My Mom’s Corruption Ch. 05

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A Womans

It’s been a few days since then. Since the day Seth started making known his attraction to me. The feelings are rather mutual. I can’t get over the way his touch makes me feel.

No man has touched me this way, since my late husband.

The lingerie outfit Seth bought me laid in the dressor on my side of our room. I haven’t worn it since I tried it on and allowed him to take a few pictures of me.

I felt so turned on in that moment. Like if I didn’t refrain myself, I would’ve fucked him right then and there.

But since then, I found myself wanting him more. Craving him more. Thinking about him as I sleep wakes me up irritated knowing that it was just a dream and not real.

One night, as I laid in bed with him snoring next to me. I slowly started fingering myself as I thought of him fucking me. My pussy was so fucking wet. So fucking wet. I start to quiver. So close. So fucking close to cumming. I close my eyes as I came hard. I sighed as I relaxed afterwards.

I turned over on my side and saw him smiling at me.

“You had fun?” he said.

Did he watch me pleasure myself?

“Let’s go back to sleep hun.” I said kissing his forehead.

I turned over on my other side facing the window. As I did, I felt him pull me close to him. My backside pressing into his crotch. Then I felt it. His cock stirring to life behind me. He starts sucking on my neck.

“Babe…stop it,” I moaned, “let’s just go to sleep.”

He kisses my shoulder as I lie on my back. I giggle.

“Bad boy!” I said.

He then gets on top of me as we makeout. I mean we’ve kissed plenty of times before, but not like…THIS!

His tongue was swirling inside my mouth, as my tongue swirls around his. I held him close to me. The room was filled with our kissing and moans.

We stopped kissing after a while and looked at each other.

He takes off his boxers under the sheets and throws them to the floor. Then takes off my panties and takes them off me too.

“If this is happening,” I thought to myself, “might as well teach him foreplay.”

He repositions his body and aligns his waist with mine. His tip pressing into my lips. Just as his head slides into me, I stop him.

“Wait,’ I said, “you can’t just go into sex after a brief makeout.”

“Why not?” he said irritated.

“Because we need to discuss something,” I said.

He sits up between my meaty thighs. His cock was hovering over my pubic hair. His tip shining softly with my juices.

“We need foreplay,” I said running my finger along his shaft, “and protection.”

“Condoms suck!” he said irritated.

“You might dislike them,” I said, “but think about it damnit!”

“Do you REALLY think I want to get knocked up by you?” I continued.

We both got out of bed. Seth naked and myself halfway naked. He throws on the jeans he wore earlier today and a red shirt. I wrap myself in my bathrobe and follow him out to the living room of our suite.

“Just grab the XL ones and come straight back,” I said.

“You REALLY think XL will fit THIS?” he said motioning to his crotch.

I paused. Yes XL might cause the condoms to break or cause blockage to his shaft. Something we both do not want.

“Then XXL,” I said.

He heads out the door.

I took the time I had alone to freshen up. I took a quick shower and then went back to the bedroom naked. I opened my top drawer and took out my lingerie outfit. Tonight will be the first time I wore it for him.

I got into the outfit and waited for him in the living room. I covered my outfit in my bathrobe.

Finally I heard the door open and he walks in. I jump up and practically rushed to him.

“Did you get the right size?” I asked bluntly, “the last thing we need is it breaking.”

He hands me a small paper bag. Which I then open and looked inside. My eyes went wide. It was XXL! Holy shit.

“Yeah I couldn’t find the XXL ones,” he said, “so I asked lady at the counter.”

“You sure?” I asked sheepishly, “Please don’t tell me you fucked her.”

“No!” he said then paused, “she asked to see it.”

“She asked to see it huh?” I said.

“Yes” he continued, “She then took me into the back room and I showed her.”

“She then gave me the XXL ones without me paying for them.” he added.

I had an inkling she would’ve pounced on him if he was willing too.

“But she also wasn’t really my type,” he said bluntly.

He runs his hands up and down my body.

“Your type?” I said.

“Yeah” he said pulling me closer to him, “I like them older, busty and with a nice ass.”

He then slaps my shapely butt and I felt quite pleased knowing I was his type of woman. I giggled afterwards and kissed him.

“I’m not surprised that you like older woman Seth.” I said, “Though it could be the fact that you see me as a mother too.”

“True.” he said, “Honestly it was hot the way you treated me before.”

I felt more turned on now. He liked the way I scolded him?

“Then this mother will show you want you are missing out on,’ I said teasingly, “go to the bedroom and strip mister. I’ll trabzon escort be there in a moment.”

