Mrs. Miller Pt. 02

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There is no underage sex or violence in this story.


That night both my husband and I were very happy but tired. We talked for a little while about the day’s exciting events at Brian’s house. I was pleased that Bruce was so cheerful. I loved him very much and it was clear to me that he enjoyed being my little Messenger Boy and doing what he was told by Brian or myself.

He kept telling me that Brian had been so chatty and friendly and had even asked him if he would like to go out with him one evening for a few pints.

I think I mentioned earlier, that Bruce had never made friends very easily so he felt on top of the world with everything. A extra bonus was that it had turned out that Brian supported Everton one of the big football clubs. It seemed incredible that it was the same club that Bruce had followed since he was a young boy.

Both Bruce and myself were 25 years old and although Brian was into his sixties he treated us with great respect. He was an extremely courteous man and suggested to Bruce that it would be nice to spend one Saturday in the not too distant future together to watch a live football match. Bruce was over the moon.

There was nothing false in the arrangement as I could see that although Brian was a lot older than Bruce, he genuinely liked my husband.

Just before we drifted off to sleep Bruce kissed me on the forehead, “Good Night Love, and thank you for everything. When I married you it was the best thing I could have done.”

He smiled lovingly because he loved being my little Brucie. I loved my husband very much and returned the little kiss whispering, “And you to Brucie. You are a wonderful husband.” We both felt so happy as we drifted off quickly into a deep satisfying sleep.

The next day was Sunday. I always went to Morning Mass on Sundays and usually took Communion. Today though, I decided not to go to Communion as I hadn’t been to Confession the day before. I didn’t seem quite right, as I knew that I had sinned with Brian. I felt it wasn’t a really serious sin as my husband had been present the whole time and had even helped to make it more enjoyable and made some lovely suggestions.

The more I thought about the previous day’s events I wanted to giggle.

When we had been in Brian’s house with all the doors locked, my husband had taken over the role as a sort of Organizer where the name of the game was to please our friend Brian. It was pleasing me as well but I just let Brucie have his enjoyment of being in charge.

He had already told me to pull my skirt up to show Brian my underwear, but then went a bit further in asking him if he wanted to see my pussy. From then on it went from bad to worse although I think we all felt it was getting better and better.

I had felt so excited and I could see Brian’s penis get bigger and bigger. Bruce could see it as well and seemed to take it as a vote of confidence in himself, that he was doing a good job.

I was still driving to church in my car and I burst out laughing as I remembered Brian apologising to my husband with the words, “Your wife is so gorgeous, Brucie. I am so sorry, but I really want to fuck her.”

Bruce had reassured him, “It’s OK Bri, I want you to as well, Bri. I’d like to watch you fucking my wife.” It was surreal. When it really had fully happened, it had been mind blowing but it was remarkable how the thought of Bruce being present made me feel much more comfortable.

After church, I went in for a coffee and a few biscuits with some of the ladies. We always did this on Sunday and the ladies were always very nice to me. I was a lot younger than most of them and they were trying to encourage me to join some of the church groups.

They were always organising charity events in aid of St Jude’s and a few times a year the women, without their husbands, would go on coach trips to the seaside to spend an enjoyable day. It all sounded so friendly and innocent although they made a point of saying ‘no men allowed’.

When I had discussed it with Bruce he had been very supportive.

It was a few hours before I arrived home from church and I could see immediately that Bruce looked down in the dumps.

He explained that Brian had telephoned whilst I had been at church. Brian had told him that just after we had left his house the previous evening, his brother William had telephoned to say that he had found a Buyer for his house and could Brian go down for a week to help him and Mildred to pack things up ready for the move?

We already knew that before they had retired, William had been a Head Master of a prestigious Finishing School and his wife Mildred had been School Matron. They had always intended to move back up North to his old village and live near his brother Brian when he finished working.

It was obvious that things had moved so fast with the sale of his house and William couldn’t risk letting his Buyer slip through his fingers.

When we had been in Brian’s house the previous day, we had made tentative arrangements to meet again on Monday antalya escort in the supermarket. Obviously this was not possible now. I felt disappointed. So did Bruce.

