Mutual Feelings Ch. 02

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High Heels

(Just a warning that this story will be better understood if you have read the first installment but if not hope you enjoy anyways ;)As always any feedback is welcome. Thanx xxx)

The silence in the car was not a comfortable one. After they’d left the party Dean hadn’t opened his mouth once. Every few seconds Nyssa would glance at her brother from under her lashes but the thunderous look that had been on Dean’s face when he’d yanked her away from Luke was still in place. He wouldn’t even look at her, just kept his eyes on the road and drove calmly, quietly… or at least that’s what she thought until she looked down at his hands as they held the wheel. His knuckles were white as a sheet and Nyssa felt the apprehension within her go up another notch.

But as she turned to look out the car window a frown marred her features. She didn’t understand what had gotten into Dean. He knew she dated and obviously he knew she must kiss her dates, in fact he had caught her kissing with Sean Davis on the porch on prom night and he hadn’t reacted like this – and she’d been younger then! Nyssa stifled a sigh. She would’ve understood if he had been a little upset, because guys had that weird rule about best friend’s and their sister, but this was just over the top.

“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t act like a slut in public. It might not have occurred to you but that kind of behaviour actually embarrasses me.” Dean mumbled into the silence. Nyssa’s head snapped around and she stared at him, eyes wide – mouth gaping open at his words.


“You heard what I said.” He snarled the words this time.

“Yes I did but I was hoping that I’d heard wrong.” She snapped as she turned in her seat to face him completely. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You were all over Luke.” He hissed, and he took his eyes from the road long enough to glare at her through furious green eyes.

Again Nyssa’s mouth gaped. “It was a god damned New Year’s kiss Dean! What the hell is wrong with you? Nadine was all over you for half the fucking night and may I add in public, you didn’t see anything wrong with that. I get a fucking traditional New Year’s kiss and you do this?” She turned away from him and folded her arms across her chest, feeling untold anger course through her at his high handed way.
“A peck on the lips is a New Year’s kiss Nyssa, he had his tongue down your throat!”

“Just like Nadine had her tongue down yours you frigging hypocrite!”

He didn’t respond to that but out of the corner of her eye she saw his jaw tighten. But she didn’t care, this was ridiculous. After years of her dating he decided to go into the big brother role now? What was wrong with him? Dean had never been like this. Maybe he had been drinking; she reasoned half heartedly, making an excuse for his out of character behaviour.

The rest of the way was filled in stony silence and Dean hadn’t even turned off the ignition and she was out of the car. She crossed the lawn as quickly as her heels would allow and by the time she reached the door her keys were already at hand. Although she was ignoring him Nyssa was very aware of the sound of him slamming the door to the car shut and then his heavy footsteps following her own. Opening the door, she swept inside not even bothering to look back, instead she left the door open and just headed upstairs to her room, she really didn’t want a follow up of that insulting argument they’d had in the car, and with Dean in this strange idiotic mood she wasn’t sure that they could be in the same room together and not tear each other to shreds right now. Despite the very strong feelings she had for him she was seething. He’d called her a slut! The hypocritical bastard! Nyssa couldn’t remember ever being so angry with him; the rage inside her surpassed even the jealous fury that had consumed her at the beginning of the night.

As she slipped into her room she shut the door quietly, not really wanting to remind him of the fact that they still had an unfinished argument. If he wanted to make something of it then he could take it up with her tomorrow. Angrily she untied the halter and it was as she went to pull it off that her door crashed open to frame an incensed Dean on the other side. With a hiss of irritation she clutched the top to her breasts. “What now?” She demanded, hazel eyes narrowed in anger.

“We weren’t finished.” His voice was low, controlled and for some reason it made the tension in the room go up another notch. He was silent as he took in the angry flush that stained her cheeks and the drooping top; he felt himself harden at the sight but strained for control.

“Look Dean I don’t know what you’ve been drinking but you’re clearly not in your right mind tonight so I’d rather you sleep whatever it is that’s wrong with you, off and then if you still wanna make something of it then we can talk in the morning. I’m tired ucuz escort and pissed so please just go away.” Having said that she turned her back to him and kicked off her heels.