He walks into the bedroom and gets undressed. His thick and huge cock perched on his leg as he laid on the bed.

I smiled as I walked in afterwards. Then took off the robe. His expression was so cute.

“Surprised big boy?” I teased, “I told you I’d only wear it on special occasions.”

“What special occasion could this be?” he asked smirking.

His cock started to raise. I licked my lips.

“The day we became a couple,” I said, “and had sex for the first time.”

“Get over here!” he said aggressively.

“Nope,” I said smiling.

“Oh come on!” he groaned, “Let’s just fuck already!”

I folded my arms over my chest.

“Is that anyway to talk to your mother!” I said in my best mom voice.

“No ma’am,” he said looking away.

I think this was new for him.

“Awww did my big little boy not like the way mommy scolded him?” I said walking towards his side of the bed.

“Yes,” he said looking at me now.

“Does mommy’s big little boy want me to make him feel better?” I continued and got between his legs.

“Yes please,” he said, “I want mommy to make me feel better.”

I smiled at him. He’s really into this.

I plunged my mouth over his tip and down his shaft. His thickness stretches my mouth.

“HOLY SHIT!” he bellows out.

I continue to suck him in my mouth. Looking at his face the whole time. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed it. I then started suck his balls. Sucking them into my mouth. He moans. My technique is working. I bet he hasn’t had a girl do this before to him. I start to jerk him off now. My tongue circling his tip. Licking up his precum that seeped out.

Then I began sucking him deeper in my mouth. He held my face now and started ramming his cock down my throat.

“Feels so fucking good,” he said.

I moan. It was starting to feel good for me too. I start gagging after awhile. My face had slobber all over it. My cheeks were flushed and my eyes glazed.

“Does mommy’s mouth feel good?’ I said popping my mouth from his cock and coughing.

“Yes,” he said.

“Does my big little boy want to taste mommy’s pussy?” I asked.

He smiles as I lay down on the bed. He then removes the bottom of my lingerie. Then he starts. I immediately moan and grab his head. Holding it there as I humped his face. Feeling his tongue lap inside me.

“Does mommy’s pussy tastes good?” I sighed and moaned, “You’re licking me with such finesse.”

He bites and pulls at my lips. Causing me to moan louder. Then pushes his tongue deeper into me. Holding me by my waist and bending my back.

“Yes,” I said, “fuck me with your tongue baby!”

His tongue starts wiggling inside of me. His fingers spread my pussy open more. He looks at me the whole time. Seeing how I’m liking and enjoying his skill. I ruffle his hair and start breathing hard.

I felt one of his fingers circling my anus.

“No sweetie,” I tried to say, “that’s an exit. Not something you can finger or fuck!”

I felt his finger then push into my ass. I scream as waves of pleasure took me. He starts sliding his finger in and out slowly.

“Please remove your finger sweetie,” I panted, “that’s a rather delicate place.”

He doesn’t listen.

I pull his head away from my pussy, but he pins me under him. My back bent in a angle. My legs up in the air. He continues.

As minutes roll by, I felt like I was going to cum hard.

“I’M GOING TO CUM!” I said loudly.

He bites my lips again and growls. I grab his hair.

“OH MY GOD!” I scream loudly.

I came hard. My body shaking as I climaxed. I squirted and it soaked his face.

“You are a fucking gusher!” he said afterwards.

I blush at him.

“Well I tend to get rather gushy when I am having really good sex sweetie,” I said glowingly and smiled.

He climbs up my body, until we are aligned and matched. His dick slowly pressing into my pussy. He presses his head in. I stop him.

“Place on the condom first damnit!” I snapped at him.

He rolls off me and grabs the box by his nightstand. I lean over his arm. Watching him tear one open.

I then grab the rubber from his hand and get between his legs.

“Allow me to place it on you,” I said.

I then start rolling it down his shaft slowly. Once it reached his base, I gave it a few jerks and mounted him. Slowly pressing down on him until his head entered me. I let out a moan, as I slide down his shaft. I then reach his base.

“Holy fucking shit,” I said afterwards, “it’s so fucking thick!”

“You feel so fucking tight,” he moans, “much tighter than every other girl I’ve fucked.”

I began to slide up his shaft. He moans. Once I reach his head, I slide back down. Slowly building rhythm as I rode him. My ass was now slapping against his thighs now. We’re both moaning at this point.

“I love this fucking huge cock!” I said panting, “it just feels so good in my pussy!”

“Yeah take that cock!” said Seth.

“You like mommy trabzon escort bayan riding you sweetie?” I said.

“Yes,” he said.

“Mommy does too,” I replied back, “your cock is making me feel very wet.”

He slaps my ass.

