My First Crush Ch. 02

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A few days went by and I hadn’t heard from Judy at all. I had left a few messages at her office but she hadn’t returned my calls. Each time I would think about and relive that afternoon I found myself greatly aroused and longing for another chance to experience what we had shared between us.

The next day I was taking a few hours off in the morning to relax by the pool when the secretary came out from the office and told me that I had a phone call.

Several thoughts ran through my mind as I climbed the stairs of the clubhouse to the upper floors wondering who would be calling at this time of the day. Expecting it to be my mom as I picked up the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Judy’s voice on the line instead.

“Hi Ron, it’s Judy, how are you doing?”

“I’m great, how about you?” I asked. “I was getting a little worried that I hadn’t heard from you in a few days and I was wondering if I should come by your house to check on you.”

“Well that’s the reason I was calling…

I’m sorry I haven’t returned your calls but I’ve been swamped with so much to do lately.

I’m actually at work and I can’t talk much right now, but if you could meet me for lunch, say around one, maybe we could talk a little more then.

If you like, I know this place that serves great Chinese food and the atmosphere is perfect without too many interruptions. It’s just down the road from your apartment complex on the edge of town.”

“I know the place and it sounds great Judy. I’ll see you at one then.”

Not knowing what to expect, I found myself shaking a little with both excitement and concern that this would either be the end, or the beginning of something great. Getting cleaned up and dressed didn’t take long and I decided to head out a little early. Arriving at the parking lot and parking towards the back, I figured I’d wait for Judy to arrive before walking inside. I didn’t have to wait too long.

I saw her car pulling into the parking lot, a long black two door matching the dark color of her hair, Black shiny and classy.

After she parked I could see her looking at herself in the mirror, checking her make-up, her hair, everything. She opened her door and I got a great view of her legs as she stepped out. She was wearing a sharp red business skirt that hugged her body, a white blouse, nude hose, and tall red patent heels. Needless to say, I found myself almost shaking with desire as I took her all in. She looked absolutely amazing.

I just sat there as she walked towards the restaurant without hesitation and a firm confidence in her stride. As she got to the door several guys stopped what they were doing, opening the door for her and just staring at her as she went by. She looked hot!

Going inside myself I had to make sure it wasn’t too obvious that I had been watching her. A waitress pointed me to her booth and as she saw me, she actually seemed just as nervous as I was at that point as I slid into the other side of the booth. We exchanged the normal pleasantries until the waitress took our order and left us alone.

“Wow Judy, you look amazing!” I quietly said as she sat across the table blushing. “I’m not kidding, you look great!”

“Well Thank You Ron, but I need a minute to tell you something up front, so please let me say this first before you say anything else, ok?”

“I guess you’ve been wondering why I couldn’t return your phone calls these last few days.” She commented softly. “I’ve been doing some serious thinking about what happened that afternoon between us, and I felt a little guilty about it at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really loved it, and that I want it to happen again,” she said with a soft smile as she reached across the table and took my hand in hers. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I would şirinevler türbanlı escort really like us to be more than just a one time thing if that would be alright with you.”

“More than alright,” I answered. “Do you have to get back to work after lunch, or can you get away for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Oh, I’ve already told my boss that I had plans for the rest of the afternoon, and that I probably wouldn’t be coming back in,” she said, as I felt her run her shoe up my leg under the table. “Do you have plans this afternoon, or are you too busy to spend some time with an old friend?”

Finding it hard to breath I could barely answer her as our food arrived at the table.

Lunch went fast as the excitement between us built. Towards the end Judy leaned over the table and whispered “I have a little confession I have to make before we go any further. I talked to your mom and she kind of confided in me what you two have been doing together and how it has changed her life so much. I know you two have a special relationship, and I don’t want that to be an issue between us if that’s ok with you.”

Feeling myself a little on the defensive at first I quietly asked, “What exactly did she tell you Judy?”

“That, only at the lowest time in her marriage, you had made her realize that she didn’t have to give in to the old lady concept, at least not just yet. In fact, according to her, you’ve made her feel like a real woman again, and it really shows!

I can only say that you’ve made ME feel so alive for the first time in my life that I can’t get enough of what we have together.

