Mrs Johnston Ch. 05

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David had been looking forward to today for a long time, since his threesome with Hilary and his friend Rob three weeks ago, he’d barely been able to have any time with Hilary. Her husband had been spending more time at home, meaning David could hardly ever go round there. They did manage to grab the odd half an hour here and there, Hilary would make a story up about going to the shops, as would David, and they’d find a secluded spot where Hilary could park her car and they could have a quick sex session. Sometimes they would be more risky, one time Hilary pleaded with David to meet her down a secluded alleyway in their street, although it was late, there was still a chance that they would be caught, but it was worth it. It was always worth it. David felt that despite not being able to see Hilary, their relationship had still developed, they talked on the phone more, sometimes after they had found time for a quickie, they would take a longer route home just so they could spend more time together, to talk, without the pressure of the physical aspects of their relationship. David enjoyed talking to Hilary, but he missed the long sex sessions they used to enjoy. It had been a whole week since he had seen her last.

Today was different, David’s parents had gone away for the weekend, he had the house to himself. Hilary had told her husband that she was visiting some old girlfriends out of town, and would be away for the weekend. David had spent a lot of time preparing the house for Hilary’s arrival, she would be getting there tonight, Friday, and would be able to stay until Sunday afternoon. He’d cleaned, brought champagne, candles, and even rose petals, which he’d spread across his large double bed. He’s never put this much effort into preparing for any other girl he had known. The strange thing was that he wasn’t just excited about the sex they were going to have, he was also excited about seeing Hilary.

The doorbell rang just in time, David had finished lighting the candles and the champagne was on ice, he answered it and Hilary rushed in. They kissed briefly, before moving into the lounge and sitting down on the sofa.

“You didn’t bring much stuff, are you sure you have all you need in that small bag?” David said, nodding at the small holdall Hilary had brought with her.

“I thought I’d pack light, I thought we’d try the minimalist look this weekend, I don’t suppose we will be spending much time outside the bedroom anyway, do you?” She said with a smile.

David moved in and kissed his neighbour, the week apart had been tough on them both and they did not waste a second making up for lost time. David was being the more dominant of the two, pushing Hilary on her back and climbing on top of her, pushing her legs apart and riding his hand up her thigh, pushing her skirt up along with it. Hilary’s hands were busy to, gripping onto her lover’s arse and pulling him in deeper to her, she could feel the stiff bulge between his legs already, she loved his energy, she wished both their clothes would disappear so he could be inside of her, they were already moving their hips as if they were fucking. Hilary locked her mouth on his ear and whispered,

“Right here. Do me right here!”

David didn’t need any more encouragement, Hilary’s skirt was already around her waist and David had pushed aside her panties, they were both working hurriedly to undo David’s trousers and pull down his pants, once he was free Hilary looked him in the eyes and practically screamed,

“What are you waiting for, put it in me!”

David aimed his rock hard erection at the waiting pussy in front if it, and dove straight in, Hilary screamed and dug her nails into David’s back as he plunged in and out of his lover’s tight cunt with such force that the two bodies collapsed on the floor together, Hilary was now on top, she bucked her hips forcefully before sitting up and bouncing on the stiff rod, her breasts looked a sight as they bounced with her through her top, and she ran her hands through her hair as she began to orgasm for the first time in seven days. David was doing everything he could to hold back from his own orgasm, he couldn’t hold back any longer, the convulsions of Hilary’s vaginal walls around his cock were just too much and he shot a load of cum deep into her pussy. Hilary collapsed on her lover and whispered breathlessly,

“Thank you.”

They lay together, motionless, for a few moments, before Hilary slid off the young man and took her top, then her bra off and unhooked her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She reached into her bag and pulled out a light blue skimpy satin nightgown which she quickly put on. It barely came down to her knees and as she bent over, from his position on the floor, David could just see the underside of Hilary’s round arse. He was frustrated that he had cum so fast and wanted to enjoy being inside Hilary for longer, he especially wanted to feel himself inside her tight arsehole.

“Do you want to find somewhere more comfortable to lay down?” Hilary asked.

“Sure, let’s go upstairs.” David said, before getting up and leading Hilary to his ataşehir escort room.

She gasped as she saw the rose petals on the bed and the candles around the room, and hugged David tightly.

