My Little Cousin Pt. 02

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There were a few days between our meeting in the car park, and the time we arranged to meet up on the weekend. Ashley was still living at home, but her parents were away for the weekend, so Victoria and I were heading over there on Saturday. To say that we were excited was an understatement – the fact that she had kept up a steady stream of naughty texts between us (well mainly her and Vic) had definitely helped the situation…

My flatmate had just gone out for a bit to go down to shops, and so I thought I’d pop down to the guest room to see how Vic was doing. I hadn’t seen her since I got back from work, so thought that she might be catching some shut-eye. I walked downstairs to the guest room, before knocking lightly on the door. After a small pause, Vic answered from inside, “Who is it?” she called out lightly.

“It’s me Vic” I replied through the door.

“Come in Benj, it’s open.” You called back softly.

As I walk in, I see the curtains are closed, and that she was under the duvet. I assumed I was right about her having a nap, so said to her, “I don’t want to disturb you if your sleeping Vic.”

Her answer to that, after flicking her eyes towards the open door, was to pull the covers down over her body. I shut the door behind me as I took in the sight of her, lying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide, and two fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy. Her phone was lying next to her body, where her left hand would have been just earlier. Her smooth mound and pussy lips were glistening with her pussy juices, as were her fingers and the insides of her upper thighs. Glancing down, I could see a large wet spot on the bed between her spread legs.

My cock began to stiffen in my pants, as she gazed at me, and slowly began to slide her fingers in and out of herself. Judging by her flushed face, tousled hair, and the size of the wet spot, she had been going at it for a while, and I guessed had had at least one orgasm. Her breasts lay proudly upon her chest, topped off by her stiff pink nipples, the areola puckered up around the stiff nub.

Her free hand beckoned me towards her, and I stepped towards her, dropping my pants to the floor and pulling my t-shirt over my head as I did. I dropped my t-shirt on the floor as well, as she shuffled over on the bed slightly to make room for me to join her. I sat down next to her on the bed, my cock straining in my boxers.

“What are you doing Vic?” I asked her.

“Ashley and I have been sexting each other to get excited for Saturday night, then she started send me some sexy photos and we couldn’t help ourselves,” she said, “we’ve sent some hot photos to each other! I’ve come already and she’s come twice! And we still can’t stop!”

“Wow that’s a fucking turn on! Both such naughty little sluts…I love it!”

“Look at these texts from Ash, she is well up for Saturday night.” Vic said.

Looking down at the phone she showed me the string of texts between them.

Vic: Hey Ash what you up to gorgeous girl?

Ash: Hi sexy! J Was just thinking of you! 😉

V: Naughty thoughts I hope 😉

A: Of course hun! 😉 Can’t help but think of you that way 😉

V: Mmmmm can’t wait for Saturday!

A: Me neither! I swear that I get wet every time I think of you! Pretty soaked right now! 😉

V: Wow that’s hot! Wish I was there to see! 😉 And feel hehe

A: Rubbing my clit for you now 😉 want to feel your tongue on my clit with Ben’s cock inside me 😉

V: Oh fuck yes Ash! Play with yourself for me!

A: My clit is getting hard for you Vic! Mmmm oh god! I’m getting so wet!

V: Yes Ash! Mmmm so hot! I’ve got my hand down my pants now playing through my panties!

A: Oh yes Vic! I’m naked on the bed, rubbing my sweet pussy for you! My nipples are hard and my legs are spread so wide!

V: Shit that is so hot! I’ve slipped my fingers into my panties now – I’m so horny for you! I’m just sitting on the couch with my hand in my pants!

A: God you turn me on Vic! It’s so hot to think that you’re playing with yourself in public! I love your exhibitionist side!

V: Mmmmm so you like thinking of me being naughty in public? Look at these then…

The next two messages were photos of Victoria taken of herself. The first looking down her body, showing her hand slid into her pants as she lay on the lounge couch. The second looking back at herself, her lips in a pout and her tits out in public, as her top and bra were pulled down. In the background you could see straight through to the kitchen as she lay on the couch playing with her naughty pussy.

Needless to say, my cock was diamond hard inside my boxers, pressing uncomfortably against the fabric.

A: Vic!! So naughty! Oh god you make me so wet!

V: Hehe you like it when I’m naked in public don’t you?

A: Yesss! I’ve just slipped my fingers bostancı escort inside my pussy and I’m so hot and wet…

Another photo – this time Ashley had taken a photo, close-up on her own fingers, which were glistening with her own juices.

