My New Sis Ch. 05

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Another chapter for the kids. Everyone is over eighteen in this story.


Joey was still hiding in the girls locker room where Sara had hidden him. She and the rest of the cheerleaders had just finished their showers and the locker room was empty. Joey knew he had to get out of there and he did not want to get caught. He was just about to make a dash for the door when he heard some noise.

He crouched down in his hiding spot as he saw another class of girls coming in. Another gym class, he thought to himself. The girls began undressing and headed to the showers. Joey could not believe all of the pretty girls he was looking at. So many tits and pussies, not to mention all of the tight firm asses for his viewing pleasure. He was going to have to repay Sara for this.

There were so many shapes and sizes of tits and then his eyes would roam to the pussies, some with hair, some shaved. His eyes were bugging out trying to take them all in. It seemed that all of them had really nice asses, too. He did not know many of these girls, must be underclassmen, he thought. Some of them did look young to him but he was having trouble fighting the urge to jack his hard cock.

He decided to just focus on a few that looked the hottest to him. One girl, a cute blonde, had a shaved pussy and he could make out her pussy lips as she stood under the water. Her tits were standing out proud from her chest as she soaped up. Her face was so cute that he made a mental note to find out her name later. He watched her the whole time she showered and she only made his cock throb harder.

Another girl, this one had long brown hair and pear shaped tits, caught his eye as she bent down to wash her legs. Her back faced Joey’s hiding spot and she spread her legs as she bent down. Joey could see her pussy lips clearly from behind. Damn, her ass looked hot, Joey thought. The girl ran her hands up the length of her leg and then brought them together at her pussy. Joey could see her fingers brushing into her pussy lips as she finished washing.

Finally, this class of girls finished up and soon, began leaving the locker room. When it was empty, Joey decided to make a break for it and jumped from his spot. He was able to make it back to the bleachers without being seen. At this point, school was over and he was late in getting home.


At home, Sheri had dinner ready and was concerned that Joey was late. Shelly stifled a laugh as she told her Mom that he had probably hooked up with some friends. John joined them for dinner and Shelly kept looking him over as she was getting horny. When they finished, Shelly wanted to go and get some ice cream and asked John if they could go.

“Sure, honey, do you want to come too?” John asked his wife.

“No, you guys go ahead, I’ll just clean up here and wait for Joey,” Sheri replied.

Shelly skipped out to the car as John followed her. As soon as John slid in, Shelly scooted up next to him.

“John, I am so horny,” she said as she reached for his cock and gave it a long squeeze.

“You are horny, aren’t you? And you look so hot,” John replied, resigning himself to his step daughter’s naughty desires. He knew he could not say no to the beautiful eighteen year old even if he wanted to, etiler bdsm escort which he didn’t.

Shelly rubbed his cock all the way to the ice cream shop, making his cock rock hard and swollen. Her pussy had been on fire since she found out that Sara had hidden Joey in the locker room and now she wanted John to help her out.


Joey finally made it home and he was relieved that he had not been caught. However, his cock was like a concrete pole, having been subjected to so many pretty naked girls. He walked into the house and Sheri greeted him.

“Well, hi Joey,” Sheri said. “We missed you at dinner.”

“I’m sorry, I was a little tied up,” Joey said, smiling at the reference to his hiding spot. “Where is Dad and Shelly?”

“They just left to go and get some ice cream,” Sheri replied. At that, Joey walked up to her and pulled her close to him. Sheri, somewhat surprised, allowed herself to fall into his arms. Joey held her face and he began kissing her agressively. He was so horny that he had to have her right then. Sheri kissed him back and he lifted his hands up to caress her heavy tits.

Joey pulled her shirt up and started to lick and kiss her tits. His lips pulled on her nipples and they grew hard right away. His agressive nature shocked Sheri but she liked it and her pussy got wet quickly. She loved the way the young man sucked on her nipples. She reached down and felt his swollen cock.

Joey leaned down and pulled her shorts off, baring her naked pussy. He leaned in and ran his tongue right up her wet slit and licked her clitty. He nuzzled his tongue as far into her pussy as he could and held her ass in his hands as he feasted away. Sheri felt manhandled and was loving every minute of it. She quickly came on his lips and shivered as he kept eating her.

Joey rose up and pulled his pants off, unleashing his long shiny dick. He lined his cock up with her wet pussy and shoved it deep into her in one forceful thrust. Sheri gasped out loud as her pussy was being deliciously assaulted. Her little ass filled his hands as he pulled her on to his long cock. He was stroking her deeply and he felt his cum racing through his cock. With quick strokes, he was pounding her pussy and he threw his head back as he filled her pussy with his love juice. He came deep in her pussy and let all of his built up frustrations flow through his cock into Sheri’s well lubricated, hot pussy.


Shelly and John were sitting in the car licking their ice cream cones. Shelly had laughed as she watched John go to the window to give them their order with his cock bulging out in front of his pants. Now they had their ice cream and Shelly wanted to play some more. She reached over and pulled John’s cock out into the open. John looked around to make sure no one could see them. Shelly just giggled as she took her cone and rubbed John’s cock with it, smearing ice cream all over it.

John started the car up and drove away so they could make sure nobody would see them. Shelly didn’t seem to care one way or the other as she covered his cock with ice cream. John gasped as his cock about froze. Shelly then leaned over and sucked the head of his dick into her hot mouth. John shivered with the etiler elit escort sensations of cold ice cream and her hot wet mouth. Shelly just kept going back and forth, getting his cock cold and then heating it up with her mouth.

