My New Sister Ch. 08

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Ice cold water woke me up. As I gasped for air and in shock I tried to stop an imaginary fist from breaking my face anymore. When I realized I was leaning against the rear bumper of my car I relaxed a little and tried to focus my eyes on the five people standing around me. “You can take care of yourself all right.” One of them said and I instantly knew it was darling step sister. Dressed in a tight red halter, baggy jeans, her trenchcoat, and blood still on her boots; She looked like a bizarre mix of ancient royalty and modern biker with her pants billowing out around the tops of her knee-high boots.

I tried to shake the grogginess as Fallan helped me to my feet. They explained to me that the guy that sucked punched me was Debbie’s boyfriend that Katie was trying to piss off. “Looks like it worked.” I tried to joke but it hurt to smile. Sammie was walking to her car when she heard the scuffle and saved my ass. The other two goth girls managed to drag her away before she killed him, and Katie and Gracie got me into my car for a getaway in case any of Debbie’s friends decided to help her ex-lover. “Gracie drove my car?” I asked and looked over my shoulder to make sure my Monte Carlo was still in one piece.

“No, stupid, Katie did.” My little sister answered rolling her eyes as she walked around me and sat on the back of my car. She was obviously not having a good time standing around with three goth chicks and the nerdy little sister of a girl she idolized a few hours ago. “He’s awake, can we go home now?”

I frowned and said “Stow it runt.” Then I realized we weren’t at anyone’s home. “Where the hell are we?”

“Old cemetery on the outside of town. ” Sammie answered. “Not many people come out here, as everyone who knew anybody buried here is also dead.” When I noticed her looking at me funny, I had to ask, and she told me to hold still and that “this is gonna hurt.” before grabbing my obviously broken nose and putting facing it forward again.

“Looks better already.” Katie said. “Now when your black eye goes away and the swelling in your lip goes down, you can get back to work.” I glared at her and flicked my eyes at Gracie, while Sammie put her hand to her face and just shook her head. Fallan sighed heavily and I heard Trish mutter something derogatory. Katie visibly stiffened and said. “I’m just going to sit in the car.” and scampered past me to get to a door.

Gracie looked at all of us like we were nuts, “Since when do you have a job?” she sneered and went to join Katie in the car.

“Those have to be two of the most brainless chicks on Earth.” Trish commented and instantly wished she hadn’t.

Sammie got within inches of her before speaking. “Don’t you EVER talk about my sister like that again.” Then grabbed the larger girl by the hair and pulled her to the ground. “Now apologize to Jason for insulting his family.” She ordered and stepped aside so Trish could look at me. Fallan had a wicked little smile on her face and I was starting to wonder what pleasure she got out of seeing Trish tortured. The blond muttered an apology and Sammie let go of her hair. “We’re leaving.” She added wiping her hands off on her pants. She tossed Fallan the keys to her Tiburon and walked over to me. “I’m glad you’re okay.” She muttered. “I was really scared when you passed out.”

I smiled down at her and gave her a hug. “I’m glad you were there, especially since your car was parked nowhere near mine.” I accused. “You were following me to try to make up for our fight this morning, weren’t you?” Sammie nodded and I smiled despite my split lip. “Good.” I told her and kissed her, careful to keep her vampire fangs from touching the more tender parts of my mouth.

Sammie let go of me reluctantly. “Just follow me out of here okay?” she said as she backed away, holding my fingertips with her own. “It can get pretty twisted on these old back roads.” I followed her closely as we drove through what looked like a scene from the calm beginnings of a horror movie. Old barns and overgrown fields scattered clumps of trees choked with kudzu and wisteria. It was nearly an hour before I saw anything I considered modern civilization.

“So, did you Sammie kiss and make up?” I asked Katie after glancing in the back and noticing Gracie had fallen asleep with her headphones on. When she didn’t answer I looked over at her and noticed the slender brunette was blushing nearly as red as Sammie’e taillights and a wry smile was playing with her mouth. “Do I even want to know what she did to you?”

Katie shook herself from whatever reverie she was caught in before speaking. “You could say that… And you probably do, but it was more what I did to her.” She answered both my questions before turning to look out the window at the now scattered houses and occasional sub-development passing by. “Your sister has a beautiful body.” She added under her breath, almost like she was embarrassed to admit it.

