My Wife

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My wife, Trina, could be a porn star. Her proclivity for nasty sex and knowledge of what men desire has led to many years of rewarding encounters between us. She may have grown a little thick around the middle but her pronounced breasts and voluptuous figure on a somewhat petite frame more than compensate for any age related flaws, and still drew stares from men of all ages. Her desire, when she’s in the proper mood, is unsurpassed by pros or amateurs alike. She can make love or fuck like a banshee, give mind blowing, cock draining head, and is a willing participant in our sensually charged adventures. If it feels good and takes us to new heights, why not, is our opinion. We’ve done a lot and covered many bases, but my wife still surprises me with the depth of her dedication to unsurpassed sexual satisfaction.

I walked into the house flummoxed after a hard day at work. A quick look around indicated Trina wasn’t in the front of our house.

Walking down the dark hallway I called her name pausing at our bedroom door. “Trina?”

“Trina’s not here,” I heard a sultry voice say.

Entering the room, a blonde wearing a yellow pullover sweater, a calf length billowy skirt, and white pumps swung her legs off the bed and stood to meet me.

Her blonde mane was pulled up and held in place by a tortoise hair clip while wispy strands of her hair hung on her neck.

“I’m Pixie. Pixie Adams. I’ve been waiting all afternoon for you and I’m SO horny.” Moving in front of me she placed her hands against my chest. “I’ve been playing with myself all afternoon keeping my pussy wet and on the verge of cumming.” Sliding her arms around my neck and kissing me lightly she whispered, “I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck Pixie Adams like the slut she is. You need to make me cum.”

“Ummm, what about…”

“It’s ok with Trina. In fact, she filled me in on some of the things you like. You’re a naughty boy!”

Noting her black mascara laden lashes, dark eye shadow, and ruby red lips I kissed her deeply. Our tongues lightly battled each other, with the promise of passion to come.

Pixie’s tits pressed against my abdomen their prominence spurring a response in my crotch.

“Mmmm.” Moving my lips to her neck I lightly kissed her where the sexy wisps of hair hung. “Tell me what you want Pixie,” I whispered in her ear, inhaling her fragrance deeply.

“Everything,” she responded. “Fuck me everywhere. I’m yours to do whatever you want.”

Running my hands down her back I lightly rubbed her ass before moving my hands to cup her breasts. They were soft and heavy in my palms.

We kissed again deeply and with great passion.

“I want you to undress me. I think you’ll like what I’m wearing for you.”

Sliding my hands down her body I lifted the hem to her billowy skirt and reached beneath it.

Discovering lace top stockings and garters I dropped the hem and moved my hands back up her body.

“I like women in garter belts,” I whispered.

“I know,” she smiled before lightly rubbing the bulge in my pants. “I’m looking forward to what you’ve got down here.”

I unbuckled and dropped her thick black accent belt from her waist and pulled her V-neck sweater up and over her head revealing her bra clad breasts. Her big tits were pushed together and overflowing the half-cup, white lace, brassiere. Her nipples were pink and large and protruding above the confines of the lace cups.

My mouth moved to her right nipple my tongue lashing her hardened trabzon escort nub. My hands cupped, fondled, and played with her sexily exposed rack, my finger tips tweaking her other nip. Moving my mouth hungrily from one to the other tit I flicked the hardened expression of her desire before returning to her mouth for more wanton kissing.

Sliding my hand down and over her round ass I slipped my hand beneath her skirt and pulled it up as I reached for Pixie’s pussy.

Expecting to find a soaked sheath of thin material covering her paduggan I was surprised and pleased to find her wet cunt exposed through a pair of crotchless panties. She wasn’t kidding about her sopping wet pussy.

“Trina told you everything didn’t she?”

Stepping back Pixie smiled wickedly, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was an angelic dream adorned in white lace lingerie. Her ample breasts were held partially by the half-cup lace shelf bra, the matching lace crotchless panties were worn outside the lace garter belt, the lace top stockings held in place by satin garters.

“Drop your pants and fuck me!”

Without hesitation my pants hit the floor along with my briefs. Embracing her my fingers reached for the clasps of her bra.

