My Sarah Ann Ch. 09

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I was laying in bed when Sarah came waltzing in out of the shower. Her body was glowing with warmth and redness from the hot water. Her supple curves swayed in a seductive manner, a towel wrapped around her body clung fearfully to her full chest. I drank in the sight, smiling to myself and feeling particularly saucy. I beckoned her to come to me and she walked toward me, dropping the towel and crawling towards me on her hands and knees. I took her into my arms and we began to kiss.

Our lips brushed sensuously and softly, our pace was unhurried. Sometimes one of us would snake our tongue out, licking at our partner’s lips and inviting the same. We were playful and quiet, our hands starting to roam over each other’s bodies. I slid my hands over her sides, enjoying the smooth complexion of her soft, pale skin. I slid them up her back, causing her to shudder and giggle lightly as we kissed. I love Sarah’s playful energy in bed. She makes things lighthearted and joyful all the time, never bringing a sense of pressure to our sex play.

I let my left hand drift around her cock while I slid the right one lower. I pulled her down against me, my hand cupping her soft behind and squeezing. She sighed softly, she loves me touching her ass almost as much as I like doing it. It makes it more of a turn-on too. I don’t have to worry about her getting annoyed when I walk up behind her and slip my hands up her skirt to cop a slow and lingering feel of her supple butt. Not only does it excite me, it gives me a sense of warm comfort as well. Her body is lush and wonderful to the touch, I just love the way Sarah Ann feels.

“Mmmmmm, yeah rub my butt. It feels so nice.” Her voice was soft and relaxed as she looked into my eyes. They blazed with lazy desire, causing my cock to swell hard against her tummy. She squirmed on me as I slid my other hand down, gently kneading her flesh as we made out. She wiggled against my hands, pushing them against her harder. I understood her wordless sentiment and gripped more firmly, feeling her ass yield under my touch. I relished in the soft flesh under my hands, sliding them around to feel the smooth, sexy texture. She kissed me harder; her lust was starting to build.

“Lay down so I can rub you baby.” I looked up at her, she smiled and lifted herself so I could get from beneath her. She laid back down, wiggling herself at me seductively. I placed my hands back on her cheeks and started to rub gently. She cooed under my touch, rolling her hips softly with unconscious desire. I slid my fingers around, sliding my index finger slowly along her supple valley. She moaned at the sensation, I dragged my finger upward, slipping deeper. I could feel her smooth, warm flesh between her cheeks. I sighed with delight at the opportunity to kurtköy escort touch such a beautiful ass so freely.

I got more urgent, reading the motion of her hips easily and understanding her building desire. I leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her right cheek, moving over to do the same on the other side. She moaned with anticipation, she knew what I was about to do. I slid my tongue along her ass, getting a slippery layer of my saliva between her pale, fleshy orbs. She moaned, I leaned in, pushing my tongue deeper as I slid it down. Taking her ass in my hands, I spread her open slightly and began to worm my cock against her asshole. She cried out, her own hand sliding down to caress her lips. I let her cheeks go with my hands and pushed my face into her, sliding my wet tongue around her hole. She quivered with delight, giving little cries of approval as the tip swiped down the middle. Pushing back, she increased the pressure of my tongue on her and I slipped a finger in between hers into her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck yes.” She yelled out as my finger wiggled inside her. I continued to lick between her cheeks, stopping to swirl around her pucker as I passed. She was bucking her hips now, moaning with delight. I slid a second finger in with the first and started to rub her g spot, her hand fell and she pushed back against me. Her orgasm was strong, she screamed out as she clenched down on my fingers. I wiggled them firmly as she climaxed, drawing out her explosion more. She undulated her hips madly against my face, I wiggled my tongue against her hole as it clenched in spasm. She moaned and whimpered with pleasure as her body was wracked with deep shudders. I moved my face back and withdrew from her pussy when she calmed down.

“Get up on your knees when you can babe, upright.” Sarah giggled with delight at the notion. One of her favorite positions is up on her knees with me behind her. She loves that I can reach around and touch her everywhere while I’m inside of her. I took a bottle of massage oil and poured a little into my left hand. Cupping the oil in my palm, I slid it up between her thighs and softly encased her pussy in oily warmth. She pushed against my hand, mashing her pussy into the slick fluid and spreading it around. I poured a bit of oil down her lower back, letting it drip over her ass. She moaned aloud and squirmed as the first drop trailed slowly over her asshole. I slid my right hand down, slipping my fingers between her cheeks. I slid my hands around, making her slick with oil.