Soon, she was out of ice cream and just concentrated on sucking his cock. John steered the car into a quiet park and let Shelly work on his cock. Just as John was beginning to get close to cumming, Shelly lifted off his cock and sat back on the car seat. She pulled her shorts off and spread her legs at John.

John, having never seen a prettier sight, dove in between her legs without a word. Shelly closed her eyes as John worked his tongue into her pussy. John’s cock just bobbed in the air as he licked Shelly’s sweeet pussy. He quickly found her clit and sucked on it hard. He noticed that she grunted and groaned just like her mother did when she was about to cum. He sucked her clit and ran his tongue all over it as Shelly arched her back and flooded his face with her cum.

Shelly pushed him back into his seat and straddled his legs. His large cock was oozing juice as it brushed against her soaked pussy. Shelly lined it up and sank his cock slowly into her tight pussy. His cock filled her so good, she thought as she began to bounce on it. John was in heaven as his eighteen year old step daughter fucked him. He grabbed her hips and helped her bounce up and down on his dick. He reached out and felt her tiny, shapely ass as he fucked his cock deep into her.

She began kissing him and he thrust up into her harder as his cum started spurting out of his cock, filling her. John loved the feeling of his cock in her pussy and he came hard.


The next morning, Joey woke up with his usual hard on. He slowly slipped into Shelly’s room. He found her sprawled out on top of her covers, completely naked. Of all the pretty girls and of all the cute pussy he had seen the other day, he knew this was the prettiest of them all. He knelt down and planted tiny wet kisses on her thighs and pussy lips. As Joey began licking her pussy, Shelly woke up and enjoyed the morning wake up call. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him closer to her sex. She was cumming on his mouth when he sucked her clit.

Shelly pulled him to her and started to cover his thick cock with kisses. She ran her tongue the entire length of his cock and onto his balls. Her hand stroked him while she sucked his balls into her hot mouth. His head was swollen and leaking juice as she sucked on him. Shelly suddenly turned around and offered her pussy to him, doggy style.

“Shove that love muscle deep into me, Joey” Shelly growled. Joey slid his cock up and down her wet slit before sliding it into her tight pussy. He started stroking his dick into her pussy and knew he was going to cum soon. He held her by the hips and drove his dick into her with quick rapid strokes. He muffled a grunt as he began filling her with his cream.


Satisfied, both kids took showers and got ready for school. Once at school, Joey met up with Shelly and Taylor between classes.

“Joey, will you meet us under the bleachers at lunch?” Taylor asked. She was smiling and winking at him. Shelly was smiling at him etiler escort too.

“Sure, who could refuse?” Joey said, laughing.

Classes drug by until Joey finally ran to the bleachers. He snuck under and made his way to the open area. He found Amy there with Moose. Moose just looked up and snorted at him. Football players are worthless, Joey thought. However, he found Amy to be looking pretty hot and wondered what she was doing with an idiot like Moose.

It looked like they had just gotten there because Amy had just pulled out Moose’s tiny dick and was stroking it. Moose turned and faced away from Joey as Amy pulled on his dick. Joey just stood to the side, waiting for Taylor and Shelly.

“Girls, what are doing out here? Shouldn’t you be at the cafeteria?”

Joey recognized the voice as Coach Wally, the football coach. Joey saw Moose tense up and back away from Amy.

“Sorry Coach, we’ll go back to the lunch room,” Shelly said, loud enough to let Joey know that they had to leave. They didn’t want to risk getting caught. Meanwhile, Moose had his pants back up and looked nervous.

“I have to go, Coach can’t find me here,” Moose whispered to Amy. “I could get kicked off the team.” Moose ran to the other end of the bleachers and snuck out.

Joey went to Amy and motioned for her to be quiet and then they sunk to their knees behind some old sports equipment. He was close enough that he could smell how sweet her perfume was and he felt his groin stir.

“You girls better run along now,” Coach said. “You’re not supposed to be here now.”

“Ok Coach, see you in gym class,” Taylor replied. Coach watched the girls asses as they walked away and wished he could find a way to get into their tight little pants.

Joey was kneeling behind Amy as they heard the girls leave. Amy leaned back into Joey and felt his warm body against hers. She remembered his cock from the last time Sara was there under the bleachers. She knew Joey’s cock had Moose beat by at least four inches. They stayed quiet for a while, not knowing if the Cioach was still out there or not.

Joey leaned forward and put his hands on Amy’s slim waist. Amy turned slightly and started to kiss Joey. Joey’s hands slid up and cupped her firm tits as she turned more to face him. Both kids were kissing each other and feeling each others body. Joey felt her nipples harden and he lightly pinched and squeezed them.

Amy quickly pulled Joey’s long cock out and marveled at the size of it. Joey was busy pulling her cheerleader shorts off her. He found her nude under the shorts. They were both worked up and short on time. Joey pulled her pussy to him and Amy grabbed his cock. She guided his long missle into her wet pussy. She whispered for him to go slow as she was used to a much smaller dick.

Joey smiled as he pushed his cock into her moist pussy. The combination of almost getting caught with a naked girl that he barely knew, had him boiling. His cock entered her pussy and squeezed

his cock hard. Could life be any better, Joey thought as he sped up his strokes. He reached up and squeezed her tits and he reached down and massaged his balls. Both were on the edge of cumming and Amy was first as Joey pinched her clit while he fucked her. Joey moaned as he let loose his load and came deep in her pussy. He kept stroking his cock into her long after he came, enjoying her tight pussy muscles.

Both kids quickly cleaned up and got back to classes before they were noticed. Joey was surely enjoying his last year at East High. What else could happen, he thought?

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