My Brother’s Foot Fetish

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I found out by accident that my nylon clad feet and sexy shoes were a turn on for men. It happened one afternoon when I was pulling on my nylon stockings. I love the feel of stockings, not pantyhose.

Stockings, a garter belt, and tiny bikini panties make me feel so very sexy. And high heels make me purr. But, to get back to my story. I had just graduated high school and turned eighteen the same month.

I was pretty naïve when it came to sex. My girlfriends told me all the good and bad things about making out with guys. Some of them had their first experience at age twelve. I didn’t have sex for any particular moral or religious reason. I just didn’t like having boys paw me with their sweaty hands and make disgusting comments, like, “Hey bitch. You a Lezzie? That why you don’t put out?”

I mean, it really turned me off. I figured if that was the best that was out there I did not need it. My little ol’ finger was keeping me company just fine.

Anyway. To get back to how I found out about men and their hots for my sexy feet and shoes. I was seated at my vanity as I pulled on my hose. I glanced at the mirror and saw my older brother standing in the partly open doorway staring at me, his hand in his pocket, rubbing what must be his hard cock.

It took me a moment to realize he was not staring at my crotch but my feet. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt the biggest rush I had since the first time I fingered myself to a climax. I didn’t know a fetish from a hairbrush, but I did know that my big brother was going to fill his pants with his cum just from watching my feet if he was not careful.

I pretended I did not know he was there and turned my leg one way and then the other, acting as if I were checking out the way my hose fit. I reached down and pulled on an open toed pump with four-inch heels, all the while keeping an eye on big brother.

He was licking his lips, his eyes glued to my feet as I put on my pumps. I saw his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. His hand never left his pocket.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute as I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m not a beauty queen but I have a nice figure; 34C bust high on my chest, small feet, and I have to admit, very nice legs. I’m five six, weigh 120 pounds and there is not an ounce of fat on me.

I went to my closet and pulled out several more pairs of shoes. Shoes are my passion and I must have twenty pair I bought from my baby-sitting money. My tongue slid along my lips, wetting them until they glistened as I brought three pair of shoes to my vanity.

One pair was open toed with thick wedge soles. They made my legs look even better than they were and pushed my ass up and my hips forward. I looked sexy as all get out when I stood in them. I preened before the mirror before sitting down and sarıyer escort taking them off.

The second pair was a five inch open toed and open heel shoe made of black patent leather. My eyes were on Robbie as I stood in them, posing for him, turning so he got a good look at my feet and legs.

I slipped these off and put on the third pair, also open toed and open heel with a little strap across the top of my foot. These were also black and shined in the overhead light in my room.

Pretending to not know Robbie was there; I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. As I did I looked at the door and opened my eyes, a make believe look of surprise on my face.

“Hi Robbie,” I told him, a warm smile on my face.

“Ah. Ah. Hi Ev,” he told me, jerking his eyes from my feet.

“Do you like my new shoes?”

He swallowed and nodded his head. “Yeah. They look nice.”

“Is that the best you can do? I think they are knock down gorgeous. Look at the way they show off my feet.” I pretended to pout as I led his eyes to my feet, like pulling a puppy on a leash, I thought to myself.

Robbie’s eyes were glued to my feet as he stood there, his hand still in his pocket, holding down his hard cock.

“Whatcha got in your pocket, Robbie? Let me see,” I teased him.

His face turned red and he turned and almost ran down the hall to his room.

I closed the door and sat on my vanity stool, taking in all that had happened. My brother likes my feet and shoes, I told myself. He gets hard from looking at them. I licked my lips and promised myself I would explore this on the Internet.

Well. I tell you. I found out more about sex and the weirdness that goes on in guy’s heads in an hour than I learned from all the sex ed classes I had taken since the fifth grade and all the bull sessions with my girlfriends. I had my finger on my hot button ten minutes into my Internet search and it stayed there for an hour. I had to get up and put a towel under me, I was dripping so much.

From then on I gave Robbie a lot to look at and it was not long before he wanted to do more than look and I did not discourage him. If truth to be told, I helped him along every step of the way until he had his mouth on my feet and between my hot thighs. This is how it happened.

Every morning I would go through my routine; door to my room partly open, trying on lots of shoes, preening before the mirror. Robbie was glued to the door and I pretended not to notice until I left for the morning.

One morning I looked up when I had put on a particularly lovely very sexy shoe; black patent leather, five inch heels, tiny strap across the arch and above the heel. It was a dream pair of shoes. I was wearing nylons, a garter belt, and tiny black bikini panties, which contrasted sefaköy escort with my nicely trimmed red bush. Yeah, I’m a redhead.

I looked up at the door all innocent like. “Do you like these, Robbie?”

He jerked his eyes from my feet and stared at me, his face flushing red. “Ahhhh…Well…I…Ah…Yeah. They’re OK.”

