My Boyfriend’s Dad…And Me

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Part One

I have always had a thing for older guys, it started when I was 18yrs and I moved in with my boyfriend Cliff (19) and his Mum and Dad. Cliff was my first lover, he was gentle and caring, and I thought we had a good sex-life, until I had sex with his dad Jack.

I know what you are all thinking, how could this happen, well let me tell you, and believe me, by the time I have finished telling you all about it, your opinion of me might have changed.

Cliff’s parents Jack and Eileen, had Cliff and his older brother Dan when they only 21yrs old themselves. So Jack was only 40, he was lots of fun, he openly flirted with me, and was very touchy feely. Neither Cliff nor his Mum seemed worried about this.

The on our last day on holiday with them in Spain, Cliff’s Mum was out buying her last minute duty free, and Cliff was in the hotel pool. I had just had a shower and was wearing a towel standing looking in the mirror applying after sun lotion when Jack came in. He saw me struggling to reach my shoulder and offered to help. I handed him the lotion and he started to rub it in.

His hands felt so good that I relaxed to his touch, then I was aware that he was standing directly behind me, his breathing was coarse, his hands traveled down over my shoulder, to wear my towel was tied, he undid the towel and it slipped to floor, he froze for a moment, probably to gauge my reaction, before his fingers traveled down and across to my breasts. My own breathing had increased by now, his lips licked the back of my neck and he skillfully caressed my breasts, bringing my nipples to hard aroused points.

I groaned as one hand trailed down my stomach, down to my pubic hair. He held it there for a moment, just stroking me gently. Then he parted my lips and lets one of it fingers explore my wetness before sinking it into my pussy. All this time I was aware that he was also aroused as I could feel him when he pressed against me. He whispered something, against my neck as his thumb moved over my clit, I did not hear what it was as my whole world shattered around me as I came. Jack carried on caressing me until I had stopped shaking.

That was when it hit me, ‘Fuck’ I had just let my boyfriends Dad finger me. I was just about to say something when he turned me to face him and he softly kissed me, telling me that it was alright. Then he took my right hand and pulling down his shorts he placed it over his very hard hot cock. He kept his hand over mine showing me what he liked, his movements got faster, he told me that he wanted to be inside my pussy and play with me for hours, but it was not the right time, then he came with a groan over our hands. We stood for a few moments getting back our composure, before he went and got a tissue to clean us up. When he came back I had put my towel around me once again. I told him that it should not have happened and I blamed the sun, he just smiled, and walked into his bedroom. A little time later Jack came back as did his mum. When his dad reappeared he acted as if nothing had happened.

I knew that I could not avoid his dad forever, taking that I was living in his house, but I thought if I put some space he would get the message and not pursue me any more, the only problem was, I could not stop thinking about him and the way he mad me cum with just one finger and his thumb…damn him I wanted more, and he knew it.

Part Two

We had been home from Spain for ten days, before Jack approached me again. I had been really horny and no matter what poor Cliff did, nothing seemed to work. In fact I had just gone mad at Cliff, who whilst making love with me, had come before me, leaving me so frustrated and pent up. I yelled at him about being an ‘inconsiderate pig’, before I stomped into the bathroom for a shower.

I heard a tap at the door and thinking it was Cliff, I opened it. It was Jack, he put a finger to my lips and pushed back into the bathroom and locked the door.

I was shocked and asked what the heck he was playing at, did he want to get us into trouble. He shook his head and told me in a whisper that what I needed was someone with experience to show and teach me the delights of my body and of good sex. He pulled me closer, and kissed me, slowly exploring my mouth with his tongue. Then the kiss deepened and became one of desperation, his hands moved down my body, parting my legs, where once again he quickly brought me to completion.

‘Don’t go to college tomorrow,’ he told me, as he kissed me again, ‘I want to play with you and then I want to show you what it’s like to have a ‘real man’ make love to you.’

‘But what about…’

‘Eileen is out with a friend all day, and Cliff will be at work, we will have the place to ourselves…you know you want to….you know how you want me to fuck you!’

I blushed at his words; he was right. I nodded my reply, a moment later he was gone.

The next morning when I came down for breakfast, I did my best to look unwell, it worked almost too well, antalya escort as Eileen offered to cancel her day out to stay and look after me. Jack was naughty when he told her not to worry that I would be fine; I just probably needed to spend the day in bed. I almost laughed, and had to pretend to choke on my tea.

