My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 09

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Team Sport

Mum had obviously spoken to Dad, I’m going to continue calling Dave, Dad because that’s what I’ve done for over eighteen years. On Friday he and Henry called me into the office. I was a little worried, needlessly as it turned out. They just told me all was well, just treat everybody involved with respect and if there was any questions, just ask.

“Don’t cause problems for Jimmy, please.” said Dad as I was leaving.

I told him I wouldn’t and thanked them both.

Match day was wet, drizzly. Not a good day for running around and getting muddy. Anne, Anne-too and I got there early. We took the horse box. A relic of earlier days when they had horses. Anne-too pulled on her expensive looking green wellies and went to inspect the pitch. Anne and I cuddled up under a warm blanket and watched through the rain spattered windscreen. She returned after about fifteen minutes.

“OK, she explained upon her return, “it’s no better than it was years ago. There’s a wide strip right down the centre. It’s concave and a complete bog. Very heavy going. On the trees side it’s very slightly drier. The trees taking up some of the moisture and some running down into the bog but it’s still not good. Best bit is about five feet wide starting from the touch line. The other side isn’t much better than the middle, heavy going.

Your opponents are older, former first team players not yet ready to hang up their boots. Lots of experience, crafty, know all the tricks but slower, heavier and probably not quite as fit as they should be. Best bet is to try and make them run about as much as possible.”

She and Anne disappeared into the back of the horse box for a few minutes. They passed me two kit bags when they came back and we went over to the changing rooms. There was a good crowd awaiting us. It seemed like the whole family were there. Mum, Dad, Henry, Julie, Sally, Nanny Ruth, Nanny Angela even little Jimmy. I was ready to play my heart out. It was still a bit early so I was able to give my family a hug, Dad and Henry shook my hand and wished me luck. Even Jimmy slapped my back!

I was talking with Nanny Ruth when My Mum came up.

“You trying to lead my little boy astray?” she accused jokingly.

“Don’t think there’s much further astray I can lead him, is there? And he’s certainly not little judging by the bulge in his pants!” replied Nanny Ruth with a filthy grin. “I’m happy to give it a go though,” she added with a twinkle in her eye, “my bedside light needs a new bulb and you know what I’m like with electricals.” she finished looking straight into my mother’s eyes.

“I’ll sort something out for you Mum,” laughed her daughter.

Once everybody had arrived, in the changing room, Anne-too gave them the run down, outlined the tactics she wanted and told us to wait for her signal to try the new idea with the line-out. We all got into our strip mindless of the two beautiful women in our midst.

Just before we went out onto the pitch she and Anne stood on the bench. She gave us the pep talk.

“Don’t forget what awaits our winning team!” she said as Anne and she opened their long, warm coats. They were both totally naked underneath! They had everyone’s absolute attention!

“Are we going to win?” she shouted.

“Yes coach, Lady Coach!”

“Good boys! Now get out there and slaughter ’em!”

### ### ###

It was hard, heavy going. We were doing our best to wear them out. Only trying to stop them scoring points rather than score some ourselves. A holding game. The best option we had. They were slower but as tough as old boots. If we’d try to play them at their own game they would have flattened us!

A few minutes before half time we had a line out, on the wet side. Perfect! I looked at Anne. Her hands went out wide then up straight. Game on! I repeated the move with the ball in my left hand passing on the instructions to the team and fiddled about while every one got into position. Do or die! The ball sailed high over our opponents. Adrian, assisted by two team mates soared four feet higher, took the ball cleanly, twisted and passed the ball back to Neville on the edge of the bog. He made a short dash running past Graham positioned mid-bog. He passed it back to Graham who didn’t move more than a couple of feet then threw a long, accurate, pass out to Rupert. He tucked the ball securely into his chest and set of down the drier side like the devil after a yearling, just inside the touchline. He streaked zeytinburnu escort over the try line, ran towards the goal and made his touchdown just before the bog started. Five points!