“Where did you go with Luke?”

“Did you hear what I said?” She snapped. She whirled around to face him again only to take an immediate step back when she found him standing just behind her. “Or did the alcohol affect your hearing too?” She asked with stinging false sweetness.

“Don’t push me Nyssa.” He warned his expression dark as he stared down at her.

“No, Dean. Don’t you push me. I don’t know what your problem is and frankly I’m past caring after the way you insulted me for no good reason. I understand that as my brother you might not wholly approve of me dating but I’m your sister, not your daughter, which means that I can kiss or be a ‘slut’ with anybody I want to and you can’t do anything about it!” She saw instantly by Dean’s face that that had been the absolute worst thing she could’ve said – but it was too late and all she could do was give a yelp when his hand shot out and wrapped itself around her long mass of hair then using it as leverage, dragged her closer than was decent for brother and sister. “Dean.” She censored, ignoring the feeling of swooping butterfly’s that invaded her stomach at the closeness. This was not time to be thinking about him in that way, he needed to be put in his place.

Using his hand on her hair, he tilted her face up until she was staring up at him, his features highlighted only by the light spilling into her room from the hallway. “Can’t I?” He whispered, green eyes glittering through narrow slits as he glared down at her startled expression. “You pushed me too far this time Nyssa.” His voice was menacing as he took a step forward, making her retreat. “I see you with your little dates, always giving them a kiss here and a kiss there, always wearing something that bares a multitude of skin. Is it to make sure I see you? To wind me up? And now you go and kiss Luke.”

“He kissed me!” Stunned by his accusations it was all Nyssa could think of to say to defend herself. Yes, she wanted Dean, and yes she had always wanted him to look at her as more than a sister, but she had never ever used other guys to make him jealous. That was beneath her, a humiliating step for someone who had as much as pride as herself.

“And you kissed him back.” He hissed and his hand tightened just that bit more on her hair, making her lips part on a gasp. “You wanted to get my attention acting the way you were, leaving the party with him. Well you succeeded little sister. Well done to you, I just wonder if now you’ll be able to deal with it.”

“Deal with wh –” her question was cut off as with another sudden movement he jerked her up to her toes and planted his lips on hers, muffling the rest of her words and sending her into oblivion. The affect he had on her was instant, she sagged against him as he forced his tongue into her pliant mouth and he pulled her into him tight, driving the air from her lungs with the strength of his embrace. Nyssa groaned in a mixture of shock, pleasure and longing. Her lashes swept down to cover dazed hazel eyes as her arms wrapped around him in blind rapture, she didn’t even mind the crushing hold he had on her.

Dean tore his mouth away from hers and speared with another glare. “You let anyone touch you like this ever again – and I’ll kill them.” He watched as her eyes widened in alarm at his silky threat before crushing her lips beneath his again. He knew he was out of control but with jealousy burning through him like acid and the vodka shots mixed in with it, Dean could no longer contain the primitive urges he felt whenever he looked at his sister.

Nyssa couldn’t summon the will to push him off her. Every time he kissed her she went under. This wasn’t the way she had always imagined it would be, and in the back of her mind there was a voice telling her that no matter how much she wanted him this was wrong. After all, one of the reasons she hadn’t really resisted her feelings for him all that much was because she had known that nothing would come of them. Obviously she had been very badly mistaken.

As Dean advanced yet again, Nyssa felt the back of her knees hit the edge of her bed and with another push they tumbled onto it. Dean drew himself up on his knees and glanced down at her as she lay there breathing heavily, her hair spread all over the light blue duvet. God, he’d wanted her like this for so long…he wasn’t sure how long he’d manage to keep the thin veil of control that he had managed to retain. Looking at her flushed face, he curled his fingers around the halter top and then slowly began to draw it over her body…and he felt his cock harden even more as he bared creamy breasts encased in a strapless scrap of black satin, practically begging to burst free of their constraints. ümraniye escort Her waist was small… with an enticing curve that he couldn’t help but trace with the flat of his hands…before tracing it to her stomach, allowing a finger to dip into a delectable belly button.