Jack told his wife and Cliff that he had a meeting that did not start till 9.30 so he would have plenty of time to drop them off at work and at the coach station. As the others were getting in the car he came back in claiming to have left a letter behind. He kissed me and told me to go have a shower and he would be back soon.

I could not believe that I was going to do this, I showered, dried myself off and slipped on my short Chinese style robe and headed downstairs. I was so nervous waiting for Jack to return, so I started to wash up, I did not hear Jack return, until I felt him standing behind me. He drew me into his arms and we kissed a long, slow deep kiss. I was left breathless when he pulled away.

‘Just give me five minutes to get ready,’ he told me. ‘Then come up to the spare room.’ With one last kiss his was gone.

When I opened the door to the spare room I gasped, there were candle light around the room, rose petals scattered on the floor, so fresh white bedding on the bed, there was even some romantic music playing in the background.

‘Do you like it?’ He asked me. ‘I wanted to make our first proper time together, special.’

I was so touched by this, I could only nod and whisper, ‘Its beautiful…thanks.’

We stood together next to the bed, Jack was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers; having lost his work suit from earlier. For what felt live a long time we just held each other, then we kissed, slowly savoring each moment, his hands undid my robe and then pushed it down my shoulders, it fell into a pool on the floor. Jack stepped back from me for a moment, looking at me intently, ‘You are so beautiful,’ he told me again. I could not believe that he really thought, that me, little ole five foot nothing, with brown curly hair and brown eyes me was beautiful. He must have guessed what I was thinking, ‘You are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.’

‘Come.’ Jack gently guided me on to the bed and positioned himself above me. Our mouths found each other and we hungrily began to kiss. Jack let his hands roamed over my arms and over my body, with soft gentle caresses. Next he began to kiss and lick down my neck, tasting my skin, my desire as he worked his way down to my breasts. He pulled back for a moment; I could see the longing in his eyes, before he lowered his mouth to one of my breasts and began to kiss it all over. His tongue teased my nipple, flicking over and around it, then as he took it into his mouth and sucked on it, I could not take any more I arched into him, my body felt like it was on fire. He gave my other breast and nipple the same delicious attention.

Oh god, Cliff had never done this before; he had never made me feel like in all the time we had been together. I suddenly felt a twinge of guilt, but quickly pushed it aside, there would be time for that later.

Now Jack’s wonderful mouth was making its way lower, licking and kissing down my stomach, down my thighs, he shifted slightly, pushing my legs further apart, his mouth moved around my pubic hair and carried on gently nipping at the soft flesh of my inner thighs.

‘Please…Jack please,’ I begged him.

I heard a deep chuckle, then I felt his fingers move to my pussy, and then one slid between my lips.

‘Fuck, you’re so fucking wet,’ Jack groaned, he opened me with his fingers, then it was like I was in heaven, his tongue was there licking, tasting me, it flicked over my clit, the he rolled it and pushed it deep into my wet pussy, he thrust it in and out, in and out, fucking me with it. My hands gripped the sheets on the bed, my breathing was irregular, my legs shaking, he replaced his tongue with a finger, then a second…fuck I felt so full, I was moaning louder, his tongue flicked over my clit as he pushed his fingers in deeper and faster.

‘Oooh, god Jack, I coming…ImcomingImcomingImcomingImcoming!’

I came hard; my body jerked uncontrollably, my breathing hitched. Jack gentle lapped at my pussy, till I had come back down. He moved back up the bed and kissed me, I could taste my own juices, and he held me close for a few minutes, softly stroking me. Then he got off the bed and took off his shorts, his cock sprang out, it was big and deep red looking, he stroked it a couple of times and I am sure it grew even bigger. Then he got back onto the bed, between my legs, he drew me up and kissed me, it started soft, but quickly became passionate, I could feel his cock pressing into my thigh, it was hot and hard, and I felt the flame ignite inside me again.

Jack took his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy pressing between my lips, covering it with my juices, he shifted slightly, and lara escort then using his hands he guided himself into position and slowly pressed forward. I felt a burning sensation as my pussy began to stretch to accommodate his cock, he paused when he was about half way in, then suddenly thrust forward hard till he was completely buried deep.

