My Personal Trainer

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Why can I not stop looking at her? Yet does she not also look back? It’s the way she smiles and smiles back. I just started opening the gym at five am, she comes in around six. I just stand back at the front desk and watch her attentively, nearly the whole time. She’s one of the personal trainers, and I’m glad I’m studying to be one. I’ve been working out and I can say I look good, but she looks like a goddess. I would guess she is about 5’3″. She has the sexiest naval to be seen. Slim and slender would describe her soft baby smooth skin. Above her stomach sit a nice set of perky breasts, my guess is probably a mid b-cup, but sports bras do tend to hold back more than to be thought. Her beautiful set of legs are toned to perfection, which wave up to her gorgeous ass. A bubble butt if you will, but full of muscle unlike other women. Alas the face, her eyes pierce you with a sexy gaze almost paralyzing you. Her dark hair adds a bit of mystery to her beauty, making you wonder what lies beneath the skin too. Beauty at its best, that’s the easiest way to sum up Lauren in words. I look at her and could honestly say I would probably marry her, and yet I barely know her.

It’s Saturday and I don’t normally work, but I took the close shift since it closes early anyways. Lauren is here training some members. I’m not sure when she will finish but can hardly complain as I only see her during the week mornings. I admire her as she trains a gym member, longing for her body as they go from workout to workout. Lauren shows the man a lower back exercise lifting up a small weight without bending her knees. Man what a killer ass. I then make a protein shake for a customer before he leaves. After the distraction I then search the gym floor for her as she has moved on to the next exercise for the training session. Ah, she is in the corner helping the man with a machine for the triceps of his arms. She is facing away so I get a great view of her round, plump butt. She could easily see my stare through the mirror on the wall in front of her, but with the view how could I resist. I think she notices me looking, but I act as if I don’t notice. I turn around with a smile to give the closing announcement. As I make the announcement and the last of the members leave I think to myself, what I would do to have Lauren. I bid the last leaving member farewell and lock the doors. They lock automatically once the switch is turned. I turn around to finish the closing tasks and see Lauren walking up to me. She normally wears the personal trainer shirt but is in workout clothes.

She says hey and asks if she can finish her workout as she didn’t get to finish it during her break. I tell her that it’s cool as I was going to finish cleaning up and then sit in the sauna for a few. As I finish checking the gym Lauren walks up to me again. She asks for a spot marmaris escort to be safe. No problem I tell her and follow her to the squat rack. Great, I’m spotting the hottest girl I’ve ever seen and try not to think about it much so I don’t get an erection while helping her out. The last thing I would want is to have her disgusted with me. She begins her squats and I get behind her to make sure she doesn’t fall and get hurt. I see her sweat on her skin as she glistens and meanwhile bends up and down. I even smell it as I’m only a foot away, but it doesn’t smell, it just makes me want her more. Then out of no where her ass rubs against my crotch as she rises from her squat.

I apologize to her so she doesn’t think that I did it on purpose. I stay behind her so she doesn’t see my building erection. She just gives me this strange grin and says it’s no problem. Then it happens again, man her ass feels incredible against me. As my dick starts to reach a full hard on, I realize she’s doing it on purpose. I can’t believe this is happening. I actually pinch myself thinking I slipped and was knocked out or something. So for payback as she racks the weights after her last lift, I press my hardened member right between her ass cheeks. She moans and flexes her ass against me. I spin her body around with ease and our lips lock in a deep wet kiss. Our hands are all over each other as we make out in the open gym. I reach down and give her ass a firm squeeze. She moans as our tongues play within our mouths. She breaks the kiss, grabs my arm, and tells me to follow her. I tell her anywhere and begin to follow.

We move to the locker room. We embrace each other again kissing. As we explore each others’ orifice we make sure to explore out bodies also. I then take off her work out top. The shirt pulls off to expose her firm full b cup breast sporting perfect pink, erect nipples. Then we just rip each other clothes off knowing they will just get in the way later. In a matter of seconds we are exploring each other, kissing, licking, and nibbling. My lust is driving me crazy and would love to mount her now, but I want her to know I am no minute man. I want her to remember this and want more after this encounter. I push her to lie down on a bench and begin to further caress her heavenly body. I kiss down her neck sucking on her delectable skin. Finally I reach her breasts and suck on her left nipple as I squeeze the other with a free hand. She moans even louder making my dick bounce. As I continue to lick and suck Lauren’s sensitive nipples I move my other free hand down her slim stomach and across her naval. I feel her stomach quiver wanted my hand’s journey to continue, but I want her to wait, to be teased like she does to me every day. Still holding her breasts, I begin to kiss down to her naval and begin to tongue it as if it were her own marmaris escort bayan sex.

