My Student Pt. 03

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[Author’s note: this is the final part of a three-part series.]

Part 3.

I grabbed the pharmacy bag from the counter and then I went to my room, unbuckled my belt and took my phone out of my pocket. I saw a text from Tom.

Chat tonight?

I threw the phone on the bed, along with the plastic bag. Then I shucked off my pants and underwear. I was suddenly very aware that I had been sweating into these clothes all day. I hesitated, then decided to take the world’s fastest shower. As the water warmed up, I grabbed my phone and texted Tom.

Busy tonight, manuscript hell

Then, feeling a surge of guilt, I added,

Miss you, T

I jumped into the shower, soaped up, dodging the monstrous erection I was sporting. Then I was out, toweling off, pulling on a pair of pajama bottoms. From the plastic bag, I took out a couple of condoms, the bottle of lube, and then I headed to the guest room.

In the hallway, I hesitated. I’d already crossed the line with Aaron, committed acts that, if they ever came to light, could get me fired, ruin my career, and end my marriage. What was this insanity? In the last few days, I’d gleefully tumbled down this slope, seemingly unperturbed by the potential consequences. What’s more, I had set this all in motion. I brought Aaron into my house. I took advantage of his fragile mental state. Right? Or was this something more, something else… was it love? Certainly it was lust. My cock was throbbing, literally pointing me in the direction of my student’s tight, virgin hole. I looked down at it, jutting out comically in my pajamas. I looked at the condoms in my hand, the lube in my other hand. My engorged cock, desperate to fuck. I realized I was powerless to stop what was about to happen.

Aaron intercepted me at the door of the guest room, still completely naked. I kissed him and all my hesitation evaporated. I pushed him roughly toward the bed. I threw the condoms and the lube onto the bed and then picked Aaron up and tossed him onto the bed, too, on his back. I was on him, then, pushing his legs up, against his chest, so that I could get at his hole. He grabbed at my head, pulled my hair, as I spread his legs apart and tried to penetrate him with my tongue. I felt his asshole clenching, resisting me. He was was groaning, whimpering.

“Oh, daddy,” he moaned, as I kicked off my pajamas. I’d never felt more turned on in my whole life.

I sat up and pulled his legs toward me, folding him, slightly, so that his ass pointed up at me. My cock was lying along his inner thigh. He reached down and grabbed it.

“God, it’s so thick,” he said, feeling around the base of it with his hand. His eyes flickered with a trace of anxiety. “How is this thing going to fit in my ass?”

“Very carefully,” I said. I grabbed the bottle of lube and drizzled some onto his ass. I rubbed it onto him with my fingers, warming it up, feeling the soft resilience of his skin, tracing it around the circle of slightly darker colored flesh that ringed his hole. He closed his eyes. I saw his belly expand and contract with his breath.

“I’m nervous,” he said, quietly.

“Try to relax, Aaron,” I said.

I rubbed more insistently on his hole, increasing the pressure on it. He bit his bottom lip. Slowly, I pressed a finger into him, felt his asshole start to give way. He took a sharp breath.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

His eyelids were fluttering, and the muscles of his stomach and butt were contracting and relaxing rapidly.

“It feels… weird,” he said. “Weird, but good.”

I pulled my finger out, and squeezed some more lube onto him, then pushed into him with my thumb. I felt his ass muscles squeeze my thumb, grip the large knuckle. I pushed my thumb into him as far as it would go, and then slowly started to massage the inside of him. His body was warm, soft, and yielding.

“Oh, god… oh…” he said. “That feels so good.”

With my other hand, I drizzled some lube on his cock and then rubbed it over his shaft and down onto his balls. I caressed his cock and his balls with my palm, pushed gently on his taint as I thumbed his ass. He began to move his hips in rhythm with my movements. I pulled my thumb out of him and then tried to push two fingers into him. I felt his hole give way.

“You’re doing great, champ,” I said.

He smiled, his eyes were closed, he was arching his back into the bed, seemingly overtaken by the sensations I was administering to him. I pushed my fingers further into In his ass, feeling for his prostate. I felt it, and pressed into it, softly. He let out a low moan.

“Oh, fuck… daddy,” he breathed.

“You like that, kid?” I asked.

