My First Boyfriend: PART l

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The relationship only lasted my 12th grade year of high school and most of the summer after. During that time I was only in school for half of the day, HOWEVER, my parents signed me up for a peer mentoring program at my school. So that meant from noon to 4 p.m. I was to encourage some misguided soul into the right path. Here is where I meant Jeremy. He was an exchange student with one of the worst attitude problems you could have. He was born and raised in India, Jeremy was around 5’10 with dark curly hair, light brown eyes with a very hairy semi-muscular body (meaning he had well defined arms with a little gut). Jeremy was very intelligent but if you looked at him the wrong way, he was ready to cuss you out and beat you up. So for the first month it was HELL, until I finally convinced him to workout with me. His idea of working out was way different than mine but I went for it anyway.

We ended up playing basketball in one of the private gyms at school so we can talk. A big icebreaker was I don’t know how to play basketball. Jeremy would say “how are you BLACK and you don’t know how to play sports”. For the most part I would laugh it off and make fun as well as we talked about how he got to this point of being so angry. But Jeremy was a bigger asshole than I thought because with every question I asked he answered with an insult. Then he wouldn’t call me by my name, he would call me slave or nigger. Since I worked in the office I knew that there were no security cameras in that particular gym we were in. So I used it to my advantage. Jeremy said “hey, nigger hand me the ball it’s my turn”, with that in mind I walked up to him and punched him as hard as possible in his gut as I handed him the ball. He would just look at me and clear his throat as he asked or answered a question. After a while I guess he got tired of getting hit because he took off his shirt and ran towards me like a bull ready to fight. While he was busy running I remembered what my brother did to me when I was younger and did just that. So I waited until he got close enough and aligned my fist to hit him directly in his jaw with all my might. And when he hit the floor I sat on chest. Jeremy struggled to get from under me as I sat there calmly.

Then I caught him off guard when I took his shoes off his feet. Jeremy yelled “just like a nigger to take something that doesn’t belong to you”. So I took a deep breath and with one motion I back handed him and took his shorts off his body. I stood up to let him breath as I picked his shirt up off the floor. Jeremy said “I’m leaving because niggers of the 21st century don’t know to keep their hands off of other people’s stuff”. I guess he realized that he was just in his underwear (it was funny to see that people at the age of 17 wore tightly whites) and socks so he turned around. I told him “the doors are locked” as I sled keys into the pockets of his shorts. He said “look I’m not into this funny business, just give me my shit and I won’t kick your ass”. I just laughed and throw his stuff on the floor to I say “you couldn’t win this fight on my bad day”. And of course he said “you wanna bet”. So I made a bet, “if you win, I’ll leave you alone and you can do anything you want; but if I win, you have to finish the program the way it’s supposed to be and you will do what I say”. He swung and missed as I punched him hard as hell in his ribs. And as he tried to get up quick but being a military kid (and my father teaching my siblings and I some moves) I grabbed his right arm and held it tight against his back plus had him in some weird headlock position my dad taught me. Then I twisted his arm hard as I could until he said “OK, I’ll illegal bahis do what you want”. I laughed and said “are you going to keep your word” as I twisted even harder. I seen a tear roll down his face so I told him “I’ll take that as a yes”, I let him go and throw him his clothes as I started with the million in one questions I had. And to my surprise he answered them all truthfully.

It was almost 6:30 when the janitor opened the door to tell us to leave. Jeremy said “oh, here’s the key” handing it to the janitor but to his surprise I grabbed the key and said “oh thanks, I almost forgot where I put the key to my locker”. That was Friday and we didn’t see each other until Monday. I got us a pass to leave and we just walked around to talk. Jeremy finally really opened up to me as he went into detail about how bad his past was, about how’s he’s gay, he had to breakup with his boyfriend because of his family, and so on. We finally stopped at this diner and ate, as we talked some more. Towards the end of our session, he turned around and unwrapped a gift to give to me. Jeremy gave me two clay figurines that he actually made. Then by that Friday we had almost covered his entire life story plus mine; plus I noticed he had make-up on. I didn’t want to involve the school so I pleaded with the principal to give us a pass to leave. After about 10 minutes he finally said “OK”; I followed him around the school for ten minutes he was probably tired of me.

