My Whipping Ch. 02

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This story will make more sense if you start with the first chapter. As it deals with incest, humiliation, and bodily functions, please read no further if any of those offends you. All characters are 18 or over.


I had graduated from college and was working at a job where I was quite happy when my Aunt Kathryn telephoned the place where my brother Dennis and I were living.

“Susan,” she said, in a voice I immediately sensed was attempting to retain some presence in the face of trouble, “you need to come over to your mother’s house right away. It appears she has passed away.”

I thanked her, assured her that I would be on my way momentarily, and then roused my brother and got him into the car with me as we sped across town to my mother’s house.

I hadn’t seen much of my mother once we had moved out. That had happened after she gave me a fierce and horrible whipping, in which Aunt Kathy had played a supporting role. My mother was a cold woman and I felt everything had improved once we got away from her.

It turned out that Aunt Kathy had taken on responsibility, which surprised me. She told me when I arrived at my mother’s house that the internist was also on his way. Upon our arrival, we walked into her bedroom and found her lifeless in her huge bed.

We were not a wealthy family, but my father had left us all decent inheritances when he had died suddenly several years before now. This was what had enabled Dennis and I to move out and for both of us to continue at college, where he still had two years to go.

The internist arrived and told us after a brief examination of the body that my mother had likely died quite quickly from an aortic aneurysm. This did mean, he assured us, that she experienced only a flash of pain and then she would have become unconscious.

“There is little chance that this could be predicted or treated effectively, unless she was already in an intensive-care facility,” he declared to us.

I remembered some of what had happened when my father had died, so I got on the phone to our family lawyer, Ronald Warner, and then to our church to begin making the funeral arrangements. My mother had been quite generous to the church, so it would not be difficult to arrange for the funeral to take place in the main sanctuary.

When Ron Warner, the lawyer, arrived, Dennis and I met privately with him. He would handle the burial arrangements which my father had left in good order and all had been prepaid.

Then he spoke to us in a calm tone.

“Susan,” he began, “I can be very open about this because your mother never insisted that any of the arrangements she was making needed to be kept from you. Your mother considered you the logical heir because you are of age. While I know the two of you were not on close terms during the past year, her will provides that you inherit her entire estate, once all taxes and expenses are paid. You will also be made the guardian for Dennis, until he reaches the age of 21. No one else has any direct rights to be included in the bequests and any further distribution is entirely at your option.”

The church sent its sexton over to have the body taken by their undertaker and prepared for the funeral service. Ron Warner outlined what would have to be done and left me a list and some forms before he left.

I sat down with Dennis and closed the door to what had been Dad’s old office. I told Dennis that I would make sure he got his fair share of the estate, even if he had to wait until he was 21 to get hold of it. He smiled, said he appreciated that I was the sister he loved, and that he had total faith in my ability to handle this whole situation.

I suggested then that he and I move back into the house. The undertaker had removed Mom’s body and had me sign a few papers. I made sure we were not paying for some ridiculously fancy deal. I went on to say to Dennis that I wanted to move into what had been Mom’s bedroom. He was welcome to take whatever other room he wanted.

Dennis said that was fine and that he would move back into his old ortaköy escort room. We were about to go back and take care of some more arrangements when Aunt Kathy came in, her face ashen.

“Susan, Dennis, I’m still in shock,” she said. “Nancy never seemed to have health issues.” She went on to say that she didn’t know what she would do now with mother gone.

“Susan, I know she would have wanted me to move in here now with the two of you,” she said. “I assume you two will move back now that the house is yours?”

I told Aunt Kathy that we would do just that.

In a small voice, she asked, “Susan, would you see your way clear to letting me move in here with the two of you? I promise not to be any trouble.”

I looked at Dennis who was nodding to me that it was all right with him.

“Aunt Kathy,” I said smoothly, “we will be happy to have you here if that is what you want. You know that I haven’t gone out of my way to spend time with you since we left because you were so close with Mother.”

“Susan,” she cried, “I won’t do anything to be a problem for you! I loved Nancy, so I let her tell me what to do, probably too much of the time.”

“Kathy,” I went on, “if you live here with us, which we would very much like, you will have to be subject to my making the decisions and that includes disciplining you if I feel that is needed. Can you deal with that?”

“Susan,” she answered slowly. “You probably don’t know about it, but you might have suspected that your mother disciplined me as well as the two of you. I’m used to this and will accept whatever you decide is best for me.”