“Yeah… keep doing that,” he said. I watched a thick stream of precum leak out of his cock as I stroked him. I pressed harder into him with my fingers and another stream of precum leaked out. Good god. He was so young. His body was so instantly responsive.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled my fingers out of him, slowly, and wiped the lube from my hand on the sheet kartal escort next to him. I grabbed a condom and tore it open with one hand and my teeth. I got up on my knees and rolled the condom onto my cock, drizzled lube onto it, smeared it around with my hand. Then I poured more lube onto Aaron’s ass, and pushed it into his hole with my fingers. He was loose enough now that my fingers slid right in, meeting only mild resistance. I was filled with lust for his beautiful, gleaming, supple body.

“Are you ready?” I asked. He looked at me and nodded. “I’ll go slow. Just stop me if it’s too much,” I said.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me, and then pushed my cock down, nudged the head of it against his hole. I rubbed it up and down along his ass crack, letting him feel the fleshy bulk of it before I penetrated him. He pressed himself toward me, eager, wanting. I felt my cockhead find the divot of his hole, and I leaned into him.

He inhaled sharply through clenched teeth when my cock slid into him. He began to squirm, but I held him down. “Shh, shh,” I said, give it a second. I felt the muscles of his thighs quivering.

“It hurts,” he said.

“I know… I know, bud. It’s gonna hurt for just a second, but it’ll stop, I promise,” I said, and even as I spoke I felt him relax a bit. He took a few deep breaths, and raised his arms above his head, knitting the fingers of his hands together.

“How is it now?” I said.

“It feels like I’m taking the biggest shit of my life,” he said, and laughed. I laughed too. I leaned in a bit more, felt my cock slide in another inch or so.

“Oh! Oh…, go slow, slow,” he said, and pushed a palm against my hairy belly, which was protruding over him slightly, nudging into his balls. His cock had deflated somewhat, it was lying on his stomach.

“Oh, Aaron,” I said, feeling his tight ass ring hugging my cock. It felt amazing. I couldn’t remember the last time Tom and I had done this. Long enough ago that we didn’t have any lube in the house.

He was still shaking, squirming in discomfort. I let him acclimate for a bit, then pushed further into him. The lube from his balls and cock was on my belly, I felt his hands there, rubbing my lube-matted fur. Slowly, I pushed all the way into him. I felt my pelvis pressing against his ass. I pulled his head up to kiss him. He kissed me between his ragged breaths.

“It’s starting to feel really good,” he said.

I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him tight to me. I was ecstatic with lust. My cock planted in Aaron’s ass, my lips on his neck, his mouth. I pulled out a bit, then pushed in, eliciting a soft moan from him.

I repeated the movement. “How does that feel?” I asked.

“Oh my god, it feels so good… I feel so full,” he said, and I saw that his cock was starting to harden up again. I adjusted our position slightly, pushed his legs back and pulled is ass closer to me, and then I wrapped my fist around his cock. I started to fuck him, slowly, while I stroked his cock.

“Oh, god, daddy. Oh my god.” He pushed his head back onto the bed and rubbed his face with his hands as his body twisted below me. I kept a slow tempo to my thrusts. I felt myself starting to sweat. I was using muscles I hadn’t exercised in years, and I felt stiff, out of shape. But I was infused with such a powerful lust that my body seemed to propel itself on its own, suffused with a vicarious youthful energy. The reality unfolding, my cock in Aaron’s tight, virgin asshole, filled me with an almost divine purpose. I felt a curtain had been flung open in my life, that I was flooded with brilliant light, shining up from Aaron, this improbable, radiant being who was opening himself to me in the most literal sense.

I was now pulling my cock out quite a ways before pushing it back into him again. I planted my arms on the bed on either side of Aaron’s torso for more leverage, in order to really start fucking him. I felt my belly pressing onto his cock, rubbing it as I pumped into him. He was moaning and grunting under me, and we were both breathing hard. He reached up to feel my chest and shoulders. I felt his heels dig into the backs of my knees as I fucked him.

After a few minutes of this intense fucking, he said, “Oh, fuck, daddy, I’m gonna cum,” his breath ragged. “I’m gonna cum, Professor…” I kept fucking him, pushing harder, and lingering longer with each in-stroke.

“Oh, shit!” He said, and I felt his pelvis and leg muscles spasm. I sat up and saw his cock shoot a streak of cum out on to his belly. I grabbed his cock, and slammed into him as hard as I could, which sent another bolt of cum out of his cock, and then another, onto his chest. I gripped the base of his cock as he shook with the last few spasms of his orgasm.

