My Awakening: Epilogue

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This is a culmination of my series. So it will be helpful to have read the previous stories beforehand. If you haven’t read them, they involved Hailey’s sexual awakening at the hands of her sister and her sister’s friends.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


A lot happened during my four years of college. Hannah and I moved into the dorms on the same day. My parents drove down with me to help me move. They met Hannah, but at the time didn’t know the truth about us, or the fact that I was even interested in girls. As soon as my parents had left, though, we were rearranging the furniture to meet our needs. We pushed the two beds together as we decided we weren’t going to be sleeping apart much, if ever. With that settled, we placed my flat screen TV on the wall opposite the bed and our desks sat together in the corner. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some more pillows. Getting back to the dorm room, we put the new pillows across the long part of the bed next to the wall. Exhausted as we were from moving, we put in a Blu-ray and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We didn’t christen the room until the next day. The day started off getting breakfast together. Having already registered before getting to the dorms, we just walked around the store. We did manage to get our books, which cost way too much. (We decided to find them cheaper online the following semesters.) We didn’t have sex until that night. The following morning our neighbor said to me, “So you’re tapping that ass?” I wanted to slap him.

With my anger rising, Hannah slipped into my arm and told him, “Yes, she is.” She placed her hand on my ass and squeezed. My anger subsided as my own hand found her ass. “And she’s the only one that can pound it, or my pussy.” We promptly left the asshole for our shower. We heard the door shut, in our giggled estimation, to rub one out. Oddly enough when the end of the year came around, I think he would miss us the most. We weren’t exactly quiet and every weekend we were highly affectionate.

Kaitlin and I were invited to Thanksgiving by Hannah’s parents. Since we weren’t going up to Washington until Christmas, we decided to accept the offer. Having already met her parents, it wasn’t awkward—at least for me—until Hannah informed them we were girlfriends. Around campus, we were open about our relationship, but until then our parents didn’t know. They took the news calmly. In fact, they had already guessed it, but they had waited for us to confirm it before saying anything. Her dad did make it clear, while happy for us, that we try not to let it interfere with our studies. He was right, of course, I had found it rather distracting at times trying to study with Hannah in the room, but we managed.

It had already been planned that Hannah would visit with me over Winter Break. I was a little nervous because, since Hannah had publicly told her parents, I was going to come out to my parents. It helped that I had my sister and Hannah with me to give me the courage I needed. The news wasn’t as welcome as with Hannah’s parents. My mom had left the room at the announcement. My dad kissed my head and told me, “Princess, give her some time. It’s not that she doesn’t love you, she does, but the shock of the news.” He left the room to find her. As tears were welling up, Hannah pulled me into a warm hug. Kaitlin started rubbing my back. They were both whispering encouraging words to me. It took a while, but my parents—my mom, mainly—finally accepted my revelation. The rest of the break my parents warmed up and opened their hearts to my girlfriend.

Hannah got to meet my friends, as well. I introduced her as my girlfriend; it gave me goosebumps calling her that. She hugged each one and would whisper a thank you in their ears. I saw their eyes pop as comprehension dawned on them. Of course she knew of my exploits, she just wanted to thank them for awakening my sexuality so we could be together. As wonderful as Winter Break was, it was nice getting back to our own reality of campus life again. It felt great knowing that we weren’t hiding from anyone.

At the end of the school year, we moved in with my sister that summer and stayed in her house until we graduated. Yes, my sister, having had too many noise complaints from the apartment tenants, decided to get a house. She and a coworker—a cute brunette, my sister has a thing for us brunettes, named Stephanie—at the strip club had gotten close. So the two of them had rented a house. At the time, it was a convenient way to host some after-work get togethers. (They got horny working the club and anyone wanting to find some relief were welcome to go over.) We never really discussed whether we wanted to join in, but we always opted out. I had the one person I wanted. As fun as my encounters had been before, I was happier with just the two of us. Seeing our relationship, Kaitlin had lessened the frequency of the parties/orgies she hosted until there were none, at least at the house.