V: Oh fuck you are wet Ash! That is so hot! Wish I could taste your fingers right now – I can’t wait to taste your sweet juices on Saturday night!

A: Oh fuck yes! Oh god I’m fingering myself so hard for you right now!

V: Oh yea Ash – fuck yourself for me! I just slid one finger into my pussy and I’m soaked as well! I just wet up my clit for you and I’m stroking it right now! My tits are still out – I could get caught at any time…

A: Oh god your such a little slut Vic! Oh god I wanna come with you! My juices are dripping onto my bed!

V: Yes Ash! Come for me! Make yourself squirt for me! Oh fuck my panties are getting so wet as I rub my clit!

A: Oh Vic! Yes! Oh my god! Vic I’m gonna come for you! Oh god! My fingers are slipping into my pussy so easily!

V: Oh Ash! Oh fuck yes! Come for me my little slut! Make your tight little pussy come on your fingers! Oh god my nipples are so hard! I’m moaning your name as I rub my little clit…imagining it was your tongue!

A: Oh god! Coming! Oh! Vic!

A wet spot was forming on my boxers where my pre-come was soaking through the material. I was pressed up against Victoria’s body, and I could see her re-reading the texts along with me. I felt her hand undo the buttons on the fly of my boxers, her hand slipping inside and grabbing onto my shaft. She pulled my cock out through the fly-hole and began slowly stroking my cock.

V: Oh yes Ash! Oh that’s so hot! Oh fuck did you come hard?

A: Oh my god yes! I just squirted all over!! Oh god I think I soaked my bed! My hand and arm are soaked that’s for sure!

V: Wow! Oh god that’s a turn on! I’ve taken my jeans off now and I’m lying here on the couch with my hand in my panties, and my top pulled down over my tits! Fuck you make me horny Ash!

A: I’m glad coz you make me so horny! My pussy juices sprayed so far that they got on my clothes at end of my bed!

V: Fuck! Oh yes that is so hot! Oh Ash I wanna see you squirt like that on Saturday! I want to lick your pussy until you explode in my face! Oh fuck I want you!

A: Yes Vic! I’m gonna squirt on your face and your hot tits and I’m gonna soak Ben’s cock with my juices too! I’m gonna make you come so hard when I lick and finger your little slit!

“Fuck that feels good Vic!” I whispered softly to her, “you two are so naughty and slutty – I would never have guessed Ash would be like that…or that you were so keen on lesbo stuff!”

“God I just get so horny and I just talk so dirty! I’ve fingered a girl before, and been fingered – remember I told you the story about Olivia? I just really want to fuck Ash – want to see her squirt – I think that is soooo sexy!”

Vic’s hand was stroking my stiff shaft as pre-come flowed from my cock head, lubricating my shaft under her hand. I could see that her free hand was still stroking her pussy, two fingers dipped inside her as her wet pussy dripped juice onto the bed.

V: Oh god Ash! Keep going! Oh god I wanna come! My nipples are so hard! My panties are to the side and I’m fingering my cunt hard!

A: I’m gonna ride your face as you lick my wet pussy before I squirt my pussy juices all over your mouth! Then I’m gonna get Ben to fuck me bent over as I lick your pussy!

V: Oh Ash! Oh fuck! I’m close! God yes! Oh god make me come!

A: Come for me you little slut! Come on your fingers as you imagine Ben’s cock in your tight little pussy! Mmm and I’m watching and playing with my pussy before I squirt my juices down your body…spraying all over your tits and pussy!

V: Ash! Oh! Fuck! Coming! Oh god!

A: Oh shit I bet you look so hot and slutty right now! Half naked on the couch with your fingers in your pussy!

V: Oh yes! Oh god you made me come hard! I do look slutty hehe 😉 hope that is hot for you!

A: Oh god so hot Vic! My nipples are still so stiff, and my pussy is literally soaking wet!

V: You are such a sexy bitch Ash! You made me come so fast! I just moved into my room coz I heard a car pull in! Came for you just in time!

A: Mmmm just in time! Guess what?

V: What?

A: I bought a couple of new toys for us for Saturday 😉 and a super sexy outfit 😉

V: I can’t wait!

A: Me neither…that’s why one of the toys is vibrating in my pussy right now!

V: Oh god you horny slut! You just can’t help yourself can you?

A: No I can’t 😉 just thinking of you on the night we met…I was looking in through the window watching you two fuck each other as my hand was in my wet panties! Oh fuck this toy feels good…my whole cunt is çeliktepe escort vibrating and my clit is so stiff!

