Mum Reaches Out Ch. 02

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Tom woke first the next morning, Kay was still sleeping, her face was glowing with contentment. He couldn’t believe that they had made love last night. He smiled when he thought of her cuming when she was breastfeeding him. Kay was a very sexy woman and an imaginative partner in bed. Kay opened her eyes and smiled, she took him in arms, and they kissed tenderly, she then touched his hard cock and said, “That was unbelievable last night, I am so happy that we have had sex and it was the best sex from a man that I have ever had. Darling, if I’m still sleeping in the morning then turn me around and spoon into me, your cock will slide inside me as my cunt is always wet, that would be a great way to wake me up.”

Tom turned Kay on her side then lay in a spooning position behind her. Kay raised her right leg allowing him access to both her hot cunt and her ass. He slipped his cock inside her cunt and soon had a powerful rhythm going. He was fingering her clit as he rode her. Kay was gripping his cock at the base and crown of each thrust. Kay’s pussy was getting very wet, and Tom was using her spunk as lube as he fingered her ass.

Soon he had three fingers inside her ass, and she loved it. Tom pulled out of her pussy, centring his bulbous tip on her ass hole, he gave a gentle thrust, and his hard cock slid deep inside her. He then started to ass fuck her. He was fingering her clit as he did it. Kay was moaning with pleasure and said, “This is unbelievable, you are stimulating my G-spot, and it feels terrific, I think that you can make me cum with this.”

Within the next ten minutes, she had three vaginal orgasms with it, she was shaking with each one. He pulled out, and Kay turned around and kissed him tenderly and affectionately, she said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. I had three of the strongest orgasms of my life within ten minutes, do it like this tonight with Mary and she will be your slut as well. I want to go on top of you now so lie back and enjoy the ride.”

Tom lay back on the bed as Kay squatted over his hard cock, she was teasing her clit with the bulbous tip of his rock hard cock. Kay then centred his cock in the middle of her long sex slit and pushed her hot cunt down on his erect cock, it slid inside her so quickly. Then with an up and down movement, she started to ride him. Kay was gripping his cock at the base and the tip of every move that she made.

She soon had a robust rhythm going as Tom teased her sarıyer escort colossal clit with his left hand and massaged her massive tits with his right. Kay’s pussy was now getting very wet, he could feel her hot spunk on the fingers of his left hand. Her movements were getting a lot faster, and she was gripping his cock tighter then she had a massive orgasm, she was shaking uncontrollably with it, she said, “That was fucking amazing, darling, I have got to stop, I can’t take anymore, I have never felt my pussy tingle so much.”

She came off him then leaned over, and they kissed tenderly and affectionately for several minutes. Tom looked at Kay’s alarm clock, it was eight-ten, and he had a meeting at nine, he said, “I’ve a meeting at nine so I had better go home and shower and change. I think that I should leave some clothes and a razor here. Mum, I am happy that we have crossed the line, I have really enjoyed being with you, and I hope that you feel the same way.”

Kay kissed him then said, “I’m happy too, it was marvellous, I have never had orgasms like them in my life. I am staying with a girlfriend tonight, I know that you and Mary will get on like a house on fire. Ass fuck her as you did me this morning, she will adore that. I am due to see her again on Thursday, and she leaves on Friday morning. If you want we can have a threesome with her on Thursday evening just let me know what you want.”

Tom kissed her then left. He shaved and showered and arrived at the hotel at one minute to nine. He saw Mary coming out of the restaurant and wished her a good morning. She said, “I’m really looking forward to this evening, would you mind if I took Fred a walk now as it’s such a lovely morning and I would love to go for a long walk.”

There was a spare key to the house at the reception which he got and gave to her, he said, “Fred would love that, he was still sleeping when I left, he would love a long walk this morning that I am sure of.”

The salesman from the company that supplies the dehumidifiers was there, and they walked to the Spa as there was a problem with one of the units. The man was very professional and found the problem quickly. He told Tom that he would email him a quote this morning and if it was acceptable, then they could do the work this afternoon. He then left.

As Tom was leaving the Spa, he saw May, Kay’s doctor and Jo, her Clinic manageress coming out of the pool. May said, “Tom, could sefaköy escort you reserve me a table for twelve on Friday night at seven-thirty and could we have the use of your minibus to get the drunken ladies home?”

