My Son’s Bully Ch. 06

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*Reminder: All participants are 18 and over*

I was on a beach on some remote island, and everything was in black and white. The sound of waves crashing against the sand overwhelmed my ears, but my eyes were transfixed. There he was: Jake Jones, my son’s bully, my owner/obsession, standing completely naked, his muscles glistening in sweat. My mouth quivered starring at his pecs, then lower to his massive cock. He stroked it with his left hand, his right one bringing a cigarette to those delicious lips. I didn’t think he smoked, but goddamn he looked good doing it. He blew some smoke in my direction, followed by giving me a kissy face and wink.

Fuck. I felt like melting.

I shifted my focus to his tangerine balls, which looked loaded and ready. Suddenly I started having flashes; those balls, Jake’s eyes, his lips, his chest, his abs. It was overwhelming, like a seizure. I was then interrupted by the cacophony that is my phone’s alarm clock. I woke up to find my wife already in the bathroom, and my underwear soaked.

A wet dream? I hadn’t had one of those since high school.

Then it all came back to me: Last night I had a threesome with not only my son’s bully, but as well as his crush, Melanie. I was both ashamed and aroused by the memory. Maybe I had finally gone too far. Maybe it was finally time for this affair, fling, whatever it was to end. Maybe it was time to move on. The timing seemed right, with Jake and Billy graduating today. Surely Jake would be leaving town for some Ivy League school with some athletic scholarship, and he’d have plenty of women and men to choose from. I’d miss him, but it couldn’t last. Besides, why would a young, muscular, popular jock want with me when he’d have an ocean’s worth of women and men to dominate at his university. Jake was like if Michelangelo’s David was a surfer, and I had once been mistaken for Ron Livingston. It could never last.

My daze was disrupted by a text from the one and only.

“Call me.”

Suddenly there was movement in my soaked boxers. My wife was in the shower, but I knew she’d be in there for awhile. I didn’t wait one more minute and called him without leaving the room. He picked up after the fifth ring. What a tease.

“Morning, Stanley Boy,” he said with that confidence I loved so much.

“Morning, stud” I blurted out. I immediately covered my mouth. Christ, that was dumb.

“I hope you got enough rest. Today’s a big day.”

“Oh right,” I responded. “It’s graduation day. You excited?”

“It’s more than that, Stanley Boy. It’s my last day in town. Yours, too”

My heart sunk. I figured he would leave, but today was sooner than I expec-wait, did he say it was my last day too?

“What are you talking about, Jake?” I whispered, trying to hide my urgency.

“I’m bored, my little bitch. Bored of this town, its people, living comfortably. I want adventure. Uncertainty. I’m young and rich and I want the excitement I’m entitled too. But most of all, I want you to come with me.”

I was flattered and confused. Instead of telling him no I asked

“Where would we be going?”

“Wherever the wind takes us. Don’t worry about it. I have money, a car. Let’s leave it all behind.”

Jake’s excitement and enthusiasm for life was adorable, no matter how misguided. He had such a hunger that I once had, before I gave up and let other people make decisions for me. I heard my wife turn the shower off, and I knew I only had a few minutes until she came out.

“Listen, Jake. I really wish it were that easy…but you know I can’t just up and leave like that. I have a family, a job, responsibilities. Why don’t you go, and then if you ever come back…maybe we can see each other again?”

He responded immediately.

“Yeah, I figured you’d say no at first. Don’t worry, you’ll change your mind. You’ll see. Keep an eye on your phone during the ceremony. See you soon, boy.”

The call ended before I could get another bostancı sarışın escort word in.

“Jake? Jake?”

“Who’s Jake?”

FUCK. Karen, my wife was standing there. How much had she heard? Fuck, fuck.

“Uhmm…Jake, from State Farm” I improvised.

There was a good ten seconds before she started cracking up. She then got dressed and completely moved on. I can’t believe it worked. I got in the shower and felt my heart racing, so I masturbated, imagining I was back in Jake’s arms. After ejaculating I felt like my head was clear for the first time in a while, and I knew what I had to do, as a responsible adult: I had to end it with Jake. I had to tell him that our…time was done, and that we had to never speak of this. I would say goodbye to my son when he leaves for college and would try to do my best to bring life back into my marriage, and sex life. It wasn’t gonna be easy, but the right thing seldom is.

After a quick breakfast we were in the car and heading to the high school. Billy was capped and gowned, and unusually happy. It was actually a nice change.

“Excited, son?” I asked.

“I sure am!” he exclaimed. “Melanie called me this morning and asked me to be her date for a big graduation party!”