“Mommy’s been a bad girl huh?” I teased.

He slaps me again.

“Yes baby punish mommy!” I moaned, “spank my ass again.”

He then flips me over and starts fucking me harder. My legs wrapped around his waist. My arms hugging to his shoulders.

“Yes baby fuck me!” I said, “fuck mommy!”

He pushes his cock further into me.

“Oh my fucking god!” I said, “I fucking feel it hit my womb!”

Sweat was pouring off our bodies at this point. Both of us enjoying each other.

His thrusts became more slower, yet more deeper and precise. It drove me crazy. My own late husband never fucked me like this. It’s like Seth knew EXACTLY where to hit. No wonder he had girls after him, the guy was a natural. Like a fucking god!

“Yeah you like my big cock don’t you?” he said.

“YES!” I moaned loudly, “I love it so fucking much! Fuck me!”

He starts slamming faster again. His cock hitting my cervix everytime. It hurt, but it was a good hurt.

We kiss wetly between panting and moaning. Our tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. Saliva trails down our chins. He then lays his head on my shoulder and kisses it. I started to sense it. His moans become longer.

“You gonna cum baby?” I said, “you gonna cum in mommy?”

He moans again.

“Yes that’s right,” I continued, “cum baby! Cum in my pussy!”

He slams into me and stops moving.

“FUCKING SHIT!” he grunts.

“Oh yes!” I said, “Yes! Fill me with your cum!”

Then I felt it. Felt him shoot his cum into the rubber. I feel it expanding in me. He came a lot!

“Good boy,” I panted and kissed him, “oh god that felt so fucking good.”

He collapses on top of me afterwards. We both caught our breath and were still connected to each other. Finally he gingerly pulls out. I sighed in contentment.

“Well this is a problem,” he said.

“What is?” I asked.

“The condom is still in you,” he said.

“Well pull it out then!” I said.

“Take it easy,” he said, “it’s nothing to freak out about.”

I then felt him pull it out. I let out a little moan.

“Check this out,” he said afterwards.

He hovers the condom over my face. I see all his cum bulging at the tip.

“Looks yummy,” I said, “give it to me!”

I take it from him and slurp it down in three gulps. He watches me throw it on tbe floor afterwards. We laughed and laid facing each other.


“So the trip going Ms. Desper,” said Seth’s father John Dougerson.

“Ummmm it’s g-going extremely well!” I said.

Thwap Thwap Thwap Thwap

“What’s that sound?” Mr. Dougerson asks.

Seth was behind me as I laid on my stomach. His cock sliding in and out of me, as I have his father on speaker. Just as I finished my previous statement, his thrusts go faster.

“I’m just giving Ms. Desper a deep massage dad,” Seth said between his thrusts.

“Why is he giving you a massage Ms. Desper?” John asked.

“I have been feeling extra tense lately,” I said, “your son is a natural John.”

I looked back at Seth lovingly.

“That’s good to hear,” John sighed, “so besides that, how is he behaving?”

“He’s been improving a lot,” I said in time with Seth’s thrusts, “he just needs to try a bit HARDER now.”

I looked back at Seth again.

“That’s excellent news,” John said, “I’m glad he is learning to be a better man.”

“Oh trust me Mr. Dougerson,” I said, “he is a better man now.”

Seth leans his torso over my sweaty back. He starts thrusting deeper and harder. I sighed in content.

“Okay then,” he continued, “so I guess I’ll end the call and see you guys next week.”

“Uh huh,” I said losing myself to bliss, “see you next week.”

Just after he hangs up, I moan loudly as Seth pulls out and cums on my back. We both pant and catch our breath afterwards.

“Does someone feel better now?” I asked smiling.

“Yep,” he said, “though still weirded out by what we just did.”

Since we first had sex over half a week ago, we’ve been experimenting with new ideas. One was me calling for room service as I rode him. The other was calling my sister, while he was doing me doggystyle and asking how Doug was doing. This time was him fucking me from behind, as I called his dad to give him a update.

“You know you liked it,” I said.

I roll over onto my back and get out of bed. Some of the cum smeared onto the sheets.

“I still can’t believe I got to fuck you,” said Serh, “it was amazing.”

I look out our bedroom window, His cum dribbling slowly down my back.

“Yeah,” I said, “it was.”

I turn to face him.

“I’m going to take a bath,” I said, “you can join me if you want.”

I grab my phone off my pillow and walk towards the bedroom door.

“Is that an invitation?” he said smirking.

“Maybe,” escort trabzon I teased, “or it could be just a bath with a hot mom and nothing more than that.”