So…, are we going to spend the rest of the afternoon talking here? Or would you rather go somewhere more private to finish this conversation?”

I didn’t waste any time getting up and taking her arm in mine as we headed out of the restaurant. “Why don’t you follow me back to my apartment,” I mentioned as we got to her car. Opening the door I watched as she slid into the driver’s seat, her skirt riding up showing her elegant legs encased in sheer nylon. “Your mom also mentioned your extreme fetish for nylons and heels. It seems we have something very much in common,” as she winked, started her car and sped off.

Standing there with my mouth open, I was instantly and painfully aroused at this revelation as I hurriedly made my way back to my car. I think I broke all speeding records driving back to my place.

As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed Judy had parked her car out of sight around the back of the building and had walked around through the front door. I found her waiting inside by my apartment door looking like she was pulling her nylons up her thigh, her red patent heels looking so dangerous and seductive as she extended her leg out. My hands were shaking so badly trying to get the keys into the lock I kept dropping them on the floor.

As Judy reached down I noticed she had the same problem but was able to get the door open, throwing the keys inside as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Picking her up I pulled her body against mine as I walked us into the apartment kicking the door closed and locking it. Judy was already pulling my belt open and pushing my pants down as I tried to open her blouse.

“Don’t waste time with that!” she breathed as she pulled us down to the carpet. “I need your right now and I can’t wait anymore,” she rasped as she pulled her skirt up. “Take me with my pantyhose on!” she moaned as I looked down and saw she had already torn them open. “I couldn’t wait so I did it myself in the car on the way over here so please hurry!” she pleaded as I leaned down and started sliding my shaft along her wet pussy.

Not wasting any time Judy dug her heels into the carpet and pushed her hips up forcing me inside. God şirinevler ucuz escort she felt so hot as I came down onto her, penetrating her fully as we continued to kiss and pull at each other. Leaning up I pulled my shirt off and threw it aside.

Not wanting to be denied, I tore her blouse open exposing her beautiful breast covered in her satin and lace bra. Pulling her body up off the carpet I helped her pull her blouse and bra off, throwing them aside as well.

Her breast felt so hot and firm against my chest, feeling them rub against me as I continued to thrust into her, my arousal increasing as I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze my shaft. “I’ve always wanted to do this!” I breathed leaning down and taking her nipple in my mouth, gently sucking and running my teeth along the very tip. “OOOHHH!” she yelled out as she pushed her hips up to meet my powerful thrust. “God your breast are so beautiful Judy!” I moaned as I felt her nipples hardening against my tongue.

“Bite them, bite them!” she breathed as she wrapped her legs around my waist locking her heels together. “Fuck me hard!” she moaned into my ear as I took her body. “I’ve always loved a woman who dresses like you do Judy, Classy and oh so dangerous!”

“You mean like a sexy secretary that drives you wild?” she asked as she dug her heels into the back of my thighs. Feeling my orgasm coming I tried to slow it down as she continued to powerfully squeeze my shaft as it moved in and out of her pussy. “That’s it, faster and deeper!” she cried as she pulled my body down into hers.

The sensations were incredible with the feeling of her pantyhose covered thighs on my skin as they rubbed my sides and legs, her pussy slick and wet as it squeezed my shaft driving me absolutely crazy each time I pushed fully inside her. The sounds of our lovemaking, the smell of her perfume and her soft breath against my neck as we pushed each other to the edge.

“Here it Comes!” she squealed as she suddenly pulled harder on my neck, moving her hips rapidly up and down as I felt myself getting even larger, exploding inside her with one of the most dizzying orgasms of my life. “OOOHH Yeeeess!” she screamed as I felt her pussy convulsing around me. “Yes, Yes, yes!” she kept repeating as she moved her hips up to meet mine. As her body slowed down with her pussy still moving softly against my shaft, she kept running her nails over my back as she came down from her orgasm.

“Oh my, you do that so well,” she whispered as she ran her hands through my hair, softly kissing me. “I should be saying the same about you!” I whispered. “Did you really mean what you said back there in the parking lot, about having a fetish for nylons and heels?”