I took him to my house because we had to talk about that black eye he had gotten. We went to my room and I pushed him into the bathroom. I told him to wash his face; he just looked at me. I yelled “Jeremy wash you FUCKING face now, or tell me what happened now”. He turned towards the sink, turned on the water and as he started to wash his face Jeremy said “why do you care, what’s under my make-up”. Jeremy looked shocked that I said “because you’re my friend and obviously you need more help than you think”. As we went back to my room to sit on my couch Jeremy started to cry (what I call his thug cry, the one when he’s not trying to cry so he started to breathing really heavy with the one lonely tear that rolled down his face). But in the end he just spilled his guts about how he had gotten the black eye. I really didn’t know what to say so I hugged him. I thought I did something wrong because he pushed me away. I immediately said “sorry I didn’t mean to, did I cross some sort of culture boundary or something” as I moved further away from him. Jeremy giggled and said “no, I’m just shocked that someone cares, thank you”. Then he noticed I kept his handmade gifts on my book shelf and he said “you must be some sort of angel, you kept my gifts”. I smiled and said “I keep all my friends gifts”, as I started telling him about the other little figurines that was on my shelf.

Jeremy must have really felt good inside because he leaned over and kissed me. But he pulled away quickly to say “sorry I; I don’t even know if you’re gay or not; please forgive me, don’t unfriend me”. I laughed and kissed him back. I broke our kiss to say “I’m bisexual”. Jeremy smiled and said “I’m what you would call a bottom, is it rude to ask for sex”. I took off my shirt as he looked at me then he started to rip his school uniform off. He stood there naked exposing his hairy body to me with his hard 6 1/2 inches standing at attention. Once I was totally naked Jeremy said “even better than I imagined” as I stood there with a semi-hard 9 inches dangling between my legs as I lead him to my bed. He said “I want you on top of me and inside of me”. I pushed him on to my bed, climbed on top of him and as we kissed I grabbed a condom illegal bahis siteleri and lube. Jeremy broke our kiss to say “be gentle, I haven’t had sex in years”. I smiled as I lifted his legs to put lube on his awaiting hole, Jeremy rolled the condom on my hard dick. I kissed him again as I slowly pushed my cock into his hole. For a minute I thought he was going to rip the skin off my back seeing that his short nails gripped into my back. I stopped and asked “are you OK”, Jeremy opened his tightly shut eyes to say “I’m in heaven, those are moans of pleasure you hear”. I replied with “OK but can you loosen up your grip”. He didn’t say anything but he did loosen up his grip on my skin as I continued to go deeper inside of him.

When I finally shoved all 9 inches inside of him, I kissed him again as I slowly stroked in and out of him. And as I started to go faster Jeremy moaned louder and he hugged me harder. Then he yelled “oh, right there is nice, stay inside of me”. Jeremy felt the best as I slammed into his hole. Then I squeezed in between us since Jeremy held me so tight to grab his hard shaft. Jeremy’s grip loosened once I started jerking him off. I stopped jerking him off to pin his hands under him. He laughed as he said “yes, control me”. Then I got up and to slide him to the edge of my bed. I put his legs on my shoulders to give me better access to his hole. Then I rammed his hole with cock as I lifted him off the bed, Jeremy eyes were huge as he fell into my kisses. He started to jerk himself off as his body pounded against mine in the air. Awhile later I sat back on the bed, Jeremy immediately placed his feet flat on my bed and started riding me as I held him. All I could think was being inside of him was the best thing I could hope for. I was just shocked that I found someone who matched me sexually.
Jeremy was exciting and wild because he grabbed the little bit of hair I had aggressively and kissed me. Then pulled away to stop and say “I want you to fuck me from behind, now” as he crawled on the floor. I grabbed the lube and poured a little more around his hole and pounded away inside his hole as he jerked off. I guess it was starting to hurt or something since Jeremy was slightly inching away from me so I took a hand full of his thick curly hair. Even though we still ended up all the way over near my pool table (which is like 20 to 30 feet away from my bed). I pulled out of him to smack him on the ass, as I told him “get up and get on the table”. Jeremy got up and said “fuck me harder and stop pulling my hair”. I heard what he said but really wasn’t paying attention so I held on to his shoulders as I pounded my cock into his hole as hard as I could. We both moaned until we came as our bodies slammed into each other echoing through my room. Jeremy came all over his chest, shooting the biggest loads I ever seen at the time, as I exploded inside of him. Sweaty and out of breath I tried to kiss him but he moved his face and asked me “may I take a shower, please”.

