My Mother’s Daughter Ch. 01

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I had to admit the ejaculating cock intrigued me, even if it was connected to my asshole stepdad. This was his idea, and my mom went right along with him. I watched, trying to fain disinterest as the first surprising spurt of white semen shot from his head and flew into the air about a foot and a half. It was followed by several others, decreasing in size, until just small globs oozed out of his hole and slid down over my mother’s hand. I felt the wetness between my legs and my nipples were taut but thankfully my padded bra was hiding that fact from both of them.

“And that, Suzy, is how you perform a handjob,” my mother said turning to me with a smile.

I couldn’t believe she had done this, made me watch while she manipulated her new husband’s penis to the point of ejaculation. It was child abuse! Except I wasn’t a child, not anymore anyway, having just turned eighteen a week before. I think this is why they did it, they knew, since I was an adult, they could get away with it, if I were to report them. I think I would have been more upset if I wasn’t so turned on and actually learned something but I didn’t let them know that.

I hated my mom’s new husband. He was ten years younger than her at twenty-seven and a total ass. When she wasn’t around he would come onto me and flirt. When I told my mother she didn’t believe me, calling me jealous and he would only deny it so I gave up. Now he had come up with this idea that I needed lessons in how to please a man, so I could have a good relationship if and when I found one. My stupid mother went along with it, threating to kick me out on the street if I didn’t “take this opportunity to learn” from her and him. I didn’t have much choice. I wasn’t prepared to live on my own, hell I wasn’t even out of high school yet. It was messed up to say the least and I was disappointed in myself for being turned on watching her stroke his large cock up and down for over ten minutes until he came.

I shifted in my seat, trying to ignore the pulsing sensation between my legs and shook my head at my mother whose hand was covered in thick semen.

“Don’t give me that look, young lady, you enjoyed watching and I know you learned something,” she said. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll teach you how to give a sloppy blowjob. Would you like that, Honey?” she asked the jerk and not me.

“Absolutely but why wait until tomorrow I should be ready to go in about fifteen minutes or less,” he said.

I didn’t want to admit it but he was very attractive, an asshat, but very hot. He had thick brown hair, blue eyes, square jaw and he worked out a ton. His body was hard and muscled, making it difficult not to look at his naked body lying on the couch in the front room. I was sitting in a chair only a few feet away from them and getting wetter every second.

“That sounds even better. Get two lessons in this evening. What do you think, Suzy?” my mother asked.

“Like I can say no. You’ll force me to watch or kick me out,” I said as angry as I could sound.

“Stop with this pity party, young lady, we’re doing you a favor so you don’t embarrass yourself when you’re alone with a boy. You should be thanking us and learning all you can!” my mother hollered at me.

It was useless to argue, it only made her angrier and I didn’t want that. She was sort of right as well. I had learned something watching her stroke his penis. She hadn’t used any lube at all and just moved the skin up and down his shaft. I didn’t know you could do that, but it obviously worked because Dickhead moaned almost the entire time until his legs tightened up and his cock erupted in the spurts of cum. I had no idea if the amount he came was average or more or less than other guys. I was new to this stuff and unfortunately my mother knew that, so I couldn’t just say I didn’t need any lessons, I did even if I resisted.

“Fine! Another ‘lesson’ will be great, can’t wait,” I said.

My mother gave me a nasty look and began cleaning up the semen. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she toweled off his stomach and cleaned his limp penis off. When she was done she took him in her hand and slowly caressed his dick before turning to me with it still in her hand.

“Men love when you take their cocks deep in your mouth, so you’ll probably need to practice so you don’t gag the first time you suck on one. Maybe you should get my toy from the nightstand and bring it back in to practice. We have a few minutes before, Drake is ready again.”

I clamped my jaw down, wanting to scream at her but instead I obediently got up and left the room. I felt my wet panties and the slick juice between my legs as I walked to her ortaköy escort room. I couldn’t believe I was going to suck her dildo while watching her suck Fuckhead Drake. I almost didn’t make it to her room; wanting to run out of the house, jump in my car and runaway. I knew I wouldn’t get far, I had little money for gas and the car wasn’t even really mine. I didn’t have a choice. I found her dildo, thankfully clean, and headed back to the front room.

When I got back I was shocked to see Drake’s dick already growing big again.

“Look, Honey, Drake’s almost hard again. Isn’t that amazing?” my mother asked.

“Yeah, great,” I said, but actually surprised.

I think this whole thing had him turned on. I think he got off on me watching, I knew he wanted to fuck me and would in a second if I let him. I thought about it actually, not because I wanted him, no it was for a more devious reason. I figured if I did him and my mom found out she would kick the bastard out and I could be rid of him, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The thought made me physically ill.

I took my seat, with the dildo in my hand and crossed my legs. Mom, was slowly rubbing the underside of his penis that was lying on his stomach and slowly lifting off his body with each passing heartbeat. He had a large penis, I knew that at least, it was bigger than the dildo I held in my hand and easily reached to his navel when he was lying down and erect.

