’s been three months,” I admitted.

She smiled and touched my cheek. “It doesn’t have to be that way, you know.”

“Is that an invitation?”

“An open invitation,” she smiled.

I don’t know exactly what went through my head at that moment but I think I knew at that point in time that I wanted my mother-in-law. I wanted her to be my lover in spite of the fact that both of us were married. Maybe it was the combination of seeing her between my spread legs with her mouth full of my cock, the way she looked just then as she remained between my legs and the fact that I realized my own marriage was going nowhere. I just sat staring at her for a long moment without speaking, and it must have been something in my face, but her next words took me by surprise.

“Are you having regrets?”

“Are you kidding?” I grinned. “Why do you ask?”

“You were just so silent,” she said with a shrug, her voice small and somewhat hesitant.

“Do you have any regrets?”

She shook her head and smiled. “Not one.”

“The only regret I have is that we didn’t get together like this sooner.”

“Oh, Terry…”

I stood up, led Jane into the living room and had her lie back on the sofa. Then, as she spread her long legs wide for me, I crawled between them and touched my lips to hers. We kissed with the same intensity and passion as before while we held each other tightly. Jane’s nails dug into the soft skin of my back, yet it felt magnificent. I felt her legs go around my waist, and then the soft soles of her feet began to caress my ass.

I’ve always been a little inhibited with sex but my mother-in-law brought out the latent beast in me. I began to truly feast on her face: her lips, tongue, cheeks, eyes and nose. It made no difference to me. I wanted to taste all of her, to explore and know her in ways that even her husband wouldn’t be familiar with.

It was a struggle of sorts, with both of us in a weird sex competition as we kissed and licked and tasted each other. Loud heated moans of pleasure filled the room as Jane and I savored the other. etiler escort Suddenly, while I licked and kissed her throat, I realized that I was hard again. Before Jane, I was never able to bounce back so quickly, but my mother-in-law was able to arouse me and keep me that way.

I slid down a little until I came face to face with her sweet tits. Jane’s tits were much bigger and sexier than her daughter’s, and I just stared at them for a long moment, without moving or saying a word. What drew my attention, other than the fact that her tits were easily a DD cup, were the brown aureoles – bigger than a silver dollar – and fat, hard nipples that were about a half-inch long.

“You like my tits, baby?”

“I love them!”

“They liked to be sucked,” she grinned.

I didn’t need another invitation. I sucked and bit and chewed Jane’s fat nipples while I kneaded the heavy white globes with my hands. Jane’s hands grasped my head as she tilted her head back a little. I could still see her face and the look of sheer desire spurred me on. Pleasuring my wife’s mother – especially after she had given me the most incredible blowjob – was the most important thing on my mind at the time.

“Yessssssssss!” she hissed. “Suck my nipples, Terry! Chew on them! Bite them!”

I continued to love Jane’s tits for several minutes before I finally moved down to her flat tummy. I probed her belly button with my tongue, licked and kissed the soft skin of her tummy with a frenzied passion that surprised me. No woman had ever aroused me this way before. And knowing that my mother-in-law not only watched me, as I loved her body but enjoyed it was erotic.

Finally, I made the journey. All of a sudden I was face to face with Jane’s pussy and I groaned with desire as I looked at it. She shaved, as did my wife, but seeing my wife’s mother’s pussy, wet and steamy and luscious, was better than about anything in my life. With a tremor of anticipation I began to consume Jane’s pussy. I bathed her lips, her clit, and her bald mound with my greedy tongue. I wanted all of it.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed. “Eat my cunt!”

To hear those words come from the mouth of my mother-in-law, a woman who has always been a little conservative in demeanor stoked the fires of my lust to a fiery white heat. I licked between her wet lips and teased her sex-swollen clit with my tongue as she writhed under me. Her hips rocked slowly as she ground her pussy against my mouth. Her long fingers combed through my hair, and tiny gasps of pleasure escaped between her parted lips.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy, then another. Jane grunted and began to rock her hips faster to match the tempo of my fingers sliding in and out of her greasy wet fuck hole. Jane’s eyes had become glazed over with an aching hunger for release and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she climaxed. She writhed and bucked with quick, irregular thrusts of her pussy against my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” she cried out. “Oh, please, make me cum, Terry! Make my pussy cum!”

Jane came hard, her pussy rocking and humping my face madly. Tiny mewling sounds came from her mouth and her fingers tightened around my hair as she raised her ass into the air and pushed it harder against my face. Finally, my mother-in-law collapsed onto the sofa gasping loudly. I sat up with my feet tucked under me, my hard cock pointing directly at Jane’s sopping wet cunt.

“That was…so…incredible!” she gasped.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I’ve never…Herb never ate my pussy in all of the years we’ve been married.”


“This was my first,” she grinned. “And it was delicious. Now I know I’ll have to have you over regularly.”

“I’m yours,” I said. “Anytime, anywhere.”

“Speaking of regular…” Jane sat up and looked down at my cock. “You’re hard again.”

“That’s because you turn me on, Jane.”

Jane raised her eyes to mine and looked at me for a long moment. There was a wistful look on her pretty face and I gently caressed one soft cheek. She took my hand in hers and kissed the palm.

“C’mon,” she said brightly, standing and gently pulling my hand. “I have an idea.”


“I want to fuck you, Terry. As much as I enjoyed your cock in my mouth and your tongue in my pussy, I want the ultimate. I want your big cock deep in my pussy. And I want you to fuck me in my marriage bed.”

I followed Jane into the master bedroom and watched as she pulled down the comforter and top sheet. Then, without a word, she gracefully slipped into bed and spread her long legs wide. It’s my favorite position for a woman because her pussy is so exposed and I can’t tell you how hot that made me. I crawled between her legs and positioned the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips.

Jane and I groaned in unison when I pushed and sank my cock inside of her. Our lips met and we kissed ardently while I slowly rocked my hips back and forth. Jane’s pussy felt like a satin glove as it wrapped tightly around my cock. She began to work her hips, matching each of my thrusts in perfect time.

“You feel so good in me,” she said breathlessly. “I love the way your cock feels! It’s so big in me!”

“Do you like big cocks?”

“Yesssss! Yours is much bigger than Herb’s! I feel like…ungth…like I’m being split apart!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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