“It’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful!” she said. David kissed her deeply and ran his hands through her hair, Hilary held him tightly as his hands roamed her body, her body felt good through the satin gown, and his hands quickly found her tight arse cheeks, he gripped and squeezed them and pulled her tight to him. She could feel his large erection poking her, she knew he wanted her arse, but that would come later on. She lay on the bed and undid her gown, pushing it down past her chest, exposing her breasts and vagina. David lay on top and kissed Hilary, slipping and finger into her wet slit to moisten it, before fiddling with her throbbing clit, Hilary sighed softly, she felt relaxed, and melted into the bed as her younger lover started kissing her neck, the smell and feel of the roses around them turned them both on, and Hilary wasn’t surprised when David could not hold on any longer and slid his stiff erection into her slit. He was not as swift as he was in the lounge, he took his time, using long, slow strokes, taking his cock fully out, except for the head, then sliding slowly, all the way in. Hilary was in ecstasy, she could feel every inch as it plunged in and out of her tight cunt, she had her legs wrapped around David’s waist, at first to guide him, but since he kept his rhythm perfectly, she wrapped them around him to keep him close to her. David continued to kiss her neck, stopping occasionally to whisper in her ear.

“You feel so good wrapped around my cock, I wish I could be inside you forever.”

It was true, he didn’t know what it was, but Hilary looked, smelt, and felt much better tonight. It was peculiar, not only did he not want to take his penis out of the warm, wet love hole it was in, he also didn’t want to be away from Hilary, it was the strangest feeling, but it only enhanced the pleasure he was getting from her.

As David was kissing her neck, Hilary became aware that unlike all their other encounters, they were not fucking, they were making love. She was unaware whether David knew or not, but with the effort of the roses, the champagne and the candles, added with the fact that when two people made love, the act of sex had to be enjoyed by both parties, which was occurring here. It was the first time Hilary had made love. Of course she told her husband that when they had sex they were ‘making love’, but a quick two minutes and an apology do not count as love making. She did love her husband deeply, but the sexual aspect of a relationship is one of the most important, and Hilary had never been able to enjoy that side of the relationship with Mr Johnston. It had come to a point where Hilary had decided that unless she relieved her sexual frustrations, she would have to leave her husband, and as her fingers and toys just could not help her, she had to find another lover, which is why she found David. She did not expect, however, that she would develop any feelings for her ‘toy boy’.

David had been sliding his big cock in his lover’s cunt for a full half an hour now, and he was more than ready to cum, but he was waiting for Hilary to orgasm before he let himself go, he knew she was close, her breathing became heavier, and she was holding him tighter and tighter, once the final sign arrived, her vaginal walls convulsing around his cock, he grunted and dove in, keeping eye-contact at all times, burying his meat deep inside Hilary as he unloaded his sperm deep inside her as he had a better-than-usual orgasm. Hilary was also in the height of pleasure, she was trying to keep eye contact, but her orgasm was so intense that she would occasionally close her eyes and open her mouth silently, as if she wanted to scream but her body wouldn’t let her. Her hips bucked against David’s motionless body, milking his cock for every last drop. She could feel his sperm as it lay inside her, while some was dripping out and down her thigh. After their first meeting, the two had talked about contraception, but as Hilary was on the pill, and both of them had always used condoms with other sexual partners, they decided not to use condoms when they had encounters. They both enjoyed having sex ‘bareback’ as it meant that David was free to take his cock out of Hilary’s pussy and shoot his load over her tits when he was ready to cum, Hilary also enjoyed the feeling of a man’s cum shooting deep inside of her. Tonight the added pleasure was that, without condoms, they both felt closer to each other, they were both totally naked, and there was no way in which they could be physically closer. David slowly began to pull his large member out of Hilary’s cunt, but she wrapped her legs back around him and pulled him back in.

“Don’t take it out of me, yet.” She said.

“Why not?” David asked.

“I, I just love how full I feel when I have your cock inside me.” She replied honestly. “Is that okay?”

“Of course it is, I love being inside you. Its just, I wanted to try something kadıköy escort bayan we haven’t done yet tonight, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” As he said this, David’s hands slid under Hilary and he grabbed both of her bum cheeks. She knew what he wanted.