“Not only did I mean it, but I’ve always loved wearing nylons and pantyhose, ever since I was a kid. My husband didn’t care for them too much because he liked the bare leg look. That’s why through most of our marriage I usually wore slacks. But now,” as she rubbed her nylon covered thighs around me, “I can wear them ALL the time because I know you enjoy looking at my legs in them as much as I enjoy wearing them.”

“It’s too bad we can’t move in together Judy,” I quietly suggested. “Because THAT would be the ultimate for me. To be with a woman who loves dressing up in nylons and heels as much as I enjoy seeing her in them and making love to her while she’s wearing them.”

Seeing the shock on her face and the tears filling eyes startled me for a moment as I thought I may have overstepped my bounds. Instead Judy just reached up and kissed me long and deep as her body shuddered against mine.

“Did I say something wrong?” I asked.

“No, you didn’t say anything wrong. In fact, you said the most perfect thing you could have said at this very moment! I can’t believe this şişli escort is happening…

I wanted to wait to tell you this later, but I guess I can tell you now.

I filed for divorce from my husband this morning after I found out he’s been having an affair for almost a year.”

I know I’m almost eighteen years older than you, and if you say no, I would understand. But you make me feel so young and alive that age doesn’t seem to matter to me anymore.

That means I’m a free woman now. A free woman that finally knows what she wants, desires, and needs. That is, if you’ll have me.”

My answer was my shaft getting larger inside her pussy as I began moving my hips again. “Oh my…, I guess that means yes then.” As she seductively smiled.

Gently pulling us up with her still in my arms, her legs wrapped around my waist, I walked us over to the couch. Sitting down with my shaft still inside her I looked up into her face as I began pushing all the way up into her, feeling my shaft pushing up against the entrance to her womb as I ran my fingertips over her silky legs.

Pulling her lips down to mine I whispered “Only a crazy man would say no to such a beautiful proposal,” as we passionately began kissing and thrusting against each other again. “We’ll have to keep this a secret until my divorce is finalized,” she breathed in between each thrust.

“That’ll give us plenty of time to try out every single pair of heels you have in the meantime,” I answered.

By the way, just how many pairs of heels DO you have Judy?”

As her moans increased she leaned down and softly whispered in my ear, “Over two hundred,” she answered as she pushed herself down onto me grinding her hips into mine. “Oh God!” I breathed as I took one nipple into my mouth and massaged the other with my fingers, gently pulling and teasing it. “Wait until you see my lingerie collection,” she whispered as I felt her take the head of my shaft into her cervix, squeezing me until I saw stars as she pushed her clitoris against my pubic bone. “If you love nylons and pantyhose, your going to go CRAZY seeing me in them with my lingerie and heels.” She whispered.

I actually started shaking at just the thought of how she might look in lingerie as I felt myself filling her velvety pussy.

“I just love how you go so deep inside me Ron, it makes me so wet and crazy!” she moaned as our speed increased. Pulling her lips to mine I began kissing her long and deep as our bodies rubbed together, making soft squishing sounds as the juices of our lovemaking found their way down over my thighs.

Reaching around and grabbing her nylon covered ass I began savagely moving her hips on mine, hearing the soft sounds of her nylons sliding on my skin as my orgasm approached. “Fuck Me!” I breathed as I felt her body start to shudder in orgasm as she pulled my head against her breast, her nails digging into my scalp as my hot seed filled her womb.

“I’ll do that Every time you ask me,” she answered as we sat there enjoying the feeling of the passion between us.

Looking around I realized I had literally destroyed her blouse trying to get to her breast. “I’m sorry Judy I’ll buy you another one as soon as I get the chance.”

“Don’t worry about it for now because I have several packed into my overnight bag in the car,” She answered.

“Overnight bag?” I asked. “What about your husband and your job?”

“I told my boss what my husband was doing and she gave me the rest of the week off. I brought the bag with me just in case we decided to get really nuts and make this an overnight stay,” she answered as her pussy squeezed my softening shaft. “And to think we haven’t even made it to the bedroom yet,” is all she said as we continued to move softly against each other.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said it was ok if you need to take care of your mom now and then.” She added. “I think it’s such a hot taboo that you and your mom can have an intimate affair together and still be mother and son.”

“My God,” I moaned, “I must be in heaven!” I whispered as I pulled her body into mine, enjoying the aroma of our lovemaking as I held her close.

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