My Megan Addiction Ch. 01

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I had been married for several years to Eve when our lives took a very unexpected yet interesting turn. At the time this occurred, Eve was 35 and her daughter, Megan, was 18. Yes, Eve had gotten pregnant when she was 16 and gave birth to Megan when she was 17. This was my second marriage but Eve’s first. Eve never married Megan’s father, a man Megan has hardly known for a very long time. I am a very successful attorney who earns an income that provides for a very comfortable lifestyle in South Florida. After I divorced my first wife, I devoted myself to my work and enjoying the money that came with it. Several years after my divorce, I met Eve, my second wife through an executive dating service.

Between Eve and me, ours was primarily a marriage of mutual convenience. I wanted someone to keep me company while not asking too much of me. She wanted a professional man with a good income to financially provide for her and Megan so that they’d be comfortable. As a high net worth single man, no kids and not looking for anymore, I was a perfect find for Eve. Once married, I sold my condo and bought a very large house in a nice neighborhood and enrolled Megan in a private school. Eve stopped working her hourly-wage job to take care of Megan, the house, the bills, the cars — she did everything so I could just focus on my job.

Our sex life wasn’t a main feature of our marriage. While I enjoyed sex and found Eve to be quite attractive — she was petite with long dark hair – I rarely had the time or energy given the hours I put in at the office. Although Eve never said much about her sex life prior to meeting me, I was able to conclude from what little I did hear that Eve had been quite rebellious and sexually promiscuous when she was a teenager and that is how she got pregnant at age 16. Megan and I got along well — she was always kind and respectful to me, and appreciative of how well I provided for her and her mom. Megan responded well to my mature, chivalrous and calm demeanor. Although she called me Dad, we lacked the emotional bond that many fathers and daughters typically enjoy.

Several years after Eve and I got married and moved into a big new house together, Megan turned 18 and graduated high school. Barely. Several months before graduating in the spring, Megan got a job working at some clothing store at the mall. After graduation, she continued working there, now full-time, and continued to live at home. She made friends with the other young folks she worked with, even though many of them were already in their 20’s and living on their own. Eve was not fond of Megan hanging out with older friends who had their own apartments and were old enough to drink legally.

It was at this point that both Eve and I noticed a distinct change in Megan’s dress & appearance. She had let her dark brown, almost black, hair grow out and it was long and straight. She tanned easily and in the summer took on a dark brown hue. Her green eyes were a striking contrast to her dark hair and dark-in-summer skin. She began to dress very provocatively, everything short, tight, fitted. As the summer progressed, I couldn’t help but notice the change in the bathing suits she wore while using our pool. They had gone from normal bikinis — normal to me, I guess — to strings that barely etiler eve gelen escort covered her very tight, perfect body. I was amazed at how much skin showed when she wore some of these bathing suits. Megan’s body was flawless. She had fabulous C-cup breasts, firm and well-shaped, and no fat on her body. At the top of legs that appeared long relative to her 5’4″ height was her perfectly tight ass. Although a part of me felt guilty for ogling Megan and getting mentally aroused, especially since Megan was very appreciative of me and my impact on her quality of life, I comforted myself with the facts that she wasn’t my blood and that she was 18 years old and a full-grown woman, at least physically.

I now began paying more attention to her and showing more interest in her. As the summer wore on, I developed a physical longing for her. On weekends when Megan was working and Eve was off running errands, I’d sneak into Megan’s bedroom and rummage through her drawers. I wanted to see the bras and panties she wore. She owned a lot of very sexy things that she had bought at Victoria’s Secret. I would find the hamper with her dirty clothes, search for her panties — cotton and silk, nylon and lycra – and jerk myself off into them. I was amazed at how tiny her sexy little panties were. Almost always, this took maybe a minute or two, so aroused was I by the soft, smooth fabric, the scent of her fresh pussy, the image in my head of these tiny little panties on this perfect, tight body. I would soak them with my cum and put them back. I became obsessed with her and her lingerie and soon found myself jerking off into her panties several times a week.

Then, the proverbial shit hit the fan. One day in the fall, Megan brought home her new boyfriend and introduced him to her mother. Upon learning that 18-year-old Megan was dating a 28-year old man, Eve hit the roof. For weeks, Eve stewed about this, trying to figure out how to stop it. We had no answers.

Eve knew they were having sex and took some relief in the fact that Megan was on the pill. Eve knew, from experience that there was nothing she could do to keep her daughter from having sex with anyone, let alone a man 10 years older.

It wasn’t long thereafter that I was getting into bed one night, early as usual, and felt something under my pillow. To my shock, I discovered a small tube of flavored sexual lubricant. Puzzled, I lifted the sheets off the bed to see what else I might find. As I stared at the bed and the sheets, I noticed something else, not hard to miss: a large damp spot right where one should be if someone were having sex in this bed. Knowing it wasn’t me, I assumed it was likely Megan and her boyfriend, Jeff. Angry, but not wanting to cause any more stress and havoc between the women in the house, I laid in bed for an hour figuring a way to — peacefully — put an end to this. As I thought about what to do, my thoughts turned to what Megan must look like while getting laid. I began to fantasize about fucking her, from behind, while she wore one of those tiny little bikinis. My circumcised cock grew hard, extending to its full and smooth 7 inches. I quickly grabbed some tissues and, using the lube I had discovered, lubed up my cock and began to stroke myself etiler grup yapan escort furiously, while fantasizing me fucking Megan dog-style, my hands reaching around to squeeze her wonderful tits. In no time, I filled the tissues with my cum. As I savored the pleasure, an idea crossed my mind about what to do.