The following day, it seemed very quiet. I still went to the supermarket, but obviously I no longer met Brian there. When Bruce came home from work he brightened up my day by telling me that Brian had telephoned him in work to tell him how things were going and asking after me.

I wanted him to tell me everything that Brian had said and he seemed equally keen to go over it again and again. In a way it was the exact reversal of our conversations the previous weeks where I had told my husband everything that Brian and I did together in his house including the Daddy/Schoolgirl dressing up role playing games.

For the rest of the week, Brian phoned Bruce every day when they chatted about the house movement and also went on to talk about football and other sporting activities. They really were becoming very good friends.

On Friday, Brian was bursting to tell me “I had a chat with William today, Jen. He is a super guy. He sounds exactly the same of Brian and he is keen on football as well.”

I smiled “You seem to know all the family now Bruce. You will be telling me you spoke to Mildred next.”

Bruce laughed “I would have Jen, but she was called into School for a few hours as the new Matron wanted some advice about the discipline for the older boys and girls.”

It caught my breath at the thought. Brian had told us that it was an old fashioned school where corporal punishment was still administered. It was a special Finishing School where all the pupils were between 18 and 23. If Mildred had mentioned older pupils then presumably they must have been about 22 and 23. It must be unusual to deal out corporal punishment to young adults at that age.

The other thought was that Bruce and I were only 25 years old. We had talked about it the previous evening and Brian seemed fascinated and wondered what it would feel like to be punished in that fashion and exactly how William and his wife would administer it if we were the subjects

During the second week, Bruce spoke to Brian most days and loved telling me everything in the evening. Finally he told me that Brian, William and Mildred had finished all the arrangements and would be home in Brian’s house in about 3 days.

He also said, “Mildred want both of us to go for a nice lunch on Saturday, Jen. I think they want to thank us for being such good friends with Brian.”


Bruce and I were finally on our way to meet William and Mildred in Brian’s house.

It had been on our minds over the last week. When Brian had telephoned the previous day to tell us that his brother and his wife were staying with him for the next few weeks until their new house was ready we had been so pleased.

When he had gone on to explain that both William and Mildred were longing to meet us, we were both excited but apprehensive. At least Bruce was, I was just so excited I couldn’t think of anything else.

Bruce asked me to drive as he couldn’t concentrate.

When we knocked on Brian’s door and he led us into the main lounge we were overwhelmed with the welcome.

Mildred was a very jolly lady in her early sixties but looked ten years younger. She was a little plump but with her rosy cheeks and bright smile it suited her.

William looked so upright and distinguished, he even looked like a Head Master.

Mildred took over immediately telling us that they had heard so much about us from Brian and that they were dying to meet us.

William was just as nice. Brian stood back a little smiling happily as we were all getting along with each other so well.

Mildred had prepared a light lunch for us in the kitchen. I say ‘light’ lunch but in truth it was magnificent. We all sat down and enjoyed ourselves.

Brian kept topping up our wine glasses and it was all so jolly it was as if we had all known each other all our lives.

During the discussions, the subject of William retiring from his position as Head Master came up. Mildred explained that the School Management had tried to persuade him to stay for a few more years but he had made his mind up that he wanted to return to his original home roots and family. Brian nodded in agreement.

I knew Bruce was fascinated with the school involvement and asked tentatively, “How did your pupils react to your leaving, William?”

William smiled, “They were unhappy about it, but had to accept the situation.”

Mildred interrupted him, ” Don’t be so modest, William. Unhappy doesn’t really describe it. They were devastated, especially the older young ladies and the men and women teachers.”

Brian had already explained to Bruce and myself, “The pupils were all mostly aged over 20 and were quite mature in the way they behaved. The staff treated them as grown up and it was a very happy Finishing School.”

Bruce couldn’t control his curiosity any longer and he tried to make it sound casual as he said, lara escort “Brian told us that you still used corporal punishment in your disciplinary methods, William?”

William looked surprised at the question and looked at his brother who nodded, “I have explained quite a lot to Bruce and Jennifer, William. I didn’t want to have any secrets.”

William pondered a moment before agreeing, “Yes, its just as well. I don’t like secrets amongst friends.”

