My Big Brother Ch. 01

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Warning: This story contains incest and a scene of questionable consent.

I was on my computer one evening looking to hook up. Because I had a girlfriend, I felt bad for doing it but I was horny and my dick was in charge. Actually, my ass was in charge which is why I was online. My girlfriend was out of town for a family thing and I wanted to get fucked by a guy and didn’t want anyone I knew to find out. Eighteen and finishing my senior year of high school, it made sense to me to try to find a stranger rather than run the risk of my girlfriend finding out I was bisexual and looking for dick. Though there were a number of guys from school—gay, straight or somewhere between—who I knew that would be ready and more than willing to mess around with me, I didn’t want the questions and rumors to start or for it to get back to my girlfriend, all of which would ruin my last weeks of school. That led me to searching the internet.

Because my parents still monitored the apps downloaded onto my phone, I used my laptop and went to a site that I had used before where guys posted looking for anonymous hookups and searched for guys in my area. There were some interesting prospects online that night but after reading a few of their profiles, I focused on one. Like many of the guys in my situation—straight with a girlfriend or wife and not wanting to be exposed or outed—he didn’t have a face pic on his page but had posted a shot of his lean torso. It was pale and sparsely covered with red hair which drew my attention because, as a redhead myself, it was rare to see another online. He was not perfectly ripped like the others but something about the realness of his imperfect, unphotoshopped, unfiltered soft body attracted me, as did the measurements he listed. We started chatting and hit it off.

As quickly as one can in half an hour, I got to know him. In chatting with him, I learned he was twenty years old and a college sophomore who had just returned home for the summer. He had a girlfriend but wouldn’t be seeing her over the next few months because she hadn’t come with him. Despite that, he didn’t consider having a guy on his dick cheating and was straightforward about the fact that he would never reciprocate, looking to do nothing more than fuck a hard ass, drop a load then leave. After telling him of my own complementary reasons for looking for dick, he asked me if I had any experience with big dicks. I told him that other than jerking off my own nine-incher, the largest I had sucked or fucked had been just over eight inches. (I had lied about my own dimensions. With over ten inches myself, I often found it difficult to find guys to top me because of all the size queens out there wanting to get fucked. It wasn’t a judgement against them; I just really wanted to be the one riding a hard dick that night.)

“Think you can take bigger?” was his next message.

“You’re saying what you wrote is true?”

“I think 13 ½ inches would be a bit much for someone to lie about.”

I was about to ask him to prove it when my older brother, Dan, walked in. He had just gotten home from college for the summer and while I was happy he was back, I glared at him because of the intrusion. Quickly and effortlessly, I switched windows on my screen to bring up a page that displayed a gaming site I frequented in order to hide what I was actually doing.

“Hey,” Dan said with a smirk on his face.

Not hiding my annoyance, I asked, “Don’t you ever fucking knock?”

“I need a ruler,” he explained, ignoring my tone. “I’m trying to see if that end table will fit in my car.”

I dug through my desk drawers and tossed him the ruler harder than I needed to. “Whatever.”

“For the record, I don’t give a shit about you looking at porn. I do it. Everybody does it.”

Offended, I snapped, “I wasn’t looking at porn.”

“The tent in your shorts says otherwise.”

Embarrassed by him noticing my semi hard dick, I flipped him a bird in response to his smug tone before he turned to leave.

Alone again, I switched back to the chat site and typed in the request for proof.

The response followed quickly.

“No prob :)”

It was a minute or two before he sent me a link to a few pictures. In the first, a portion of a ruler was lying perpendicularly on top of a cock showing about a three inch width at its widest point. A side view showed that his dick was not the typical cylindrical shape. Like mine, it was wider than it was tall, being oval-shaped in cross section. In another picture, the ruler lay parallel to the shaft. At the end of the ruler was a sheet of paper with six half-inch hash marks measuring out another three inches; the bottom inch lined up with the eleven and twelve on the ruler, leaving two inches on the paper for measuring. Lying on the paper next to the hash marks was not quite half the length of a thick cock head. Using the extended measures, I saw the blunt end of his entire dick reached about a quarter inch short beşiktaş masöz escort of what would be thirteen and one-half inches. However, considering that it looked like there was more than half an inch of unmeasured length at the bottom that wasn’t pressed against the edge of the table it rested on, I couldn’t quibble about that missing quarter of an inch.

