My Daughter Jesse

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Think how embarrassing it would be to have your 38-year-old daughter catch you masturbating! Then, I’ll go you one better! She caught me bent over an arm of a living room chair with a few pillows in the seat my cock stroking inside of an antique, three-cent milk bottle.

“WHAT THE HELL!” She exclaimed. “I can’t deal with this!” She added, before hurrying out the back door, the way she had entered.

Embarrassed beyond telling, I thought I was going to be in a lot of trouble. Jesse was going to tell her mother and I would be in the doghouse big-time, not mainly for masturbating, but for letting my daughter catch me.

I was too upset to continue.

Late in the afternoon, Jesse arrived with the three-year-old, boy twins, in tow. This was unusual as she usually came over after my wife returned from work around 5:30 PM.

She told the boys to go play in their game room – yes, we had one too – and she joined me at the kitchen table where I was eating lunch. Her mother had yet to arrive.

“Soooo, Dan.” She started, enjoying calling me by my first name rather than dad. “You do that sort of thing often?”

I figured being caught masturbating there was no sense lying about anything else. “Once, sometimes twice, a week.”

“You’re 64 years old, old man!” She said with a tone of disbelief. “Does mom know you do that?”

“Years ago I told her I masturbated to try to get a little bit more loving, but it didn’t work.” I answered.

“I don’t know a lot about how men do it, but what exactly were you doing?”

I pointed to the 9 ½ inch tall antique milk bottle in a corner of the kitchen counter.

“My Lord!” Jessie exclaimed with a smile on her face. “A hole is a hole, I suppose.”

“Not really!” I inserted. “The warmth is not there.”

Do you want me to talk to mom about this? Not about masturbating, but to give you more loving? When was the last time you two did it?”

“No! I do not want you to talk to her about anything!” I replied anxiously. “And it doesn’t matter when we did it last!”

“Well, I’m curious. So tell me!” She prompted. “When was the last time you two did it?”

“The last week in February.” I admitted halfheartedly.

“It’s the first week in July! You have got to be joking me!” She said in disbelief.

“I wished I was.” I whined.

My daughter changed the subject then and we talked a few more minutes. She then gathered up the kids and headed back home across the street.

The next day, Tuesday, I looked out of the front door window and saw my son-in-law’s mother’s car parked out in front across the street. I figured it was safe to grab my pillows and the bottle and take care of business.

The back door opened and Jesse walked into the kitchen, seeing me standing there with two pillows in my arms and bottle in hand, having just retrieved it off the counter, wearing just my briefs.

“Whats-u-doing, Dan? Or, should I say what are you getting ready to do?”

I suppose, I was standing there looking pale, with a caught-in-the-headlights expression on my face. I just know I was just standing there!

“I’m glad I got here before you got started.” She continued. “I was wondering if you were still going to be horny today but that question is answered.”

“What exactly are you doing here?” I finally managed to ask. “I would have sworn I locked that storm door.”

“I told Trudy that I had to start helping you and mom with a little housework. I told her I’d be back across in about an hour and a half. That should be more than enough time to give you a little pussy, you think?”

“To do what! You can’t do that! You’re my daughter for crying out loud!” I protested in disbelief.

“Look, mom, in my view, is not doing right by you. You’re clipped aren’t you? So what’s the harm? It’s “mind-over-matter” and if I don’t mind why should it matter to you. Here, let me show you how easy it is.

She wore her usual middle of the thigh cotton wrap around. With those last words, she reached under and began to pull her panties down. As they hit the floor, she stepped out of them and stooped to pick them up. “See! Easy as 1-2-3. Now, I’ve always been curious, how do you and mom usually do it?”

She was making reference to my muscle problems.

I’d like to tell you that I put up an argument but under the circumstances I felt I was in no position to argue, nor, did I really want to argue. I was being offered pussy and I wasn’t about to throw the opportunity away though I would probably be damned to hell.

I wished I could have been in my daughter’s mind, to know what she was thinking and what questions she would ask.

I dropped the pillows in a kitchen chair and set the milk bottle on the table. I turned to lead her to the bedroom.