I spoke and commented, “So you thought of the staff and your pupils as friends William?”

Mildred chuckled, “Much closer than friends Jenny. We were almost like family with William as the father and some looked upon me as a mother figure.”

I could see Bruce getting more and more curious as the conversation became more detailed. Suddenly he could contain himself no longer and asked, “Did you actually spank the pupils William? The boys and the girls?”

William nodded, “They weren’t really juveniles Bruce. They were young women and young men. Also Mildred used to help me a lot with the spanking.”

It was slowly sinking into Bruce’s mind and he half repeated, “She would help by spanking some of the young men?”

William shook his head, “No, Bruce, the women and the men and also most of the staff at times if they wanted it.”

This was a new twist and queried, “If they wanted it?”

Mildred looked puzzled at the question, “Yes of course. Only if they wanted it. No one at St Jude’s would be spanked unless they requested it.”

Bruce caught onto the words and repeated, “Only if they requested it? But I thought they would be spanked if they had done something wrong or if they were naughty?”

Mildred laughed, “You seem to forget Bruce, we weren’t dealing with children. These were young adults. We wouldn’t dream of spanking them if they didn’t want to be spanked.”

This even surprised me, “So they didn’t have to be naughty?”

Mildred shook her head, “No, Jennifer. They just had to say they were naughty.”

She went on to explain, “Initially we used to ask them what naughty things they had done but it was such nonsense we stopped asking. We just asked if they wanted their bottoms smacked. Invariably the answers were positive. In the end they just came to the Head Master’s Study and simply asked to be spanked.”

This certainly was a revelation. Brian had just been listening. Now he spoke, “You have to understand Jenny. These were not children. They were young adults. In fact some of the staff required spanking as well and they were well into their thirties and even older. It just excited them and they liked it.”

Bruce murmured, “I must confess Bri, it is unusual but it does sound exciting. Its hard to imagine.”

William asked his brother, “Have you shown Jennifer and Bruce the photo album we lent you Bri?”

Brian shook his head. “I wouldn’t do that William, without your agreement.”

William looked at us saying, “If Brian shows you some of our spanking memories it is important that you don’t tell anyone else.”

Both Bruce and I almost fell over ourselves in our haste to reassure him.

Brian went to a cupboard and brought our quite a thick album and handed it to Mildred.

She was sitting at the table as she opened it with us looking over her shoulder.

The first picture was of a very mature looking young woman who was lying across William’s lap with her skirt right up over her waist and all her stockings, black suspenders and thin white knickers on display.

William appeared to be smacking her bottom through her panties only he didn’t appear to be putting much effort into it.

Bruce asked “Are you hurting her William?”

Mildred laughed, “William never hurt anyone in his life Bruce. He is only fondling her bottom. That’s what Mrs Price liked most. She liked to be fondled.”

It sounded strange and I asked, “Mrs Price? She was a student and yet she was married?”

Mildred chuckled again, “No, she isn’t a student Jennifer. Mrs Price was a Senior Teacher. She taught Historical Classics. She was an excellent tutor but every Tuesday she would come to William for her weekly spanking.”

Bruce broke in, “And she would tell William she had been naughty?”

I thought that Bruce was catching on quite quickly. Even so, Mildred surprised us again, “In the beginning she used to say she was naughty but gradually she would just knock on our study door and say her mother had sent her for her spanking.”

I commented, “She must have enjoyed it to mention her mother?”

Mildred looked thoughtful and then explained, “Yes, Jenny, her mother is quite another story. She enjoyed it very much and told me on one occasion that she needed it.”

I looked incredulous, “She needed it?”

Mildred smiled, “People have many fetishes Jenny. Mrs Price explained that she had looked forward to it all week and thought so much about her Head Master pulling her knickers down and exposing her bum.”

I gasped, “It must have been humiliating though?”

Mildred manavgat escort agreed, “Yes, but that was part of the excitement, Jennifer, but my husband would never say anything to deliberately humiliate or hurt.”

I was dumbfounded. Brian had been quiet until now but he said “Mildred, you haven’t explained that Mrs Price wanted William to see a lot more than her bottom and to talk about her excitements.”

