My Ex-Lover

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This story wasn’t just written by me. So I want to acknowledge Misha, she co-wrote this story and she also edited it. If it wasn’t for Misha it wouldn’t have been.

I still can’t believe that I left you. After 2 years of living with you; after all the heartache you caused, I finally left and I’m free.

It has been six months since the day that I walked into our house to find you balls deep in my best friends’ ass. Six months since I walked up the stairs in a daze and packed all my things and walked out. I didn’t yell, I didn’t scream, and I didn’t even cry.

It has been 4 months since you stopped calling and begging for me to come back. I can still remember your face the last time I said no; the last time I refused you; such a look of disbelief, in your arrogance you never dreamed I’d refuse. I remember the look of fury in your eyes and your words still echo in my head; that I’ll regret the day I said no. But it has been 4 months since then and I am seeing someone new.

We bumped into you at the store and I made the awkward introductions. You, being you, couldn’t help but make sly comments about what a hot piece of ass I am; my face turning red as my new man informs you that we have yet to sleep together. You laugh that arrogant laugh of yours and your eyes sparkle with glee, as you inform my new man that I am a world class cocksucker too and that I have the tightest, hottest pussy. My new man leads me away, disgust evident on his face.

I’m home by myself, my man away on business for a week. The doorbell rings, when I open the door, you are standing there. I ask you to leave and you reply

“Is that anyway to greet an old friend” and you push your way into the house.

I ask you what you want, and all you do is laugh. A drink or two later we are sitting on the couch talking about old friends and past experiences when you slide your hand up my thigh. My thin nightgown is not hindering you in the least. I protest and you slap my face! I am dazed as you scoop me up into your arms and carry me to my bedroom.

I start to struggle but you just slap me again and tell me to behave. You draw some handcuffs from your pocket; cuffing my hands together you drop me on the bed. Leaving for a minute, I try to squirm off the bed to get away, but you are back too quickly and slam your hand against my ass, you put down the bag you carried in.

Opening it up you pull out some rope, looping it through the chain on the hand cuffs and tying it to the headboard, my hands bound. While laying me on my back, one of your hands encircle my left ankle, you quickly wrap a length of soft rope around it and tie it off to the bed post. You repeat this with my right ankle, leaving my spread eagled and helpless on my own bed.

You look at me and smirk. Your eyes lighting up as you look over me. Chuckling softly you tell me that this is my punishment for leaving you, that you are going to make me very, very sorry. You set up a digital video camera and your laptop.

“More memory…so I can make a nice long movie.” you gloat.

Tears are now running down my cheeks, as I beg you to leave me alone. I gasp with fear as you approach with a long sharp hunting knife, slicing my night gown from my body.

“Smile for the camera, bitch.” you laugh.

Putting the knife down you pick up the riding crop from your bag, you start to lightly beat my breasts with it, laughing at every small cry that escapes my lips. Looking me in the eyes you say:

“My sweet bitch. You are going to learn that no one says no to me, and no one leaves me. When I have finished with you, you are going to be nothing but a filthy little slut. Oh and I do hope your new beau likes porn, because he will see the film I’m making of you.”

I start crying in earnest now and your only response is to strike my breasts harder with the crop. He knew my nipples would proudly show themselves to be the sensitive, pain-sluts that they are; much to my dismay.

My tears are not from the pain, but for the fact I will probably lose the man that I just barely got to know. Maybe it’s best our relationship had been short. Another sharp lashing of my nipple makes me cry out louder than before.

“That’s better…” you say smiling “…see!? They like it too.”

I groan at the fact that you are correct. You stand up and rummage through your bag again. You pull out a candle and light it after and place it on the dresser near the bed.

“Isn’t that romantic?”

Now he leans in close and orders me to open my mouth wide. I refuse. You smack my sore nipples several times each until I beg you to stop. He smiles at me as I open my mouth wide escort ataşehir for him. He pulls a harness over my head and fixes a mouthpiece into my mouth that keeps my mouth awkwardly wide open.