“Usually, your mother puts her butt at the edge of the bottom of the bed.” I explained, pointing with beşiktaş türbanlı escort my finger. “I stand there at the foot of the bed. The wall will catch me if I fall and your mom can put her feet on the wall and take some of the pressure off her hips.”

“You going to pull those underpants off?” She asked, tossing her panties on the bed as she kneed herself onto the bed, maneuvered into position and pulled her skirt up revealing a site I did not think I would ever see.

I removed my briefs.

“Are you taking a pill for that thing?” She asked, studying my firm erection.

“No. I haven’t had to yet, though I will admit it usually takes a while to get it this hard. It must be the eroticism of this and all.” I replied.

I studied my 38-year-old daughter’s nakedness from the waist down as I maneuvered between the bed and her legs. I had to acknowledge that she was not a young girl but a mature woman.

From the waist up, Jesse, with a pretty face and mischievous eyes, and a sense of humor you may have already guessed, does not give the impression of being a large girl. But, from the waist down she balloons a bit with a considerable pudgy belly, large hips and beefy buttocks. An ass man by nature, I could not help but study her ass sometimes when she wore stocking type tights, an around the house outfit with a short T-shirt, making her buttocks seem almost bare. Her thighs are thick near the top and touch together a good 4 to 6 inches.

Now, between her legs, I gazed down at a pussy devoid of hair or even a hint of fuss. It only made my cock that much stiffer, and then, rock hard when she reached to take hold of it and put it to her pussy. I pushed and she wiggled her ass as we coupled.

“You’re not lying? You’re not taking a pill?” She moaned.


“Unbelievable!” She moaned more, as I pushed deep into her holding it deep for a moment.

Her mother would normally put her feet on the wall or I would cradle her legs in my arms as we fucked.

With Jesse’s thick thighs and shorter legs I immediately had to cradle her legs and hold them wide to achieve the penetration I wanted.

I began to stroke into her as she laid there, a pillow under her head, her eyes closed.

A few long minutes.

“I thought I had locked the storm door.” I said. “I’m getting slack. Do you remember locking the back door?”

“I don’t remember.” She moaned.

“You think I should go check?” I queried.

“Hell no!” She replied, then. “Yes! I guess you had better. Just don’t let that cock of yours goes soft!”

I slowly pulled my cock out of her. She moaned her disapproval. I noted that my shaft was quite wet and glistening, much more so than it was with her mom in recent years.

I went to the back door, peeked out, opened it and locked the storm door, closed the back door and locked it too.

I walked quickly back to the bedroom, stroking my cock as I went, and maneuvered in between Jesse’s legs once more. This time I guided my cock into her as she held her legs wide and high. I returned to stroking into her, remembering her annoyance at having to check the back door, her disapproving moan of me pulling my cock out of her and her command to keep my cock hard.

“Jesse, I really need to ask here – are we together here – or, is your intent just to service me?”

“I figured not to get emotionally involved – just do something loving for my dad that he needed – but I don’t know – your cock feels pretty good inside me! If you really need to get it done, do it. But, we still got a good hour and you’re making me weak, old man.”

“You’re quite lovely between your legs.” I appraised, keeping a moderate rhythm.

“Does mom still have that thick, red, lavish bush?” My daughter asked.

“Not this thick is it used to be but still a lovely red.” I replied. “How do you know about such things?”

“When I was young I saw it and mom said you loved it. But I know you like redheads. Moms and daughters talk about such things. But you like I shaved pussy? Something exotic and different to slip your cock into?”

“Yes. To all of that and more.”

I picked up the rhythm a little bit, alternating with speed and depth of penetration. Jesse was soon moaning as her ass matched my rhythm. I found she yelped appreciatively when I shoved my cock deep into her pussy and held it for a moment only to begin a spirited rhythm until my back tired.

Occasionally, she would lift her head and study our coupling for a few short moments before flopping her head back down and closing her eyes again.

As I did with her mother, after a lengthy fuck, this time cut short due to our time constraint, but still a good fuck, I released one of her legs, she picking up the slack quickly, I palmed her bare mount, putting my thumb to her clit.

“Uh! Uh!” beşiktaş ucuz escort She moaned her opposition. “Uh! Uh.” She moaned a less certain opposition. “Oaahhhh” she moaned submissively.