My smile faded and my stomach dropped. My son was finally getting a date with longtime crush…the night after she fucked me and his bully. Was this a sick joke? Was Jake setting him up? I hid my horror and played along, telling him how excited I was for him. My son finally seemed optimistic and ready to take on the world. I was proud, but naturally ridden with guilt.

We pulled into a crowded parking lot and my phone buzzed the second I hit park. It was him. I froze for a second, but kept it together. I figured I should just get it out of the way. I told my family that I would meet them inside, and that it was my boss calling to tell me about some business thing that couldn’t wait. They bought it. Billy gave me a fist bump on his way out, and Karen blocked my attempt at a kiss. I could smell the whiskey on her breath.

I called him back and he once again let it ring. Goddamn it. After the sixth one he picked up.

“Hey, fucktoy.”

“Hi, Jake. Jake, are you setting my son up?”

“Come again?”

“Billy. Melanie. What’s going on there?”

“Are you accusing me of something, Stanley Boy?”

“No, Jake. I would never do that. It’s just…I’m hurting my boy enough, as is. And I don’t need him getting hurt-”

“Relax, Stanley Boy. Melanie served her purpose, so I thought I’d give her to ol’ Billy Boy. She’s so loyal to me, she didn’t even question it. Besides, your bitch of a boy will treat her good.”

He made me feel so guilty I apologized.

“Nah, I think you need to tell me you’re sorry in person. How about, right now? Look to your left.”

I obeyed and couldn’t believe it. Next to me was a Black Jaguar, and when the passenger window lowered he was there, smiling at me. Sporting dark sunglasses and his cap and gown, he looked better than ever. I was taken aback but quickly remembered my plan. As I exited my car he put the window up. I tapped on it twice, before getting in.

“Nice car you have here, Jake. Thought you only drove the Corvette.”

He looked at me expectantly.

“I’m sorry, Jake.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Sorry for accusing you of setting up my son.”

“I think a thank you is in order, too. How about a thank you for giving your little bitch a cum bucket of his own?”

I sighed.

“Thank you for giving my s-my little bitch a cum bucket.”

“I forgive you, Stanley Boy…but there’s one more person you gotta apologize to.”

He shifted up and pulled his black gown up. There it was. Jake’s elephant trunk of a cock, draped over his leg. I almost salivated.

“Jake, this is actually something we needed to talk about. We gotta…call all of this off. It’s bostancı yabancı escort not right, and now is the perfect time, with you graduating. You’ll go onto bigger and better things, and we’ll pretend this never happened. Sound good?”

He stared at me with raised eyebrows. I waited for his response but it never came.

“Jake, we both know this can’t go on. It was great, and I’ll treasure it forever, but-”

I noticed that as I talked, his cock grew. And grew. And grew.

“So, uh, anyway. It’s been great, but I should really go…”

I locked eyes on his cock which was now at full staff. If he leaned forward he could have probably honked the horn. I looked back at him, then he looked at his cock, then back to me. Raising his eyebrows expectantly. I felt myself leaning, before snapping out of it.

“No. Jake, it’s over. I’m..sorry.”

“Maybe I’ve been too nice to you, Stanley Bitch.”

I was taken aback, and hurt. I had to stand up for myself.

“Excuse me?”

“Here’s the thing, you little bitch: I’m a bully. I get what I want, when I want, as much I want. No one tells me no. You can try, but we all know you’re going to give in. Besides, if you don’t, little Billy Boy is gonna find out his father has been sucking his bully’s cock, shortly before fucking him in the ass.”

No. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.

“Jake, you-” I attempted.

“Shut up and listen, slut. I have video of you, me, and Melanie. If you really don’t wanna do what I tell you, fine. But if you don’t I’m going to play the video for Billy and our class tonight at the party. Hell, maybe I could have it projected right now with just one phone call to my friend in the AV department. Have your family, and most of the town see it. See you taking it in the ass from the guy who’s been bullying your only child. See you slobbering all over his cock. Imagine the betrayal the boy would feel. And then on top of that, seeing his father eat his crush’s pussy. Your family would be destroyed. As would your reputation. You’d be a deviant. An outcast. Your job wouldn’t keep you, why would they employ such a person? Once your family and job is gone, all you’ll have is me anyway. So you might as well embrace your destiny.”

My phone vibrated. I knew it was my wife, asking me why I wasn’t watching our son graduate, so I ignored it.

It was time to embrace destiny.

I lunged at Jake’s erect dick like an animal, like I hadn’t seen it in weeks. I took him all the way into my throat, my nose hitting his pubes. Suddenly there was darkness everywhere and I realized he had covered me with his graduation gown. How fucking naughty.

