My Sugar-Daddy Ch. 04

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Natasha watched Jack’s face and then glanced at the doctor, because for a moment, it looked like Jack was about to pass out.

The doctor walked over to Jack, put his arm around his shoulder and asked, “Jack, are you okay?”

He looked at Natasha then at the doctor, sighed, swallowed hard, and with a quiver in his voice responded, “Yeah, I think so. Did I hear you right Natasha, you’re pregnant?”

Natasha’s eyes lit up and her whole face beamed, “According to the doctor I am. I hope you’re not disappointed love.”

Jack reached out, caressed Natasha’s arm and answered, “No I’m not disappointed love, just give this ole goat time for the news time to sink in.”

After that the two just sat there holding hands and the doctor explained things. First thing he told them about was that according to his calculations the baby would be born September 5th. Following that, there was a brief exchange of questions and answers.

Although, it seemed like a lot to take in, she was elated. Pregnant, never in her wildest dreams would she expect that to happen.

She made an appointment for her next visit and the two of them left the doctor’s office. Jack helped her into the car, and drove off towards her place.

Natasha looked over at Jack, and uttered under her breath, “Oooh he’s so handsome.” His graying sideburns, weathered skin, only added to his sex appeal. He appeared to be lost in his own thoughts.

She cleared her throat and asked, “I’d give you two cents for what you’re thinking right now.”

He turned to her briefly then back to watch the road. “Well honey, I was just thinking about what it would feel like to be a dad at my age.”

With a puzzled look and tears in her eyes, she confessed, “I didn’t plan this you know. However, I haven’t really thought about what it would do to us, and what would happen next in our lives.”

Jack seeing her emotions reached out his arm and told her, “Come her sweetie. Now why the tears, we can’t change what has happened and I for one, don’t want to.”

Natasha snuggled up against him, she could feel their love radiating between them. “Oh Jack, you always know the right things to say and make me feel better.”

Jack pulled up to the stoplight; he leaned over and kissed her deep. He loved the way she fit in his arms, like a tailored glove. Destiny had brought them together and fate dealt them a winning hand. Oh God, even now, her sexy blue eyes mesmerized him and made his cock swell.

As their lips met, Natasha saw his flickering green-eyes sparking with desire. As their tongues did the dance of lovers, the kiss surged through her straight to the center of her womanhood. Then she got this weird craving for strawberries, ice cream and pickles.

“Jack can we go to the Dairy Queen, I want a strawberry sundae.”

He laughed, “Sure doll, do you want pickles with it?”

She grinned and replied, “Only if they’re dill pickles.”

Jack rolled his eyes, and made a funny face, which caused them to burst out laughing.

He pulled into the parking lot for some ice cream. Jack got out, walked up to the window, and ordered two strawberry sundaes. He then walked back to the car and offered Natasha hers first.

She thanked him for the sugary delight and wondered, if he would put weight on during the pregnancy.

Following that they went home. Once inside the place, Jack pulled Natasha into his arms. While kissing her tenderly, his right hand caressed her tummy.

He smiled and confessed, “”I’m giving our baby some love. I bet she likes it.”

Natasha grinned mischievously and chirped, “Bet he does.”

He then asked her a serious question, “I know you don’t care at all for your mother. However, do you think you ought to tell her about the baby?”

Natasha’s eyes flashed with anger, “I’m not telling that witch anything, because she wouldn’t understand at all. She’d just rant and rave and call me a whore again. I’m not letting her ruin my happiness.”

He pulled her close and calmly said, “I’m sorry your mother is like that. Honey, I just know you’re going to be a great mother.”

He then picked her up and walked toward the bedroom. “Well for now, I want to show her momma how much I love her.”

Jack laid her gently on the bed, then stood up and quickly took his clothing off.

Natasha started to take hers off and he suggested, “Uh-uh, baby, let me do that.”

He climbed on the bed and slowly removed the top and bra. Jack proceeded to kiss, lick and suck the swollen nipples.

Jack paused for a moment and said, “Mmm, delicious! Baby! I cannot wait to see them get bigger and fill with milk.”

Natasha closed her eyes, and pulled his head closer to her breasts. “Don’t stop now; you know how I love my tits played with.”

