My 21st Birthday Wish Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Party.

The heavy drapes had been drawn in the living room and the low lighting was indirect. The table was loaded with food which surrounded a large cake with 21 candles. There was a good selection of drinks stacked up, including a case of my favourite wine: how much did they expect me to drink, for goodness sake? But the twins had done us proud with the food they had laid out and I was quick to take a plateful of sandwiches before relaxing in my chair. We had managed to snatch a quick snack in the shopping mall earlier but that had been hours ago and I was starving now.

Matt poured us all our favourite tipples while Peter started some soft music on the music centre. They all grabbed some food and for a few minutes we sat around in comfortable silence munching. I got up to refill my plate a couple of times and Matt made sure my glass was topped up.

When our immediate hunger was satisfied they asked me to cut the cake. Paul lit the candles and carefully carried the cake to me as they all sang the Happy Birthday song. Taking a deep breath I blew out all the flickering flames and, as thin tendrils of smoke rose from the dying wicks, I closed my eyes and made a wish that our family would continue to grow close and loving.

Matt opened a bottle of champagne with a loud pop and passed glasses around as I cut five generous slices of cake and distributed them to the boys and myself. Matt made a small speech thanking me for everything I had done for them all. Raising his glass towards me, he proposed a toast, “To Mary: Happy Birthday, sister and Mum!” They all raised their glasses and echoed the toast. I was just so choked up inside I had to dab tears from my eyes and was shaking with emotion as they all hugged me close.

I sat back down in my chair. Peter and Paul sat on cushions at my feet – a position they’d often take up when we were watching TV. Matt and Mark were also on cushions in front of me as we settled down and started reminiscing about our shared past. The drinks were flowing freely and we were all getting a little tipsy. I didn’t care; this was the first time I had ‘let my hair down’ for longer than I could remember.

There came a lull in our conversation so I stood up, pulling Paul with me. “Dance with me, Paul,” I asked and we shuffled around for a while. I danced with each of my brothers in turn, happily relaxing in their arms. When it came to Peter’s turn, I was a little surprised to feel his hands moving up and down my back but I gave it little thought.

Eventually we yabancı escort sat back down again: Peter leaned back with his head on my lap and his hand resting on my right knee. Paul took up a similar position on my left. Nothing unusual in that, they had done it countless times over the years. I suppose they had felt more secure like that, especially in the early days when they were missing our Mum. I liked it: they were a comfort to me, too, back in those days when we were all feeling vulnerable. We got around to talking about their various girlfriends. Matt had an ongoing relationship with Julie, a girl on his team at work, and I fully expected them to announce their engagement eventually. Mark was also seeing a lot of his young lady, Samantha, but the twins were still playing the field and had no steady commitments even though one or both of them would occasionally be absent overnight.

I, of course, had no boyfriend to tell them about. In the early days I had gone out on a couple of dates but nothing recently. I became conscious of Peter’s hand idly stroking my knee as we talked but I had to disturb him as I answered an urgent need to empty my bladder. When I returned the boys had drifted into talking about their various experiences with girls. I sat back down with a replenished glass of wine and Peter resumed his position. Maybe the alcohol had loosened their tongues because the conversation became more and more explicit as they related some of their exploits.

Peter’s hand was starting to get more intimate, drifting higher and higher up my thigh, making me feel a little embarrassed so I decided to break up this little scenario by telling them I wanted some more dancing. Peter, on his turn, had his hands roaming again before they settled on my bum as he pulled me in close. I was feeling somewhat ambivalent about what was happening. On the one hand, his touch was generating feelings in my body which had been repressed for years but on the other hand, he was my brother.

Look, my feelings about incest are pretty neutral. The only big problem is genetic: incest pushes those recessive genes to the fore but if there’s no pregnancy, there’s no harm. I’d never stopped taking my pill regularly, just in case, so there was no danger of me carrying a damaged kid. The rest is just cultural. And I won’t deny, incestuous thoughts have occasionally crept into my private fantasies.

Peter tilted my face up and kissed me gently on the lips, not passionate but lingering for a few seconds. Although yeni escort I made no specific decision, eventually I sighed and relaxed into his grip.