For three years, that had been our life. Kaitlin and Stephanie beşiktaş anal yapan escort slept in the master bedroom. Hannah and I in the second biggest room. Kaitlin also let us have the third room for a place to study and extra closet space if needed. During the years, Kaitlin would at times join Hannah and I. But as time went by, our threesomes slowly came to a halt. Kaitlin was the only girl we ever let in the same bed. Hannah, though, still loved the idea of a lesbian orgy like I described about my New Year’s Eve and Graduation Party. I seriously doubted it would ever be more than fantasy. I didn’t even believe Hannah truly wanted it.

I had realized early on, sometime early our freshman year, that Hannah was the love of my life. I wanted nothing more than to be with her, always. I also, thought maybe this was just first love kind of thing and perhaps not the real thing so I buried my true feelings. I wanted to be completely sure before I expressed my inclination toward a lifelong commitment. It only grew from there, though. I went three agonizingly long years not expressing my deepest desire. On the last day of school our junior year, though, we went to a very nice restaurant. Actually, in hindsight, it was the first place I ate at in California. During the wait for dessert, I slipped my hand in my purse and felt the velvety firmness of the box I had been holding on to for a month. It had taken every nerve I had to actually purchase it. I had the whole thing planned in my head. I waited so long for two reasons. One, selfishly, I wanted as much time with her as possible if she said no. Two, altruistically, I didn’t want her to awkwardly look for another place to live in the middle of the semester.

With my heart threatening to jump out of my chest, I gripped the box out of my purse and got on one knee. My throat was dry as I asked her, “Hahn Phuc,” she knew it was serious when I used her real name, “I love you more than words could say.” I saw tears welling up in her eyes. “Will you…” I never got to finish the question as she lunged for me. There we sat on the floor of the restaurant, my girlfriend—now my fiancée—in my arms and both of us crying tears of joy. The waitress smiled and helped us off the floor when she brought the desserts to our table. I was finally able to slip the ring on her finger. A couple months later, I had a ring of my own.

Our senior year was hectic. We decided to have our wedding the day after graduation. Part of the reasoning being the end of one chapter of our lives and the start of a new one. Also, for practical purposes, since my family and friends were all planning to come out to see me graduate it would save on airfare. As we were planning the wedding, I started to panic a little. I really wanted my sister and four friends (Paige, Naomi, Marissa and Olivia) as bridesmaids. I couldn’t fathom asking one or two and not ask the others. Hannah was able to calm my nerves. “There is only one person I want up there with me—you. Most of my friends from childhood to high school, I’ve not kept in contact with since college. Most of my friends from college aren’t close enough to ask for bridesmaids. I would be happy to have your friends as both of our bridesmaids.” So it was decided Paige, Naomi and Becky would stand on her side. Kaitlin, Marissa and Olivia would stand on mine. I was soon in a group Skype call. There were a lot of squeals from the other girls. They all agreed, except Becky who was in medical school, to come out for a week to help with the finishing touches.

Kaitlin’s house was packed. None of the girls even considered getting a hotel room. No one wanted to be apart from the others. So we had a giant sleepover. It was like a high school slumber party for a week. Hannah and I had to excuse ourselves most of the week. We still had school to focus on, but we were assured that my sister and friends would be able to get all the arrangements made.

During the week, I was able to catch up on everyone’s lives. James now worked in the same office as my dad as an accountant. Paige was still working as a hairdresser, but now had a little tyke to look after as well. I knew James and Paige had a boy they named Evan. Paige had been pregnant when I was up there for Christmas my freshman year. I learned that due to some complication she could no longer have children. She had been depressed upon hearing that, but with counseling had gotten better. She focused on her son and had started discussions with James to adopt. (During the wedding reception, they would talk to Hannah’s parents about adoption. They would adopt a baby Korean girl the following year.) Naomi had been right; after the birth of their child, their proclivities in getting other women in their bed waned.

Naomi, on the other hand, had yet to falter. While legally married to neither Becky or Randy, she was still in a devoted threesome. Her dominating side had however softened over time. How she managed to love and be loved by two people was a concept I couldn’t fathom. beşiktaş bdsm escort Yes, I had loved my sister and Hannah. I had realized the love I felt was different for both. To have the same love for two people, well it was confusing. But they all seemed happy, so who was I to judge? Like I said previously, Becky was still in school getting a medical degree. Naomi became a high school guidance counselor. She also did some volunteer work for at risk teens in Spokane. Randy was working in construction at his dad’s company.

