My Afternoon

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I shuddered with hunger. And I could not believe what I was about to buy. Daddy sat next to me in the car, holding my hand. His big strong warm hand and my smaller slender fingered hand. He is telling me what a sweet little whore I am. He has this control over me. I am still my own person and can make my own decisions. But there is something about him that makes me feel compelled to obey, which only makes the sexual arousal jump off the charts.

“Does my little girl need to go pee-pee?” he asked while holding my hand and watching me squirm.

I nodded, biting my bottom lip.

“Let’s go inside the store and buy a certain something and then we can finish our errands.” Daddy smiles knowingly. He opens the car door and once again, I feel compelled to be his little girl and get out of the car and follow him. He takes my hand as we enter the store.

I feel like all eyes are on me and I squirm as I walk. My bladder is so full. He doesn’t seem to be fazed by the fact that he is holding my hand, as if I was a little girl. I am, in fact, a grown woman. I could be his daughter; he is 65 and I am only 40. But I’m not his daughter. I am married. I am a stay-at-home mom. I am a grown woman. But there is something about him that makes me feel compelled to be his little baby whore. He is so incredibly sexy. He has greying hair, an older body but still fairly fit, a smile that makes my pussy quiver and a stern look that makes my pussy wet. I have always been attracted to older men, father types. I first saw daddy at the library. Of course, he’s not my daddy. His name is Louis. But he likes it when I call him daddy. Or sir. And I can’t say no to him. When I am with him I am a good girl, willing to do just about anything. He is very demanding, but so kind and although we use language that clearly sets him as a dom and me as his sub, I know that he respects me. I can say ‘no’ at any time. But here I am, saying ‘yes’ to something I NEVER thought I’d say yes to: pull ups.

Daddy leads me to the diaper aisle and then starts to look at and talk about every brand. My face is burning with embarrassment and I am crossing my legs and doing the potty dance. After what seems like an hour, we choose a big pack of pull ups. He makes me carry them to the register which adds to the humiliation and insane arousal. As he pays for the pull ups, he asks the clerk where the restroom is. He tells the clerk that he needs to change me. My face BURNS with shame. My cunt aches. I feel a couple drops of pee drip into my panties. Daddy takes my hand and leads me to the restrooms. He is enjoying the show. I glance down and I can see his pants are tenting.

Daddy leads me into the men’s restroom. I pull back, saying I really shouldn’t go in there, but he makes a show of saying loudly that he needs to put my diaper on. I see heads turning our way and just to get him to stop humiliating me, I follow him into the men’s room. Thankfully, the restroom is empty, and I say a little prayer that no one walks in.

Off to the side of the urinals, there is a baby changing station. A counter area. I start to head to one of the stalls, but daddy takes my hand and leads me to the baby station.

“But daddy – that’s for little babies!” I object.

“Well, canlı bahis şirketleri you are my little baby, and we need to put a pull up on you so that you don’t have any more accidents, don’t we?”

“Someone might walk in and see me!! And I really need to pee!” My face is bright red.

“We bought these pull ups so you could pee in them. And I think you would like it if someone walked in and saw you, wouldn’t you?” daddy says smiling.

How did he KNOW that??? How did he read my mind like that? He always seemed to know things like that before I even knew them. I blushed an even darker red which I could see aroused him even more. He helped me up on to the changing counter. I was really squirming, and he caressed my legs with his warm hands and helped calm me down. I leaned back as he lifted my little skirt and parted my knees, gazing down at my wet pink panties.

“Ohhhhhh it’s a good thing daddy is buying pull ups for you. I see you have wet your pretty panties.” He peeled my panties down my thighs and over my knees. I was looking at the door to the restroom worrying that someone would walk in on us. Before I knew it daddy had my panties off and was smelling them. A groan slipped out of my lips as I watched him lick the wet spot on my panties. He took my little hand and placed it on his bulge as he looked into my eyes and suckled my panties. I felt his thick penis pulse through his pants and my cunt pulsed, my back arched slightly, I moaned and closed my eyes as a couple drips of piss leaked out.

“dadddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy, I need to wet, daddy!” My chest was raising and lowering as I breathed. My nipples straining in my little bralette that daddy made me wear.

“We need to get you diapered, don’t we, little girl?” Daddy made a big show of opening the package and pulling out the pink pull up. He slipped it over my feet and gently pulled it over my ankles and up to my knees, caressing me and looking hungrily at me. My fingers still gripping his hardening daddycock.

“You are going to look so sexy, babygirl.” I blushed and smiled up at him, adoring him. The pull up slid up my thighs and I had to lift my butt so daddy could pull it up over my ass. I gasped as I felt the soft material snug up against my aching pussy. Daddy cupped me there to snug the fit. I gazed up at him, squirming. I wanted to piss, but I needed his permission…I needed his affirmation. I adored daddy and I needed to hear him tell me it is okay to wet myself. He knew I was waiting for him and he smiled lovingly at me as he held my pussy through my thick pull up. He didn’t make me wait long.

“Wet for your daddy, babygirl. Wet for me here in this public restroom where anyone can walk in and see you. Daddy loves you. Let me feel you fill your pull up. I know you like how it feels on your pussy. You like how your warm piss feels, don’t you? You like being changed and watched as you wet, don’t you? Such a good little pissbaby.” He pressed his cupped hand against my pussy as I let go. I gazed up at him, adoring him, as I pissed myself, into his cupped hand. Feeling both humiliated and aroused. I couldn’t help myself and he knew it. The warm piss flooded my aching cunt making me buck and squirm in his hand. Grinding against canlı kaçak iddaa the now thick wet pull up I arched and bucked and looked up at daddy.

“daddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I want to please you daddy!”

“Such a good little pissbitch. Cum for daddy like a good little whore.”