Peter converted and we went into half time eight points ahead!

Barry wandered over towards the ref with his rule book, just in case. We headed for the warmth of the changing rooms, a hot shower and a clean strip.

The second half was good, very energetic with our opponents trying to get back into the game. We had to keep our wits about us but they were tired, we were running on lust and adrenalin and scored two more tries. Winners! On the way back to the changing rooms our opponents congratulated us on our game and tactics. ‘Good win, lads! You deserved it.’ which was very sporting.

“Everybody in, Barry?” asked Anne-too after we’d marched joyfully back to the changing room.


“Lock the door!” She peeled off her warm coat. Anne followed suit. Perfection! Two naked beauties. The team roared approval.

“OK!” she announced, “First let me say that you all played brilliantly. It’s a team sport and you played like a proper team. You used the ground well and there wasn’t too many cock ups! But hopefully we’ll get a few soon.” she said to a cheer of delight.

“Players of the match. Martin, excellent throw-ins but you’ve had a very busy week,” she looked over the team and made a big, theatrical wink…

There was another roar of applause and not a few rude comments. Little did they know!

“so don’t need to be player-of-the-match. Adrian, excellent catches and passes. Gerry and Simon, great assists. Neville, Graham, perfect passes and Rupert, it’s great to see a well executed move finished to perfection — way to go guy! Proud of ya! Peter, good kicking. Nigel, love the way you handled that thug in the scrum! How many’s that?”

“Eight, excluding Martin,” replied Barry.

“Over half the team! And I’ve only counted the ones that helped make the score not those that worked their butts off stopping the other team scoring! Four each, daughter of mine?”

“They worked their rock’s off to win, Mum. Least we can do is help them get their rocks off for winning!”

A roar of approval went up from all the players.

### ### ###

“Neville, Gerry, Rupert, Nigel,” she declared holding her hand up, “Follow me!”

I helped her down from the bench and the four named followed Anne looking very smug.

“Adrian, Simon, Graham and Peter,” said Anne-too holding both hands aloft and making her tits look even better, “follow me!”

The four formed what looked almost like an armed guard and escorted her the few feet to the showers.

“Right,” I heard Anne saying, “let’s get this mud off then see how dirty we can make you. You deal with your top parts, I’ll look after everything below the waist. OK?”

I glanced at my four team mates. Only Rupert looked perfectly happy. Gerry looked terrified and Neville and Nigel looked confused. I sympathised with them. Looking at a beautiful woman stripping off with a bunch of mates is one thing. Actually doing something sexy with her while your mates watched is very different. I smiled inwardly at the thought, fucking a mother while the daughter watched then fucking the daughter while the mother watched probably went some way to making it easier though.

In Anne-too’s section Adrian, big, loud Adrian looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights! Simon and Graham were already clean up top and enjoying Anne-too checking that there was no soap taste on their cocks. Peter was happily stroking his, awaiting his turn.

I washed myself off quickly and dried. I took a back seat, standing with Barry, our official coach, just keeping an eye on things.

“Your Anne’s mother hasn’t lost her touch, lad.” he said conversationally, “Many’s the time I’ve enjoyed her mouth around my cock. We had a good team in those days, your Dad, Uncle and Bob. Pity about Bob, good team player. One for the ladies, mark you. Tragic! Tractors were dangerous things back then.”

I nodded politely. Anne had Neville’s cock in her mouth and was looking up at him. I knew what she was saying while she continued to stroke his stiff cock. Poor lad! He looked directly at me, a sort of ‘what do I do?’ look on his face. I smiled and gave him a thumb’s up. He looked a bit happier and spoke. Anne fed his cock back into her mouth, keeping her head still she wanked him aksaray escort hard.