I looked over at her. There was something fethiye escort adorable about her sitting there almost in a ball on my car seat in her baggy shapeless jeans and her bulky hooded sweatshirt, staring through her own reflection daydreaming about whatever depravity Sammie had unleashed on her. “Yeah I know.” I confirmed, putting my eyes back on the road and making sure Sammie hadn’t sped off somewhere. “So… Do I get to hear it?” I asked after another mile and Katie sighed, fogging up her window

She looked over her shoulder at Gracie, still snoozing. “If you can’t wait, I guess I do owe you.” Katie adjusted herself in her seat, twisting underneath her seatbelt to face me more than front. “She took me back to some rooms that were being rebuilt or worked on or something, and told me if I didn’t want to get handed over to Debbie and her ‘friends’ that I’d get undressed.” She was still blushing and now she was fidgeting with the edge of her sweatshirt. “I didn’t want to at first, but then Fallan- who I thought was your girlfriend the other day- came over and started helping Sammie take her clothes off.”

Katie’s smile got bigger. “Seeing her like that made me feel like whatever what going on, it would be okay. I know it seems silly, but not being the only naked girl in the room just made it not so bad. So,” paused Katie looked down at her shaky hands “so I took my clothes off too.” She said with a deep breath. “Then Fallan stood back and Sammie made me stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out, chin up, you know? And she… examined me. She just walked around me, looking and touching; just her fingertips or her fingernails all over my skin.” Katie stopped with a shudder, and I asked if she needed me to turn the heat up.

“No.” she laughed and pushed my hand away from the knob before returning her hands to her sweater and herself to the burnt-out classroom. “When she was done looking at me, she took my glasses off and handed them to Fallan, who gave her some kind of leather rod, like the thing you whip horses with.” She nodded quickly when I asked if it was riding crop, I’d seen Sammie carrying it before. “But she left me and sat on a stool that Trish brought in from another room and crossed her legs. She looked so beautiful, Jason, sitting there with her big leather boots on and those black rings in her nipples, with her hands on her knees holding that… crop… she looked like one those pinup girls from the 50s.”

Katie’s eyes had closed by that point, but she kept telling me what happened. “Sammie got me to come closer and she started playing with me with that leather crop; smacking my chest with it a little, tickling my sides, rubbing across… um, downstairs. Then she put it on my shoulder and pressed down, telling me to get on my knees. So I did, and she moved her legs; opened them; put her feet up on the rungs of her stool.”

I glanced over at Katie when she stopped talking and saw that she was still shuddering, and now licking her lips slowly. Her arms had disappeared inside her sweatshirt and I could only imagine was she was playing with under there. I adjusted the erection straining against my zipper and made sure Gracie was still snoring before urging Katie to continue “And then?”

Katie let out a small whimper before she started talking again. “An then… she put the riding crop on the back of my head and pulled me closer to… closer to… um, her. She kept pushing, I knew what she wanted me to do, but I’ve never done anything like that before, I was scared. I didn’t want to hurt her. I didn’t want her to be… disappointed…” Katie admitted quietly and licked her quivering lips again. “But she pulled me so close I didn’t really have a choice, so I just started licking.” Katie shuddered again and another whimper crawled out of her mouth. It didn’t take much imagination to know her fingers were busy in her pants.

“She made me keep my hands on her knees so I couldn’t…” Katie trailed off with a badly concealed whine. “But I had to keep looking at her face, even while I was licking her. Oh, Jason she tasted so good. It was soft and moist like… like the inside of an orange, but it was so warm and a little salty and she started moaning and got wet… Wetter even.” Katie started rocking in her seat, and I was having some trouble focusing on the road or Sam’s car in front of me. “She leaned back against Fallan, and Fallan started messing with her boobs. I could feel Sammie’s… Mmm… her juice was running down my chin and I just kept trying to lick it all up.” Katie started keening with each breath and I knew she was about to give into her own fingers.

“Then Fallan kissed her!” Katie hissed. “I was so horny, but I couldn’t move my hands, and Sammie was moaning and pushing her… her… Pussy at my mouth, and Fallan was pulling on the rings in Sammie’s nipples and… and I… Oh dammit Jason, I was so fucking jealous!” Katie was getting loud, and I was worried about Gracie waking up, but escort fethiye was loathe to stop the mousey girl next to me before she got herself off.