Nyssa watched as the amazing concentration on his face as he watched his hands caressing her body, it made her shiver and she felt wetness spread between her legs. “Dean?” She murmured, catching the hand on her belly with her own. His glazed eyes jumped up to hers and held her gaze as she took his hand with hers and led it to the fastening of her jeans.

It hit him – the seriousness of what he was about to do hit him. But he couldn’t deny himself now, not when he had Nyssa, the woman he wanted most in the world lying beneath him, body half bared to his heated gaze. His eyes not leaving hers, Dean drew the top over her head and then threw it somewhere behind him, before reaching for the button down denim with both hands and opening the last vestige of clothing that could truly protect her from him.

When he had them undone, he caught the material in his hand and began dragging it down her shapely legs, making her lift them up. This gave him an incredible view of everything. She wore black panties that barely covered her ass and that went lower then necessary at the V of her legs. He pulled them off the remaining length of her legs and as they fell back down on the bed they were spread. Just for him. The thought seared his mind even as he tossed the trousers in the general direction of the top before yanking his own t-shirt over his head in a jerky movement. His hands were actually shaking.

Nyssa almost whimpered when she saw all that skin, she’d seen it before, when he’d finished a shower and came out wearing nothing but a towel around his hips, he’d been untouchable then. He wasn’t now. Taking advantage of the fact that he was busy unzipping his jeans; she wrapped her bare legs around him and drew herself into a sitting position on his lap. She pressed her breasts to his chest only to groan in frustration as the material muted the delicious sensation of his skin against hers. As if guessing the reason for her distress, Dean pulled his hands from between them and reached around her to undo her bra, and then his hands were filling themselves with her soft breasts as the material fell away. “That feels good.” She moaned, her head falling back as she moved her hips experimentally, grinding herself against the hardness that had insinuated itself between her spread thighs.

“Yeah?” He husked, dipping his head to lick at the cherry coloured pebbles that were her nipples. Instantly her hands drove into his crow black hair and she arched her back, feeding him more of her breasts. “How about this?” He murmured an instant before he scraped the turgid ends with his teeth. Nyssa gripped his hair harder and ground herself against him in less controlled movements.

“Good.” Was all she managed to choke out in response. Then she caught his face in her trembling hands and angled his face up so that she could nibble on those full lips which had always driven her crazy. Allowing her free reign over his lips, he slid his hands to the back of her panties and sliding his hands in gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her roughly against him. “I love your ass,” he murmured against her lips, “harder – grind against me harder Nyssa.” He demanded and was rewarded with a sharper nip to his lower lip before she granted his wish, rubbing herself against him like an overenthusiastic cat. Groaning in heated desire, he caught the flimsy material between his hands and pulled hard. The sound of the tearing fabric amidst their heavy breathing was like an explosion and all it did was make their encounter more frenzied.

Hard as a rock and wanting to feel nothing but the inside of her wet cunt around him, Dean shoved impatiently at his jeans and boxers. Not even bothering to check if she was ready for him he gripped her thighs adjusted his hips until his blunt head fell at her entrance…and shoved hard.

“DEAN!” The scream was ripped from her lips as she felt him tear into her virgin cunt and fill her painfully to the hilt.

Dean went stiff with shock as through the blinding pleasure he managed to register the feeling of tearing into something…meaning… “Nyssa!” He released her shaking thighs to frame her beautiful face in his hands. When she turned her eyes up to his, his heart slammed against his chest at the tears he saw there. “Nyssa…Jesus. Baby, I didn’t know I swear I didn’t know.” He murmured, placing light kisses all over her face as he murmured heart felt apologies against her skin, trying to force his body to stay still as she adjusted to the shock of his invasion. “I swear, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Aware that he meant what he said, Nyssa clutched üniversiteli öğrenci escort his shoulders as she felt her muscles clamp down even harder over him as they tried to overcome the discomfort of having him inside her. Gosh, she hadn’t even seen the size of him! If she had, this probably wouldn’t have happened, because she would’ve never allowed something as huge as he felt, to have gone inside her.

