My Landlord Pt. 04: MMM+F

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I had just turned twenty and had started college in another city. I rented a small room in the centre of town from an elderly couple. They were a nice couple in their early sixties. Mr Summers was tall and in great shape for his age, with tight cropped hair and a broad chest. Mrs Summers was quite tall with long flowing grey hair, a slim body and a sensual mouth.

I was slender with quite long brown hair and quite a feminine appearance. But I had quite a large cock already then, and one which quickly got very hard.

Mr Summers had found out that I was into both women and men not long after I moved in and had started to take advantage of it. The deal he made with me was that I got a little rebate on my rent for “a little help here and there,” and which included others.

Within short I had met several of his business friends, and soon enough Mrs Summers also knew.

One Sunday morning I woke up early but when I came into the kitchen, Mrs Summers was already there drinking coffee and reading a newspaper on her iPad. The early morning sun lit up the little room and bathed it in a warm glow. I only wore a morning gown, and I hadn’t closed it fully, so she caught a glimpse of my half erect cock as I entered.

“Good morning Ted,” she laughed.

“I see you feel good today.”

“Yes, Mrs Summers,” I answered awkwardly.

“Would you like coffee? Sit down and keep me company!”

I sat down at the short end, opposite Mrs Summers as she rose, poured me a cip of hot coffee and came up and placed it in front of me.

“Let me see some of that Ted,” she said and playfully pulled at the end of the Sash that held it together. I hadn’t tied it very hard, and it immediately came lose and my morning gown fell open. The sash fell to the floor next to me.

“Now, that’s how I like you.”

She returned to her seat as I sat without saying anything, but blushing, with my morning gown open and my cock now rock hard.

I tried to sip a little from the coffee cup but it was way too hot.

I put illegal bahis the cup down just as Mr Summers came in together with a man I had seen a few times in passing. It was Mr Summers slightly younger brother Paul. They both wear the same black cotton morning gown.

My instinctive reaction was to close the morning gown and grab the sash and close it, but before I could do anything Mrs Summers had put his hand on my neck and firmly pulled my morning gown back and off me.

“Good morning Ted! You look great like that … in the nude.”

After having pulled off my morning gown, he bends over me from behind and puts his arms around me and grabs my cock. He massages it gently.

“Mmm! Nice and hard, just the way we like it.”

“Feel him Paul, he is always ready for some sex this young slut.”

Mr Summers brother comes up to me with a big grin on his face. He looked very much like Mrs Summers. He leans over me and fondles my hardon. He smells of a nice after shave. I moan a little, but he soon releases me.

Mrs Summers watches the scene unfold with a broad smile.

The two men stand on either side of me, and slowly opens their morning gowns. Their hard cocks swing out just at the height of my chest. They look at each other and nod, and with a synchronised manoeuvre Mr Summers lifts me a little by the hair, as his brother pulls away the chair from under me, and I am slowly lowered to the floor. They both chuckle as I find myself facing their cocks.

“Maybe you want to use this boys,” Mr Summers says and hands Paul Summers a rubber dildo.

He takes it and holds it up in front of my mouth.

“Do you want this Ted?”

I look up at it and then at him, and nod.

“Say it Ted,” Mr Summers says in a firm voice and pulls my hair and head forward so that my lips touch the rubber cock.

“Yes, I want it,” I say meekly.

“What do you want, Ted?”

“I want that cock, that dildo.”

“Then suck it wet!”

I open my mouth and start to lick it. It is soon dripping illegal bahis siteleri with my saliva, and Paul playfully fucks my mouth a little with it.

“Take it and sit on it now,” he commands me.

I take it and move so that I sit on my knees, and slowly push the big cock replica into my ass. Slowly at first and as I relax and the initial pain recedes, I lower myself fully over it.

“Good girl,” Mr Summers says as I have it fully in me.

“And now tie this around your cock and balls, with a beautiful little double bow.”

He hands me a pink piece of packaging string, and I do as he asks and tie it tightly around my erect cock and shaved balls.

They both watch me as I do it, caressing their fully erect cocks right in front of my face.

“Will you be sucking those cocks for breakfast Ted,” Mrs Summers asks me with a big grin.

“Yes …” I answer.

She lifts up the iPad and films me.

“Tell me again Ted, what will you do …?”

“I will suck these big cocks for breakfast.”

Mr Summers immediately turns my head and pushes his cock into my mouth. He is huge, and I gag as he pushes it in. He fucks my mouth a little, and then pulls out and turns my head towards his brother.

His cock is not as long as Mr Summers, and it easily slides it. I eagerly suck on it and hear him moan with delight. He pulls out, breathing heavily.

“Fuck, this boy sucks good.”

I sit with my mouth open, looking at each of them.

Mrs Summers films it all.

Mr Summers grabs my hips and pulls me up. He then bends me forward over the table, so that my face is slightly over the edge, near Mrs Summers. My rock hard cock, gets caught under the table, as he pulls out the dildo in my ass and instead slowly pushes his cock in. I whimper as I feel him enter me.

“What is you favourite professor at the College, Ted?” Mrs Summers asks.

I pant as I answer, as Mr Summers slowly fucks my ass.

“Mr Lindstedt,” I moan.

“Good, then say high to Mr Lindstedt for canlı bahis siteleri me …”

I am not sure what she is doing, but I blurt out:

“Hi Mr Lindstedt.”

“Tell him that you are being fucked and just sucked two cocks …” she whispers.

“I look into the little camera lens and say:

“I am being fucked right now and just sucked two men’s big cocks …”


Mr Summers continues to fuck me as his brother offers me to suck his cock. I turn my head slightly and let him fuck my mouth. They both find a rhythm and fuck me slowly for a good while. My jaw begins to ache, and I am almost losing my own hardon, as they both pull out.

“I know you have an older sister Ted – Maria – does she have a boyfriend?”

“Yes … Magnus”

“Would it embarrass you if Maria and Magnus knew you like to suck cock?”


She laughs a little.

“Say hi to Magnus and Maria and tell me that you love to suck cock for them.”

I hesitate.

Mr Summers leans in over me and enters me again.

“Say it, bitch!” he whispers in my ear.

“Hi Maria, Hi Magnus, I love to suck … cocks …” I say, just as Paul Summers runs his cock across my face. He pushes the head into my mouth.

“Grab me and masturbate for me into your mouth,” he orders me, his voice thick with lust.

I grab hold of him and start massaging him, while sucking him.

Within short I feel that they both are close to coming. Mr Summers pounds me from behind like wild, whilst Paul pulls out and places his hand over mine and masturbates. They both climax simultaneously, one in my ass and the other over my face. A stream of sperm shoots over my forehead, nose and lips, as I am filled within as well.

When they both steps back and sit down, I remain where I lie, spread across the table facing Mrs Summers.

Without really thinking I face the camera and say;

“I’d love to suck some more cock …”

“You are a lovely cock sucker, Ted,” she says, as she continues to film me.

“Did you like the breakfast?”

“Yes …I love cum for breakfast.”

Mrs Summers reaches out and catches a drop from my nose. She brings the finger to my mouth and I suck it clean.

“The most important meal of the day …” she laughs.

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