He takes the rough, leather handle of the riding crop and teasingly sticks it in the back of my wide open mouth.

“Perfect.”, he grins.

Now he drags the riding crop down over my naked body, stopping periodically to slap my bare skin; just to hear me yelp, I am sure. He pauses over my exposed and swollen clit and begins tapping it gently with the crop. Faster and harder he taps. I begin moaning uncontrollably. He continues for a long time; or it seems like a long time. My hips begin to grind a bit, though I try to lay still.

He stops long enough to rub the crop-handle up thru my rapidly wetting pussy juices. Then back to patting my clit harder and faster still. Several times he wets the handle in me and then continues to torture my clit.

Just before I think I’m going to orgasm, he stops. He then rubs the wet handle across my exposed tongue. Now he begins rubbing my pussy with it, teasing me, in and out, rubbing, teasing, in and out. Deeper and deeper he begins to fuck me with the rough, leather riding-crop handle.

Roughly pushing into me, he reaches down and casually pinches my sore nipples. I groan because I can’t make the words for “Leave me the hell alone!” Though I am sure it would only serve to encourage him further. I feel a small orgasm building deep in me. I know I can’t stop it but maybe I can hide it from him.

Closing my eyes I struggle against my traitorous body to keep from orgasming. And just when I think I can’t hold back any longer he stops and pulls the riding crop from my pussy and begins slapping it hard against my open, wet, puffy pussy lips; causing my eyes to open wide and an inarticulate sound of pain spilling from my wide open lips.

He laughs softly “Tsk, Tsk; Sweeting; you aren’t supposed to be enjoying this”.

He reaches down and pinches my nipples hard, twisting them. He lets them go and then gently slides his fingers over them and up my throat over my face. My eyes are desperately looking up at him. He looks down at me; his eyes sparkling with lust and mischief.

“Oh Sweeting; I can’t have those big beautiful eyes looking up at me or else I’ll lose my anger, so it’s time to blindfold you.”,

He reaches into one of his pockets pulling out a length of scarlet silk, binding my eyes, casting me into darkness.

I feel him move away from me and I hear his heavy footsteps on my polished floor boards. I try calling out as I hear my bedroom door close. I start to panic, struggling, feeling so alone and helpless that I would even welcome his touch, just to know I wasn’t alone.

In my panicked state I don’t hear him return, I don’t know he is watching until a drop of hot wax hits my left breast. I startle and then go still. He laughs and slowly starts dribbling wax all over my breasts, my nipples, down my stomach and over my clit; my moans and whimpers are unintelligible.

I sigh with relief as the wax stops falling, only to jump and squeal when he follows the trail of wax with ice cubes. His thumb nails scraping the wax from my nipples; pinching them lightly before attaching cold metal clamps to them, tightening the clamps brutally. He pulls up on the attached chain; stretching my nipples up and away from my chest.

Again I feel his fingers slowly scratching away the wax; one nail flicking over my clit again and again till the wax is gone. His fingers start rolling my clit around teasingly. Then a sharp pain shoots through me as he clamps it as well. My body is jumping and bucking as much as it is able.

I feel his breath against my ear as he whispers

“I’m going to use my favorite whip on you now my Sweet; you know the one, my cat of nine-tails. You will have so many beautiful welts and marks on your skin. All caused by me.”

His voice fades away and I hear a slight whistle in the air above me before pain explodes on my stomach. He strikes me over and over, covering the front of my body with welts; from my breasts to my thighs. Pain is spreading through me like a warm wave.

I feel his hands on my ankles, un-binding them and flipping me over; and retying them. The sheets are softly abrading my swollen sensitive skin. And again I feel his whip fall on my exposed skin; from my shoulders, down my back, over my ass and thighs; another burning hot wave of pain.

The clamps on my nipples and clit are pressing into my soft flesh as I lay face down on the bed; I struggle to arch my hips back to alleviate the weight kadıköy escort on my pelvis; to keep the clamps there from hurting my clit further. I hear him laugh,

“Oh, I see you like my whip Sweet one.”,

I shake my head in denial; nothing but unintelligible mumblings falling from my wide open lips as I try to tell him I hate it. But even as I am thinking this, I realize my thighs are wet and sticky from my own juices.