I pulled out of him and stripped off the condom, tossed it on the floor next to the bed. I knew I was only a few strokes away from my own orgasm, and seeing him finish, I grabbed my cock and jerked myself over the edge. I grunted as my body seized up and my cock shot kartal eskort bayanlar cum across his stomach, chest, and neck. I saw his eyes fly open and give me a startled look when my cum first hit him, then his eyes went to my cock as I continued to unload onto him. He reached for my cock when I was done, squeezing it hard, milking another few drops from me. He ran his finger along the tip of my cock, and brought a drop of my cum to his lips, tasted it.

Suddenly exhausted, I collapsed next to him on the bed.

“That was incredible,” he said.

I didn’t say anything. I was still reverberating with the feelings of fucking his ass, and my intense orgasm.

“I’m switching my major to bottoming,” he said.

I laughed, and was immediately seized with a panicked exhilaration. I’d just fucked Aaron, the ultimate object of my erotic fantasy. Aaron, my star undergrad.

He turned his head to look at me. “Was that hot for you, Professor?”

“I think the fact that you’re covered in my cum… again… speaks for itself,” I said. I reached up to rub my forehead, but my hand was covered in lube.

“Jesus, Aaron… what did I… what are we doing?” I said.

“We’re finally doing what we’ve both wanted to do for a long time,” he said, matter of factly. “And you fucked me with your giant daddy dick. It’s a tale as old as the Romans and the Greeks, at least.”

He reached over to grab my spent cock, still mostly hard. He squeezed it, felt its heft.

“I can’t believe you fucked me with this thing,” he said. He looked at me and there was a huge grin on his face.

I sighed as I gazed back at him. The low light of the bedside lamp illuminated his blond hair with a warm, red glow. We lay like that for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes, him slowly stroking my cock. He broke our gaze and looked down at himself, chuckled at the amount of cum on his body.

“Hey, Professor… could you, uh, get me a towel?” he said.

I stood up and grabbed my pajama pants from the floor, pulled them on and went to the bathroom to get a towel. I brought it back and helped him wipe himself off.

“How about a shower, kiddo?” I said.

“Will you shower with me?” he asked. He jumped up from the bed.

I took us into the master bathroom to shower, since it was large and had more space for two people to move around. Aaron soaped up my body, seemingly enthralled by the size of me, my chest, my belly, my arms and thighs. He explored every inch of my big, hairy body. Feeling his hands on me, I got hard again, and he knelt to suck me. We both got worked up, and he ran, sopping wet, back to the bedroom to get the lube and another condom. We fucked again there, in the shower. I pressed him up against the blue tiles of the shower wall.

And we fucked more in the guest bedroom, after we’d eaten some of the dinner Aaron made. Halfway through a piece of lasagna, he’d put his foot into my crotch, under the table and started massaging my cock through the fabric of my pajamas. He passed me the salad bowl as if nothing was happening, but I grabbed his arm, dragged him back to the bedroom, bent him over the bed and fucked him roughly from behind.

We kept at it. He was seemingly insatiable. By the end, Aaron’s hole was loose and sloppy. Our bodies moved against each other as if by instinct. At last, he straddled me, riding my cock slowly, grinding himself down onto me while he stroked himself. I came in his ass, wearing a condom of course, but I imagined my seed flowing up into his body, flooding into him, filling him up. Each time he orgasmed that night his cock rocketed cum; the last time, as he rode me, out over my chest, hitting my face, lining my beard.

Finally, after another shower, we were both exhausted, it was almost two in the morning, and we fell asleep, curled up together in my bed, since the guest bed was soaked with sweat, lube, and cum.

My alarm went off at six. I jerked awake, and fumbled on the bedside table for my phone, before I realized it was still in the bathroom, on the counter where I’d left it the night before. I went into the bathroom to silence it. I saw a missed call and text from Tom.

Goodnight, love. I know you’re busy but I wanted to hear your voice. 🙁 I miss you, see you tomorrow

I ran the water to wash my face and avoided looking in the mirror. I didn’t want to face myself at that particular moment.

Back in the bedroom, Aaron was still asleep. His chest and one arm were exposed where the sheet had pulled back from when I got up. He looked beautiful, peaceful, in the dim morning light. I couldn’t believe he was in my bed, that we had spent the night fucking.

I grabbed a T-shirt from my closet and crept quietly out of the room so as not to wake him.