I watched him as the feeling of euphoria flowed through his body. He started to tremble and put one hand out to the tiles to steady himself. He shoved his hips forward, suddenly, trying to push his cock down her throat and into her belly. Anne started bobbing her head back and forth on his cock, her hand wanked faster. He jerked. Anne’s head stopped bobbing, her hand was a blur of movement. Neville rested his hands on her head and filled her mouth with spunk. She slowed her hand and when Neville had finished shuddering she eased his softening cock from her mouth, turned her head to look for me then opened her mouth wide. I gave her two thumb’s up. Turning back to Neville she opened her mouth for him, swallowed dutifully and said something. He nodded and mouthed ‘thank you.’ Anne kissed his cock head and turned her attention to Nigel and Gerry. Rupert was sitting on the floor behind her fondling her tits.

Everybody had finished showering. Nobody had pressed the buttons for more water and all attention was on what the players of the match were enjoying.

Anne-too was in her element! There was clearly spunk on her tits and in her hair. Simon was contentedly leaning against the tiled wall watching the action. Graham and Peter were kneeling down tenderly caressing Anne-too’s delicious body while she was giving Adrian her entire attention.

“Does your girlfriend suck your cock, Adrian?”

“Errrrr,” he stuttered at a total loss, “no.” he admitted very quietly.

“Well tell her she should, or she’ll loose it!” she said quite forcibly, “a girl should be happy to take a pretty cock like yours anywhere you want to put it. Would you like me to give you your very first blow-job?”

Adrian nodded, dumbly.

Anne-too set to with a will and a great deal of expertise. I left her to it and looked over to see how Anne was getting on.

Anne’s face was covered with spunk and Gerry was squatting down against the tiles looking shattered and bewildered. Nigel’s cock was in her mouth, her hand only moments from bringing him to the boil. Rupert had his head under Anne’s bum making her wriggle. Good! I thought, at least she’s not doing all the work then Nigel jerked violently. Anne took the first lot into her mouth then aimed the rest over her tits.

With Neville, Gerry and Nigel satisfied Anne was free to concentrate on Rupert and started to move rhythmically on Rupert’s face bringing herself off, noisily.

“Ready to fuck?” she suggested once she had come back down from her climax.

Rupert struggled to move so he could speak. Anne moved a little.

“Not yet! Sixty nine with me for a bit?” he asked.

Anne didn’t hesitate and started to change her position. Barry nonchalantly threw two towels her way.

“Give you knees a break,” he advised.

Folding the towels into pads she knelt over Rupert’s face and went straight down on his cock, making appreciative noises as she attempted to swallow it in one go. When Rupert took her clit into her mouth and reached around to stroke her bum and finger her pussy her smooth sucking and stroking became much more ragged and disjointed. Rupert was certainly making up for the inexperience of Neville, Gerry and Nigel. I left her to enjoy herself properly and looked over to see how Anne-too was faring.

Adrian looked totally exhausted. Anne-too lay on the tiled floor with Graham laying across her belly lapping up the juices from her wet pussy while nonchalantly sliding a couple of fingers slowly in and out of her cunt. Peter was tweaking one nipple and sucking on the other. Anne-too was moaning contentedly.

“I do hope you two fuck a girl as well as you tease her,” she mumbled.

“Ready for cock so soon? Well, if we must. What say you Graham? We ready to see if we know how to fuck yet?”

“Yeah! Could give it a go! One each end then swap places?” It was obvious he was discussing the matter with Peter not Anne-too.

“I think that would be a good start,” offered Anne-too, “if anybody’s interested?”

“Did you say something, Peter?”

“No,” said Peter, “Throw us a few towels Barry. For her knees and arms. Don’t want her getting too uncomfortable while we see if we’re up to it, do we?”

With Anne-too comfortable Peter knelt between her legs. Graham in front of her face.

“Both together or one at a time?” asked Peter.

“Both together, ataköy escort nice and slow!” decided Graham, offering his cock to Anne-too’s mouth.

When it opened he slid it carefully in as Peter slid his cock into her cunt. I’d not seen Anne-too take two cocks. In fact I’d not watched her take one, only mine in the mirror in the bedroom and that didn’t count. It clearly wasn’t a new experience for her though and she was soon into the pace they set. Slowly, steadily they brought her to her first climax. They let her rest while they changed ends.