In disbelief at what I was seeing but feeling as if I hit the jackpot, my gaze ran along the unquestionably massive length. I was about to send him a message telling him I was more than willing to give it a go when I noticed a set of initials on the ruler. In the center of the length of wood were two letters in my handwriting: DB for David Burns. As I stared at the picture, I saw that the cock was sticking out of the fly of a pair of shorts that had been in my room less than five minutes ago.

As I was staring at the screen in disbelief, Dan walked back in.

“Thanks,” he said as he handed me the ruler.

I stared at him unable to move or say anything.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with a look of concern. “Are you okay?”

Unable to vocalize my thoughts, I slowly turned my laptop so he could see the picture of his cock on my screen.

“No fucking way,” he mumbled.

Our eyes met for a long, awkward moment before he turned and walked out of my room.

Needless to say, we avoided each other for the next few days. It was fairly easy as I still had a few weeks left of school and Dan was working a summer job. If we were forced to be together, our communication was very short. Our parents noticed the tension but just chalked it up to another fight. Dan and I were close and we did have a good relationship but we argued a lot.

Even though things were awkward between us, I couldn’t stop staring at the pictures he had sent me. Despite its similarity to mine, his cock fascinated me and I found myself stroking out more than a few loads to it. In the photos, though he was hard, the uncircumcised bullet at the end was half covered by thin, white foreskin. The deep pink, thick crown of his cock was nearly three inches long, looking like it alone would be a significant mouthful. Along the straight shaft was a network of thin, blue veins that spidered out from a thick one that ran along its length just right of center. Paler than the rest of him, the skin covering it all was milky white and the flesh was slightly thicker in the middle than at the ends. It didn’t take long for me to admit to myself I wanted this dick, which just happened to belong to my brother.

From there, despite how wrong it was, I began eyeing him around the house. At six feet five inches, Dan was not a small guy and taller than my six feet one inch of height. My brother had thick, wavy, copper colored hair that reached just to his shoulders and we both shared the same bright blue eyes. Both his ears were pierced and he sported a thick, pointed tuft of red hair that hung down a few inches off his chin with no moustache. Dan preferred to wear jeans and t-shirts that were often baggy and loose with hiking boots or athletic wear with loosely laced sneakers. When necessary, he did look amazing when wearing slacks and a dress shirt though they were still accompanied by a pair of casual footwear. Since our parents had caught him fucking a girl one day when he was in high school they were always on his case. They scrutinized his activities yet it didn’t deter him from doing what he wanted to do. Through it all he maintained decent grades and never did anything seriously wrong but that didn’t change their opinion that he was always up to no good.

In contrast, I was the model child to our parents. My lighter, strawberry blond hair was kept at a conservative length with a classic side part and I dressed “respectably,” which to our parents meant I wore my pants around my waist with a belt. I was on the baseball team and had a fairly muscular, athletic body that was heavily freckled compared to Dan’s soft, almost lanky physique and nearly blemish free skin. I had earned a number of academic and athletic awards over the years and, overall, was the boy next door to Dan’s faux urban thug. I knew our parents were frustrated by his appearance and behavior but I had always admired and looked up to my older brother. Now, I wanted him as well.

After nearly two weeks of avoiding each other, I decided I needed to make the first move.

Our rooms were on the same side of the house, connected by a Jack and Jill bathroom. When both bathroom doors were open, we could see through them into each other’s rooms. This didn’t happen often as by an unspoken arrangement, to maintain each other’s privacy, we had always kept the doors to the bathroom closed and used the doors to the hallway to access each other’s room, as he had done that night he asked for the ruler.