His whip falls again and again, the tails curling round to flick my open pussy. Shuddering and gasping, I fight against another orgasm. And again just as I can not hold out another second longer; he stops.

His fingers lightly tracing the pattern of welts he has applied to my skin, his voice reverent as he tells me I look so beautiful and sexy with my skin pink with welts and marks.

I shiver under his soft fingertips, my body responding as much to the gentleness as it did to the pain, and yet my mind is still resisting the idea that this man, who caused me nothing but pain the last time we were together is now causing a different kind of pain. How can he be so loving, now? My mind struggling with the idea that he can still arouse me; and yet this is so different from before.

I am startled out of my musings, when something warm and slick liquid is trickled over my back. His voice in my ear:

“Massage oil Sweeting”,

His fingers pressing into my tender flesh, kneading it. The tensions in my muscles are slowly bleeding away; even as his ministrations cause small jolts of pain when they encounter the welts.

His fingers are working over every inch of the skin of my back and down my sides. His hands are closing on my buttocks; firmly rubbing and squeezing them and then slowly sliding his fingers between my cheeks.

His fingers so slick with oil that when he presses one index finger to my tight little rosebud it easily slips in, causing me to cry out.His finger begins slowly sliding in and out of my ass feeling so big in me.

And again I feel his breath upon my neck and hear his voice in my ear

“I am going to fuck you right here.” his finger sliding in and out a little faster,

“I’m going to take your ass, because my Sweet you always denied it to me before.”

I shudder at his words and quiver as a second finger painfully joins the first in my virgin ass. Slowly he pulls them from my ass, I tense expecting him to suddenly shove them back into me but he slaps my ass and moves away.

When he comes back he trickles more oil down the crack of my ass; his two fingers again squeezing into me slowly. He pulls them out suddenly and just as suddenly rams a small butt plug into my ass! It feels painfully huge! He chuckles as I scream in agony.

“Relax Sweeting; it is barely four inches long and only half an inch wide.”

For several minutes he slowly saws it in and out of my well lubed ass. My mind is trying to relax my body against this intruder. Slowly he pulls it out, and just as slowly pushes a larger butt-plug into my ass, sliding it in and out as I squeal in pain.

“This one is bigger; it’s an inch and a half wide.” He pressed it deep into me, settling it there and leaving it. Dazed in pain; I again feel his hands at my ankles, untying me and flipping me over.

His hands guide my right foot to rest on the bed bending my knee, he loops the rope through the ankle cuff and down to be tied to my bed frame halfway along the base, he does the same on the left side.

He then he slides another leather cuff around my left leg just above the knee and again on my right. More rope is looped through the rings on the cuffs and pulled out and down tight; effectively splaying my legs wider and removing any mobility I had before.

Clicks and flashes let me know he is taking photos of me spread wide open and helpless. His fingers lightly stroke my thighs and pussy. He reaches down with one hand and slips the clamp off my clit, the pain of the blood rushing back causing me to gasp and shudder.

He slides a butterfly vibe over my clit; turning it on low; keeping me at boiling point but never more.

Next I hear him rummaging through his bag of toys until he apparently finds what he is looking for. He joins me on the bed and starts rubbing a dildo around my dry, wide open lips. Into my mouth and across my tongue he explores my mouth with the rubbery tasting toy. To the back of my mouth he presses on until I’m desperately trying not to gag.

“Come on, I know you take this little thing, and much more.”

He pushes past the back of my mouth and into my throat, but only briefly. A moment later the toy is easing maltepe escort bayan its way in and out of my sloppy, wet pussy.

Slow and steady he rhythmically thrusts in and out of me. At any other time in my life the pleasure of the three toys teasing my private areas would have long since brought me to multiple orgasms, but now it is only a tormented feeling of teasing ecstasy and aguish.

