My Roommate’s Girlfriend

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Big Cock

My roommate’s girlfriend was in town for the weekend and it was driving me nuts.

My name is John, I’m 19 and I live in a dorm with my roommate, Mark. Mark’s girlfriend’s name is Amy. Amy is my height, about 5’7, 18, and she weighs about 100 pounds. Last year she was a cheerleader for the high school, but this year she decided not to. She has nice medium size mounds on her chest and has a very nice very round little ass. Her legs are mesmerizing as her skin is perfect and she is very toned.

On one part, I enjoy the weekends when she comes to visit because she fills my masturbating fantasies the whole time and I get plenty of time to watch her walk about the dorm room or sleep in her tank tops.

In the mornings, my roommate has class on the weekends and so Amy sleeps in after he leaves at 8, and then wakes up when he returns after his classes are over at noon. Many times I have woken up before Amy and I can get a good eye full of her toned body in the twisted positions of sleep. Sometimes her arms will be up and I can get a great cleavage view of her pert breasts. Other times she is on her stomach and I can gaze at that perfect ass for hours.

This particular morning I was feeling extra horny and Amy was wearing a skin-tight tank top and very very short cloth shorts. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were poking through her top a little. Her legs looked so smooth, all I wanted to do was run my hands up and down her body. I got up and stood, looking down at her. Mark had already marmaris escort left for class, so I decided to be risky and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my already hard cock and began stroking it

I moved my hand up and down and Amy’s body was too much for me quickly as I had to slow down to prevent myself from shooting all over the place.

As I was about to release into my hands Amy opened her eyes and looked right at me. Immediately I stopped jerking off but was paralyzed under her stare. Her eyes were huge and her mouth was hanging open. She tried to say something but the words wouldn’t come out. I moved out of her sight and got in bed and covered up, mumbling that I was going back to sleep. She didn’t respond and a few minutes later I peaked out and she was back asleep.

Oh shit. I had just gotten caught red handed jacking off to my roommate’s girlfriend by my roommate’s girlfriend!! I laid in bed, too scared to fall asleep or move. I heard Mark come home at noon and he and Amy talked and nothing was said about the jerking off incident. They left to go get lunch and I made my exit from the sheets.

The day had gone normally, Amy and I had seen each other before we went to sleep that night, and although it was a little awkward, she said nothing about what she had seen.

That night I dreamt the whole night about fucking her. We fucked in the beds, on the floor, in the shower, in the tub, in my car, everywhere. I must have dreamt for the entire night. I was dreaming about doing her from behind marmaris escort bayan when my roommate leaving for his classes woke me up. Damn.

I was extremely hard and extremely horny. Try as I might I couldn’t get back to sleep. I sat up and looked over at Amy, the covers thrown off her. She was laying in her shorts and tank top. Her hair was behind her and her entire neck, face and upper chest was exposed to me. I sat and looked for a moment and decided I couldn’t take it any longer.

I moved over to her bed and silently positioned myself above her, looking down at her face. I sunk my weight onto her and began gently kissing her lower ear and neck.

Her eyes shot open and she immediately tried to push me off. I could tell her body was enjoying the kisses are her nipples were much harder than when I had started. I continued to kiss around her neck and her upper chest. I reached down and grabbed a kicking thigh and rubbed my hand up the back to her ass cheek.

“Ohhhhnnnnnn!” she moaned softly, in spite of her determination not to yield. “John, you know we can’t! We can’t! Let me go!”

I pulled her tank-top down and put a nipple in my mouth, sucking hard on it. I moved my tongue around in circles and tried to fit as much of her tit in my mouth as possible. I moved my hands down behind her and grabbed both ass cheeks, pulling her nearer to me.

I could feel her efforts to resist yield, she wanted this as badly as I did. I knew my roommate didn’t fuck her. She was horny too.

I pulled escort marmaris my pants and boxers off, leaving me naked above her. I grabbed her shorts and forced them down and off her legs. She stared down between my legs as I moved back up and engulfed her tit with my mouth.

“Oh God, John, it’s so big!” she gasped. “I want it in me, but we can’t! It’s so wrong!”

I grabbed one of her legs and pushed it to the side, positioning my cock at her hole. I pushed my way inside all the way to the hilt, her back arched and she winced in erotic pain.

“Owwnnchhhggg!” she cried out, briefly seeing stars.

I pushed in harder and faster, grabbing one of her legs up to my side to push in deeper. She was moaning like crazy, the pleasure was becoming too much for her and her orgasm was near. She reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling my cock in to the hilt of her hot cunt.

“Owwwnnggggnnggggg!” she groaned, tossing her head to and fro on the sheet, wincing with hot pain.

I felt my orgasm coming so I grinded my crotch against hers even harder, making the bed squeak with our fevered motions.

“Unhh! Oooooohhhh! Oh God, unghh, yessssss! God, John, yes, harder, I’m cumming! Annnggiihheeeee! Ungghh! Oh shit, oh Jesus– unngghaaiieeeeeee!” she wailed as the incredible spasms shook her quivering body.

Her body went into shivers as the orgasm wrecked its way through her body. With one long last shove I unloaded my cum into her pussy as deep as it would go, holding myself in while spurt after spurt hit the back of her cunt.

I pulled out of her with a slurp and we looked at each other in shock.

“Tomorrow morning?” I grinned.

“Of course,” she said.

I moved back to my bed and went back to sleep.

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