“You can have my arse tonight, you’ve waited long enough, I think you know it’s going to be tricky with a cock as big as yours, which is why I made you wait so long, I had to be sure I could trust you, I had to be sure you would go easy with it, and not hurt me. The timing also had to be right, this isn’t something we could do down an alley, but now is the right time.” Hilary said.

Hilary pushed David out of her and sat up, before turning over and getting on all fours, David followed, kneeling behind her, his hands on her arse the whole time.

“Do you have any lubrication?” She asked.

David looked dismayed, he’d remembered to do so many things tonight, but lubrication wasn’t one of them. Hilary smiled.

“I think you left some where you put that penis last. Use that.”

David knew what she meant, he slide his cock back into her pussy, it was still so wet, Hilary clenched it as he slid it back out. He leant down and spit on her arsehole. He pushed a finger inside it, then two, the third made Hilary squirm but he carried on, he opened it up and slipped the bulging head of his cock inside. His hands were placed on either side of Hilary’s arse to hold her in place and he held her tightly as he pushed himself deeper inside her. Hilary was in pain, her little arse hole was not built to take such a large object, and a tear fell from her eye as David had nearly three inches inside. Just as he was about to get halfway in she couldn’t take anymore.

“Stop!” She cried out. “I can’t take any more, you’re going to rip me apart!”

David could hear Hilary, and he knew she was in pain, but he couldn’t stop, he just had to get every inch inside this hole. He reached under Hilary and found her clit, he rubbed it roughly and for a few brief moments Hilary’s mind was distracted.

“It’s in, I’m in.” David said, almost triumphantly.

“All of it?” Hilary was surprised, it did hurt, but not as much as she had expected. She could not believe that as David began to pull out of her, she was actually beginning to enjoy the feeling.

“Yes, all of it.” David groaned, he began to slowly fuck Hilary’s arse, taking his time and enjoying every second inside her tightest hole, pulling all but the tip out, then pushing it slowly back in. He was still playing with her clit and was surprised when he felt Hilary’s hand brush past his and slip into her pussy, she was fucking herself with two fingers while David was doing her arse and rubbing her clit.

He wasn’t sure what it was about Hilary’s arse, but ever since he’d seen it when she was in the shower, he’d wanted it. He’d never been able to try anal before, all the girls he’d been with flatly refused once they saw how big his cock was. He was alright with this, and had silenced his urge for arse. But once he saw Hilary bend over in the shower, he knew it was his goal to fuck it, and as he steadily built up his pace, he knew that it was well worth the wait he had to endure to get this goal.

It was not the first time Hilary had had anal sex. In a bid to spice up her sex-life with her husband she offered him her arse, hoping that he would take his time and perhaps last a little longer, but it ended with the opposite effect. When presented with Hilary’s arse, Mr Johnston found that he could just not hold back, he dove in, then out, and in a familiar fashion, grunted, came, apologised, then fell asleep. The rejection Hilary had felt after that experience nearly lead her to her first affair. As soon as Mr Johnston fell asleep, and after she had wiped away her tears, Hilary put on a thick large coat over her dainty nightie and walked outside. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, an orgasm, acceptance, she didn’t care. She walked to the local park. It was dark, late, and the park was empty, apart from one man walking along the pathway. Hilary approached him.

“Hi, it’s cold out tonight, can you help warm me up?” She asked nervously.

“Huh? What do you mean?” The stranger answered dumbfounded.

Hilary opened her coat to reveal what she had underneath, she shivered in the cool night breeze as the stranger stared at her, shocked by the proposition.

“Follow me.” She said, as she walked to a large tree nearby, with the man in quick pursuit. Hilary guessed he must have been in his mid twenties, and coming back from the pub, judging by his slightly hazy look and wobbly stumble to the tree. Once they were there he leant against it and told Hilary to get on her knees, she duly obliged. She trembled in anticipation as he carefully undid his belt buckle and lowered his trousers and pants to reveal his semi hard cock.

“Suck it, you slut.” he said.

Hilary hadn’t heard language like that directed at her in a long time, Mr Johnston was always so well mannered, it shocked her, but made her all the more horny. She escort maltepe took his cock in her mouth and played with it until it was as stiff as a rock. It was only about five inches but Hilary was hardly in the position to be fussy. She gave the man a great blow job, and he called her many more dirty names as he ran his hands through her hair. He grunted and came without warning in Hilary’s mouth, and she licked and sucked him dry as he moaned and sighed. Hilary stood up and smiled.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

“What do you think, whore?” he answered.

