My Neighbor Husband is a Jerk Pt. 04

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The following story contains forced bi, face sitting, creampie eating and sissyfication, if those are not your things please find another story.

And as always I love reading your comments and suggestions.


The next morning I was surprised to receive a text message from her, “Wear your panties and bra and get up here now!, do not knock on the door simply enter and come to the bedroom”.

When I opened the door to their apartment I was greeted with a loud moaning sounds, I rushed to their bedroom and was in complete shock when I walked in.

There was my mistress laying on her back, her legs tied to each corner of the bed, a big collar around her neck which is tied to the bed as well, and her husband fucking her like crazy.

“Get in here!” she shouted between moans.

I approached them quickly, when suddenly she grabbed me by my hair, and pulled me until my head was laying on her lower stomach facing her husband.

I couldn’t believe how fast her husband was fucking her as her moaning got louder and louder, suddenly I felt her stomach tightening bellow my head and she tighten her hold on my hair as she was about to cum, I guess that her husband felt it as well as he immediately took his cock out of her pussy and shoved it deep into my throat gagging me hard.

I could taste her pussy on his cock as he started fucking my throat like it was her pussy, he continue fucking it for a minute while she calmed down, and then went back to fucking her.

This routine of him alternating between fucking her pussy until she is about to cum to fucking my mouth as if it was her pussy continued for about half an göztepe sınırsız escort hour, until finally he groaned hard and pushed his cock all the way into her pussy and filled it with cum. I couldn’t believe what was happening just inched from my face, and deep down inside I felt disappointed that he decided to cum in her pussy and not in my mouth.

When he was finally done he lay on his back next to her grabbed me by my hair and forced me between his legs, “clean my cock” he commanded.

I took his cock into my mouth, and enjoyed the familiar taste of his cum mixed with his wife pussy, I could feel how his cock started shrinking in my mouth which pushed the last drops of cum into my mouth.

I was sure that any second he would order me to stop, but to my surprise I felt that his cock is getting hard in my mouth and he put his hand on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth hard causing me to gag.

“I saw in your eyes how disappointed you where that I shot my load in her pussy and not in your mouth, so being the good master that I am, I decided to comply to your desire”, he said as he fucked my mouth faster and faster.

His moaning kept on getting louder and louder until he finally pushed my head down until his entire cock was down my throat, and he exploded in my mouth.

I felt how jet after jet of his hot cum hit the back of throat, and I had no other option other than to swallow it, I couldn’t believe how much cum he had in his balls when he just cum in his wife pussy 10 minutes ago.

When he was done he let go of his grip of my head and raised my head, only to be forced back down again göztepe ucuz escort until his cock was inches from my face.

“Aren’t you forgetting something sissy?” he asked with an annoyed voice.

I leaned over and kissed his cock and balls, “Thank you for giving me your cum,” I said.

“That’s a good sissy,” he said as he got out of bed.

Exhausted I laid on the bed, watching as he untied his wife. “Time for me to go to work, and for you to prepare him for tonight”, he said as he left the room.

It only been about a second from the time he left the room until she sat on my face with her cum filled pussy.

“Suck his cum out of my pussy!,” she commanded. “Because of your sissy mouth he didn’t make me cum!”.

I extended my tongue out, and she started rubbing her used pussy all over my face smearing it with the mixture of cum and pussy juice.

“Yes sissy, eat the cum you love so much,” she said as she kept on grinding her pussy on my tongue and face, until she finally shouted out that she is cumming and her pussy pushed a huge blob of cum straight into my hungry mouth.

She raised her pussy from my mouth and looked down at me, “aren’t you forgetting something sissy?”

I kissed her pussy and clit, “thank you for giving me your cum”.

“Good sissy, now go to the shower wash yourself and wait for me there as we have some work to do,” she said and pushed me off the bed with her foot.

I walked to the shower and washed myself up, my mind raced on what she has in stored until finally she entered the shower with hair clipper machine and wax.”

Time to get you ready for the big kadıköy anal escort night,” she said with an exciting voice.

“Why? what is tonight? and what are you going to do with the clipper?” I asked with a worried voice.

“Oh, tonight is a special night, we are going to finally reveal you in our slave club.”

“Slave club? you mean there will be people there?” I panicked.

“Ofcourse, there will be slaves, mistresses masters and customers”

“Customers of what?”

“Customers of the club, they come to checkout the slaves and if they like one they rent them for the night from their master/mistress,” she said as she plugged the clipper into an outlet.

“But what’s with the clipper?”

“Slaves are not allowed to have any body hair,” she said as she started cutting my pubic hair off.

“That is why my pussy is shaved,, but luckily tonight I will be declared as mistress and I will finally be able to stop shaving!”

“So there is a way to move from being a slave to master/mistress?” I asked as he continued shaving my entire pubic hair.

“Well yes, to do so you need to get three slaves to eat your ass in front of your master/mistress, and yesterday I finally got the third one,”, she smiled as she started cutting the hair on my balls.

“But to be honest, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you, because you are such a sissy that there is no way you will find a slave to eat your ass, if anything other slaves will make you eat theirs,” she laughed.

She continued shaving and waxing all my body until there was no hair left.

“Now my sissy is ready for tonight,” she said with an excitement in her voice. “Go rest, and do exactly as master told you yesterday!”

Shaking from what’s waiting for me tonight I got back to my apartment and waited.


To be continued in part 5

Thank you for reading my story, if you have any plot suggestions please let me know either by comment or by leaving a feedback.

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