Peter eased his cock into her mouth, Graham pushed his urgently into her cunt and they worked together to bring her to a climax again. They were not in any hurry to shoot their own loads just yet.

I turned back to Anne, She and Rupert were changing positions. Rupert lay on his back on the tiles. Anne started to straddle his hips.

“OK?” she asked taking hold of his cock and guiding it towards her cunt.

“Go forrit!” instructed Rupert.

She made sure everything was lined up to her liking, took Rupert’s hands and placed them firmly on her full tits with the instructions ‘support me!’ then drove down hard onto the throbbing member.

“Ohhhhh fuck! Yessssss!” she screamed as the rampant cock buried itself deep inside her, “enough pussyfooting about. Let’s fuck!”

She bounced up and down on the cock. Every time letting the world know how good it felt. Rupert squeezed her tits harder, instinctively knowing what she needed and increasing her delight. She came, quickly and noisily. Rupert slowed.

“Don’t fucking stop!” she shouted, “Not until I’m fucking full of spunk!”

Rupert raised his hips, ramming his cock hard up into her cunt. She drove down on his length, grinding their pelvic bones together. Another climax was building, she became more energetic then let everything go again as the pleasure overwhelmed her. She slowed but Rupert wouldn’t let her rest thrusting deep into her time and time again. Her climax kept on rolling until she could take little more.

She laid forward, her elbows beside Rupert’s head and started to slide gently up and down his cock. Everyone, except Anne-too and her two lovers were now watching Anne and Rupert fuck. In the changed position we could watch as Rupert’s cock opened her cunt and slid inside, then, as it withdrew, the lips were pulled out looking as if they were trying to stop the plunderer escaping. I knew exactly what Anne’s muscles were doing to Rupert’s cock. She was carefully milking him, getting him ready to fill her with sperm. But not yet! She sat up and started to bounce again.

“You’re not getting off that easy,” she told him as she set to work on building to another orgasm for herself enthusiastically.

“Good!” Rupert replied, “might be sometime before I get to fuck you again. Can’t rush the good things..”

I looked back to Anne-too, she was now trying to control the pace, speeding it up. She couldn’t cry out for more or faster but her body was driving back and forth so hard that only idiots wouldn’t know what was needed. Graham and Peter weren’t idiots! They were meeting her trust for thrust until she started to shudder uncontrollably. Peter took a firm grip of her hips and pulled her hard onto his cock and held her there. Graham drove his cock deep into her mouth, paused for barely a moment then eased it back a little before pumping his seed into her throat. Peter’s urgent, short thrusts signalled that he too was unloading his spunk into her cunt and Anne-too was only prevented from collapsing in a heap by the two cocks in her body and Peter’s strong hands holding her hips.

They all looked very satisfied.

Anne and Rupert were becoming very vocal, I turned to watch.

“Quick! Doggie me!” begged Anne.

Anne moved, turned and Rupert got swiftly to his knees, cock and cunt weren’t apart for more that a second or two. They lined up instinctively, Rupert grabbed a handful of hips and rammed his cock as deep as it would go.

Anne yelled with Joy.

“Fuck! I’mmmmmm commmmmin….. Don’t stop! Keep on fucking meeeeeee” as another climax hit.

Rupert kept up his steady pace making sure he gave her all he had with every thrust. Anne continued to cum until Rupert finally lost control. His turn to jerk. His pace increased. His thrusts harder then suddenly he stopped with his cock buried deep in my girlfriend’s cunt.

Anne caught the massive wave riding it hard while Rupert emptied the contents of his balls deep into her womb.

She collapsed, totally spent, onto her forearms. Rupert held onto her hips, threw his head back and breathed deeply.

“Fuck! That was the best!” he declared.

“You’re not so bad yourself!” my girlfriend replied contentedly.

### ### ###

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