My First Anal Sex

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Big Tits


One of the things I want to experience the most is anal sex. Haha, I’ve just admitted to myself that I want anal sex. Now it is just a matter of bringing it up to my husband. He isn’t the most adventurous man. I met him at a high school reunion. I hadn’t known him at all in high school but he did admit to seeing me around.

“I remember you having long brown hair and glasses, “he told me over our third glass of wine. We went to bed that night and have been inseparable ever since. Two kids and a home later, we are still entertaining each other’s failing bodies. The brown hair is graying and the perky high school cheerleader breasts have lost some elasticity. My ass however, is the same tight rear end that used to poke out beneath my tiny cheerleading bottoms.

So, tonight I’m going to give in to one of the nagging desires at the base of my brain. Tonight I’m going to get my husband to fuck my ass.


Hubby is home and hugging him my nipples instantly go hard. He cups my rear end and thoughts go to the butt plug waiting for us upstairs. His kisses are gentle but long. I lean into him and pendik escort he can tell from the look in my eye that I want it bad.


The kids are in bed. Our oldest is out on a date. She is able to take care of herself, so I don’t worry too much. She is a lot like me in different ways. I slide into a bath. I read online that you have to prepare for anal sex.

The bubbles play along my skin as I spread my ass cheeks apart with my right hand. I begin to finger the outside of the hole. My nipples are rock hard. A gasp escapes me as I slide my ring finger into my tight pink hole. I adjust a little so I am as open as I can be. I can hear the TV going in the other room. Biting my lip I use my other hand to flick lightly across my left breast. I nudge my finger in and out of the tight hole which seems to be loosening with a mixture of arousal and force.

The wet feeling between my legs calls to my hand. I remove the left from my breast and ease my clit in tiny circles. My hair is soaking across my shoulders as I lean my head back. I use to fingers now to play with the virgin hole. I feel myself so tight and tuzla escort wet both holes giving in to my deep desires and needs. Another moan escapes my lips.

The door opens startling me, but I keep my hands where they are.

“Sorry had to go pee,” hubby says closing the door behind him. Situating himself over the toilet he looks back to see me. He sees my missing hand and just as he flushes, his cock springs to life.

“Lay back”, he says coming to me. His hand goes between my legs. He runs them up and down my thigh as I continue to fuck my own pussy and ass. A thicker masculine finger slips under the water probing at the innocent opening I’ve begun to create.

Moans start in hurried fashion as he pushes his ring finger inside me. I can barely stand it.

“I think you can take more,” he says with a smile, “we need lube”.

He leaves the room and returns with the butt plug I had hidden in the dresser. I guess it really is hard to hide things from your spouse. I blush but he doesn’t react. Instead he helps me from the bath and dries me off. Each touch sparks a pulsating sensation between my legs. He spreads kartal escort the towel on the toilet seat and instructs me to straddle it away from him. I move into position.

Cool liquid squirts across my athletic derrière. Then the same liquid is sprayed on the butt plug. He starts by working a finger and then another into my firm ass. My leg begins to shake as my fingers find a familiar button to circle and tease. When he finally places the butt plug against the outside of my ass, my whole is open from lust. A hungry whole waits as he quickly thrusts inwards. My head bows back as I push down on my thick clit.

In and out he moves the plug almost in a clumsy fashion but the feeling is intense.

“Take a breath,” he says as he removes the plug, “I think you are now ready for something bigger.”

I brace myself as his cock now tries to enter my taunt hole. My hands go to the bowl as he pushes himself in. I can barely keep from coming.

“I’m going to cum soon, “my husband says in a thick gutted growl. I am holding back as well. We both let go in a stream of pure sex. His dick explodes into my ass like a rocket launcher. I can barely breathe.

“When did you get into anal sex?” He asks helping me clean up from the most cum I’ve had in me in years.

“When did you?” I ask. We both just stare at each other and laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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