We both moaned as our bodies finally became one, his mouth found mine and we kissed hungrily as he slowly began to move back and forth.

‘Ooh fuck Kath, you feel so good,’ he moaned. ‘So fucking wet, so tight.’

Jack rolled his hips, his thrusts were short stabbing ones, then he pulled back and slowly with drew till only the tip of his cock was still in me, then he thrust back hard and deep, each of his thrust sending sparks throughout my body. My hands gripped his back, as I began to meet each of his thrusts.

My voice was strained as I whispered, ‘Jack…Jack, I’m going to come again….ohhh I’m going to come!’

Jack’s picked up pace, his thrusts now came hard, fast and deep. ‘That’s it Kath, come for me again, come on babe, come again, come on babe’, he chanted over and over in my ear.

Any orgasm’s that Cliff had given me, paled into nothingness as this one hit me with full force, I cried out as it spread though my whole body like a fire consuming me, I went into spasms, I could feel myself tighten around Jacks cock, he thrust three more times before he too cried out filling me with his seed then I went stiff for a spilt second or two before I crashed out. I must have gone to sleep, as when I awoke, Jack had me cradled in his arms, I could feel him softly stroking and kissing my hair. I sat up.

‘Kath, are you alright,’ Jack asked, ‘I didn’t hurt you did I?’

I smiled at him. ‘Everything is fine Jack, in fact its more than fine…That was so bloody amazing, Cliff never made me feel anything like that.’ I leaned forward and kissed Jack, ‘I know I should feel guilty about this, but how can I feel guilty over something that has made me feel so many new things, god Jack I want more, I want you to show me more.’

Jack smiled at me, ‘Don’t worry babe, I am not going anywhere, I can show and teach you so much, and we will have lots of fun doing it together, but first, we need to have lunch, then a bath. Then it’s your turn to play with my body, if you want to of course.’

I grinned at him, ‘Oh you know I do!’

Part 3

Jack suggested that whilst he made us some lunch, I should have a relaxing bath, which I did. So when I came down to the kitchen feeling much fresher, Jack and I shared a lovely lunch. We did not speak much; we both seemed lost in our own thoughts, but the silence was a comfortable one.

‘I’ll clean these away, then take a quick shower,’ Jack told me, as began to clear the table.

‘You go and have your shower,’ I told him, ‘leave this lot to me.’ I took my time washing and clearing up, so that Jack could enjoy a leisurely shower.

When I entered the spare room (from now on we will call it ‘Our Room’) Jack was already there, he was lying naked, on his back with a big smile on his face.

‘Come here you.’ he said huskily holding out his arms to me. I joined him on the bed and we spent a few moments kissing and relaxing into each other.

Then I sat up and let my eyes take in Jack’s body. Even though Jack was forty, he kept himself in good condition, there were no traces of grey yet in the thick black hair, he had lovely broad shoulders and his chest was covered in fine dark hair. His cock which had been soft when I first came into the room was now standing out thick, hard and proud.

‘Mmmm, now what should I do with you?’ I asked him in a teasing voice.

‘Anything you like babe…I’m all yours,’ he replied.

I moved to kneel on the bed beside him, bent down and began kissing him on the mouth, big wet kisses, then I made my way down to his neck and throat, kissing and licking him, I gently nipped at his ears before sucking at the base of his throat, and then made my way downwards.

I wondered if guys liked having their nipples sucked and played with like we girl do, Cliff had never mentioned or asked me to do it, but I was curious, and decided to give it a go. I carefully took his right nipple into my mouth and sucked on it gently. Jack moaned and arched up to me, this was all the encouragement that I needed. I let my tongue, flick back and forth over the sensitive bud, before sucking a little harder on it.

‘Oh god, Kath, that’s so good,’ Jack whimpered.

It felt so good, knowing that I was giving him so much pleasure. I moved onto the other nipple, giving it the same treatment of licking and sucking. Eventually after several long enjoyable minutes of nipple play, I made my way down licking and sucking down to Jack’s groin, his pubic hair tickled my nose. I ignored his now leaking cock, sucking and licking at the tender soft flesh of his inner thighs, moving from one to the other.

‘God, side escort you’re such a tease,’ Jack complained.