We were each in our rooms one night when instead of pulling up the pictures as I had the nights before in beşiktaş otele gelen escort order to use them for masturbation fodder, I opened my door to the bathroom, walked to the other side then opened his. I did this because we had a sister, Daphne, who was only eighteen months younger than me and whose room was directly across from Dan’s. I didn’t want the nosy bitch to tag along as she often did when she sensed something juicy happening between us and wanted to catch the start of an argument. If nothing else, Daphne was a great cheerleader when it came to Dan and me fighting.

Dan spun around in his chair and looked at me in surprise as I entered his room and walked to where he was sitting at his desk in only his boxers. He stared uncomfortably as I got to my knees between his legs and looked up at him.

“We need to get over this,” I said softly, both because I didn’t want my words to carry out of his room and because I was nervous about what I was about to say. “And I figure the only way will be to just get it all out there. I know you’re my brother but I can’t stop thinking about your dick. You’re fucking hot and hung, Dan. You know it and now I do, too. And I’m sure you’re sick of dealing with your hand while you’re here. Let me take care of it.”

I slowly slid my hands up his thighs, stopping with my fingers just under the legs of his shorts. He didn’t stop me but looked down at me with a wary expression. Taking that to mean he wasn’t completely disgusted with me yet, I continued, “I’m going to leave my door open. If you want me to come back after Mom and Dad say goodnight, open yours. If not, that’s fine. Either way, I want my big brother back. I miss you. Asshole.”

Having completed my mission, I didn’t wait for a response and went back to my room, closing his bathroom door behind me on the way.

I waited for our parents to come say their goodnights before I turned off my light and laid in bed. They generally respected our privacy and came in only after knocking if our lights were on and the doors closed. If we had them off, they assumed we were sleeping and didn’t risk waking us. Shortly after they left my room, I saw his light go out through the crack at the bottom of his door as I heard them depart his room. Nervously, I waited to see if he would open his door. It soon became apparent he wasn’t going to and I fell asleep feeling some disappointment.

A few nights followed in the same manner. I would leave my door open hoping he would open his or come visit me when he returned home from his summer job or from going out but it never happened. Even though he had decided not to invite me over, our relationship slowly thawed. We were getting back to normal and I was starting to think nothing would ever happen when one night as I was turning off my light his door opened. I looked over and saw his light was already off but in the moonlight filtering through his curtains, I could see him walk back to lay on his bed above the sheets.

Not wanting to seem too eager, I waited a moment before I entered his room and stood next to his bed. He had placed an arm over his eyes and didn’t remove it. Thinking I had made a mistake I was about to turn away when I heard him say softly, “Suck it.”

I hesitated for a moment before I climbed onto Dan’s bed between his spread legs. With shaky hands, I pulled his soft dick out through the fly in his shorts. I both was and wasn’t surprised to see that his flaccid cock, having absolutely no sense of arousal, was already longer than most guys possess when hard. I had sucked more than a few dicks by this point and knew how to give a pretty good blow job but the prospect of servicing something his size gave me pause. For comparison, my own dick was just over ten inches when hard and had a slightly smaller girth than his. Most of my partners had trouble sucking it the first time so I was hesitant about my performance servicing Dan. But I was beyond nervous for another reason. More than his size, despite the fact that I had offered myself up to him, it didn’t escape me that I was about to suck my brother’s dick. By blowing my brother, things definitely would be changing between us. When I had approached him, I had thought of it as doing nothing more than propositioning another random hookup. But in his room, on his bed, holding his dick with our parents still walking around the house on the other side of his unlocked door, I began to realize there was going to be more to it than that, yet it didn’t stop me. Hesitantly, I took Dan’s softie into my mouth and immediately heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a smack on the head.

“Watch the teeth, man,” he said harshly. “Don’t make me regret this anymore than I already do.”

It was the sort of reaction I was not surprised to get from him and took it without offense. “Sorry.”

With his warning echoing in my head, I was more careful when I put his dick back in my mouth and began beşiktaş rus escort to bob up and down on it slowly while my tongue played with the foreskin covered end. It took some time but I eventually began to feel it grow. Once it started, Dan’s dick seemed to swell quickly. My head moved further away from his neatly trimmed bush and my jaw stretched wider as I kept working. It wasn’t long before my tongue felt his foreskin peel back fully unleashing a warm day’s worth of flavorful musk and cock cheese into my mouth.