Through my relentless sucking I tried to convey how sorry I was for even attempting to walk away. For questioning him. And I really wanted to convey how grateful I was for him letting me near his perfect, magnificent, million dollar cock. I bobbed up and down, hearing him give a satisfied sigh that sent shivers through me. He could have picked anyone else to run away with, and he chose me. How could I not be flattered? It was selfish, unreasonable, but felt so right.

My phone started vibrating again.

“Give me your phone, Stanley Boy” he asked. It sounded so much nicer than “Stanley Bitch”

I reached into my pocket, still under Jake’s gown, and handed him my phone. What followed was the sound of Jake snapping it in half with his hands. What a man.

“You’re mine…all mine..”

Without warning he came. It was like I had stuck a shotgun in my mouth. I gagged, choked, felt the cum leaking out of my nose, mouth and what felt like my eyes. I felt like I was gonna asphyxiate on Jake’s lap. Worse ways to go out, I guess. I lathered and swallowed up his seed as my head began to feel light. I could feel myself getting ready to pass out, Jake’s cock still in my mouth (it was super impressive how it remained so big despite being flaccid).

As my vision göztepe escort bayan started fading I heard the sounds of Jake pulling out of the parking lot. He sped down the road, leaving high school forever while I was leaving my family. Soon we would hit the highway and everything we knew would be in the rearview. I was a bit scared, but more than that I was excited. I was in a Jaguar, my head in a stud’s lap, licking his cock as I fell asleep. I felt his head pat me with approval.

What an adventure this was going to be.


Jake and I were cruising through the desert, enjoying the sights. We had been on the road for two days now and it was so thrilling. We felt like fugitives. I mean, we basically were. Surely my wife had reported me missing and my face would be all over the news soon. But I was enjoying myself too much to care. It only made it hotter. Jake and I were incognito traveling to who knows where in a nice car with bags of cash (Jake was even wealthier than I thought).

We stopped on the side of the road to pee when we saw something you don’t typically see in this day and age; a phone booth. It gave me an idea. I told Jake I would be a minute and went inside. It still worked. I paid and dialed.

My son answered. I disguised my voice as best I could, probably sounding crazy.

“Yes, hi, I’m calling in regards to your dad…”

“Who is this?” Billy asked.

“It’s…a kind stranger. Your father asked me to relay a message…”

I could hear another voice. I think it was Melanie. Guess they got together after all.

“Well…what is it? Is my Dad ok?” Billy implored. For a second I felt guilty.

“He’s ok, son, I mean…he’s wanted me to tell you he’s ok. And that he knows this might not make sense-”

The booth door opened. Then closed. Then I felt him. I felt them. Those big, strong, hands on my chest, cradling my imaginary tits. I had to finish the phone call.

“But he hopes that one day you’llll-“

Oh fuck he was kissing my neck. Jake was burying his face in my neck. His lips, tongue, his teeth, his stubble. I felt my knees getting weaker.

“He hopes I’ll what?” Billy asked, confused.

“He hope you’ll understand!” I barked. I slammed the phone down and it hit the receiver before falling over, dangling. Not even sure if the call was over and I didn’t care. I turned around and attacked Jake’s mouth with mine. It was daytime and we were so exposed, but I couldn’t hold back. I made out with him furiously, not caring who saw. He pushed me against the glass wall and for a second I thought the whole booth was gonna tip over.

Jake then lowered my trousers in one swoop, then he grabbed me by the butt and lifted me. Holy shit. I would never be over how strong he was. I was literal putty in his hands. I kissed him and wrapped my legs around his massive back, making sure I was pressed against the wall. As soon as I was angled I felt him insert two fingers in me, basically turning me into a human finger puppet.

“Oh, Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake” I moaned

I started riding his fingers, feeling like I could cum already.

“You want the real thing, slut?” He implored.

Of course I did. It had been hours since the last time.

“Yes yes yes yes I need it I need it I need it” I stammered.

“Beg for it”

“Please, Daddy please fuck me please fucking fuck me Daddy! Fuck your cum slut!”

He started lowering me, it felt like an eternity.

Finally he was in me yet again. I was having raw sex in a telephone booth, out in the open for everyone to see, with a man young enough to be my son. Never before had I felt so dirty. So naughty. So free. How lucky was I. I starred at the ceiling of the phone booth in pure ecstasy. As my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I thanked my god, each time he pumped my ass.

*Author’s note: Thank you all so much for sending me such nice feedback the last few months. I hadn’t intended on continuing this story, or writing in general, but your enthusiastic comments and emails changed my mind. I do plan to continue the story of Stand and Jake but I am also interested in exploring other stories. If you have any story suggestions, or positive/negative feedback, feel free to reach out.

Thank you all again and stay safe :)*

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