“There we are, nice and hard again. Okay, Suzy, now pay attention, you don’t just immediately engulf it in your mouth. Tease it a bit with your tongue; lick the shaft and even the testicles until the man is dying for you to suck it. Watch me before trying it yourself on the toy.”

The dildo in my hand was anatomically correct. It looked just like a real penis with balls and all so I could pretty much mimic what she was doing to him. The only difference was the suction cup on the back of the shaft where it could be attached to a flat surface. I watched her start at the base of his throbbing cock and lick up the shaft to where the head begins. She stopped there and licked back and forth across the V shape and Drake moaned loud.

“This is a very sensitive place on the penis, you can tell by his moans. Pay close attention to the way the man reacts to what you do, his body and sounds will tell you if he likes it,” my mother explained before continuing where she left off.

She teased this special spot again for a few seconds before trailing back down his shaft with her tongue and then to his balls. I watched her suck the loose skin and open her mouth wider to take part of his egg shaped testicle in her mouth. Drake seemed to like this as well, his cock lurched when she sucked and I noticed he was oozing the clear stuff again like when she was doing the handjob.

“If you can learn to suck a man to climax without using your hands at all, you know you’re good at blowjobs. It takes much more effort but I think it’s worth it. Don’t you, Dear?” my mother asked.

“Oh hell yeah, it’s sexy as fuck with no hands too,” he answered.

I was getting even more wet and I could feel my nipples hardening again. I wanted to touch myself but that would totally give me away. Instead I gripped the dildo firmly in my hand and tried to look as uninterested as I could. It didn’t work very well, especially when my mother laid her head on his stomach opened her mouth and slid his cock into her mouth and kept going. Slowly inch by inch my mother enveloped Drake’s large cock almost all the way to where it connects to his body. I think she had all but one inch in her mouth. I had no idea how she did it or where it could go. It had to be going down her throat! When she was down as far as she could she moaned and twisted her head around slightly, making Drake groan his loudest noise yet.

It was amazing, I had to admit. My mother had some serious cock sucking talent and I recognized I probably couldn’t be taught any better. I made the mistake of getting wide eyed and leaning forward in my chair because Drake picked up on it and grinned at me. I tried to act normal again but I think I was busted, because he narrowed his eyes and gave me a knowing look. Finally my mother came up for air and slowly took his penis out of her mouth but held her lips tight against the shaft the entire time.

“Now when you can do that I’ll consider you ready,” she said, before taking Drake’s purple head back in her mouth.

She didn’t do deep again for a few minutes but just sucked the head and used her mouth to lift his dick vertical so she could bob up and down on it while twisting otele gelen escort her head back and forth. She was effectively fucking his cock with her mouth, taking about two or three inches with each descent over and over. Saliva coated his dick and ran down the rest of his shaft to his tightening balls. I remembered the handjob and how his balls had started loose and slowly tightened over time until they were up against his shaft when he finally ejaculated. I was sure this would be the same. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock and my mother sucking it. It was much more erotic then the handjob and even that got me all wet and horny. This was worse. It was all I could do not to touch myself as she continued to work him over.

Suddenly she let him pop out of her mouth. His cock flipped down and slapped his stomach. It was covered in saliva and shined in the light as it pulsed up and down.

“Okay, now it’s your turn. Stick my toy onto the coffee table there and kneel down and practice. Start out like I did licking the shaft and balls and then see how far you can swallow it,” she said.

I was too turned on to even fake a complaint. I obeyed quickly, falling to my knees and pushing the suction cup onto the glass table. The fake cock arched away from me, looking inviting and so tempting. My mother watched me, instead of going back to Drake’s dick. I started at the base like she did, licked up the cold lifelike rubber shaft and paused at the V and licked side to side. The sensation of what I was doing made my heart race and my body flush. I licked back down, closed my mouth around one of the balls and sucked it hard before doing the same to the other. I kept my eyes on my mother, she was nodding her approval. I went back up the shaft and held my mouth over the arched toy. Slowly I opened my mouth and eased down onto it. It was wide in my mouth; I felt the texture of the head and then the shaft as I descended further down it.

“That’s a girl, now keep going. Try and relax your throat and open it, taking it further,” she said.

I tried to do what she said but when the head hit the back of my throat I couldn’t stop the gag reflex. It was strong and forced me to pull back and recover. I had to completely take it out of my mouth the reaction was so strong and didn’t go away very fast.

“Okay… just relax, that wasn’t too bad for your first time. It gets easier the more you practice,” my mother said, seeing me in distress.

I had no idea how she did what she did to Drake. He was longer and wider than the toy. She must have zero gag reflex now or something. Once I stopped gagging my mother motioned for me to continue.

“Keep practicing, I’m going to get back to Drake.”

I nodded and bent back over the toy as I watched her take Drake deep again. What she was doing seemed impossible but she was doing it. I was sure she could make the dildo completely disappear if she could take Drake that deep. Not wanting to gag again I practiced the bobbing and spinning thing she had done, only taking a few inches into my mouth and letting my saliva run down the toy. It was kind of fun. I used my lips to hold tight to the shaft and twist and bob up and down slowly at first and then faster. My mind wandered, thinking about what a real cock would feel and taste like and if the guy would like what I was doing. The toy didn’t exactly tell me anything or moan so I just did what I thought would feel good.