He did up his belt and was about to turn to walk off when Hilary grabbed him by his arm and said,

“Hey! What about me?”

The stranger grumbled and told her to lift her coat over her hips and bend over. She did this, holding her hands against the tree for support, her pussy wet with her juices in expectation at the sex she was going to get. The man undid his belt again and rubbed his flaccid cock against Hilary’s rear end, while his hands ran underneath Hilary’s nightie and found her large tits.

“Cor, I never saw how big these were! They’re great!” he said. “Look, I’ve had a bit to drink and I can’t seem to get my cock to stand to attention, so I’ll see you later okay? Thanks for the blow job.”

He walked off and left Hilary alone in the cold night.

Of course, it was all different tonight. She was having sex with a guy she trusted so much she allowed him to put his large tool in her tightest hole, and he was using it well. Her two fingers were probing her pussy as David was clearly about to fill her arse with his spunk, and Hilary was ready for it.

“I’m, I’m going to…oh, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” David moan excitedly. He almost growled as he came, still sliding in and out of Hilary’s arse as his cock was shooting a large load of spunk into the tight little box. Hilary stuck her face into the pillow and bit down hard, David was unaware, but he was hurting Hilary, going too hard and fast in his moment of bliss. He pulled out quickly and flopped on the bed, his erect cock standing high in the air, Hilary soon joined him and laid an arm and leg over his body.

“That, that was fantastic!” he said, with a large smile on his face. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“Not at all, you did good” Hilary replied.

“You’re a good liar” David said, as he kissed Hilary softly on the cheek, while his hand reached down between her legs. He opened her vagina and dipped a finger into her wetness and then moved it to her clit, Hilary bit her lip and slid back into David’s crotch, gently grinding against his rapidly rising shaft. They spooned and David kissed Hilary’s neck, as she told him how good he was for being gentle with her arse. They got cold and lay under the covers in the same position, talking and kissing for nearly an hour. David glanced at the clock, it was 4 am.

“We should get some sleep, it’s late.” He said.

“We could, or you could put that erection to good use.” she replied with a grin.

David kissed her on the cheek and nuzzled her neck as Hilary lifted her leg slightly to allow her young lover access to her tight slit, he glided in nicely and began to once again make love to his older neighbour. He kept his mouth on her neck, occasionally kissing her passionately. There was no urgency with this fuck, both Hilary and David were satisfied with the sex they had had over the night, they were simply making love for the sake of being together. David had his hands wrapped around Hilary, and she had her fingers entwined with his. They were moving as one as they both were approaching their climaxes. Light moans were leaving Hilary’s lips as she felt her orgasm approach and she gasped and shuddered as she came, before laying in David’s arms as he continued sliding his big cock in and out of her satisfied pussy. It was not long before David felt his balls tighten, and his cock spasm as it unloaded itself violently.

They both lay motionless together, David’s cock still inside Hilary’s pussy, as they fell asleep.

It was around 9 am when David woke up, Hilary was laying on her back, her head was tilted towards David and her hair was flowing down her shoulders. David thought that she looked beautiful asleep. He pulled the duvet down and watched her ample chest as it rose and fell as she breathed in and out. He blew gently on her nipples and watched as they stiffened. He pulled the duvet down further to reveal her pussy and was surprised to smell that Hilary was wet, he slipped a finger into her slit and found that she was soaking. His cock twitched and began to rise. He wasn’t sure why he so horny after cumming so much the night before, it must have been the mixture of Hilary’s sexy body, and the fact she looked so peaceful as she slept. He was fully erect, but he didn’t was to wake Hilary, maybe if he was gentle, and quiet, he could just slip in her, he wouldn’t need long. He lay on top of her and pulled the covers over them both, he then opened her pussy with his fingers and carefully slid all the way in, groaning as he got balls deep inside her. He slowly began to fuck Hilary, and was sure he could hear her moaning as she slept. He was on the brink of his orgasm when Hilary awoke and began to have hers, she looked surprised, but pleased, as she awoke to her lover filling her up with his sperm. They sat back and rested in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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