“Not yet,” she whispered. “Leave it on for now. Fuck me in my lingerie. It makes me feel sexy.”

“Ummm. That you are Pixie.”

Smiling coyly, she said, “I’m glad you like my outfit,” as she lightly ran her fingers over the head of my cock.

“Oh Pixie, I want to lick you, taste you, make you cum…”

“There’s time for that baby, but right now I need you in me- fuck me with this big, beautiful cock.”

Bending forward she licked the head of my thick cock then perched on the edge of the bed guiding my throbbing member to her luscious, wet pussy.

Pausing with just the head in her wanton cunt, I teased her, inching in and out of her gradually. The steady rhythm had her writhing beneath me as moans emanated from her bucking body.

Finally I plunged my length deep into her. A gasp escaped her lips.

Pixie’s half closed, darkly shadowed eyes gazed into mine, her face masked in pleasure. Cooing and breathing heavily she raised her hips fucking and bucking against me her desire and persistence rising to a fevered pitch. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back her body shook and guttural sounds escaped her mouth as she climaxed for the first time.

I jammed myself into her, our torsos rising together as sexual spasms riddled her being.

Pulling from Pixie I hungrily attacked her soaking pussy with my mouth. Tonguing her snatch greedily my saliva mixed with her womanly flow and I relished her taste. Running my tongue down her slit toward her asshole I discovered a hard, round protrusion. “What’s this?” Spreading Pixie’s legs and pushing them towards her I examined her bottom. A sparkling round plug adorned her ass.

“You’ve got a diamond studded ass!”

“It’s bejeweled just for you, baby.” Reaching for the fancy butt plug Pixie intercepted my hand. “Leave it in baby but trust me, you will fuck my ass before we’re through.”

Diving back in I continued my tongue lashing of her pretty pink slit. I was determined to bring her to another vaginal orgasm.

Grabbing my hair she squirmed against my mouth. My tongue slid up and down her vaginal lips and my hands found her firm, protruding nipples. Diddling her clit her red painted nails and diamond bracelet on her wrist, added to trabzon escort bayan her womanly look, the many nuances of appearing sexy and sensuous having been well planned.

My hard on raged and I reached down to stroke its length and girth.

As she pushed against my mouth I dropped down and kissed and licked the round, jeweled head of the plug in Pixie’s ass. She was so wanton I knew that waiting to fuck her bottom would be worth it.

Tweaking her own nipples and tits above the lace shelf of her bra she moaned in pleasure. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she stated as she stiffened and shook again with orgasm.

“Oh my God that feels so good. OK, now it’s your turn. You need to catch up.” Laying back Pixie turned and stretched out on the bed. Pulling me to her mouth her red lips slid over the head of my engorged cock her tongue tenderly teasing the underside of my member.

Slowly she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. Within minutes her lips reached my balls before she backed off.

“Put this in my pussy,” Pixie instructed handing me a flesh like vibrator.

She returned her attention to my prick as I eased the human sized toy into her sopping vagina.

Stroking me gently while lightly flicking her tongue on my balls she said, “Mmm, triple penetration. Bet you never thought this would happen today. God that feels so good.” She thrust her torso onto the fake dick in my hand. She continued giving me fantastic head while her shapely body continued its simulated fucking.

“Oh my, this feels unbelievable! You need to cum for me. I want you to cum in my mouth, cum on my tits baby. I want to please you like you’re pleasing me.” Shoving me back in her mouth her hands reached for her breasts and still hard nipples then wandered down to her clit. Diddling herself with one hand she grabbed the base of my penis and attacked me with her velveteen mouth. Helping her, I slid in and out of her lips fucking her mouth. Trina wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth so I was doing my best to accommodate Pixie’s wishes.

A log jam of jizz awaited the right stimulus to unleash its spurting power. I closed my eyes and conjured a vision of Trina smiling at me and encouraging me. Re-opening my eyes I saw the sexual vision of Pixie Adams sucking my cock, and fucking a man like dildo. I knew the plug in her ass added to her furor and not wanting to let her down I spurted semen into her mouth and onto each tit above the white lace barrier of her bra.