I didn’t even realize it at first but my hand had found its way between my legs and I was rubbing my clitoris through my pants as I practiced on the toy. The only reason I recognized what I was doing was because I heard Drake whispering to my mother. When I looked at them they were both smiling and watching me play and suck the toy. My hand instantly shot away from my clit and I felt my face go hot with embarrassment.

“No, no… don’t be embarrassed. That is exactly what you should do and feel when you are sucking a cock. Playing with yourself gets you ready and wet when it’s time to move on. I’m proud of you, Suzy,” my mother said.

The sad part was she looked more impressed with me over this than anything in my entire life! I was too hot and bothered to blow up on her. The urge to keep playing and start sucking the toy again was strong. They already busted me, I couldn’t hide anything now so I leaned back over and stared sucking the toy again and a few seconds later was playing with my nub, rubbing it hard through my jeans and clenching my muscles. My eyes were open and watching my mother and Dickhead. They were both smiling and my mother went back to sucking Drake because he otele gelen escort forced his cock back in her mouth to get her attention.

My pleasure was growing, my nipples were as hard as a rock and I was really going to town on my clit until my legs started to shake. I tried to mimic what my mother was doing to the real thing but every time she took Drake deep I gaged again and had to stop for a second or two before continuing. I wondered how much practice it would take to overcome that or if I ever would.

“Now, unfortunately since Drake came just tonight I don’t think I’ll be able to get him to do it again with just my mouth so let me show you how to combine your hands and your mouth and use the saliva as lube,” my mother said during a small break.

I kept my eyes on her and lifted one hand to the shaft of the toy to copy her motions while still playing with the other. She stroked his shaft while sucking his head, twisting her hand around and down the shaft with the saliva. I followed her actions, gripping the toy firmly and sucked the fake head and teased it with my tongue. After about five minutes of her stroking fast and sucking Drake started to get louder and I notice his balls were tight. He was ready to shoot another load. I wondered if Mother would take her mouth off of him when he started or if she would let him cum in her mouth.

When his legs tightened and he arched toward her I knew he was almost there. I all but stopped what I was doing to watch what Mom would do. It really didn’t surprise me when Drake started convulsing and swearing, my mother kept her head on his cock, taking the load in her mouth. Some semen escaped out the sides but she collected most of it. Once he was done she sucked his head clean, looked at me and swallowed.

“Delicious. Guys love when you swallow their loads. But I’ll be honest it’s an acquired taste,” she said, licking the semen off her cheeks.

I don’t think I blinked for a few minutes, I couldn’t believe my mother just sucked him off and swallowed his jizz. It made me want to try it. It made me want to suck a real cock as soon as I could and the thought didn’t easily leave.

“Okay, it’s late, Honey. You did very well tonight, but it’s time you go to sleep, you have school tomorrow. If you want you can borrow my toy to practice and Drake and I will follow up with you.”

I didn’t respond vocally. Instead I pulled the toy cock off the table and took it to my room. I was so horny I needed to get off and in a bad way. Shutting my door I tossed the toy on my bed and stripped out of my clothing, letting them fall where they would. Looking in the mirror on my dresser, I noticed my nipples very taunt on my round breasts. They weren’t very big but I think they had a nice shape to them and were perky for sure. My fingers ran up my body until softly caressing my breasts and palming the tops of my nipples ever so slightly sending chills of pleasure through them into my body.

I locked my door, quickly jumped on my bed and grabbed the toy, sticking it back into my mouth and sucking it. Lying on my back I spread my legs and fingered my clit. It was engorged and very slick and wet from my juices. The toy in my mouth turned me on, driving my fingers lower and into my tight wet tunnel. Bending two in, I pulled up and ground my palm into my clit while digging my fingers deeper into my pussy. The thrill of pleasure grasped my body, urging me on. Grinding away on my pussy I sucked the toy wanting to get off so bad.

Pressing my fingers as deep as they would go I yearned for more and that thought suddenly reminded me of the toy I had in my mouth. I almost laughed at myself not thinking about it earlier. I could totally fuck myself with the toy. Taking it out of my mouth I slid it down my body, in-between my breasts down my flat tummy. Removing my fingers from my pussy I used the tip of the toy to play with my clit for a few seconds before sliding the head further down and into my hole. It was much wider than my fingers and the sensation took my breath away. Slowly I pressed more into me, causing my chest to rise and fall rapidly as the wide and long toy descended into my vagina.

I pressed it all the way until I could feel the fake balls on my ass. Holding it there I fingered my clit and squeezed my muscle on the toy inside of me. My heart was pounding and my breath was coming in small gasps as the pleasure I was causing overcame my frame. My legs started to shake and convulse as my orgasm crashed over my body. I was so worked up from the evening it didn’t take much at all for me to get off. The climax was amazingly strong, forcing me to roll around on the bed and try not to scream in bliss as the convulsions rocked my form.

When I finally finished and pulled the toy out it was covered in my orgasm. I know I had never been that wet before or exhausted. My climax had tapped me out and I fell asleep quickly very satisfied with the dirty toy next me.

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