She puts her hand on my head and I feel her try to push me down further. I resist for a moment and then continue my advance downward. I graze her shaved mound with my lips and her moans increase. Instead of going down first though, I pass it and kiss down her thigh making her yearn for release. The smell of her snatch is delectably sweet. I lick back up her thigh and go for her opening. She pulls my hair and buries my face in her hot cunt. The taste is pungent, but perfect. I start licking her outer lips before I go inside, still teasing her need for climax. When her breathing gets heavier I pull her lips aside and flick her slits. My tongue pushes into her hole. She is so tight my tongue has a hard time penetrating at first. I lick up to her clit and focus on it completely. She begins to moan more loudly, so I push in my middle finger. She screams in delight. Another finger I insert driving her over the edge. I can feel her body start to tremble in ecstasy, but I do not let up. I keep licking her clit furiously giving her multiple orgasms. I keep fingering her steamy, wet sex and begin licking her asshole. I can see her look down at me like I’m crazy, but she doesn’t oblige. Yes I am crazy, crazy with lust for Lauren. I move again up to her cunt licking from the bottom up. Then I take my middle finger out of her cunt and shove it in her ass. While fingering her ass I put my thumb in her cunt so both her holes are filled. I kiss her ass she cums again. She sucks on my tongue and I imagine it’s my dick.

She now gets up her pussy satisfied for the moment, but she isn’t. Now she wants my hard member in her mouth. She lays me down, but before she starts I have her lay across me sixty nine style. I’m not finished with her yet. I could eat her all day if it were possible. Since we’re in sixty nine she can take my dick down her throat. Wow, I can’t fully describe the sensation of eating her while she deep throats my cock. She stops for air and begins licking up my shaft. She fondles my balls with her free hands and begins sucking my head while licking in circles. I lick her clit again and again with my nose buried in her hole, smelling her wet snatch. I lick up to her ass again making her stop going down on me for a moment only to look back at me and grin. Again she deep throats me wanting me at full force. I thought I was at a full hard on. I can say I don’t mind being proven wrong. Lauren knows exactly how to suck me to full pleasure without getting me off.

I lift her beautiful ass off my face and she takes the initiative by grabbing my dick and slowly starts putting me inside her. She sits down slowly at first because she is so tight, but once she fully envelops me she picks up the pace. I grab both sides of her round ass as escort marmaris she slides up and down while rocking back and forth. She slows down and begins wiggling her ass to make my cock touch all of her insides. Her ass is beautiful and all muscle. I would love to fuck her ass too, and with the way things are going I wouldn’t count out the possibility.

I smack her ass and she moans louder. She turns back to stare at me with her sexy seductive eyes so I reply with another smack to her ass. She looks at my lustfully and moans more. I sit up staying inside her and hug her from behind.

“You are so sexy,” I whisper in her ear “you have no idea how much I’ve wanted you.”

We begin to rock back and forth, but I control the pace as I don’t want to cum early. She turns to look at me so I kiss her and massage her tits. She moans in my mouth as we fuck relentlessly. She gets up to turn around and face me. Instead of sitting, I lift her up in the air and begin pounding her tight pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” she yells and her moans turn into screams of pleasure as she drives into another orgasm. Before her orgasm finishes I pin her against the wall and fuck her harder. I suck on her perfect tits and nibble on her nipples. She wraps her legs around my waist in response to make her pussy tighter around my cock.

“Oh shit!” I moan as I feel my balls tighten and shivers run up my spine from my building orgasm.

I go to pull out but she squeezes tighter and makes me cum in her. My cum spills into her already soaked pussy. Damn what a feeling. She releases her grip around my waist and stands up. I can see the mix of our juices spill from her swollen cunt. Surprisingly my erection has not receded, so she turns around so I can enter doggy style.

I shove my cock hard and deep in her cunt making her scream again. I can feel her cunts’ inner walls squeezing my dick as I push in and out. Holy shit this girl can do Kegel exercises! I fuck her hard and fast making my balls slap against her clit. I can feel her juices flowing down my cock and balls, she is going to cum again. I grab her tits and pinch her nipples sending her over the edge. She moans and cums as I continue to fill her sex. While her orgasm is going I push a finger in her ass making her scream even more. I finger fuck her ass changing the motion between matching my dick fucking her pussy and alternating them in and out. All this pushes me over to and we come together. I blow my load deep in her fiery cunt.

We collapse after our shared orgasm and I feel myself fall limp inside her. I stay inside her to enjoy the feeling and we stand up. I rub her tits a little more and pull out of her and away from her tight firm ass. I give it a playful slap making her laugh and turn around. We share a long wet kiss for what seems like eternity.

“We should do that more often.” Lauren told me.

“Anytime you’re able to, I would be happy to join.” I replied. We were dripping with sweat from such an erotic fuck so I asked her to join me in the shower. But that continues later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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