“Then I felt her twitching.” Katie mewled. “She was moving and shaking in my mouth and then it tasted even better. It was so good, I just tried to drink it all; drink her… So good… so beautiful…” Katie trailed off again, rocking against her own hand and half moaning, half whining with her eyes clenched shut. Her breathing became erratic and she shook all over. Finally, she fell back against the leather seat with a loud and satisfied sigh. Her right hand still shoved down the front of her too-large jeans. I waited patiently as she caught her breath and came down from the afterglow. “Sammie pushed me back so she could up, got dressed, and left without another word.” She eventually said as we reached interior of the city, close to Trish’s house. “Fallan stayed behind and helped me clean myself up and get dressed. She gave me my glasses back and told me to go. That’s about the time you got jumped… Sorry.” She apologized in a low voice as she pulled her hands free of her pants and pushed them back down her sleeves.

I gingerly touched my swollen eye. “Don’t beat yourself up over it.” I told her, looking over at her still heaving chest and her flushed face. “I’m sure you’ll make it up to me sooner or later.” Katie smiled at me and I noticed we had pulled up in front of Trish’s house. I saw Fallan get out and lean her seat forward so the larger girl could climb from Sammie’s cramped back seat.

Trish wasted no time getting into her front door, sparing one quick look at my car before she disappeared from sight. Fallan walked back to my car and I had the window down waiting on her. “Sam says to give us Gracie and you can take Katie home.” She told me, leaning down and putting her head in my window. I couldn’t help but smell her hair and I almost instinctively moved to try and kiss her. My head was pounding and I was wondering if it was because of my injuries or if I was just horny from listening to Katie. “I’m staying with you tonight, my father’s pissed but he’s flying home to see my grandparents in the morning.” Fallan explained further when she noticed me staring a little a little too intently.

I shook myself out of it and blinked a few times. I pointed over my shoulder at my baby sister and said “She’s out like a light, just let her sleep.” Fallan frowned at her but nodded. “I’ll see you at the house.” I watched to make sure everything was okay. Fallan stood outside Sammie’s Hyundai talking, pointing, and finally shrugged heavily. After a few seconds, she turned to me and waved goodbye, before disappearing into inside the car. It wasn’t too far to Katie’s place, and the guard at the gate was a lot more helpful since Katie was in the car with me and had a passcode to get in.

The sun was sinking behind her cookie cutter neighborhood’s skyline when I pulled up to the house. “You could’ve let me out at the gate, Debbie’s boyfriend is probably still here.” She told me and I just shrugged. I doubted that after the way Sammie had stomped on his face and ribs that he’d be up to fighting anyone soon. Katie climbed out and before I could pull away, she circled my hood. When I turned to ask her what she needed she grabbed my head and pressed her lips to mine. I winced, but she didn’t relent until our tongues had met, retreated, swirled around one another, and separated again. “Thank you.” She whispered when she let go, and I watched her run to the door and disappear inside.

As I was passing the gatehouse on the way back out of the sub-development, I Gracie move in the back seat. She scrambled over the seat and plopped down next me. “How many damn girlfriends do you have?” she asked after snapping her seatbelt on.

I didn’t want to know how much she heard, out of fear that it was everything. “Watch your mouth.” I scolded and turned towards home. I had to play twenty questions with mom about the fight, which Sammie had already broken the news about. I told the half-truth and said I asked out the wrong guy’s girlfriend, and then begged her not to contact the school or the police or make a huge deal out of it. “It’s far from the first fight I’ve been in, just let it die.” I finally told her when she was done freaking out. I finally got to the kitchen after exchanging hellos and “You should see the other guy.” with Samuel and dug some Excedrin out of the medicine cabinet.

“We told them you beat his ass.” I heard as I was washing down the pills. I turned to see Sammie sitting at the table with Fallan, sharing a big bowl of cinnamon ice cream. “So do everyone a favor and forget I own Mr. Zappy and that I flattened that guy’s skull.” I plopped in a chair next to Sammie and nodded. “Good. Here.” She said and held a spoon to my lips.

“Thanks.” I said around the frozen glob, “Should’ve put it on my face though.” Before I could think otherwise, Sammie pressed the back of her spoon fethiye escort bayan to my eyelid and I nearly fell out of my chair in shock. “Thanks.” I mocked, but held it there as Fallan fed Sammie with the remaining spoon. “By the way, Katie thinks you’re some kind of goddess.” I told my step-sister as I laid my aching head on the table.