In the kitchen, I made coffee and thought about the day. Tom was coming home tonight, late. I had two classes to teach, office hours, and several other meetings. Plus, I had to clean the house. And… I had to get Aaron out. Right? I wondered for a few kartal esmer escort minutes whether there was any way I could let Aaron stay, that we could pretend everything was on the up and up. Then my mind flashed to last night, my cock buried deep in his ass. I winced. There was no reconciling that.

I started to make breakfast, and clean up the dishes from last night’s dinner. More than half a pan of lasagna had been left out all night, on top of the stove, abandoned in our haste to get back to the bedroom. I emptied it into the kitchen trash, and then took the bag to the bin in the garage. I put the pan to soak in the sink.

As I cleaned up the kitchen, I heard Aaron get up and walk back down the guest room hallway. I went back to my room and got dressed. I had to get to work early today, in order to prep and teach my morning classes.

When I came back to the kitchen, Aaron was sitting at the island, eating some of the toast that I had made.

“Good morning,” I said.

He smiled at me, sleepily. “It’s so early,” he said. “And I’m still worn out.”

I laughed, nervously. “How are you feeling, this morning?” I asked.

“Well, my ass is kinda sore, but I have to say… I feel pretty great, Professor.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Aaron,” I said. My voice sounded groggy, stilted.

“What about you?” he said. “You’re all dressed up again. Oh shit! You have to teach at 8:30, right?”

“Yeah, I need to get rolling,” I said.

“And today, I definitely need to leave.” He said this as a statement rather than a question.

I felt relief that he broached the subject. “Tom’s coming home tonight,” I said. A long silence hung between us. “And I think…”

“I get it, Professor. You don’t need to say it.”

I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder. “Thanks, Aaron. I’m sorry we don’t have time to talk more about all this right now. I have to run. Don’t worry about rushing out of here.”

“Should I clean up? We made a big mess in the guest room,” he said.

“Thanks, but I think it’s better if I clean up when I get home,” I said. I wondered if I was going to have to throw away the soiled sheets and buy new ones. And how I would explain that to Tom.

“OK.” He continued eating his toast. I drank down the last of my coffee. He was kicking absently at the island stool, like a little kid.

“Hey,” I said, as I gathered my stuff. “Why don’t you come by my office hours this afternoon, we can talk then.”

“Sure,” he said, and he smiled at me again. I stood for a second, awkwardly, not sure if I should give him a hug. Or a kiss? The energy between us felt totally different this morning. I walked to the front door.

I was almost to the door when he spoke again. “Professor?” he said.

I turned and looked at him. “Yeah?”

“Thanks again for letting me stay here. I know it was… unorthodox,” he said, grinning at me. “But I feel so much better. You really helped me… I had an amazing time.”

I felt blood rush to my face. “Me too, Aaron. I’ll see you in class at eleven?”

“Yeah. Well, 11:05, probably” he said, smirking.

I shook my head at him, grinning, and then walked out. It was a beautiful and warm day in April, one of the first warm days of spring. I heard birds singing in the trees. I let my head spiral up into the fluffy clouds and the brilliant blue sky as I walked to campus.

All morning, I had been feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation, but as I walked, things seemed to settle somehow. Maybe this could be simple. Maybe it was as easy as it seemed, right now, in this moment. Maybe this was the beginning of something beautiful.


Between my classes, I sat in my office, going through my email after not having checked it for nearly a full day. There was nothing worse than opening my email and seeing page after page of unread messages. And today I was exhausted. I thought about putting my head down on my desk for a quick nap, but decided against it, knowing that I’d probably be even more disoriented for my next class if I slept now.

I started going through and deleting all the junk email as a first pass. My mouse hesitated over an email marked “urgent” from someone named Jessica Tisdale, sent yesterday afternoon. It seemed like spam, but my eye caught on it since Aaron’s last name was Tisdale, not the most common name. I clicked it.

Dear Professor Stanley,

This is Jessica Tisdale, mother of one of your students, Aaron Tisdale. I’m reaching out to you because we haven’t heard from Aaron in several weeks and we are very concerned about him. Has he been attending your classes? He says that you are his favorite professor. I would appreciate it if you would contact me as soon as you can. Thank you.

She included her cell phone number.

I sat back in my chair. A little alarm bell started to go off in my head. Aaron had told me he had been home for spring break just last week, which obviously conflicted with the email I’d just read. On the other hand, if what Aaron said was true, and his parents were repugnant homophobes who had disowned him for being gay, then she could be dissembling. But then again, if his parents had thrown him out, why would his mom be trying to track him down, through me? Something was fishy. I picked up my phone and dialed the number from the email.

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