I continued dancing with each of them in turn and they all followed Peter’s lead, holding me closely. Eventually I was back in Peter’s arms and his next kiss, when it came, had his hand holding me round the back of my neck and I felt his tongue gently flicking over my lips. After a short while I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to invade it. This set the pattern and after another round of dances I had kissed them all.

I had been taking sips of wine at every chance and by now I was feeling a little unsteady on my feet so I sat back down. Peter and Paul took up their positions at my feet again but both of them were stroking my thighs, Paul’s actions moving my skirt to one side as his hand approached the top.

I kept my thighs closed but relinquished as two sets of hands gently pulled them apart, exposing my ivory-coloured thong to their gaze, with Matt and Mark avidly watching their every move. After an age of the twins stroking my pussy through the material which was now soaking up the freely-flowing juices, Mark pulled me to my feet, kissed me intimately and, reaching round my back, slowly slid the zip down. He pushed the dress off my shoulders and let it fall in a heap at my feet. I stepped out of it and Paul moved it clear.

I stood there dressed in just my skimpy underwear, feeling my heart pounding in my breast as my brother again reached round and removed my bra. I didn’t resist as I felt my thong being gently pulled down before they allowed me to collapse back into my chair, legs wide open, as all four of them made free with my body.

I gasped as I felt Matt close his mouth over my nipple, sucking it in and nibbling gently. Soon my other breast was in another mouth with hands holding and squeezing them both as my pussy was being invaded by several fingers.

Either Peter or Paul – I couldn’t see which because of the two heads working at my breasts – got between my legs, prising them further apart. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations as I felt his warm/cool breath blowing on those moist lips before he started lightly running his tongue up the outside of my pussy. Each stroke got closer to the middle until at last his tongue just slid between my lips and ran up the gash. A jolt of electricity pulsed through my body as he flicked over my nodule.

Each of my boobs was being deliciously mauled. Matt had yenibosna escort both hands squeezing my right tit, his teeth now firmly chewing the nipple and Mark was sucking up a big love bite on the other tit while pinching and pulling at the nipple.

Peter, as I later learned who was between my legs, continued running his tongue up my slit for a few minutes, his tongue penetrating as far as it could, then suddenly he just attacked my clit with his mouth – tongue and lips working away as the volcano inside me got closer to the eruption which just exploded when his teeth clamped on my bump and just bit down. I don’t know how long I was floating about in orbit but I was told later that I had scared them all a little with my screaming. Peter had just grabbed my hips and hung on: his teeth never left my clit as I threw my body about.

When I returned to Planet Earth, the older boys had stood up but Peter was still between my legs, now lapping up the juices which helped to keep them bubbling out. I sighed, smiled and rubbed his head as I thanked him. The rest seemed to relax as they realised my screams had been of pleasure.

“Get undressed, boys,” I told them then giggled at the sight of each of them in turn hopping around on one leg as they scrambled to get rid of their clothes. I took the opportunity to drain and refill my wine glass.

Paul was first by a couple of seconds but it wasn’t long before four erect tools were looking at me out of their single eyes. Peter and Paul were almost identical – nothing spectacular but certainly enough to satisfy a girl. Strangely I noticed that Peter’s curved just a little to the left while Paul’s tool had exactly the same curve going the other way. Matt had about the same length but was just a tad thicker.

It was Mark who surprised me most. Jeez, he was hung like a donkey! Now I’ve seen all of them naked on occasion – as they’ve certainly seen me dashing from bathroom to bedroom – but I’d noticed nothing to show that Mark’s seemingly normal penis would grow to such a size. A shudder of anticipation ran through me at the thought of impaling myself on that.

“Go and get a couple of duvets and spread them out down here,” I said, to nobody in particular. “Not you, Mark. I want to say ‘Hello’ to Big Boy here.” I reached out and pulled him towards me by his tool. God, I couldn’t get my fingers around it. I extended my tongue and lapped away the precum which was hanging down in a glistening drip. Kissing the tip, I ran my hands up and down the shaft and gently squeezed his balls.

We were moved over to one side while the others spread the duvets on the floor. I felt utterly wanton! I spread myself on the floor with knees bent and as far apart as I could get them. “I’m all yours, Boys. I want to be FUCKED – any way you want me! Today I belong to you.”

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