Daddy pressed his hand hard against my bucking sodden cunt and I cried out and came hard like his good little slut. Shuddering and shaking and clinging to his strong arms. Releasing my cum into my wet pull up. My cunt pulsed and my body bucked. I couldn’t think straight, and I gazed up at daddy, needing his strength as I slowly came down from my high, panting and softly moaning, still gently rocking in my sodden pull up against his cupped hand. Daddy smiled at me and caressed my face and slid his hand down to cup one of my breasts, making me have a secondary shudder. I clung to him. Adoring him. Slowly becoming aware that we were still in the public restroom and that I was wearing a sodden pull up. I blushed and tried to push my skirt down to cover my pull up.

“No, no, little girl. Just relax. Daddy is right here. You needed that didn’t you?” I blushed. I just continuously blushed. And I knew daddy liked seeing my torment between arousal and humiliation. “You like wearing a pull up, don’t you? You like the way your warm wet diaper feels against your cunt, don’t you?” I tried to turn my head away from daddy’s gaze, but he wouldn’t let me. I finally relented and nodded.

“Yes daddy, I really like it. I like wearing a pull up. I like telling you that I like wearing the pull up even though it is so humiliating for me.” My body clenched as I said that and my nipples hardened through my bralette. Daddy smiled.

“Daddy has some needs now.” He backed up and took my hand, helping me off the counter. My skirt fell down over my pull up. I wasn’t sure what he needed, and I looked to the door of the restroom, worried about visitors. Daddy smiled at me and told me to relax as he led me to a stall. Leading me into the stall, he turned to me and closed the door behind us.

“Kneel down for daddy” he commanded. I knew I must obey, I was compelled to obey, even though my feet would be sticking out of the stall if I kneeled and anyone walking in the restroom would see that I was kneeling. My face reddened yet again, and daddy let out a small moan.

“Yes, sir.” I kneeled, looking up at him, expectantly and hungrily. Daddy looked down at me and caressed my face lovingly.

“I adore you, daddy.”

“I know, babygirl. Daddy is going to show you how much I love you. Unzip daddy and pull me out.”

My pussy pulsed and I reached up with trembling hands and unzipped daddy’s pants. I looked for his permission to reach inside and he granted it with a nod. I slipped my young hand inside his pants and grasped his daddycock. It is so warm and pulsed in my hand. I subconsciously licked my lips as I pulled daddy out. He was not completely hard and his hood was hiding his cockhead. I looked up at him for direction.

“Kiss daddy” he commanded.

I leaned forward as I gazed up at him and kissed his foreskin. And I slipped my tongue inside and underneath his sheath, knowing that is what he likes. Daddy tasted salty, a canlı kaçak bahis little of piss and the sweat of the day. I savored his taste as I heard him groan. His fingers entwining into my hair.

Daddy took his shaft in his fingers and tipped my head back. My mouth was wide open, and I was looking up at him. He placed his semihard cock on my tongue and relaxed. I knew what was coming and my pussy pulsed. I rocked slightly, feeling my swollen cunt lips rub against my warm pissed pull up.

“Is my babygirl thirsty?”

I nodded, my eyes begging.

“Does my babygirl need some warm daddy piss?”

I nodded, rocking more.

“That’s it, get yourself off in your wet pull up while daddy pisses on you.”

Daddy starts to drip into my mouth. A small dribble, down my throat. Warm yellow piss. I am daddy’s urinal as he starts to piss a little harder. I swallow all that I can. Gulping his daddypiss. Savoring his taste. Feeling so deliciously dirty as I rock in my pull up. Daddy pushes his pissing penis into my throat, and I gag, piss dribbling out of my mouth and down my face and neck, soaking into my dress. I can’t get enough of his yellow warm piss. Daddy’s pissing slows and I hungrily suck his hardening cock. His daddy foreskin sliding back and forth. I need more and he starts thrusting. His hands in my hair, fucking my throat. Using me for his pleasure. I reach my fingers up, cupping and caressing his heavy daddy sac. He groans. I hear the door open, but I can’t concentrate on anything else. I can only focus on daddy and his needs and on my aching pulsing cunt. Daddy is calling me names, telling me what a good cock sucker I am as he thrusts his fat cock down my throat. My face is a mess of piss, saliva and precum. I can’t get enough of his hard thick cock. My lips stretched around him. Serving him. I lose all contact with reality as I cum, gushing into my sodden diaper, moaning on daddy’s fat hard cock. He immediately starts to erupt into my throat. His hot seed painting my throat and then painting my face as he pulls out and shoots creamy seed on me. I look up at him, my face a mess of piss, saliva and cum. I lick his penis, cleaning. I don’t want to waste any drop of his thick seed.

“Good girl” daddy says, caressing my face. Watching me lovingly as I finally rest my cheek against his softened cock.

I slide my tongue into his foreskin. Smiling up at him. As I slowly come back to reality, I realize that there is indeed someone else in the restroom and I blush and try to stand. Daddy stops me and motions for me to put him away. Once again, my face is red. I put his daddycock back into his pants and zip them up. Daddy then allows me to stand. I start to wipe my face, not wanting anyone to see the mess that I’ve made. And I realize that I have yellow piss stains all over my white sun dress. I shake with humiliation. Daddy smiles and stops me from cleaning myself further. He reaches around me, unlocks the stall door, takes my hand, and leads us out.

An older man is taking some deep breathes while standing at the urinal holding his softening cock. He looks at me and smiles as he squeezes out the last drip of cum. I look away, humiliated, pussy buzzing.

“It looks like I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed you today, babygirl,” daddy coos.

He leads me out of the restroom, my sodden pull up making me do more of a waddle. My face wet with sex and red with shame. But I allow myself a small smile too. I can’t wait for more adventures with daddy.

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