I stood up and faced him, a pout on my face as I looked at my shoes and him. “Come on Robbie. You can do better than that.”

I turned slowly, posing for him. The five inch heels lifted my ass and thrust my pelvis forward, shaping my legs beautifully. I’m no Marilyn Monroe, but I have a nice body; 34 C tits high on my chest and damn good legs.

After I had made a full turn I face Robbie and arched my eyebrows. “Now. Tell me these are not the sexiest shoes you have ever seen?”

Robbie’s cock was tenting his pants as he looked at my shoes and then let his eyes travel upwards to my face. He swallowed before he replied. His tongue licking his dry lips he told me,”They are, Sis. They are very sexy.

I strutted around the room and then sat on my vanity stool, my ankles crossed, mini skirt pulled up a bit, letting most of my thighs show. My voice low, husky, full of sexual excitement I asked him, “Do you want to touch them?” This was it, make or break. I was giving him the opportunity to do what his fetish-driven brain wanted.

He stared at my feet and then my face and I could see he was trembling with passion. There was a stain in his pants from the leakage of his throbbing cock. Finally, he nodded and sort of staggered into my room. Falling on his knees, he put a hand on my shoes, then lifted one of my feet and caressed the shoe.

I tell you, my pussy was throbbing, sending a stream down my vagina and wetting my pants. I almost orgasmed just from the way he began to fondle my shoe. He ran his fingers over it lightly, almost as if he were memorizing it.

I lifted the foot he was holding and put it near his face. I looked into his eyes as I told him, “You can kiss and lick it Robbie. I’d like that.”

Robbie swallowed and then, tentatively, shyly, slowly, he pulled my foot gently to his mouth and kissed my exposed toes. And then he held the shoe to his cheek. His fingers caressed the shoe and my foot and then he put the toe of the shoe in his mouth and sucked on it.

I was getting higher and higher, my pussy pulsing, heart pounding as he kissed and licked my shoe and foot. I lifted my other foot and put my toe into his crotch, rubbing his cock through his pants.

Robbie closed his eyes and moaned as he kissed and licked my entire shoe and foot, sucking on it, plastering kisses on me and my shoe. I pressed my foot more firmly against his cock, stroking it as he loved my foot.

And then he began to kiss silivri escort and lick my ankle. I was so excited to feel him kissing my nylons. It was wild. I had no idea it would be such a turn on to have someone kiss my nylons. He didn’t just kiss them; he licked them and sucked on them. I opened my thighs as he kissed his way up my ankle and calf.

He closed his eyes and sighed as he caught a whiff of my pussy scent wafting from my crotch. My panties were soaked and filling the room with my sexual aroma. I could smell it and he sure as hell did. His hands caressed my calves and thighs as he kissed and licked his way up my leg to my crotch.

I eased forward on the vanity stool and spread my legs wider as his head became wedged between my thighs. I put my hands behind his head and murmured to him, my voice soft, low, husky with the sexuality that was filling my body, “Yes, Robbie, kiss and lick and suck on my panties. They taste and feel so good.”

And he did. God. It felt so good to feel his warm mouth pressed to that tiny band that barely covered my pussy lips. His warm breath, almost a pant, was fanning my crotch and sending little tremors over my body.

I pulled his mouth more firmly against my panties, telling him how wonderful it felt to have him kissing and sucking on me there. I undid my blouse and pulled off my bra so I could play with my tits while he sucked at my pussy through my panties. I was hot as a firecracker.

I couldn’t believe it but he was actually getting me off just from sucking at me through my panties. I hunched forward on the stool, shoving my crotch into his face. My hands were now on the back of his head, holding his mouth to my sex. “God, Robbie. You’re going to make me cum.” And he did. My pussy quaked as he sucked on me and I filled my panties with my cum. Robbie sucked at those panties until I thought he was going to swallow them in his eagerness to get all my cum from them.

I caressed his head and cheeks as I told him how great it felt to have him loving my pussy. I kept rubbing his cock through his pants and felt his body jerk when he shot off. He kind of sagged against my thighs as he did, his body shaking from the force of what had happened.

When his cock had stopped jerking in his pants he looked up and me with an expression difficult to explain. It was part pain and part joy, part sadness and part relief. He told me, “Thanks, Sis. I love you. I love your pretty feet and shoes and just all of you. Thank you for letting me love you.”

I patted his head and took his hand and stood up, pulling him gently to his feet. I kissed his mouth lightly, pressing my body against him, and then told him, “I’m going to take off my skirt and panties, Robbie, and lay on the bed. Do you want to love me some more?”

Robbie nodded dumbly as I took off my skirt and lay on the bed. I looked at him, a smile on my face and told him, “You can kiss and lick my shoes too, Robbie. I like that.”

And he did. He gave them a good going over before moving up to my anxious pussy. He stayed there a good little while that day and many a day after that.

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