As with her mother, it took very little time to bring my daughter to orgasm with such direct stimulation. As her body surged, her moans delirious, I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Holding still and deep, her ass humped it until the orgasm released her and faded, leaving her breathless.

I reacquired her leg and pushed both back and wide and feverishly sought my own release. I was indeed clipped, for many years, and sending my warm, sterile semen into my daughter’s belly was my incestuous desire.

“Tell me when you’re going to come.” She whispered. “Fuck me, old man! I want that come! Give it to me or I’ll take this pussy away from you! I love your cock in my pussy!”

I never wanted to fill a woman as bad as I wanted to fill Jesse at that moment. Her pussy was sopping wet and I was hammering it for all I was worth.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m cominggggggggggggggggg!” I moaned, not quite a whisper.


I opened my eyes to see her head pulled up high watching me push my cock into her deeply. As my orgasm abated, her head dropped back to the pillow and breathed a contented sigh.

“That was good, old man!” She appraised

I continued to slowly pump into her not wanting it to end.

“I don’t want to spoil the moment but I best be getting back over to the kids. We don’t want anyone to be knocking on the door with it locked like Fort Knox, now do we?”

I pulled my limp, wet cock out of her. She swung her legs over my head and quickly gathered up her panties and put them on.

She kissed me on the forehead and I watched her leave the bedroom. I listened as she unbolted the back door and the storm door and left.

During the rest of the week, me using my bottle on Thursday and Friday, life went on as usual. Jesse brought the kids over Wednesday night as usual and on the weekends to mix with the other grandchildren.

Monday came and after doing some chores I began to think about my time with Jesse, my bottle and such when the phone rang.

“Hey.” I heard Jesse’s usual greeting after I said hello. “What are you doing?”

“Just finishing up some chores and thinking about taking a nap.” I lied.

“I was thinking, if you want me to, I could come over again tomorrow when Trudy gets here?”

“Let me ask you a question.” I replied in answer. “Does John ever give you oral sex?”

“Sometimes.” She answered without any surprise in her tone. “But he wants me to reciprocate and I just don’t like doing it.”

“Well, I don’t need reciprocity.” I returned. “For what you have done for me, I would like to do that for you. I’ll look forward to your visit. Love you.”

“Love you.”

It was everything I could do to leave that milk bottle on the kitchen counter, saving myself so to speak. At my age you have to plan ahead. I got very little sleep Monday night until early in the morning, but Trudy wouldn’t arrive until about 11 o’clock Tuesday.

I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book, wearing cotton shorts with elastic top and a T-shirt, the back door unlocked. My daughter soon walked in. She was attired pretty much as before just different colors.

I turned in the chair and motioned her to come closer. My hands went up under her skirt, slipped under the elastic of her panties and I cupped her buttocks, squeezing them tenderly.

“You all washed up?” I asked.

“No. I figured I could do it here.” Jesse replied.

“May I watch?” I quizzed.

“You’re a dirty old man!” She laughed. “You can help me hold up my skirt.”

“You don’t think we can take a chance and you get totally naked?” I queried.

“You’re probably crazy enough to let that happen but I’m not.” She protested. “But I promise we’ll figure out something so that can happen. Soon. I promise.”

As I followed her to the bathroom, it occurred to me that the promise meant that our incestuous relationship was not going to be a brief fling. I figured the oral sex would greatly enhance the possibility of such a thing.

I watched her remove her panties as before. She drew back the curtain and stepped over into the bathtub squatting close to the water faucet. I reached down and pulled her skirt up, gathering it uptight around her waist, just under her breasts. I made sure to place one hand on her ample, but clothed breast.

“Hey, watch that mister!” She teased, as she began to lather the soap in her hands, then, scrubbing her pussy, throwing water on it to rinse the soap clear.

“I tell your mother all the time how erotic it is to watch a woman squatting, cleansing her pussy.”

“I can’t believe mom is being so cruel to beşiktaş üniversiteli escort you, especially if you eat her pussy with nothing expected in return.” Jesse replied.

Finally, she stood up and I reached for a towel and began to dry her butt and legs, patting her pussy lovingly as she propped a foot on the edge of the tub.