He grinned and resumed tantalizing her tits. After a marmaris escort few moments, he licked his way downward. He couldn’t resist Natasha’s pussy with its intoxicating aroma. It drew him like a moth to a flame.

Jack paused briefly when he was over her abdomen. He winked kissed it, and said, “Just saying hi my sweet little one, as I am about to make love to your mommy.”

In his mind he envisioned how her body would change. Her tits would not only grow bigger, but the now-flat abdomen would expand with its precious cargo. It didn’t matter what sex it was, as long as both mom and baby were healthy. Jack wondered what kind of position they would have to take to accommodate things.

Natasha quivered, with anticipation, while her mind imagined what she would look like as the pregnancy advanced. She hoped that her breasts didn’t become too sensitive that Jack couldn’t play with them. She then chuckled, seeing herself with a large abdomen, walking funny, needing help to get in and out of a chair, or off the bed. Natasha then wondered how they’d make love as her body expanded. She frowned, because her large tummy would block her view of his cock entering her while they were fucking.

Jack’s oral attention brought her back to reality, and she shouted her request, “Eat me Jack! I love the way you do that!”

Moving down, Jack separated the lips and slithered his tongue along the length of her drenched slit. Next, he encircled her clit as his index finger teased her hole.

Natasha grabbed his head with her knees holding it like a vise grip. With every lap of his tongue she neared orgasm and shrieked, “Aarrgggghhh, yessssssssssss!”

This time, Jack slid two of his fingers inside; finger-fucking her briskly as his mouth sucked her clit hard. She started to shake and he took the pink sensitive bud in his mouth and bit it gently.

Natasha shook all over as the climax surged through her body and screamed, “Oooooooooooh, God!!”

After cleaning up every sweet drop of her nectar Jack moved upward. He then took his throbbing cock in hand and ran it across her pulsating hole.

While smiling, he looked into her face and exclaimed, “Are you ready doll? Daddy is going to fuck you, just like you like it!”

She grabbed him by the hips and wrapped her legs around his waist which caused his cock to enter her all the way to the balls in one thrust.

Natasha purred, “Does that answer your question, Daddy?”

He started fucking her with long deep strokes and answered, “My sweet little mommy, you know just what daddy needs!”

The two of them made love and then lay back on the bed snuggled in each other’s arms.

After a few moments, Natasha looked into his eyes and asked, “Well has it sunk in yet?”

Jack looked puzzled and questioned, “Has what sunk in?” Then it dawned on him, she was talking about the pregnancy. He paused deliberately to tease her and watch her reaction.

She frowned and yelled, “Well don’t keep me in suspense!”

Jack pulled her close, kissed her passionately and replied, “I love the idea, I have always wanted to be a father.”

A tear forms in her eyes as Natasha watched Jack. “Oooh honey, I’m glad my pregnancy didn’t disappoint you.”

He pulled her close, cradling Natasha in his arms while listening to the rhythmic beating of their hearts. They feel asleep in each others arms that way.

The next day they decided Natasha’s place just wasn’t big enough for a growing family so they’d move her into Jack’s condominium. Not only did it have three bedrooms, but a private pool as well, which would be helpful in the summer months ahead.

Jack made sure Natasha did nothing but supervise. After all, she was caring some precious cargo, their baby. It took a few weeks, but finally they settled into his place.

However, Natasha’s body was often uncomfortable. Each morning for the next three months she was plagued with morning sickness. When that ebbed she noticed that her body was changing to accommodate the baby. Not only was her tummy expanding, but the breasts were getting bigger and each nipple was now more sensitive. Natasha also realized that she was more sexually excited than usual.

Jack loved the changes in Natasha, especially, her fuller breast and increased sex drive.

The next thing they knew it was July and Natasha was seven months pregnant. The mid-day heat made it unbearable for Natasha to sit near the pool. So she spent most of the day in the air conditioned condo.

That evening she started complaining about always being cooped up inside because of the heat. Jack looked at his watch, then back at her and suggested, “Well it’s six p.m., and we still have time to go outside and cool off in the pool.”

Her eyes lit up and she squealed, “Ooooh that sounds like a great idea. Let me go put on my swimsuit, marmaris escort bayan I might need your help though.”

Jack replied, “Let me change first baby, then I will help you, okay?”