“Kathy—and that is what I will call you from now on—even though you are older, you will be treated as if you were younger than Dennis or me,” I spelled it out for her. “Let’s get started by having you lift your skirt for me.”

Kathy then proceeded to raise her soft tan suede skirt, disclosing some white nylon panties. She seemed embarrassed to be showing off her undies in front of Dennis.

I walked behind Kathy and reached out to put my thumbs in the waistband of her white panties and lowered them to her knees. She gasped but did not move.

Then I sat myself down in front of Dad’s old desk and beckoned to my aunt to get across my lap. Kathy stepped over and bent over my lap. I was now staring down at her bare bottom, which was pale. Her cheeks were just spread enough so I saw her cute little anal rosette.

What I had to resist was the temptation to spank her within an inch of her life as payback for the spanking she gave me before Mom whipped me.

I remembered that Mom had kept a spanking glove in the desk drawer, so I opened that and took it out and put it on as Dennis smiled at me. Then I began spanking Aunt Kathy.

I gradually spanked her harder. She began to whimper and then start to cry as he bottoms cheeks grew redder. She began moving her legs and I stared at her slit which was now on display.

I stopped spanking when I figured she had had enough. Then I ran my finger down her anal crack and slipped it into her pussy which had become wet. I started to stimulate her by moving my finger in and out of her vagina. I felt her get very wet and then she had an orgasm.

“You can start this by thanking me for that, Kathy,” I said with a touch of sternness.

“Thank you, Susan, for your allowing me to cum,” she said simply.

I acknowledged her thank-you by snapping my fingers on her clit and then giving her open labia two sharp slaps. She cried out in response.

“Kathy, you will now get down between my legs and kiss me over my panties to thank me for allowing you to live here with us,” I ordered.

My 35-year-old aunt now lowered herself and crawled under my skirt and moved her mouth to kiss me over my undies. I felt her mouth close on my panty crotch.

I reached down under my skirt and pulled my own panties down on my thighs.

“Kathy, go ahead and kiss me on my sex and make me feel happy about you,” I then said calmly.

My aunt pendik escort again moved in between my legs under my skirt and began licking my already wet pussy. It was lovely feeling her tongue on my labia and clit. Soon I allowed myself to cum and I released a spray of fluid that Kathy dutifully took into her mouth.

After this had gone on for a while, I told her she could get out from under my skirt and stand up. I took her in my arms and hugged her and told her we would be very happy having her live with us. I knew she had been unhappy so that this regime, even if it meant she would be spanked and humiliated at times, was preferable to her than living on her own.

We had arranged for dinner to be sent in and I invited Kathy to join Dennis and me. The three of us now renewed our relationship and it turned out to be an enjoyable dinner despite the circumstances.

After dinner, I went with Kathy to determine which bedroom she would occupy. She thanked me for allowing her to move back into the house. We hugged and kissed and then I reminded her that she would be disciplined whenever I felt that she needed it.

“I understand, Susan,” she said calmly, “and I feel you have been very considerate to me. Please understand that when I behaved badly to you it was not at my own doing although I of course must be responsible for my own actions.”

I nodded in acknowledgment. “Mom disciplined you, didn’t she, Kathy?” I asked.

She signaled that I had fairly presented her situation. “Then I don’t blame you entirely for what happened,” I stated. “Just so long as you recognize that I am in charge and that you will also have to do whatever Dennis wants you to do as well,” I added.

She nodded in agreement and I told her she could change for bed.

Once I had put Kathy to bed—figuring that an early bedtime was a good way to break her in—I caught up with Dennis and invited him to join me behind the closed door of my master bedroom.

The room had been thoroughly cleaned by the staff that we had summoned to give the house a total going-over. I would soon re-decorate to suit my own tastes.

Dennis smiled as we lay together in each other’s arms on the commodious bed.

“I did enjoy how you took control of Aunt Kathy,” he complimented me.

“Dennis, you sweetheart,” I grinned. “Now please treat me as your lover and undress me so that we can lie here in this marvelous bed and fuck all night if we want to. I really don’t want to think about everything I will need to start doing tomorrow.”

Then I told him that I was depending on him to do his part in subjugating Aunt Kathy. He agreed that he would spank her on her bare bottom and perhaps supervise her in the bathroom.

“Yes,” I said, “I want you to make her ask your permission when she is sitting on the toilet when she wants to pull down her panties, much less start peeing or having a bm.”

Dennis took the lead in unbuttoning my blouse, unhooking my bra, unzipping my skirt, and slipping all three off as he lost his own clothing. Then he kissed me over my panties and ceremoniously pulled them down my legs and off.