Grunting and making appropriate sexual groans I unloaded to the best of my ability.

Pixie relished my seed pushing it out of the sides of her mouth and letting it drip down her chin to her tits.

“C’mere baby,” she said having shifted to a sitting position. Pulling my face to her she opened her mouth for a very sensual French kiss.

Willingly I probed her mouth with my tongue. I’d never experienced swapping cum with a partner and Pixie had me going.

Cupping her tits below the sexy bra she offered me a cum covered tit as she bent to take the other in her mouth. I tongued her ample breast licking jizz from her nipple. It mingled with the saliva in my mouth. We kissed again letting the juices and jism in our mouths intermingle.

“Mmmm. You’re a dirty boy aren’t you baby?”

Kissing her again before answering I said, “You just bring it out in me Pixie. I mean, You are the pro…”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying fucking me. Now, what do you say I suck your cock some escort trabzon more, you fuck my pussy again, then you fuck my ass?”

My cock disappeared down her throat as her mouth engulfed me. Her blue eyes peered through the black mascara eyelashes slightly glazed from passion but still focused on enjoying the continuing sex at hand.

Releasing me, I grabbed her cheeks and kissed her again before spinning her away from me and entering her from behind.

I unclasped her sexy bra and it fell from her body. The slit in the panties reached to her waist and the jeweled butt plug was mashing against my stomach.

Reaching down I grabbed the base of the jewel and eased it out of her ass. The wide part of the plug stretched the lips if her anus before the slick metal of the plug slipped from her bottom.

Peering back over her shoulder while breathing heavily again, she said, “Fuck me baby. Fuck me in the ass.”

Retreating from her pussy I invaded her previously stretched asshole with my throbbing cock.

“Oh God, fuck me, fuck my ass, make me cum again.” The tight, round ring of her anus provided equal pressure around my cock as I slid in and out of her.

Pushing back against me she participated equally in our activity. Her little grunts and moans indicated how much she enjoyed this aspect of our love making.

“Let me turn over, I want to see your face while you pound my ass. I want to see your eyes roll back when you spurt deep in my bottom.”

Entering her slowly I noted the angle was slightly different than mounting her from behind. Regaining my rhythm I watched Pixie play with her pussy as I fucked her ass harder and harder.

She found a cock shaped vibrator and slowly slid it into her soaked pussy. “Mmmm. Mama likes this simulated DP.”

I kissed her lips, suckled her large hard nipples and maintained a steady stroke in and out of her ass.

The vision of this sexual dynamo, made up to perfection, the outfit she’d donned for this encounter enticing and revealing of her inner desire, it all worked like a charm. My cock felt unbelievable, the pleasure running its length and through my loins. I wanted to cum for her again, in her ass and on her pussy. I’d even eat her pussy if that’s what she wanted.

“I wish you could fill all three of my holes at once. Real triple penetration for Pixie, god that would be heavenly.”

Seeing another fake cock vibrator on the side table I held it up to her lips. “Do this like you’d do me.”

Flicking her tongue around the head of the rubber schlong, she grabbed it by the base.

Pixie looked amazing. I continued fucking her ass, sliding the flesh like vibe in and out of her cunt, all while watching her red lips slide up and down the other vibrator

I knew I was approaching another orgasm. “I’m going to cum again Pixie, where do you want it?”

“Anywhere baby, or everywhere, depends on you baby.”

Pulling out of her until just the head was in her butt I began to unload.

I spurted deep in her ass and as I pulled the toy from her pussy I followed suit and shot cum on her vaginal lips. Another rope landed on her belly.

Bending to her pussy I licked her lips and asshole coating my mouth with cum.

She rubbed the remaining seed on her tits.

Pulling my face to hers we exchanged a cum coated tongue lashing, letting the kiss linger.

“God Pixie, that was amazing. You are amazing!”

“You’re not too bad yourself you naughty, nasty boy.”

We stood and embraced her big tits pressed against me.

Whispering near her ear I said, “Trina, Pixie Adams can come visit anytime.”

Smiling and nodding her agreement Trina kissed my cheek. “I’m pretty sure Pixie will be back for another visit before you know it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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