I pulled out of him and lead him to the shower, gave him towels and soap. To his surprise I got in the shower with him. Jeremy said “may I shower alone” I told him “no”. I pushed him against the wall and kissed him as I picked him up off his feet by as butt cheeks. He moaned as I pushed my middle finger into his hole. But something really must have been eating away at Jeremy since he stopped kissing me and jumped down to ask “may I shower alone”. I left the shower to dry off and waited, then I got in the shower to see he squirted cum all over my shower walls. That made me horny so I long stroked my cock until I came and squirted cum all over the place. Jeremy was waiting canlı bahis siteleri for me fully dressed besides socks and shoes which was kind of disappointing because I wanted a round 2. Standing by my book selves admiring my pictures and etc. Jeremy turned around and said “am I a man or am I just living a lie”. I really didn’t understand what he meant so I asked him “explain what you mean” as I changed from wearing just a towel to some mesh shorts. Jeremy stopped in the middle of what he was saying to ask me “can you put on a t-shirt because I, just please put on a t-shirt” as he of caressed my abs and gazing at me, he even kissed me but he quickly pulled away. So I unwillingly put on a t-shirt and some socks as he finished talking about his religion, the culture he and his family are in, and their relationship with those standards now.

After talking for an HOUR, I said “living in America you can be who or what you want to be; your family will just have to accept that all their children live normal homosexual lives. I know it’s hard to understand now being that people you know or might not never know will dislike you for it but what would you rather do; live an unhappy, unhealthy life for them. Or a life that you wanted without doubts for yourself”. Jeremy just looked at me as we sat on the couch, then I convinced him to spend the night. Nothing sexual, just to give his eye some time to heal since he couldn’t go back to the group home he lived in. I took him to Z (the country club my family belongs to), we ate, got massages, swam, worked out and played mini golf. Then we went to my favorite place to get in the bumper cars and the mini race track. I never seen Jeremy laugh so much without a care in the world. Until it came down to seeing the nurse about his eye, he was nervous so I literally held his hand through the process. Plus the nurse wanted to give him a physical. Do you know how hard it is to hold someone’s hand while they get a full body physical? The nurse gave him some cream for his eye and an ice pack. Then I asked my parents can Jeremy spend the night and can they call the group home to get permission. Shockingly everything went smoothly.

That night before bed Jeremy prayed and so forth as I let out the couch to make it into a bed. Then he came over to me as I finished setting up his bed, he said “will you force me to have sex tonight”. I looked at him with most confused face possible to say “why would I force you to do something that you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do”. With a huge smile he said “may I sleep nude, I always wanted to do that”. I said “sure but just remember to put on clothes before you leave out the room”. He just laughed as he got undressed to get under the covers. Jeremy said “you’re an angel, I had so much fun today I couldn’t believe it, good night” in somewhat kid voice, like I took him Disney World.

Later that night, as I was coming back from the kitchen to get a glass of water, Jeremy was up waiting on me. I wasn’t really paying attention because all I really wanted was to go back to bed but of course when you want to go back to sleep you have to use the bathroom. I put the water on my side table and went to the bathroom and left the door open as I usually do. Jeremy came up behind me and scared the total shit out of me by tapping me on my shoulder. He said “sorry, didn’t mean to scare you J, but I wanted to ask, can we take a shower together and finish what we started earlier”, I defiantly woke up then as we got in the shower and Jeremy showed me he had gotten a condom and lube from my side table. I picked him up to put play in his hole with my middle fingers as we kissed to start our first time for either of us having sex in the shower. And after that we didn’t spend a day a part, everyday was just another day of sex and adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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