“Nyssa,” he whispered as he dropped his lips to her shoulders, “I can’t stay still anymore. I either pull out or…” Dean trailed off as guilt for having hurt her made him unable to voice what he wanted from her.

Against his cheek he felt her hair move as she nodded against him. “It’s okay.” She whispered.

“You sure?”

Nyssa just managed to nod again. Though it was still hurting she didn’t want him to pull out of her, she wanted to please him. His hands caught her hips in a firm grip and she grimaced a little as she felt him draw out of her slowly, as if he were afraid he would hurt her again. He murmured encouragement against her neck as he slid himself back in, a slight groan escaping him as he bottomed out, and Nyssa tightened her thighs in reflex around him. He took it slow for a little bit and after a few minutes of hearing his muffled moans of pleasure she felt the discomfort fade enough that she felt a slight stirring of pleasure with every time he thrust into her. Experimenting slightly she rocked a little towards him and gasped when that forced him deeper inside her. It felt good. She tried it again and this time he hissed her name as her head went blank from a flash of raw pleasure.

Sliding his hands to her ass once more he caught the underside of her cheeks and spread them wide and sank another inch of himself into her as his thumb brushed the tight bud of her anus. “Ohhh,” she half sighed half whimpered as he started moving her on him, using her ass as leverage.

“Ride me Nyssa, ride me hard.” He groaned and then had to fight his orgasm when she caught his rhythm and began tightening her muscles on him. “Yes baby, that’s right, ride me good.” Nyssa braced her hands on his shoulders and pulled slightly away to watch the expression of pure ecstasy on her brother’s face as she started moving faster against him. The friction their movements caused inside her felt incredible and she couldn’t help moving harder against him, so that he bottomed out with every hard thrust he levelled up at her.

Wanting release more than anything he rose up and tipped her onto the sheets, before pulling her legs from around his hips and hooking them up over his shoulders. “Hold on baby.” He whispered, and watched as she clutched the duvet in her tight fists before he gripped one of her hips hard and started slamming into her tight wet cunt like a sledgehammer. “Fuck yes!” He shouted as he heard her little whimpers, they just made him slam harder into her. “You like it now don’t you baby? Yeah that’s right, take my meat. Yeah.”

Nyssa couldn’t breathe, her legs were starting to ache as he held them open and high over his shoulders but it wasn’t enough to override the overwhelming pleasure that had inhuman sounds bursting from her lips. “Dean – oh Dean!” Then unexpectedly, she started shaking uncontrollably as ecstasy exploded inside her making her scream like she had when he’s slammed into her.

Hearing her scream of completion, Dean grunted and his hips began to piston against her until, with and arching of his spine he stiffened above her and came with a shout that rang in his ears as he jerked wildly against her, sending jets of his cum inside her before he just slumped down on top of her.

Rolling off her after a bit, he stared at the shaft of light in the ceiling that came from the still open door. The room was still, and all that broke the silence was their frantic breathing. But as it was as Dean calmed down that something hit him. “Nyssa.”

“Yes?” She asked breathlessly, lifting a hand to feel her raging heart, her body still stunned into immobility with pleasure.

“I didn’t use a condom.”

Nyssa could’ve sworn that her heart stopped in that second as his words hit her like blows to the stomach. Then a fist of panic closed itself over her heart and with a cry of horror she leapt off the bed and ran for the bathroom, slamming and locking it shut as reality came crashing down on her.

Outside she heard hurried heavy steps before a fist beat on the door. “Nyssa, come on out of there.” His voice was no longer angry, just slightly worried and exasperated. “Don’t panic about this, just come out here and talk to me baby.”

Shaking her head as if she could see him she backed away until she was sitting, naked and shivering on the edge of the bath. Oh God what had she done? She buried her face in her hands and ignored Dean’s worried questions on the other side. She’d slept with her brother and they hadn’t even thought to use a condom. What was the matter with her? And as she thought about the current mess she was in, a face floated into her mind’s eye, a face that had been kind and helped her when she’d been in turmoil, with laughing blue eyes and a contagious smile. She glanced at the en suite phone. Luke.

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