Having graduated, they both found jobs in Seattle. Olivia got a great job at Boeing. Having secured an entry-level job at Boeing, Marissa had followed Olivia to Seattle. Marissa found a job as a rehab specialist. She really enjoyed her work helping people regain their motor skills after injuries and major surgeries. They had decided to see how their lives evolved after college and the changes that happened with their careers. Their trial period didn’t last long as they were soon engaged. Marissa and Olivia married this past year. It had been a beautiful and intimate ceremony. I had been one of Olivia’s bridesmaids. Kaitlin served as Marissa’s maid of honor.

The weekend of our graduation/wedding was hectic. We had our rehearsal the day before graduation. The following day was graduation followed by a celebration dinner and then a bachelorette party. The girls hastily pulled Hannah and I away from the graduation ceremony to celebrate our impending wedding. We were blindfolded as a limousine pulled up. As the limousine pulled to a stop, Hannah and I were instructed to sit still for a minute.

Kaitlin, apparently, had stayed with us. She spoke up, after the others had vacated the ride, “The girls just need to get some things set up before we get out. I had volunteered to wait with you as it would give me some alone time with my sister and sister-to-be.” She grabbed my hand and told me, “Hailey, I love you. I have always loved you. I only ever wanted you to be happy. To find the love you deserved. I had, naively, thought it could have been me, but I realize now I was just the door for you to find your true happiness. I saw it the first day you met Hannah face-to-face. I will continue to love you. Always and forever. I will always treasure the time we spent together and will spend with each other.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and let my hands fall to my lap.

I heard her tell Hannah, “Hannah, I am trusting you with the one person I love the most in the whole world. I know you feel about her the way she feels about you. Her happiness will be yours. Treasure her as I do, please.” I heard her sob. I soon felt hands pulling my head forward. Our foreheads knocking together, I was pulled into a three-way embrace. We held each other like that until a buzzing sound from Kaitlin’s phone startled us. “Looks like the girls are ready for us now.” She rustled out of the car and grabbed our hands to help us out. She placed a cardboard circled item on my head (I later discovered it was a Burger King cardboard crown with the word ‘Bride’ written in pink marker on it. Hannah had a similar one on her head.) and led us by the hand to our destination. Interlocking our hands together, we walked through some building with Kaitlin holding each of our outside hands while Hannah and I held our free inside hands in some triangular formation.

She only let go of my hand to push the elevator call button and the floor designation button. She opted to kick the door of our destination. Of course, by this time I had realized we were in a hotel, but the meaning of which was still a little lost on me. That is until, door closed and latched behind us, our blindfolds were removed. I blinked my eyes to adjust to the sudden light as I scanned the room. I noticed a few odd things immediately. First off, it was a double bedroom and on each headboard rested a digital camera. On the ceiling above each bed was another camera and on the dresser in front of the TV was another camera.

I was more than a little confused. All of the women had huge grins on their faces, except Hannah and I. However confused I was, Hannah’s face showed something even more odd. She was shocked, but I saw a little excited. She actually started beaming when she asked, “Is this serious?” I was still confused, but my mind refused to formulate a rational thought. She looked at me and said, “I told you all those times how I wanted an experience like you had. You know…New Year’s Eve…Graduation?” Recognition dawned on my face. Followed by shock.

“You were serious? I thought it was just pillow talk or something to mention to really get us in the mood.” She shook her head.

“I really wanted, at least once, to experience something like that.” She pulled me into a hug. “When Kaitlin asked me what I thought you might like for a bachelorette party, this was the first thing I could think of. I knew you would never suggest it since you didn’t want to force me to participate, but every time I had you describe the beşiktaş elit escort orgies I heard the desire—the longing—for another. I thought what better way than to surprise you with one…our last day as single women.”I kissed her deeply.

When we broke apart, we looked at our fellow participants expectantly. Kaitlin stood between the beds and looked at us. “Traditionally, the bride and groom aren’t allowed to see each other until the day of the wedding as the bride walks down the aisle. However, since we have no groom, we have decided to alter tradition. Tonight, the brides aren’t to be in the same bed as each other, until their wedding night. So in order to keep their hands off each other, it is our,” she spread her arms out to indicate the other women in the room, “to keep them occupied…and satisfied…so they won’t be able to join the other.”

