My First Story

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I walk in the door and you greet me immediately. I push you onto the bed and start kissing your neck, your breathing becoming faster and faster as I gently use my teeth. I quickly begin unhooking your bra and you take off your shirt before I fully take it off. Frustrated, I finally get it off and instantly begin rubbing your gorgeous, heaving breasts and take them to my mouth.

“Keep going south,” you say with a chuckle.

I begin kissing below your breasts and down to your stomach. You quietly laugh and make a soft moan when I start going below your belly button. I start over-the pants rubbing for a few seconds before looking you in the eyes as you give me a “keep going” look.

I slowly unbutton your jeans and take them off. I admire your red thong and start kissing your inner thighs. Your sighs and moans get louder. I get closer to your pussy and tease you by going back up your legs. I slowly take off your thong and admire your closely-trimmed pussy as I begin to go down.

With your pussy lips spread, I pleasure at the sound of your moan as I lick around your clit, teasing it as much as possible. I take turns tongue-lashing and rubbing it with my thumb as I finger your ever moistening pussy. You beg me to go faster and individually move my fingers around in your pleasure haven.

While I work my fingers around, I can feel you getting wetter and wetter. My tongue is now focused on your gorgeous breasts. Using my teeth gently, I hear moaning to know I’m doing things right.

My mouth moves back between your legs and after a short while, your back begins to arch and I know I’m doing things right. Your moans become screams and start letting yourself go.

“Faster, dear God, faster,” you yell as you push my head illegal bahis deep into your box.

Your thighs start shaking as my tongue flicks your exposed clit and you stop screaming for just a moment as your face cramps up and you fully release your orgasm. Your back crashes down and you release a giant sigh of release.

After a moment passes, you compose yourself enough to say, “My turn.”

With a large smile on your face, you get on top and undue my belt. My penis is half-hard as you take my pants down. With nothing but dirty thoughts in both our heads, you take down my boxer briefs and furiously start an intense hand job. Only after a few seconds, my seven-inch rod becomes fully hard and with a smile, you begin the most passionate blow job I’ve ever experienced.

Your tongue dances around the tip of my cock while your hand rubs up and down my dick. With careful movement, you lick your way down the shaft and start licking my balls. I can’t help but moan and look down as I can see you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

You alternate taking each one into your mouth and I am doing everything I can to keep myself from cumming, since Dear Lord, do I not want this to stop. You move back up to my shaft, deep-throating all of me. I continue to moan more and more and I know I am about to burst.

“I want it,” you say. “I want you to cum. All of it, in my mouth.”

With a huge moan, I start blasting into your mouth and you moan with delight. You continue licking my tip as more and more keeps coming. With your mouth full, I pull out and finish the remainder on your gorgeous, full breasts, rubbing my hot load on your erect nipples. You rub my sticky goo all over your nipples and lick your fingers clean.

We both fall illegal bahis siteleri on our backs and regain composure for a few minutes and catch our breaths. While patient, you are sick of waiting and reach over to the nightstand and grab a condom. You work my flaccid cock back to full strength.

“I have an idea,” you say with a joyous look on your face.

As we both stand up, you grab onto my cock and lead me out of the room, guiding me with you and never let go. We head into the bathroom and you turn on the water to the jacuzzi. We quickly get in and your hand never leaves its place.

You slowly roll the condom on and give me a few tugs.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” you say with a breathy tone. “You’re going to enjoy this almost as much as me.”

Giving my cock a few slow but thorough tugs after you straddle me and finally I enter your soaking box. We both moan as if we’ve been waiting for this both our entire lives. You begin slowly riding, moaning in time with each grind. For a good 30 seconds, your bucking is slow but with good pace before really getting faster and faster. At such a feverous pace, your moans become screams and you are pulling at your nipples. I can feel your tight pussy get even tighter as your body shakes and you freeze, cumming as hard as you possibly can.

With sweat at your brow, you fall on your back onto the other side of the jacuzzi. Before I put my throbbing, giant cock in you, I gently rub my finger up and down your pussy. I spread your lips apart and find your enlarged clit, which I run gently, which surprises you and your legs snap together.

“Oh no you don’t!” I say jokingly.

As I lift your legs, I finally enter you missionary and you moan upon my entry. Your feet canlı bahis siteleri on my shoulders, I pound away for minutes as your back is on the upper wall of the tub. Between screams and moans, you suck on your erect nipples. When you aren’t doing that, you rub your clit feverously. The combination of that and my pounding results in three earth-shattering orgasms for you, so much so that you have to grab the sides of the jacuzzi to contain yourself.

“Yes! Fuck! Harder!” you scream at the top of your lungs. “Don’t stop! Fuck!”

After your fourth mind-bending orgasm, you become frozen, as we take a quick break. My penis stays hard the entire time, thinking back to blasting a load in your mouth and tits. Going this long without cumming is a new record, especially for someone as hot as you. The jacuzzi jets have worked in your favor, as they are helping with each orgasm.

“Let’s try something new,” you say with a dirty grin on your face.

You move your hands on top of the wall as you turn around and eagerly await to be fucked doggy-style. I just can’t wait to be inside you. I know just the thought of you about to take it from behind will make me cum soon.

While your pussy has been taking a joyful beating for over an hour now, it’s as tight as ever. As I enter you, your initial moan is as deep and loud as ever.

“Fuck yes!” you cry out. “Don’t stop.”

After taking you for only two minutes, I know this is becoming too much.

“God, yes!” I cry out.

“Keep going,” you moan.

“Not for much longer,” I say in a hurried tone.

I begin to pull out as I stand up and you turn around quickly. You immediately grab onto my cock and quickly tear away the condom. You feverishly work up and down with your tongue coiling in circles on the tip. I let out a giant moan as my cum hits the back of your throat. My knees are weak at this point.

“Amazing,” you say as I am still in shock from an earth-shattering orgasm. “Simply amazing.”

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