My body begins to betray me again and realizing my signals as well as he does he knows just when to stop the teasings. He begins pushing and pulling the short, fat plug in my ass until it pops out.

The dildo now takes its turn in my ass, easily slipping into me, but this time reaching deep into me, deeper than anything has ever gone. A wave of pleasure deep in my back has me dizzy with rapture but only for enough time to drive me crazy.

My mouth is now the target the nasty, wet toy, sliding all over my cheeks and lips and exposed tongue. Back to my pussy; deep and hard, I gasp loudly through my spread open mouth. Now with bewildering speed the toy invades my ass and then my throat and back deep in my pussy. Over and over again I am violated by this tool of torture.

Soon my face is a sloppy mess of slobber and bodily fluids. Now my throat is equally sore as my ass and I am delirious with intoxicating excitement.

His hands gently remove the harness from my head and mouth. I slowly work my jaw letting it relax. His voice comes to me from above

“Now Sweet one, not a word, or else I’ll be forced to put it back on.” I just nod.

“Good girl.”

His fingers are caressing my lips and jaw gently. The blindfold is still damp from my tears. His lips press against mine in a soft kiss.

One of his hands begins tugging on the chain attached to my nipple clamps; pain rippling through me. His breath whispering against my ear

“I’m not into rape my Sweet; I’m not going to fuck you until you beg me to. And you will beg Sweet one”. I shiver and gasp.

He unclamps my swollen nipples now. Then one hand begins rubbing and tweaking a nipple while the other helps him to eagerly suck my sensitive breast. I moan and quiver at the intense pleasure and pain of it.

My hips jolt as the little butterfly is turned up to medium vibration mode. I’m moaning louder now. His voice in my ear

“You can speak now little one, but only to beg”.

I quiver and moan “Please! Oh god, my nipples and ass hurt”.

He nips at my ear “Mmm. You are close to begging aren’t you Sweeting?”

Shaking my head, I clamp my lips closed. Refusing to beg, fighting the growing sensations in my body. His hands are insistent and gentle, working over my breasts and nipples before sliding down over my belly. Suggestively, his hand is splaying over my stomach feeling my body quiver.

“You aren’t on any birth control are you Sweeting?”

I wonder how he knows that, he chuckles softly;

“I checked your medicine cabinet.”

His hand begins massaging my lower stomach. Slipping lower, his fingers are stroking lightly over my swollen pussy lips.

“No, no, no. I’m never going beg, I hate you! Leave me alone!”

My voice echoing around the room; he just laughs, slapping my inner thigh. “

Behave Sweeting, don’t make me hurt you.”

My entire being crystallizing and fracturing in that moment, every hurt you had caused me in the two years we were together and the final betrayal flowed to the surface of my mind.

“Hurt? You have done nothing but hurt me.”

My voice cracking with emotion as the pain that I had so carefully hidden away echo’s through my words. The pain must have registered with you, as you pull the blindfold off me to look into my eyes, eyes so dark with my inner pain, a patina of unleashed tears blurring my vision.

“I didn’t know.” you whisper.

“I loved you, and you belittled me, tore me apart every time you came home with lipstick on your collar, and smelling of some other woman’s perfume.” I cry.

Tears so long unleashed, fall down my cheeks. You slowly unbind my arms, and close down your camera. You look at me; regret on your face, your voice barely audible as you apologize.

“I loved you too Sweeting, I just…didn’t want to let myself.” “I still love you too.” I whisper.

Knowingly; I open myself up to be hurt all over again. You look at me, nodding

“And I love you Sweeting”.

You fall upon me in the bed and with a soft kiss you plunge your hard cock deep into my wet pussy. You begin fucking me hard and deep; your teeth nibbling on my nipples; your hands holding my thighs wide.

“You loved the physical pain today didn’t you?” you gasp. “

You are MINE, MY slut, MY bitch, MY love. I am NEVER going to let you go”.

You gasp and moan into my ear. You begin roaring loudly; you cum hard and deep in my pussy as I explode into orgasm with you.

“Marry me?”

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