He applied his talented tongue to my pussy and soon I was floating miles above our bed. I was wet and ready when he softly put me on my back and I spread my legs for him. I felt his marvelous cock slip into my waiting quim and we made what really was love.

I don’t know for how long we were together, he inside me. Finally, we lay in one another’s arms, relaxed after the tribulations of this incredible day. I stirred myself and he knew what I was getting up to do without my saying anything.

I returned shortly with Aunt Kathy looking slightly dazed—I had woken her—but already pleased to have been invited into my bedroom. I asked Dennis to slip her pajamas off and she stood before us in all her nude glory.

Kathy had nice medium-sized tits that did not sag and a cute little landing strip over her cunt. In all respects, she was pretty and not outsized.

I told her to lie down between us şerifali escort in the bed and Dennis proceeded to kiss her and fondle her and then hold her in his arms while I applied my fingers to penetrating her pussy and insinuating one into her tight little bottom-hole.

At my signal, after telling her to spread her legs, Dennis crawled onto her and I inserted him into her pussy. Kathy likely had not been fucked in some time so she responded very quickly to this stimulation.

I reached over to my handbag and took out a small butt plug which I proceeded to slowly insert into Kathy’s anal opening while Dennis continued to fuck her right above.

It did not take long for Kathy to climax from Dennis’s attentions. Dennis managed to cum himself, which showed how strong he had managed to stay.

Kathy nudged me next to her in bed.

“Susan,” she said softly, “I’m so embarrassed but between my orgasm and the butt plug you have in my rear, I’m afraid I have to use the toilet.” Her face was now quite red with shame.

“Kathy,” I replied, “am I correct that Mom was in the habit of having you use a potty in front of her when you needed to pee or make doody?”

My aunt cringed but nodded in the affirmative.

“Go get the potty and bring it back here,” I ordered. “We will watch you use it.”

Kathy returned, and I had her sit on the potty. Soon I heard her release her pee which made a distinct sound when it hit the bottom of the potty. Then she grunted, and I watched her face contort as she was making a doody in the potty.

When she was finished, I told her to stand up and come and show me the potty. She seemed much more embarrassed now, as I stared into the potty and saw two very long dark pieces of her doody in there with a puddle of yellow pee.

“Turn round, Kathy,” I continued, “and show us your dirty bottom.”

Kathy complied, and Dennis and I were treated to a view of her anus. It was smudged with the traces of her doody.

I wiped her bottom for her and deposited the toilet tissue in the potty. Then I told her to go empty it in the toilet and wash it out for her use next time.

While she was gone, Dennis asked me if I had a particular end in mind for putting her through this kind of embarrassment. I admitted to him that I still resented her although now I recognized that she was submissive by nature.

“If I didn’t treat her this way,” I added, “I might be tempted to give her a whipping like I got, and I really don’t want to inflict that on anyone. I don’t think I’m that cruel.”

By way of flipping the subject, I asked Dennis if he enjoyed his chance to fuck her.

“Not a lot, sis,” he answered. “I love you so much that I didn’t get too much pleasure out of getting it on with Kathy.”

I smiled and told him that he definitely knew how to make me feel good.

Kathy came back and asked me if she could put her pajamas back on. I smiled at her now-obvious deference and reached to hand her a pair of small-sized little girly panties.

“I think we’d like you to wear these tonight, Kathy,” I said with as much sincerity as I could muster. “I’ll consider allowing you to wear pajamas again. So for now, you will just wear these panties, and no top.”

Kathy had been completely subjugated by the time we were getting ready for the funeral. I permitted her to wear regular panties, white ones, under her short black skirt and white blouse. Given her petite frame, she looked quite juvenile. She was having her period so I made her use a maxipad in her white panties. This made her constantly fearful that someone might see her panty crotch with the pad under her short skirt or that the pad might shift or leak.

In contrast, I wore a conservative but flattering black dress and Dennis had a very dark suit on. We three sat in the front row and for all that anyone might have concluded on seeing us for the first time, Kathy might have been our daughter.

The funeral went smoothly as did the trip to the nearby cemetery for the interment. It may make me seem very cold, but I was happy that my mother was underground.

Fortunately, life had become better. It was nice living in the office as the one in charge. I didn’t miss our apartment since Dennis slept with me most nights. We did still see our close friends, including my boyfriend Brad, and my job was turning out to be challenging and rewarding.

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