I open the bedroom door and walk out to the living room naked. I then turn towards the bathroom and walk in. His cum now dried on my back. I start the water and fill it up. Then uses some bath beads to make the water foamy. The smell was heavenly. True bliss as I stepped in and sat down.

I sighed as the water touched my skin. It felt nice. Too bad Seth didn’t want to join me. But as I thought that, he walks in holding two glasses and bottle of alcohol, which he hid behind his back.

“Aren’t you a little young to be drinking sweetie?” I asked teasingly.

“I drank alcohol all the time,” he said, “a little wine won’t change that.”

He hands me the glasses which I put on the side of the tub. He then gets it.

“To be honest,” I said as he sat down, “I was hoping you would join me.”

“Well I was,” he said, “until I your son told me to fuck off again.”

“Why?” I asked, “what made him say that. What did you say?”

I started to get irked at this. Why can’t those two get along? Especially now since…Seth and I are a couple. I want Doug to understand that Seth WILL never do that to him again.

He tells me how he messaged Doug saying how we’d be back next week. Then added how he was truly sorry for bullying him. At which point Doug said fuck off and that he didn’t care.

I sighed and laid back in the tub. At this point, I am getting annoyed with Doug’s behavior. Sure Seth can be an asshole and a racist. But IF Doug just got past it, he would see a boy whose mother left him and his father.

“At this point hun,” I said, “I’m not surprised Doug would say that.”

He opens the bottle and I hold up one glass at a time.

“Let’s not talk about him,” I continued afterwards, “he has no say in our relationship.”

When both are filled, I hand him one and grabbed mine.

“What shall we toast to?” I asked sniffing the aroma.

This was a very expensive wine. I drank it before on my anniversary with my late husband. Would he like the way Seth treated our son? Would he be pissed to know I am on an exotic trip with him? Would he be upset to know we had sex together? Would he be happy knowing that Seth is now the type of man he was to me? Would he approve of us being a couple?

“How about to good memories,” he said.

“To wonderful memories,” I repeated.

We clanked our glasses and took a sip of our wine.

“So about Doug,” he said taking another sip, “I have the perfect way to tell him about us.”

“Us?” I said, “so we really are doing this?”

He downs his glass and sets it down in his side of the tub. He can hold his liquer good too.

“Well to be honest,” he said, “I was expecting it was-HEY!”

He laughs as I splash him.

“No,” I said, “I want this to be a long fulfilling relationship.”

“I…agree,” he said refilling his glass and mine.

We drank our wine together and just enjoyed each other’s company. Then we started kissing and touching each other under the water. Kisses turned to moans as we started to really get into it. Finally it turned into me on top of him as I rode him. He used the rest of the wine on my body to wash the suds off my chest. Then started sucking on my nipples.

Seth then grabs my phone and dialed Doug. Placing it on speaker as we fuck.

“Hello?” Doug said, “Mom? That you?’

I moaned and panted. Seth had a wicked grin on his face. I liked it.

“Oh yes baby,” I said afterwards, “that feels so good!”

“M-mom?” Doug said, “W-what’s going on?”

“Oh god baby you feel so good in me!” I said as Seth grabbed my ass.

“M-mom!” Doug said, “If this is a joke please stop it!”

“Oh yeah,” I continued, “your cock is so fucking thick!”

“Come on mom stop!” Doug said on the verge of tears, “Stop!”

Seth’s thrusts pick up and I hold him tighter as I cum.

OH SETH!” I moaned out, “OH MY GOD BABY. I love you!”

I heard Doug crying in the background, as I french kiss Seth.

“Why?” Doug asks weakly, “Why are you w-with him?”

“That is none of your business!” I snapped at him, “All I’m asking-and TELLING this time is to get along with him. For me please!”

“I will never,” said Doug, “get along with him!”

“You better learn to respect the fact I’m with him now!” I said coldly.

Seth snickered at this. I could tell he’s enjoying my stern mom vibe.

“Fuck you S-” Doug began to say before I ended the call.

“Why did you call Doug?” I asked as I slowly rode him now.

“I told you already,” he said.

“I didn’t want him now…yet,” I said, “it ruins everything now.”

He slams into me now causing me to moan.

“It changes nothing,” Seth said, “except how shocked he must be now.”

“But to be honest here,’ he continued, “I wanted him to hear me cum inside his mommy.”

“Well this mommy wants her baby boy to do that right now,” I said.

Then I stopped and held his face.

“You ARE wearing a condom right?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “had one on this entire time.”

I sighed.

“Good,’ I said, “safety first right?”

I continued riding his cock. Water splashing around us and landing on the floor. Our moans picked up more as our tempo increased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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