She was squirming and groaning now, pushing her hips back and forth to meet the hands coming at her from either side. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy, slick with massage oil. I pressed my palm into her and wiggled my finger inside, driving malatya escort her nearly mad. My middle finger rubbed between her cheeks, gently pressing against her back door. She groaned with delight, as she was stimulated from both sides. I kissed her neck gently, sucking on her skin. My finger wiggled against her ass, the tip just barely pushing inside. She groaned and pushed against me, taking it inside to the first knuckle. I slowly waved my fingers inside her holes, her body was undulating with passion, fucking herself on my fingers.

“God that is so good, don’t stop.” Her voice was frantic, I knew she was near another climax. I slipped my fingers deeper into her butt as I added a second to her pussy. She cried out in delight, her body starting to pound with an impending explosion of sexual energy. I rubbed my palm on her lips, sliding her clit in a slick, oily bath. She moaned and cried out and finally tensed. I felt her holes tighten on my fingers and she shook. After catching her breath for a moment she cried out, her body finally shaking with release. I kept my fingers moving and bit lightly on her shoulders and back, urging her on with my desire. She started to slow, her orgasm waning. I slipped my fingers out of her slowly, leaving her empty and wanting.

“Babydoll, I want you now.” I pressed close behind her, slipping my cock between her lubricated ass cheeks. She pressed back against me, urgent with lust and desire. I rocked myself gently for a bit, enjoying her soft flesh. She clenched against me, desperate to give me the same pleasure I was giving her. I held her close and whispered in her ear. “Can I slip in here babe?” I positioned my cock against her hole, the tip rubbing lightly on her wrinkled flesh.

“Yes baby, whatever you want.” She pressed back softly against my cock, I held in place and leaned my head on her shoulder. My hands wrapped around her body, holding her soft breasts in a gentle embrace. She applied more pressure and I felt my tip begin to spear her open. Her flesh was slick with oil, it was spread all over my cock as well. I moaned as she began to take me inside, pushing back steadily to slip me in. I held close and let her penetrate herself, my body shook with pleasure as her hole slowly slipped over my head. As the head slipped inside, I softly kissed her neck below her ear.

“Thank you baby, that feels so good.” She smiled with delight, pushing back a little more to take more of me into her ass. I sighed with pleasure as my cock was slowly enveloped in her soft flesh. My cock was throbbing hard, I slid one hand down to caress her slippery lips. She cooed softly, taking another inch of me into her. Her butt was tight and hot, wrapping around every contour of my cock. Her slick cheeks slid over my shaft as kayseri escort it worked its inside her, I pressed them together to increase the pressure. Soon she had all of me inside her, I felt her slippery flesh against my own.

“God I have all of you inside me.” She gasped as I pressed against her back, my cock fully sheathed in her ass. We started to rock gently together, my shaft barely moved inside of her. I was gentle and careful, wanting her to take as much pleasure as I did. She clenched around me and relaxed again, testing the hard flesh inside her body. I kissed her shoulders, my hands wandering around now to excite her entire body. Our bodies were slick with sweat, I moaned with pleasure as I leaned against her soft body. Her ass clenched and unclenched on my cock as she rocked against me, my strokes became a little longer and I groaned as her soft insides slipped over my sensitive skin.

“Oh babe. It feels so good inside you. Thank you for giving me your ass.” I sucked on her neck, my excitement was building quickly.

“You’re welcome babe. I want you to have all of me. It feels good to have you inside me.” Her voice was breathy now, her hand had found her clit and was rubbing gently as I slowly made love her to curvaceous behind. My hands mauled her breasts and grabbed at her hips and ass. I was relishing her soft flesh, taking endless pleasure in her body. My cock was pulsing hard inside her tight back hole, I felt her fingertips graze my balls as she played with her dripping pussy.

I was becoming more frantic in my lust. I started to slide out a little more with each stroke, taking her with slow ease. She moaned and fingered her clit wildly, urging her own climax on. I loved the way her soft cheeks felt against me as my cock slipped between them and into her asshole. I slid against her back, kissing her softly, turning her head to slip my tongue in her mouth. She started to pant loudly, giving out little gasps and moans. I knew what was coming. I braced myself and her climax hit, her body clenching up tight. My cock was almost crushed inside her ass, I screamed out with her as my orgasm erupted inside me. My cock swelled further and began to pump cum into her beautiful ass. She cried out, rubbing her clit hard and shaking with incredible desire. I spurted inside her, feeling my cum spreading around me in her pulsating butt. We both collapsed forward together, I laid on her back with my cock still twitching inside her. She rocked back against me, trying to milk the last few drops out of me.

“Thank you so much Sarah. You’re so good to me.” I kissed her cheek softly as I said it.

“Thank you. I love it when you cum in my ass babe. You’re the only man who will ever do it.” She squeezed herself down on my cock to emphasize her point. I moaned loudly, writhing in pleasure. We lay like that together while my cock slowly slipped from her cum filled ass. Kissing softly and touching each other, we basked in the glow of our love with no boundaries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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