My Best Weekend Ch. 02

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Note to censors-No under 18 characters here.

Note to guys-No 38DD’s, no 8 1/2 +, no anal or other cruelty here.

Previously– (See My Best Weekend by MarilynMWF)

Marg’s husband Brad wanting his wife to enjoy another woman set up a weekend for her and her good friend Janet at a resort. The weekend went as he had hoped and the girls enjoyed a sex filled weekend.

We begin with the last few paragraphs of that story.


We slept in each others arms until mid morning. We showered and had a leisurely breakfast.

Since we were allowed a late checkout we walked the boards then frolicked in the ocean. Then did lunch, the pool, the hot tub, the Sauna.

We followed with a nap in each other’s arms but without sex. As we packed Janet said “Do I dare offer this up? Brad has blessed us with the best weekend of my life and I would like to propose that he be suitably rewarded.”

“What exactly did you have in mind?” was my response.

“I think that Brad would love to see us do the lesbian act. Wouldn’t he?”

“I have no doubt that he would but I’m sure that his idea of a finale to that would be to fuck one or both of us.”

“Well, I’m game, I think that he’s a sexy guy but Marg, it’s your call.”

“OK. I’m up for it as a reward for the weekend. I’m not making any guarantee about re-runs though.”

“So be it.”

I picked up the phone and called Brad. “Honey, Jan and I are leaving now. We’re going to stop for dinner and will be home about 10:00. You be in bed showered and naked. You need to be rewarded for the wonderful weekend. And I intend to do just that.”

I hung up quickly before he could ask questions.

We were back in town by 8:00 so we went to Janet’s karşıyaka escort bayan place and showered and then freshened up our sexy outfits and rested till about 9:30. We put on the sexy stuff and then our sweats over that and headed for my house.

We parked and entered quietly. I had seen that the bedroom light was on as we drove up so I was sure that Brad was eagerly awaiting whatever I had planned for him. Little did he know.

We pulled off our sweats in the Living Room and then tip toed up to the bedroom door. It was closed and I could hear soft music so I was sure that Brad was ready and waiting. I knocked on the door waited for a second and then slipped in leaving Janet in the hall.

Brad was watching a flick which turned out to be “Unexpected Love” which seemed appropriate as there were two females making love as I glanced at the screen.

“Hi lover.”

“Hi yourself. I gather that you enjoyed the weekend. Tell me about it.” By then I was sitting on the bed and we were, as Brad would sometimes crudely say, swapping spit.

After a minute I pulled back and Brad said. “Tell me, did you do IT? Tell me how it was.”

“I’ll do better than that. How about WE show you how it was.” With that Janet came into the room and stood close to the bed. I stood and stepped next to her. We put an arm around each other and stood together looking more than naked under our very sheer night wear. Four nipples were standing erect and hard and two pussies were wet and twitching.

“May we show you what we did?” asked Janet. I looked at Brad’s cock and I’ve never seen it look bigger or harder. Janet and I turned to each other and wrapped our arms around each other and began a long erotic escort karşıyaka kiss.

After a moment I dropped my right hand and slid it under Janet’s panty elastic and began to gently massage her ass. Janet soon followed suit.

“I’m gonna come.” Was Brad’s excited utterance. We both turned to watch and cum was spurting from him and high in the air and all over his face and chest and belly.

“I’ve been holding it back all weekend but I didn’t expect that.”

“You know what I think?” Said Janet.

“No. What do you think?”

“I think that we should clean him up. That was the most exciting orgasm I ever witnessed and I want to reward him. Marg?”

I nodded and went around to the far side of the bed and approached Brad from that side. Janet kneeled on the other side and began to lick the cum from his belly and working downward. I put my head next to her’s and worked my way up lapping up the cum as I went.

When I finished Brad’s face I moved my lips to his but kept my eyes on Jan as she began to clean the cum from Brad’s dick and then took the tip into her mouth. She was holding it loosely between her full lips and thoroughly licking the head. Brad was very hard and I wasn’t sure if it was again or yet.

Marg and I looked at each other and moved our faces toward each other and began to kiss again. We started to fumble with each others clothes and then stopped. We each stood up and stripped naked. Then she joined me again on the bed and we began to make love. Brad was meanwhile beneath us and had a birds eye vies of us both.

Our mouths and hands were all over each other until I felt her take my right breast into her mouth. She seemed to suck it in and to massage it karşıyaka escort all over with her tongue as she held it captive.

I meanwhile took Marg’s long, hard nipple between my teeth and held it gently as I could while my tongue teased it until I could feel her body react against my fingers.

Those fingers were by now deep inside of her cunt and fucking her hard. As I finger fucked her I also pulled at her until Marg crawled over Brad to my side of the bed. I fell onto my back and in an instant Marg’s head was between my thighs.

Then her knees were squeezing my waist and her pussy was dripping it’s nectar into my open mouth as my tongue began to lap it up and savor it before swallowing it.

We both came quickly and then rolled ourselves over and it was me on top and Janet on bottom. My tongue was lapping and my fingers were fucking.

“Marg. May I join in?” That was of course Brad asking.

“Of course. But you need to find a place. Next thing I knew Brad was behind me and his hard cock was seeking to enter my cunt.

Janet’s hands which had been locked around my waist suddenly were gone. I found out later that they had gone to Brad’s butt to urge him in. Then it was Janet’s tongue licking and sucking my clit and Brad’s cock deep inside of me stroking me into a gentle delirium.

Soon I felt Brad erupt inside of me and Janet orgasm against my face and of course that caused the same reaction within me and we were all three just a quivering shaking and quaking mass of flesh.

We rested awhile then Brad screwed Janet. I watched and I kissed her as we both fingered my pussy one of her fingers and one of mine. Then we slept for a while and then we all showered together. We were all late to our jobs Monday morning but too happy to care.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship which now includes Janet’s twin sister Lois, Lois’s husband Larry and Janet’s new husband. Larry’s best friend Jim.


That’s the end of the beginning. I did my part you pick a role and DIY.

Love, Marilyn

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