V: I bet you look so slutty right now! Mmmm I remember seeing your sexy body when Ben put the window down and I instantly got wet for you! You looked so fucking hot that night!

A: I couldn’t help but knock! I’d never been so horny before as I was watching you two!

V: Oh god thinking of that night makes me horny again! I’m in the bedroom now…I’m naked and my legs are spread wide for you!

A: Mmmmmm that’s a sexy sight to imagine! Oh god I remember watching you bounce on Ben’s cock…I was so close to the window I thought you might see me, but I just wanted to see your pussy sliding on his cock! Fuck this toy is soooooo good!

V: Fuck if I’d known you were there I would have put a show on 😉

A: It was a show anyway! I loved hearing you moan as you fucked…I couldn’t hear what you were saying but I could hear your pleasure…I could barely take my eyes off your tits and pussy! My pussy was so wet at this point and I didn’t even care that it was raining! My nipples were so stiff in the cold rain!

V: Oh god you make me horny! I wish I had a toy like you! My pussy is so wet and I’m sliding two of my fingers inside!

A: Oh god Vic! I remember watching Ben’s come spray over your tits!! That was it for me…I squirted into my panties as I came! Oh fuck…oh Vic…I’m coming!! Oh my god!

V: Oh shit Ash! Oh god you make me soooo horny!! Oh god I wish I was there!

A: Vic! Oh my god! Oh Vic! Oh god I made a mess all over! Oh fuck I squirted so hard Vic!

The next message was a picture taken from Ashley’s point of view, showing her glistening body. Her fingers were down by her clit and her stomach was splattered with her own pussy juices where she had obviously squirted onto herself.

V: Oh shit that is so hot! God you make my pussy so wet I want to come for you again! God I’m so slippery and wet – my fingers are dripping wet thinking of seeing you squirt!

A: Holy fuck! Oh god I squirted so hard for you Vic! Shit I think it reached my tits…yep I came onto my own tits! I have never come like that before! I promise to squirt for you tomorrow 😉

V: Honestly I’m gonna be so wet all day Saturday thinking of you! It’s gonna be so hard not fingering my wet little cunt like I am right now – I’m gonna come as soon as you start touching me 😉

V: Hey hold on a sec…Ben’s knocking on the door…

A: Hehehe 😉 get him involved – I’d like a picture of his cock! I want to imagine it sliding into my tight wet pussy! Mmmmmm hope to hear from you soon 😉

I glanced at Vic and she grinned naughtily at me. “Wanna send her a pic of this?” she said stroking my cock. I nodded, so she handed me the phone, moving her head down to my groin and taking my cock softly in her mouth. I snapped a pic of her looking up at me with my cock in between her lips and sent it to Ash.

“Mmmmm I can feel you throbbing in my mouth – I bet you’re close to coming after reading that?” Vic said quietly to me. The phone buzzes in my hand.

A: WOW!! Holy shit that is hot! Oh god I’m wet again now! Vic looks so hot with your cock in her mouth!

Knowing that Ashley is getting off to this as well makes my cock throb in pleasure. I tell Victoria that Ashley is getting turned on again and she takes her mouth off my cock long enough to smile naughtily at me.

“Well I think you’ve been teased long enough Benj,” she says to me, “now I’m gonna make you come!” She then slides up and places my stiff shaft between her sexy tits, and reaching her hand around begins to finger her pussy again.

I take a quick snap of my cock between her tits and send it to Ashley knowing that I’m gonna come soon. Victoria strokes my cock up and down between her mounds, her sexy nipples stiff on the tip of her breasts. My cock throbs with pleasure, painfully hard. The phone buzzes again – Ashley must have been waiting.

A: Oh fuck Vic you slut! Take his hot come! Spray it all over your tits! Oh god I’m fingering my tight cunt hard for you!

A: Oh god I’ve just seen…is Vic fingering herself too? Tell her to make herself come for me! Oh fuck I’m so wet! My pussy is so slippery and hot!

Reading those messages and watching Vic finger herself was the last straw. I relayed Ashley’s message to Vic breathlessly as I could feel the come boiling in my balls.

“Oh fuck that little slut is gonna have some fun with us on Saturday! Oh fuck my pussy is sooo wet Benj! Oh I want your come! Give it to me…all over my big tits! Oh fuck I’m gonna come! Oh shit! Oh god I can imagine your come shooting in my pussy like the other night! Oh fuck! Coming! Oh god! FUCK!” Vic moaned, her slick tits pressed tight around my hard shaft as she shook with her own orgasm.