They went into the bedroom, changed, grabbed their robes and then walked out to the pool.

Natasha told Jack she wanted to sit in the lounge chair for awhile. So he helped her, then walked over and sat down on the edge of the pool.

As the cool water tickled his feet, Jack ogled her body noticing the changes. Natasha’s face glowed with happiness. As his eyes traveled downward, she looked voluptuous, with her larger breast and expanded tummy.

Nowadays, she was always horny. He licked his lips hungrily as his cock swelled. Jack wondered if Natasha would like to have sex in the pool.

Natasha saw Jack ogling her and wondered what he was thinking about, until she noticed the bulge in his trunks.

She got up and waddled over to where he was. She put her hands on her hip, batted her eyes, and asked, “Jack, do you think I am sexy?”

He smiled and answered, “Baby, I think you’re sexy and beautiful.”

She smiled and confessed, “You’re not saying that just to make me feel good are you? Look at me, honey, I’m fat.”

Jack stood up and pulled her into his arms and admitted, “You my dear, are not fat, you’re pregnant, and to me, sexy as hell!”

Natasha hugged Jack, as she leaned up and kissed him. She flashed him a sultry look and suggested, “Let’s get in the pool, I’m hot and need to cool off.”

Jack smirked excitedly, “Is all of you hot? There’s a part I don’t want you to cool off.”

She blushed, “Ooooh honey, you know that part is always hot for you.”

With his help Natasha descended the steps that went into the shallow end. Jack wasn’t sure if it was the cool water or her aroused state that caused her nipples to stand out like that, but he liked it.

He slid into the water next to her, winked, pulled her close once more and kissed her passionately. “I have an idea, let’s take our suits off and make love in the water.”

She glanced around nervously, then purred, “I’ve never made love in a pool before. Help me remove this dang suit, and I’m all yours.”

Jack took his trunks off and threw them on the side of the pool, and then helped her remove hers. He ogled Natasha hungrily with lust in his eyes.

Oh God, he loved her large buoyant tits, floating in the water, each hard nipples just begging for his mouth. “Honey, you look ravishing. I think I’ll suck your nipples first.”

She giggled and replied, “Go for it honey, just remember they are a bit tender.”

While Jack reached for a tit, she grasped his cock. Natasha quivered as he drew the nipple into his mouth. She began to stroke his growing member wondering what it would feel like to have it slide inside her pussy while in the water.

He shifted his weight, and looked into her passion-filled eyes. “Ready baby, I need to slide this hard dick inside that sweet cunt of yours.”

She put her arms around his neck and squealed, “Oh God, I cannot get enough of your cock. One thing bothers me though, how you going to fuck me in the water?”

Although Natasha’s body was buoyant in the water, the expanding tummy made it impossible for him to fuck her the usual way.

He kissed her softly then suggested, “Let’s go over to the edge of the pool. That way you can hang onto the side for stability while I fuck you from behind.”

Her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “I like that idea!”

They moved to the edge and Jack slid his cock inside her wanting pussy from behind. He then reached around Natasha, and started tantalizing a nipple with one hand as the other rubbed her clit. With every thrust of his cock she moaned and whimpered with excitement.

Jack loved the way her pussy gripped his rod and milked it. Before long he shouted, “Ooooooh God baby, I’m cumming!”

Natasha held the wall tightly as an orgasm overtook her body. “Aaarrrggghhh, oooooooooooh, yesssssss, that felt so good!”

For a moment, they just stood in the shallow water kissing and caressing. Natasha then laid her head on his shoulder and said, “Jack, I need to sit down. I’m all out of breath and my lower back hurts.”

He helped her out of the pool and over to the lounge chair. She positioned herself on her side and Jack pulled up a chair and began gently rubbing Natasha’s lower back.

She moaned, “Mmm that feels good. By the way, when we go for another sonogram tomorrow, the doctor said he can tell us what sex the baby is. Do you want to know if it’s a boy or girl honey?”

Jack answered, “Oh, I forgot about that. I’m glad you reminded me. I don’t really care that much because I’ll love either, I just want you to have a healthy baby.”

Natasha smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter that much to escort marmaris me either, I just want a healthy baby. Let’s go inside now, I need to pee again.”