Taking a moment to rest, I pulled off and used a hand to stroke his cock as I looked at it in the dim light. With any number of words running through my head related to its size, all that came out of my mouth was a soft, “It’s so big.”

Dan didn’t reply and continued to lay still with his arm over his eyes.

Once I understood that he wasn’t going to say or do anything else, I returned to work. I took my time with his cock, licking the shaft and mouthing the head. From the wide piss slit, he began to produce small, intermittent spurts of precum that I eagerly sucked down. Despite its bitter, musky flavor, I enjoyed it and did everything I could to get more of it.

I had memorized the photos he had sent me, but I was unprepared for the reality of the size of his dick. I didn’t expect how quickly my jaw began to ache from sucking him off. Deep throating was not an option because of his girth so I did my best to do the things to his oversized cock that I enjoyed when I received a blowjob. As I continued working him, I tried to learn what he liked by listening to his almost nonexistent sounds of pleasure.

Without warning, his cock stiffened and swelled further and a moment later, a forceful shot left him. As I quickly swallowed it, I braced myself for more to follow but nothing came. Feeling somewhat disappointed, I was about to pull off when he let out a soft groan, thrust his hips upward slightly and began to shoot in earnest. Startled by the force of this second round of cum, part of it seeped out of my mouth before I began to swallow as much of the rest as I could not wanting to disappoint him. From experience, I knew each guy had a different flavor and found Dan’s bitter and salty ball juice to be just barely palatable. Combined with the fact that his load was thick and clung to the inside of my mouth, I had a hard time getting it down even with his bloated, bullet-shaped cock head pressed against my throat, practically shooting it into the passage. However, I impressed myself by not losing any more of it.

After his cock calmed, I continued sucking on it as it softened. Only when it had gone completely limp and I had slurped his crotch as clean of errant spit and cum as I could did I release it and return it to the cover of his boxers. I continued to kneel between my brother’s legs waiting for something but not sure what knowing that he wasn’t going to reciprocate. Dan remained motionless with his arm over his eyes, looking as if I had never touched him. Not knowing what else to do, I finally climbed off the bed and returned to my room to stroke out my own load.

The next day I worried that things were going to be worse between us because of his silence last night. I was wrong. Dan was much friendlier to me than he had been in a while. Things were still a bit awkward and we had difficulty meeting each other’s eyes but it was obvious he was trying. Though he never mentioned it, I concluded I must have done a good job for him to be as happy as he was.

All day I both looked forward to and dreaded bedtime. I hoped to service him again yet, at the same time, I was terrified that I might. When his door remained closed and I went to bed alone, I was surprised by the acute disappointment I felt.

A few nights passed before Dan opened his door to invite me in. Again, when I entered he was lying on top of his sheets. This time, he turned his head toward me and watched as I approached. As I crawled onto the bed and positioned myself between his legs, he kept his eyes focused on me as I reached into his boxers and began sucking him. Though he didn’t shield his eyes, he remained as quiet as the first time I had sucked him off.

I was surprised when he opened his door the following night as well. This time, he was seated on the side of the bed when I entered. His cock was hanging out of his fly, swollen but not yet completely hard. The length was such that the puckered foreskin that hung off the tip reached nearly to the bottom of the thick mattress on which he sat. While that was significant, seeing that it dangled between his spread legs to his calves gave it an additional, artificial sense of size that made me shiver with both fear and anticipation. Still, without hesitating, I kneeled on the floor between his long legs and took it into my mouth.

“Fuck, Dave,” he whispered almost immediately. “I wish I had known you were a cock sucker. You’re really good.”

I pulled his hardening dick out of my mouth to respond but kept my lips on it, licking and kissing his growing shaft between words. “I can’t believe I never saw this thing hanging around. I can barely get my mouth around it.”

“Well you’re doing better than Stacy.”

Hearing him say I was better than his girlfriend, I stopped and stared up at him in disbelief. “Really?”

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