My Treat

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Big Tits

Huh. Waking up is always difficult — there was something today. Something nice. But this is no normal waking up… The alarm didn’t go — but then, it’s the weekend. I’m trying to roll over, but it doesn’t work. Damn, Bob must have tied me down to the bed.

I’m trying to wiggle my legs a bit, but the cords around my feet make it impossible. I can roll my belly, and move my neck, but I cannot see anything. It could be in the middle of the night. I know it isn’t, though; I can hear faint voices talking somewhere outside.

It’s my birthday. I’d expected some nice present – some underwear, maybe, or music. You are into both. You’d buy me something I could never wear to work. And you know a lot about music… Maybe I’ll get my presents later. This is not what I’d have asked, ever – it’s scary and I feel the goosebumps on my arms. I’m cold. I’m not going to play your game, if that’s what you think…

The room smells of roses. I don’t know if you bought me roses, or use some aromatic oil, but it does smell nice all right. I’m naked but for stockings and a garter belt – I can feel that much. But my hands are secured as tightly as my feet. I wish I could touch myself. Oh heavens!

Hey! There’s something hard pressing against my clit. Something hard, and cold, and round, and it buzzes; I can feel and hear it. You must be being very careful. I cannot hear you move around the room. The buzzing thing feels sexy, and I’m trying to close my legs, but to no avail – it’s pushed against me more insistently, and moved around my nub, and I feel myself get moist.

Ohhh! It’s slipped into me now. It’s buzzing inside, making me moister still. I can’t even ask what is going on. I tried to, once, but then I got this thing put in my mouth, and I can only grunt now. Damn this thing. I hate being unable to talk –

The buzzing in my pussy is maddening. I wish I could rub my clit. I wish I could do so, so much – It’s buzzing harder now. Oh please, Bob! Yes! Noooo! It’s stopped trabzon escort and I feel it slip out of me. Ohhh – it really felt good.

My pussy feels so empty now. What a nasty trick to let me get aroused and then – hey, baby, what’s this? Another intruder, but different? It feels like a small cock. Small, and soft, and sweet. I feel a few straps tied around me, and there’s something pressing into my clitoris. Oh, it’s a good thing this thing is in my mouth or I’d have bitten my tongue! It starts buzzing insistently against my clit. So nice, and so unexpected. Bob? Bob?

You must have some control handy, for I feel the buzzing slowly get stronger. Oh, this is so good! Oh baby, is this your birthday treat for me? You really know how to get a girl good and going, baby! The small cock in my pussy feels nice, and I try squeezing it to life with my pussy, though I know it’ll stay the way it is… Oh baby! Can this thing buzz faster yet?

The bed moves a bit. You must be on it somewhere. The feelings in my clit are so overwhelming I don’t have the energy to wonder where… I roll my pelvis and my belly trying to push myself into the toy. My nipples are hard and I wish I could touch them.

Something is dropped onto my body, starting between my breasts and running down to my navel. It feels strange. Oh yes! Yes! Finally your hands are on me, massaging. Please, touch my breasts! Bastard! You know I need them touched, don’t you? Your hands are so warm and strong, but they carefully avoid touching me where I need them most! I moan around the ball in my mouth. Please, Bob, please…

Ahhh! I feel the oil dripping softly on my hot nipples. Yay! Finally your fingers are working on my breasts, rubbing the oil into them, rolling my nipples and pressing them, pinching them, getting them more swollen still… Ooh! Ooooohhh! Oh yes, kiss them! Ooooohhh…

Wow! I’ve just come! So hard, baby… You noticed, didn’t you, for you stopped, to stroke my hair and trabzon escort bayan my forehead. Oh, and the thing in my pussy just keeps on going. I feel like I could have another orgasm soon. Hey! More toys? You put something over my nipples, something a little tight that produces a buzz, too… And your hands are all over my body now, massaging my breasts, my belly, my legs… Oohh, yes! I love having my toes sucked! And these things on my breasts drive me wild! Wild!

Please, baby! I want to kiss you, and touch your cock, play my part, too! You have me writhing on the bed, baby… Don’t you want something out of it, too? Ooohh! Ooohhh, here it comes again! Oh baby, I wish you could feel me contract round your cock! Hhhh…. Hhhh… Ohmigod, the bed must be getting all wet. I feel my juices run down the crack of my ass! Oh baby, what are you doing to me?

You know, don’t you? Too well, I guess. I can see you smiling wolfishly, in my mind’s eye! You turned down the buzzing when I came again, but it’s back to full buzz now. So what will you be doing next? I feel something warm touch my cheek, and you roll the ball down my chin. Oh yes, yes – let me suck you a little, baby! You gently rub your cock over my lips, and I put out my tongue to touch you. Please! Let me take you in my mouth! Oh yes…Yes, that’s nice. You move in and out slowly. I run my tongue around the tip, and you come in deeper, and I moan contentedly around your shaft. Oh baby, yes…

My pussy is sooo wet… I am so ready for your cock, baby! Are you going to fuck me? Your cock feels so hard in my mouth. I wish I could look at it. Or do you want to come down my throat? It’s okay, baby, if that’s what you want – that’s sexy, too. You love it, don’t you? You love being in control and turning me on till I’m almost out of my mind. You stroke my hair, and my cheeks… Hey – why are you pulling out? No! Not that ball again? Blast!

Oh good! Finally! I feel the buzzing stops, and you escort trabzon unfasten the straps and take the thing out of me. Yes! Yes, that’s nice. Your mouth is on my pussy. You are pulling at my labia with your lips – oh good, warm and soft! You’re licking my juices, aren’t you, baby? Like them? Yes? Oh please, touch my clit! Yes baby, that’s it! Yes! Yes!

I’m glad my third orgasm didn’t drown you… It wasn’t on purpose. But I don’t think you minded, did you? You’re on top of me now, and I can feel your hard cock press against my leg. Yes, take that ball out of my mouth! Your lips on mine are the best thing yet. Yes, give me your tongue, please. Yes, baby, kiss me! It’s my birthday! Please, yes, put it in. You rub your cock along my slit. I’m more than wet enough for you, baby… I’m so ready for you… Have been ready for a long time! Oohh. Yes, baby, push into me! Yes, honey, give it to me hard! Oh yes, yes, yes, yes! Harder, please, harder! Oh yes, put your hands round my buns! Pull me tight around your cock! That’s it, honey! Go for it! I can only respond a little with these restraints. But I can squeeze your cock as we fuck. Yes baby, can you feel me squeeze you? You can? Do you like it? Do you like it as much as I do? I hear you pant and groan, and you say, “oh baby, oh sweetheart…”

You let go of my buns and make for my breasts. You like my breasts, don’t you? I love it when you roll my nipples between your thumbs. I cannot remember them so swollen before. Oh yes, pump that cock into me… Give me all you’ve got, baby… Yes… I’m sweat all over. And I can feel the drops from your forehead fall on mine. Are you nearly there, baby? You’ve got me almost over the brink again, and I’d love to come with you. I buck my belly up at you as hard as I can. Yes… Yes… I can feel it coming! Ooohhh… Here it is! Ooohhh… I feel my pussy spasm around your cock. Oh yes. You’re ready, too? I feel your come spurt against my cervix. And you keep up your strokes while you’re coming… I’m afraid I must have bitten your tongue as I came. Then you slump down on me, and shove the blindfold off my eyes. The light’s so bright that I have difficulty seeing you at first till I see you smile into my eyes.

“Happy birthday, baby!” you say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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