Mildred pondered for a moment before saying, “I am not sure that our young friends want to know all the details and the exact words used, Brian.”

Bruce was breathing a little heavily and interjected, “I think its fascinating Mildred and would love to know how it all happened and I am sure that Jennifer would as well.”

Mildred looked at me and I confirmed my husband’s sentiments. “As Bruce said, Mildred. It is fascinating and I can understand Mrs Price’s excitement. Both Bruce and I would really like to know everything about the spankings.”

William joined the conversation, “I think both Bruce and Jennifer should be told everything Mildred. They are our friends and we shouldn’t have any secrets.”

The consensus was overwhelming and Mildred accepted it with grace. Although she asked, “And the grown up words?”

I realised what she meant and confirmed “Yes Mildred and the grown up words.”

Bruce echoed “And the exact words.” William and Brian nodded agreement.

Mildred fully understood.

She carried on.

Of course, once her knickers were down to her knees, Mrs Price didn’t want it to stop then.”

Bruce murmured “She wanted her spanking to continue?”

Mildred shook her head, “The spanking was a small part of events. She liked being fondled. She needed to be fondled.”

William corrected her, “Not just fondled. She needed to be fingered.”

Brucie was getting excited, “Up her pussy?”

Mildred nodded, “Yes, and her bottom.”

William sounded a little impatient, “Up her arse. She liked my middle finger right up her arse. She called it the Magic Finger.”

Bruce and I gasped. They were talking about a Senior Lecturer in Classical History.

Bruce was trying to take it all in, “And you had your finger up her bum.”

Mildred didn’t want to lose control and amplified, “Not only his finger, Bruce. She liked his penis up as well.”

Bruce gasped, “That is so exciting, William for you as well.”

William chuckled, “I must confess. I enjoyed having my prick up her.”

Bruce was spellbound, “He used to fuck her?”

Mildred nodded, “It was something to do with William being the Head Master.”

Bruce looked excited and wanted to know more, “Because he was the Head Master?”

Brian explained, “A lot of women have that fetish, Bruce. They like the thought of being fucked by the Head Master, especially the older women.”

I felt inquisitive, “Were there many older women involved?”

Mildred nodded, “You should realise Jennie, that we are in our sixties now. We have been in the School for over 35 years. Many of the students from long ago are now mature women in their own right. They have grown up children themselves attending our school. Many of them retain different fetishes and still want to enjoy exciting experiences in much the same way as they did when they were younger.”

I wanted to make it more sensible as I said, “But of course, they are no longer students so the cant participate.”

Mildred again looked to her husband and Brian for approval. They both returned the look and nodded.

She told me directly saying, “You are right. They are no longer students, but their children are. They are mothers and fathers of current students or lecturers. They found they could participate through their children.”

Bruce understood immediately, “So Mrs Price the History teacher was a student?”

Mildred nodded, “Yes, she was and her mother Mrs Lennox was a student as well 30 years ago.”

William smiled, “Yes, she was. Mrs Lennox is a lovely lady in her fifties.”

Again Bruce sorted it out in his mind, “So Mrs Lennox would come to the school to see you privately?”

William shook his head, “No, not on her own. Her daughter Mrs Price, would bring her to my Study.”

It was getting stranger and stranger and I commented, “Mrs Price would bring her mother to be spanked?”

William added, “And to be fucked.”

Wow! Both Bruce and I were gobsmacked. I think Brian, William and Mildred were enjoying our amazement.

Bruce muttered. He was quite aware of male limitations. “So if you actually mounted her mother, then Mrs Price would only be spanked?”

Mildred looked proud. “No Bruce, William would treat them both the same. He is a very strong man.”

William chortled, “I would rest for a few minutes between but I would always fuck them both.”

Both Bruce and I looked at the 60 year old ex Head Master in a new light. He was an exceptional man.

I was at a loss what to say.

Bruce stumbled over a question, “Did Mrs Price ever do anything with her mother at her own home.”

It was hard to decipher what he was getting at but Mildred understood and laughed, “I am pretty sure they did Bruce but it seemed to be a special treat for the mother to be brought to the Head Master to be serviced by the Head Master.”

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