Tom smiled and said, “Consider it done, do you want the use of the resident’s lounge after your meal?”

May replied, “Yes please, that’s better than using the cocktail bar, and it keeps us all to ourselves. Tell Kay that I have booked as she enjoys having a drink with us.”

Jo smiled at Tom as he left the Spa. Both May and Jo were widows, and both were beautiful women. Kay respected May and thought that she was a first-class doctor, she was a gynaecologist and had a very successful clinic. Jo was the manageress of the clinic, her husband was a doctor and had worked in the clinic until he died ten years ago. Tom had dated her daughter who was now living in Spain. They had dated for six months, Tom had always had an eye for Jo, Kate, her daughter, was also a good looking woman who was two years older than Tom, Kate had an enormous sex drive, and Tom knew that’s what held them together for six months.

Kate was also very noisy in bed, and they had long sessions in her bedroom. Jo was always smiling at Tom in the morning at breakfast. One night Tom had needed the bathroom during the night and had heard Jo’s vibrator bussing and the moans that were coming from her bedroom, Tom knew that Jo was noisy too. He also liked Jo as she was always the same, he had never seen her in a bad mood or even raise her voice, she still had a calm disposition, and she also had massive tits.

Tom booked their table and agreed to the offer to change the motors of the dehumidifiers. They were installed in the afternoon. He had a message from Kay saying how much she had enjoyed last night and this morning and she was looking forward to the threesome on Thursday night. He replied and told her that he had enjoyed it too. He also said her that May and Jo had reserved a table for Friday evening and that he would like to get to know May and Jo better and if they could stay over with Kay on Friday night that could be good.

Kay replied, “I’ll arrange that, May and Jo are wonderful together, we will have fun on Thursday and Friday evenings, I will invite them over to the apartment that way their staff won’t realise what’s happening.”

Tom then went to his house, and there was a note from Mary on the hall table which silivri escort read, “Fred has had a wonderful day, I have walked him for over five hours today. We only need to take him a short walk at nine as I think that he is exhausted with the exercise he has had today. See you at nine, love Mary.”

Mary arrived on the dot of nine, she looked stunning, she was wearing a very sexy outfit which showed her voluptuous figure to perfection. Fred was exhausted, he was in his basket and was too tired to get out of his bed but was wagging his tail. Fred was not wanting to go for a walk. Tom got a bottle of Champagne and two glasses, and they went into the lounge. They sat on the sofa and Mary told him that Fred had been swimming a lot today and that’s why he’s so tired.

Mary put her hand on Tom’s thigh and asked, “I hope that you don’t mind, but I would love to explore?”

Within a minute she had him naked when she saw his hard cock she said, “That’s a big boy, and I can’t wait to feel him inside me.”

She then stripped naked and went down on him. She had a very gentle touch with both her fingers and her tongue. Everything she did to him was done with tenderness and enthusiasm. She was now deep throat in him, his bulbous tip banging against the walls of her throat. Mary said, “That’s easily the biggest cock that I have ever had in my mouth. There hasn’t been that many but it felt so good. As it’s our first time, I would like to go on top as I have never had a cock as big inside me, could you sit on the chair and I will do you on there?”

Tom sat on the armchair and Mary squatted over him teasing her hard clit with the tip of his erect cock, she then pushed down on his cock, and his full length slid inside her hot wet cunt. She quickly got into a powerful rhythm gripping his cock at the base and tip of each push of her hot pussy, Tom was fingering her clit with the same rhythm as she was riding him. She soon was riding him faster and harder. She was good, her massive tits were bouncing everywhere, he took her left nipple in her mouth and sucked on it.

Mary was now pounding his hard cock, she said, “Your cock is filling me, and it feels so good, I love it when you suck on my nipples, they are so sensitive that I can cum when they are played with. Darling, I’m so close, are you comfortable if I fuck you harder?”

Tom replied, “Mary, you are fucking me beautifully, do what you want with me. Cum for me, I want to feel your hot spunk on my cock.”

He had felt her warm cum twice when she went on top, but then she had a massive or gas which left her shaking. She came off him and said, “That’s the best fuck of life, I have never had such a strong orgasm in my life. I need a rest, but baby we are going to have so much fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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