I held her hand as she stepped out of the tub. I drew her in close and kissed her full on the lips. She returned my kiss and our tongues fenced passionately.

I backed her up to the bathroom counter and attempted to lift her ass onto the counter. She ended up helping me a bit, in getting onto the counter and holding her legs up and wide. I pushed down my cotton shorts, releasing my hard cock. I positioned my cock and pushed to enter her. Freshly washed and not well lubricated, it took long moments to get completely inside of her.

“I thought you were going to eat my pussy?” She asked.

“Be patient, my dear.” I assured her. “Just let me get a little bit of this first.”

“You’re not going to fall are you?” She queried with concern. “I don’t want to have to pick your horny ass off the floor.”

“Just a few minutes, please!”

“Hey, it’s just me talking! My pussy is hungry for your cock?”

“Really! Jesse.” I queried.

“Yes, dad.” She replied lovingly. “There’s no doubt in my mind that I have your genes when it comes to sex. I’ll take care of you as best I can for as long as you desire.”

Jesse was not passive in the least and she joined me in a quick few minutes of passionate fucking. She actually moaned her displeasure when I pulled out of her. Taking her hand, I led her to the bedroom. She maneuvered and I positioned her well up onto the bed but positioned so I could drag her ass to the bottom of the bed, getting into her quickly after she orgasm.

Moving to the bottom of the bed, stripping my clothes off, I let myself down on my chest onto the bed. I instructed her to put her feet on my shoulders. I lovingly pushed my hands up under her buttocks and she wiggled her ass to get comfortable. She put her head back and waited. I kissed her thighs for brief moments, then, put my nose to her mound smelling the sweet smell of soap and an underlying scent of her womanly odor. My chin pushed against her labia and her ass squirmed with the pleasure.

Her labia were puffy and I had to push by tongue between the lips. I started at the bottom, dragging my tongue up between her labia; grudgingly passing what I knew was the entrance of her treasure, sought and found her clit.

I soon had what every man desires, a woman moaning in deep animal lust, her head tossing back and forth and her hands pulling my hair and ears.

I lifted slightly, pushed her legs back further and pushed my tongue into her treasure. My daughter’s reaction was instantaneous as her ass began humping my face. Her moans became more of a growl.

I returned to her clit only to quickly push my tongue into her treasure again, on her demand. I did this repeatedly a number of times. Then I ignored her lustful demands and concentrated my attention and my tongue on her clit.

The orgasm swept over her slowly before it gripped her hard and her body seized and then shook violently. It left as slowly as it came leaving her exhausted and breathless.

I wasted little time letting her know what I wanted. It only took seconds for her to maneuver and me to drag her down to the bottom of the bed. I entered her quickly with little concern for the pain she might feel from her post orgasmic tightness.

She, holding her legs high and wide, did indeed yelp but instantly joined me in a most passionate, incestuous driven and lustful fuck.

Soon my body was as moist with perspiration as hers. Again, I was astounded at the amount of lubricant Jesse had produced, dripping down my chin as I ate her, purging a good amount from my mouth, and now as we fucked. I had not washed the bedspread last time, only sprayed it, but made a mental note to wash this very afternoon.

“Damn! You’re good, old man!” She exclaimed. “If you hammer mom like this, I can understand her reluctance to let you in her. I wished you never had to stop because my pussy can take it! Fuck my ass off if you want!”

I was trying to do exactly that. Her puffy labia were easily absorbing my hammer like rhythm. Soon, I released her legs, grabbed a handful of ass with both hands, and leaned over onto her. Her heels beat rhythm on the side of my thighs.

“You going to give me some! Come on, give me some!” My daughter whispered into my ear. “You know my pussy wants it! Come on, old man, fill my belly with your come!”

Jesse sure had my number and with a bit of lustful banter I gave it up. My cock jerked numerous times as I exploded into her.

“Yessssssssssss!” She cooed. “You’re so good to my pussy! Ummm Good!”

I pushed myself up and continued to slowly pump into her. I placed my palm once more on her mound, my thumb seeking her clit.

“We only have 10 minutes!” She protested, but not enough to remove my hand.

“It won’t take that long, sugar.” I assured her.

And it didn’t. The orgasm flowed through her softly and she moaned a most contented moan.

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