Sammie made a rude noise with her lips before speaking. “She only thinks it?” She took another spoonful of dessert from Fallan before continuing. “The way she was lapping at my cooch earlier, you’d think she had already applied for worship of me to be a recognized religion.” Sammie smiled and waved away the next bite Fallan offered her. “She was good at it though. I have to admit I completely accepted her apology.” She said turning and watching me lift the spoon from my eye as it had gotten warm.

I nodded and smiled a bit myself. “Yeah she told me all about it on the ride home.” I confessed. “Fingered herself while she talked, it was pretty hot.” Fallan’s face screwed up around her spoon in her mouth, and I saw Sammie had a worried look herself. “Gracie was asleep in the back seat with some horrible rap music blasting in her eardrums.” I dismissed with a wave. “But, she did see Katie kiss me when I dropped her off.”

Sammie rolled her eyes and sighed. “Why do you have to be so damn good looking? And charming? And good in bed?” she complained with a smile. She was in an odd mood considering a few hours earlier she was on the verge of killing someone. I chalked it up to relief I wasn’t seriously hurt as I decided to fill an icepack and try to get some homework done before dinner.

Later that night I woke up on the couch with a lukewarm sack of water on my face and an infomercial for a Ronco food dehydrator on the TV. I popped a few more headache pills and made my way upstairs, trying to keep quiet and not wake anyone up. I paused outside Sammie’s room for a moment and heard a muffled moan from behind the door. I snorted and shook my head, considering letting myself in, but deciding not to risk ruining Sammie’s oddly cheerful mood from earlier. No sooner than I had put my head on my pillow though, there was a light but rapid knock on my bedroom door. “It’s open.” I said, not wanting to lift my aching head to go and turn the knob myself.

I was surprised to see Fallan enter instead of Sammie. She stood in front of my door for a few long seconds, almost like she was unsure of what she wanted. It gave me a good chance to drink her in while she was standing there in one of my old undershirts and pair of red cotton panties, with her normally pinned or tied back hair hanging in disarray around her face. She chewed on her bottom lip and I realized this was the first time I’d ever seen her without any makeup on. Fallan’s eyes met mine and she tried to speak, cleared her throat and then tried again. “Your room’s nice.”

I almost laughed, but just smiled at her. “Thank you.” I said and moved to make space on the bed. “Would you like to sit? Or lay down?” I asked and she nodded, making her way to the bed. “I figured you and Sam would still be busy.” I admitted, but still happy she had decided to join me. Fallan lay in the bed and made of a point of getting close to me and laying her head on my chest. I could still smell her perfume, but now mixed with it was the scent of sweat and sex. It was a good mix and I didn’t bother hiding my excitement.

Fallan sighed. “Sammie’s been asleep for hours.” She admitted, and I wondered about the moaning I had heard. “I was masturbating because I couldn’t sleep, and waking her up is like asking for a foot in the ass.” I smiled, thinking of the first and only time I tried to interrupt Sammie’s nap for sex, and silently agreed. “I saw your shadow under the door,” Fallan went on, “so I figured I’d come see if you wanted to help me get to sleep.” She turned her head to look up at me and before anything else was said I was pressing my lips to hers. I couldn’t help but notice her mouth still tasted faintly of Sammie’s cum.

I turned on my side slightly and ran my hand down her side, lifted up her shirt, and slid my fingers underneath the waistband of her panties. Still wrestling tongues, I pushed my hand down between her legs and across the soft hair covering her mound on my way to find her slit. Her lips were slightly swollen and already slick with her lube. I dipped my fingers between them and drug them upward, making her moan into my mouth as I opened her slightly on my way to her clit. I drew slow circles on her button with my middle finger, relishing her twitching hips and louder moans each time I passed over it.

We separated for a breath and found ourselves staring into each others eyes as I slowly worked her over-sensitive clit. Fallan’s arms circled my neck and my waist, holding me close as she started to shudder and buck her hips towards me. Her mouth hung half open and her moaning was interrupted as her breath caught in her throat as something powerful was building up between her legs. “Oh… Oh, God, Jason!” she nearly yelled and attacked my mouth, nearly pushing me back on the bed as she tried to hold in a scream and grind her pussy on my hand at the same time.

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