He helped Natasha get up and put her robe on. He then put his on, picked up their suits, and they walked arm in arm into the condo.

After they entered the bathroom, Jack got two towels. He handed her one, and she sat down on the commode and used it to dry her hair while she sat and peed.

He stayed with her making sure she was okay, then removed his robe and started drying himself off.

When she was finished, she looked up at Jack and suggested, “I should take a shower, to wash off this chlorine, but I’m too tired.”

He helped her up into his arms and said, “Why don’t you two go lay down for now, and rest.”

She nodded in agreement and he walked her to the bedroom.

Natasha went to the closet, reached for her soft cotton nightie and put it on. She then walked over and lay down on the bed.

Jack leaned over, kissed her cheek, and said, “You rest love, I’m going to throw our suits and towels in the washing machine.”

Natasha grabbed Jack’s arm, “You don’t have to do that, I can do it later.”

He replied, “I like doing things like this for you. After all I plan to help with the laundry after our baby is born.”

She yawned and answered, “Thanks honey.”

Jack left the bedroom and went into the laundry room and put the things into the washer. After a few minutes had passed, he went back to check on her and she was fast asleep.

He slowly crept out of the room as he didn’t want to awaken her. Jack returned to finish the laundry, and put the items into the dryer. Afterwards he went into the living room and read the newspaper for awhile before deciding to go to bed.

Natasha was still asleep when he entered the bedroom. So, Jack decided to let her sleep. He crawled in bed, snuggled up to her, and before long he too was snoozing.

The next thing Jack did was wake up with a hard on. The sun was barely peeking through the curtains. He glanced at his watch; it read five a.m. He looked down at Natasha; she was sleeping with her ass up against him.

He licked his lips as a devilish grin crossed his face. Under his breath he whispered, “Time for a little bit of sexy fun.”

He reached down with his fingers to caress Natasha’s pussy; oh fuck, it was wet. He moved her right leg and positioned his cock at the opening to her pussy and slowly pushed it in.

When his cock entered Natasha she moaned softly, but didn’t seem to wake up. He paused for a second, and then reached around her body until his fingers found her clit. He started rubbing it and resumed fucking her.

All of a sudden, she woke up, “Mmm, what a delicious way to wake up darling. Don’t stop now; fuck me, harder, deeper, ooooh!”

Jack continued fucking her, saying, “Good morning honey. Oh God your cunt feel so good right now!”

It only took a few more thrusts for him to feel her orgasm surge through her body. It began to milk his cock hard.

Jack shoved his cock as deep as it could go and shouted, “Ooooh fuck, I’m cumming!”

They lay there for a few minutes, until his cock plopped out of her pussy. Natasha stretched, turned over, hugged Jack close and kissed him passionately.

She then squealed, “I love the way you woke me up! Since my stomach is bigger, I love lying on my side and having you take me from behind. Now, I need a shower.”

Jack laughed and replied, “I like it, because my weight is not on the baby. Let me go get cleaned up a bit. Then you can take a shower, while I make some coffee.”

While she was in the shower, he decided to do more than make coffee. Jack toasted some bagels, scrambled some eggs, and poured two glasses of juice. He was putting the plates on the table and didn’t hear her enter the room.

She walked up behind him slid her arms around him and purred, “Good morning! Oh you didn’t have to go to all this trouble. Thanks.”

He jumped and leaned into her, replying, “You’re welcome.”

The sat down and ate. Afterwards Jack helped her with the dishes, teasing her about how much her tummy got in the way.

Natasha just giggled and squealed ,”Yeah before long, I might be able to set my plate on it, that way I can say I never spill food in my lap anymore.”

Jack laid the towel down, pulling Natasha into his arms. As their lips met and the love they shared encircled his heart and soul, Jack knew that now was the right time for something else to occur.

He looked deeply into her soft blue eyes, and asked, “Natasha, will you marry me?”

At first it looked as if Natasha would pass out and she grabbed hold of him for support.

She held him close, kissing him, and thinking, but only for a brief moment. She gazed lovingly into his eyes and with tears in her eyes she happily replied, “Yes, Jack. I will marry you.”

They were married in a private ceremony a month later. On September 6th Natasha gave birth to a healthy girl they named, Elizabeth Nicole Spaniel.

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