I crawled back up his body and we kissed passionately for a few minutes, his tongue pushing in and out of my mouth, before I moved back between his legs. I carefully took his cock into my hands for the first time; fuck it really was so much bigger than Cliff’s. I began to panic, what if I could not fit it into my mouth? I was so nervous that as I took it into my mouth I caught it several times with my teeth. Jack hissed at sat up fast.

‘Its ok love,’ he said, ‘ you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.’

I felt so embarrassed, however when explained, that I ‘did’ want to give him a blow job, it was just that he was way bigger than Cliff.

Jack laughed, ‘It’s ok, unlike me and his older brother Dan, poor Cliff was left a little on the small size, don’t worry.’ Jack thought for a moment and then smiled.

‘Look I’ll tell you what, why don’t I show you the things that I like and then you can practice.’

I looked at him puzzled, he took the index finger on my left hand to his mouth, using his tongue, and he licked up and down my finger, flicking over the sides and the tip.

‘Try that to start with,’ he suggested.

I moved back down to his cock, sticking out my tongue, I began to lick his cock as I held it steady with one hand. I started from the base next to his balls, and licked and sucked my way up to the mushroom shape head.

Jack groaned, ‘That’s it…yes.’

I did this several times, each time I grew bolder, my mouth was wet and hot, my saliva dribbled down his cock, then I swirled my tongue on its head and Jack nearly shot off the bed.

‘Holy fuck,’ he said gently pushing me away for a moment. ‘If you carry on like that I’ll be coming in no time!’ he laughed. ‘Now I want you to take me into your mouth like this,’ he used my finger to demonstrate taking it into his mouth slowly, then sucking on it.

I nodded and moved back down to his waiting cock, I opened my mouth and carefully lowered then closed it around him. I began to suck on him as I lowered my mouth down his shaft, then I would pull back a little then sink back down taking his cock in more each time. I was careful to keep my teeth out of the way this time and Jack seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, he moaned and I felt his hand on my head guiding me.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I lost myself in this wondrous task. As my mouth moved up and down on Jack cock, I caressed his balls gently, then moved to lick his cock again as if it was a lolly-pop, long wet licks up and down, whilst I stroked him, then I swallowed his cock into my mouth and I began to bob up and down on him, faster and faster, pushing myself to take him in deeper each time. The room was quiet part from my slurping and Jack’s moans.

Then Jack spoke, a warning to me, I barely heard him,’ Kath, I’m gonna come.’

At these words I sucked harder and took him deeper, I felt Jack let go of his control and he began to fuck my mouth, hard and fast, in and out, deeper and deeper, until with a cry I felt him stiffen and then my mouth and throat were filled with his seed. I carried on sucking and swallowing, until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Jack pulled me into his arms panting, ‘Wow, Kath that was amazing…you sure are a quick learner.’

I giggled, ‘Mmm well actually, I think that I might just need lots more practice to make sure that I don’t forget how to do it, what do you think?’

‘You can practice on me anytime babe,’ Jack told me before pulling me into a tender kiss.

As we kissed Jack pushed me so that I was now lying on my back, he slid down my body, nudged open my legs and settled himself between them. He wasted no time; with nimble fingers he parted my pussy lips.

‘Oh fuck Kath, you’re so damn wet,’ he groaned.

His fingers slipped in my wetness as he sort out my clit, and then using his fingers to hold me open he began to lick me out with his lovely long tongue, making sure to swirl it over my clit causing it to swell and making me moan even louder. I pushed Jack’s head lower to my pussy, as he pushed two fingers into my wet cunt, his tongue teasing my clit all the time. He began to move then back and forth.

‘Oh Jack…oh god…harder….please,’ I moaned over and over.

Jack thrust his fingers in deeper and harder; he flicked his tongue across my clit.

‘That’s it babe…come for me…come for Jack.’

And oh boy did I cum, with a loud cry, my body went into spasms, and I felt myself gush over Jack’s tongue and fingers. Jack licked up all my juices and stroked me gently until I had stopped shaking. As he held me in his arms he kissed the top of my head saying, ‘You know, that this is a no strings attached relationship either of us can walk away at anytime, ok?’

I nodded, and I told him not to worry, I was not in love with him, I was just enjoying all the new and exciting experiences that he had to offer me.

Jack smiled, ‘You and I are going to have some lots much fun together, and I will teach you so much. However it is going to be hard keeping my hands off you, we will have work out when we can be alone together.’

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