“I noticed the cameras?” I asked.

“Those are here for two purposes. One, for posterity. That way when you and Hannah are old and can’t remember the night vividly, you can watch it on antiquated devices—I am sure, Hailey, you will probably keep such devices to Hannah’s chagrin—in all its hi-def glory. Secondly, it’s also so the partners not here won’t feel betrayed by their counterparts.” We were led to opposite beds. As Hannah and I were stripped and laid back on the bed, our eyes never left the other’s. Not until our vision was blocked by one woman’s thighs.

It had been decided, apparently, that the bride would be pleasured by her bridesmaids. Kaitlin got between my legs and started licking over my slit. I watched as Paige got between Hannah’s thighs and Naomi was descending on her face. My own vision was blocked as Marissa’s pussy was brought to my lips. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her down to my eager mouth. Kaitlin by this point had her tongue thrusting and wiggling in my pussy and had two fingers stroking my clit that had poked out from its hood.

My arm was straddled by Becky, as I had let it fall back to the mattress once I had yanked Marissa down. I then felt a mouth sucking and nibbling on my breast with a hand pinching the other nipple. I was writhing on the bed under the ministrations of Kaitlin and Olivia, but I managed to focus on Marissa. I slipped my tongue into her juicy pussy as my arm, the one not being pinned down by a warm body, traced its way up her body to latch itself on to her breast. I started kneading her breast as I manipulated my tongue in time with what Kaitlin did to me. I felt Marissa jerk which unsettled my tongue in her folds. Using the breast in my hand, I pulled her down as best I could with one arm.

Kaitlin’s mouth clamped around my pussy as she flattened her tongue inside me. She had lifted one of my legs and draped it over her back as she continued her feast on my cunt. Once I had Marissa’s pussy back on my mouth, I started fucking her as best I could while my orgasm was building. I felt her weight shift and Olivia’s face was mashed into the breast in her mouth. (I later, watching the video, found out Marissa had fell forward and using her hands to break the fall had grabbed onto Olivia’s head.) I was bucking, but with one leg over Kaitlin’s back I had no leverage. Marissa was cumming down my throat as I started gushing out my own juices.

Once my spasms ended and Marissa had rolled off my face, I saw things had progressed fast on the opposite bed. Hannah was on all fours as Naomi was reaming her ass with her tongue, Becky was eating out her pussy and Paige was lying sprawled out in front with Hannah pleasuring her pussy. Olivia lay on her back and urged me to roll over on top of her in a 69. As I bent my head to her pussy, she started eating mine. It wasn’t long into our love session when I felt a tongue reaming my own ass. With that sensation, I jerked my head up with a moan. I looked back to see Kaitlin’s face, mostly blocked by my derriere. I pushed myself backwards to try to get more of their tongues in me.

I went back to servicing Olivia only to see Marissa had maneuvered herself into position to grind her pussy with her wife’s. So I bent down and started licking where I could, which was mostly their clits. They were both jerking like an electric current was jolting through their bodies. My head was pressed to the grinding pussies by Marissa and Olivia had her arms wrapped around my waist as she fed on my cunt juice. So when my orgasm swept through me, I was again unable to move away from the pleasure. I lay limply on top of Olivia as my orgasm waned.

I was rolled on my back so Olivia could crawl from under me. I lay there panting, trying to get my breath back. Again, with my vision cleared, I saw the happenings on the other bed. Becky had mounted Hannah’s face and had both of her breasts in her hands as she rode her tongue. Naomi was feasting on Hannah’s cunt as she fingered herself. Paige was lounging at the head of the bed watching. She noticed my glance and gave me a wink.

My attention was brought back to my own bed as Marissa was lavishing kisses to my inner thighs. I placed my hand on her head to urge her to my pussy, but my hand was slapped away as Becky sat on my stomach. She started sliding her slick slit up and down my torso and on occasion would swivel her hips in a circle. Kaitlin, watching this, decided to get in on the action and sat on my face. My third pussy so far tonight, hopefully not my last.

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