My cock, cihangir escort glistening with the pre-come that had been flowing from my cock head, was throbbing with pleasure between Vic’s sexy tits. My balls tightened as I could feel the hot come flowing up my shaft. My come exploded like never before, a single long lasting stream of come arcing out between her breasts, and landing in a splatter onto my own chest and stomach. I gasped in pleasure at the first shot of come, and Vic grabbed her breasts, pressing them together and pulling my cock so it was pointing straight up. I kept coming, shots of come now splashing up under her chin and falling back down over her breasts, as Vic gently massaged her breasts against my cock. I kept spurting my come until it finally slowed down, flowing out of my tip and across her smooth tits.

Vic giggled, “I bet I look hot right now covered in your come! Fuck that was hot! Take a pic and send it to Ash!” I quickly snapped a picture of her, her tits covered in my come and my cock still between her tits as she smiled at the camera. I sent it to Ashley expecting a quick response.

As Vic collapsed to the bed next to me, exhausted from her second orgasm, the phone buzzed in my hand again.

A: For you two xxxx

There was a video attached to the message – I pressed the play button. Although the video was shaky, I could make out what was going on – Ashley was sitting on the edge of her bed and holding the camera away from her, pointing back towards her pussy. I could hear her moaning away, moaning both of our names and talking dirty as her free hand plunged two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. The moans got louder and the fingering more frantic, casing the video to get more jerky. “Oh fuck I’m soaking wet! Oh god Ben! Oh Vic!” we could hear her moaning, “oh my god I’m gonna come! I’m gonna squirt for you! Oh fuck! I’m imagining you, Ben, spraying your hot come onto your tits Vic! Oh shit! Coming!”

The video became very jerky as Ash shook in the throes of her orgasm, and we could hear the wetness of her pussy. All of a sudden the video became still as she must have propped it on a table or something, and she quickly fell back onto the bed, her fingers slamming into her slippery hole. She screamed loudly and arched her back, her fingers now rubbing her clit frantically, and Vic and I watched in fascination as come sprayed from her wet pussy lips.

Liquid exploded from her cunt, spraying in all directions, and we could hear the splashing sound as it landed on the floor. She moaned loudly again, a steady stream arcing high out of her pussy. We watched in amazement as her come sprayed across the gap towards the camera, the video instantly becoming unclear as her come hit the camera lens, before splashing away. Her fingers were still a blur on her clit, and she arched her back again, her pussy juices spraying up into the air and splashing onto her body. We watched the last bit of the video, little squirts still flowing from her pussy lips down towards her arse. She then got up from the bed and walked over to the camera, blew a kiss at it, and said, “hope you liked that? That’s how horny you made me! Can’t wait for Saturday!” The video ended there.

I know I for one was desperate for Saturday to arrive.

——- / / ——-

Aside from little gropes here and there and lots of dirty looks, Victoria and I agreed no more getting off until Saturday night. We wanted to have it saved up for then…

“Almost there!!” Victoria exclaimed to me excitedly. She was dressed simply, in a tight fitting blue t-shirt with no bra, her wonderful tits accentuated by the tight material, and her nipples, stiff from arousal, pointing proudly from her breasts. She had gone shopping this morning and had come back with a tiny black pleated skirt. When standing it dropped just below the bottom of her arse cheeks, leaving very easy access up it. When sitting, like she was in the passenger seat of the car on the way to Ashley’s, the skirt fell back up her thighs, exposing her gorgeous pussy. She had spruced up the outfit with some sexy high heels that added about 6 inches to her height, and caused her legs to look sexier. It was hard work keeping my eyes on the road! My cock was already hard in my pants, a tent forming as a result of looking up Victoria’s skirt, and thinking of the night ahead.

“Oh fuck we are finally here!” Vic said, as we pulled into Ashley’s driveway. “Thank fuck for that…I’m so horny right now! I’m literally dripping wet!” she said, slipping a finger into her wet pussy and bringing it out glistening.

We hopped out of the car and headed towards the front door. Just before we knocked, the door swung open, revealing a sultry Ashley standing there. She was dressed in a slutty schoolgirl uniform. Her large breasts covered by a small white shirt, which had been tied in a knot beneath her tits, accentuating them even more. Her dark nipples were clearly visible under the thin white material. Her skirt was little more than a plaid belt, checked white and blue, and didn’t even drop low enough to cover the white g-string that was hiding her pussy. Her feet were also clad in a pair of ‘fuck-me’ heels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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