The next day at work, I searched and found a reputable home security company located in a neighboring city about an hour away. I contacted them and scheduled an appointment to come to my home to install a video surveillance camera in my bedroom. I took Eve to lunch that day to get her out of the house. On the day of the appointment, I had the installer first come to my office first to obtain a house key and the security code for the alarm. We then talked about the set-up: he would install a tiny camera someplace in the bedroom, on the side of the bed. Then, using a wireless system, enable my computer in my home office to record the images from the hidden camera. He also said there’d be a private internet address where, with a password I’d set up, I could view live and recorded images from any computer with an internet connection. I paid him cash. He texted me when he was complete and indicated that everything was working perfectly.

Some weeks later, I had to go out of town for a few days on business. On the 2nd night in my hotel room, I pulled out the instructions on how to watch the recorded images from the camera I had hidden in my master bedroom. As I booted up and logged in, excitement came over me and I silently prayed that I might get to watch my step-daughter getting fucked or sucking her boyfriend’s dick. After a few minutes of learning how to review what had already been recorded, I finally found footage from the previous day. I pushed play and, sure enough, saw on the screen the image of a man and a woman in the bedroom.

It was dark in the room and they did not put on any lights so it was very hard — almost impossible — for me to really see anything. I made a mental note to see if the lighting could be addressed and returned my focus to the silhouettes in the bedroom. I turned up the volume on my laptop. The two figures entered the bedroom and closed the door. The woman then turned and faced the man and unbuckled his pants. His pants now around his ankles, the woman dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock. They made no sounds but I had assumed it was Megan and Jeff. Her back was to the camera, while kneeling. He was facing the camera, standing. Her head bobbed up and down, slowly. He tilted his head back, obviously enjoying this cock sucking, and ran his fingers through her long hair. This went on for a few minutes, her head slowly bobbing up and down. I could tell that one of her hands was resting against his torso and the other appeared to be between her legs. I thrilled at the thought of her playing with her pussy while she sucked this man’s dick. By now, my dick was throbbing and needed relief. I pressed paused and grabbed the free hotel lotion and a towel from the bathroom and returned to the chair in front of the computer screen. I pressed play, pulled my erection out of my boxers and lotioned up my rock-hard penis. I began to jerk in rhythm to the bobbing of the girl’s head. etiler masöz escort

Her head picked up speed, up and down, up and down on this man’s dick. The hand that she was resting on his torso now gripped his penis and she began to get very vigorous. I wanted to pick up the pace on my own cock but knew I would cum right then. I continued to pump my cock slowly with my right hand, from the base of the shaft all the way up the tip and back. As she sucked and pumped his dick passionately, he let out a long moan.

“Oh yeah, baby. That’s it. Suck my cock! You’re going to make me cum.” I could tell by the man’s voice that it was Jeff.

The woman mumbled, I’m guessing to acknowledge his notice. The pace of her head, bobbing up and down, and her hand — pumping his shaft — got even faster. The hand she had in her panties was working feverishly on her clit. Precum leaked out of the tip of my penis and I knew I was close to erupting. I could tell that Jeff was close, too. It’s strange the thoughts that cross your mind when you’re having sex but it occurred to me that my 18-year-old step-daughter was displaying some impressive cock-sucking skills. I wondered how she acquired those skills and imagined it was me she was sucking off.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” Jeff announced. “You’re going to let me cum in your mouth, aren’t you?” Jeff asked the woman.

She mumbled an affirmative and, just then, his hands gripped the side of her head and pulled her head to him. It appeared he was trying to ram his exploding cock all the way down her throat. Her hands grabbed his hips and I couldn’t tell if she was trying to resist him as he face-fucked her or if she was just holding on for dear life. But her head kept moving, kept sucking.

With his cock buried all the way in this woman’s throat, he convulsed as she must have sucked every last drop of cum out him. At this point, my dick began to spew cum and I pulled my 7″ cock toward my torso so as not to get cum all over my computer. I jerked myself furiously and shot my cum all over my stomach and chest.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” he exclaimed. “You’re such a good little cocksucker! Swallow my cum”

She milked him and sucked him clean and now his hands were on her shoulders, trying to hold himself up. And she did as she was told, swallowing every last drop. At this point, the female removed his cock from her mouth and began to stand up.

“I’ll bet Megan doesn’t suck your dick like that, does she Jeff? Did you like that?” she said.

And then I realized that wasn’t my step-daughter, Megan, giving Jeff a blow job in my bedroom. It was my wife, Eve. I could tell by her voice as soon as I heard her. I sat in stunned silence, my cum oozing down my chest and my cock softening in my hand. I was in shock but couldn’t stop from watching how this played out.

My wife spoke to him as she pushed him out the bedroom door but I could not make out the audio. She then went into the bathroom, turned on the light and closed the door. That was the end of that episode. I realized it happened late at night last night. I wondered where Megan was when Jeff was getting his dick sucked by my wife. I concluded that he must have brought her home from a date around 11pm and led Megan to believe he had left to go home when, in reality, he never really left my house until after his blow job.

Shock and disbelief came over me and I sat stunned for the longest time. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. Finally, I got up and, with voicemails and emails, cancelled the rest of my meetings and found a return flight later that morning. I had to get home and confront my slut wife.

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