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I stopped, taking a break, and looked at my new home. I had recently divorced, and decided that a move was what I needed to get my head straight. I had moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Houston, Texas.

I looked over at the other boxes that I had piled in the yard, most of my stuff moving men had brought to the house, but there were a few things that I didn’t trust them with and had loaded them into my car to move myself. I sighed and circled my shoulders, the boxes were heavy, and I wasn’t sure if I had enough energy left to take them in the house.

As I stood contemplating the boxes and rubbing my forehead, a habit I have when I’m feeling extra stressed out, I heard a voice to my left. I turned to greet whoever was speaking.

“Hello, new neighbor!”

I smiled, and raised a hand to the man getting out of his car, maybe I could get him to help with these boxes.

“Good evening.”

I watched him walk across his yard into mine. He smiled down and extended his hand. I took it and studied his face. I knew it, his handsome features, his dark brown hair and brown eyes. His mouth was softer at the moment, held in a friendly smile.

I hadn’t told anyone but my immediate family that I was moving. None of my on-line friends knew, but to move right next door to him was a bonus that I could be quite happy about.

I wondered if he recognized me, he’d surely seen enough pictures to know what I looked like, but at the moment I didn’t think he did. Not, that I looked much different, just then I wasn’t wearing any make-up, my glasses were on, and my red hair, that I had recently taken ten inches off of, was swept back into a barrette to help keep it from falling into my face.

My thoughts were broken when he spoke again.

“I was wondering who was going to move into this house.”

“Well it was me.”

“You fairing well so far?”

“Yeah, only been here for a couple of hours, and those have been spent moving boxes.”

“That’s the only thing that sucks about moving.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that.”

“Where’re you from?”

“Kansas City.”

“Oh yeah.”

His eyes squinted and he studied my face for a while.




I tilted my head and gave an inquisitive smile. He shook his and smiled back.

“Nothing, you need some help with these boxes?”

“That would be wonderful.”

We got the rest of the boxes inside, and he looked around the living room.

“Please excuse the mess, it won’t look like this for long, I promise.”

He laughed, “you plan on getting this all done tonight?”

“Yep, can’t have clutter, drives me insane.”

“If you need any help just give me a holler.”

“Thanks. Would you like something to drink? I don’t know where my manners went, you helped me with those boxes, you must be thirsty.”

“No I’m fine, thanks. I should probably be getting on home now, and leave you to your work.”


I walked him to the front door and he turned and smiled.

“Oh by the way, I’m Theron.”

“Hello, Theron. I’m Jessica.”

I quirked my eyebrow up and gave a small smile when I saw his eyes widen.

“Jessica from Grandview.”

I’d never said exactly where I was from, and I smiled. Grandview is a suburb of Kansas City, it sits about twenty minutes south of the downtown area. “That’s right Sir.”

“Hmmm…okay then, I’ll see you later.”

“Great, have a good night.”

I set to work unpacking the boxes, happy that the moving men had put all the furniture exactly where I wanted it, so I wouldn’t have to deal with moving it around. As I unpacked I thought about Theron. He definitely knew who I was, he’d told me exactly what city I had lived in, and I wondered what he was up to. I’d play along, it would be exciting to see what came of this little game.

The next evening there was a knock on the door. I was busy hanging up artwork, and I yelled at the door that it was open. Theron came in and stood there for a second watching me straighten the picture.

“Not wise just to tell people to come in. You don’t know who they are.”

“I had a feeling it was you.”

“Oh yeah, how?”

“Call it intuition.”

“You have a good sense of it do you?”

“I’d say so.”

I hopped down from the chair, threw my hammer on the couch, and smiled up at him.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“What’cha got?”

I laughed, “Not much really, haven’t done any major shopping yet. I got some coffee, just made a fresh pot, got some water, and some milk.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“Those my only choices?”


“I guess coffee will be fine.”

“You take it black.”

“Yes I do.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” I went into the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee, mine taking a little more work than his, and I searched around for the sugar. I was always hiding things from myself. He came in the kitchen.

“Sure is taken you along time.”

“Can’t find the sugar.”

“Isn’t it right there?”

I turned around and saw the bag on the other escort kartal counter.

“Oh, why would I have put it all the way over there?”

He laughed, “not sure.”

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled as I grabbed the sugar.

After doctoring my coffee with two spoonfuls of the sugar and about a quarter cup of milk, I handed Theron his cup, and followed him to the dining room table.

“Is that coffee even hot?”

“Hot enough for me.”

I gave him a wink and took a drink of my coffee.

“See, I don’t like to wait around to drink it. You have to sit there and sip it slowly, I don’t.”

“Impatient, much?”


We sat in silence for a while, I got up and got another cup of coffee, and tipped off his cup.

“So, you hungry? You just got off work didn’t you?”

“Yes, and yes.”

“Would you like me fix you some dinner?”

“Do you have anything?”

He gave me a playful smile and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, food I always have.”

“Great, I’m starving.” I got up and went back into the kitchen. I stared in the fridge, I had no idea what he liked. I decided on chicken, that was what I was going to have anyway, and who didn’t like chicken? I peaked my head around the corner.

“Hope you like chicken.”

“Chicken’s fine.”


I set about making dinner, and as I was cooking Theron came into the kitchen.

“Smells good.”


“What’cha making with it?”


“Yeah, thought about broccoli, that’s what I’d have if I was the only one, but didn’t know how you felt about broccoli. I’ve met very few people who actually like it.”

“Potatoes are good.”

“That’s what I thought.”

I moved to grab some seasonings, and as I reached up Theron pressed against me. I smiled and looked back at him.

“How much longer?”

“Almost done.”

His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me back on to him. I sighed as I felt his teeth come down to nip my neck, but as suddenly as he had started he stopped. I gave a disappointed sound as he backed away and looked back at him. He smiled and tipped his head.

“Good I’m hungry.”

I gave him a humph and thought to myself, “yeah I’m hungry too, but not for dinner anymore.”

He smiled bigger as though he read my thoughts and exited the kitchen.

We didn’t speak through out dinner, except when he complimented me on the food, and shortly after he departed. I walked him to the door, and as he stepped out onto the porch he turned around. He took my jaw in one hand, roughly pulled my head up, and kissed me hard on the lips. I gave a surprised sound before kissing him back. He pushed me away, I had to catch myself on the door so that I wouldn’t fall over. I stared at him wide-eyed, and he smiled.

“Good night.”

“Yeah, good night.”

I didn’t see him for two weeks after that. I began working, but Theron plagued my thoughts. I wasn’t sure exactly what he was up to, the night that he’d touched me I thought for sure that something would come of it, but it didn’t. I was confused and angry at the same time. I decided that I would go pay Theron a visit.

I knocked on his door and waited. It took him a long time to answer, and when he opened the door I saw why. He’d been in the shower, and only a towel wrapped around his waist covered him. I smiled and nodded.

“Hi Jess. Wasn’t expecting company.”

“Hi, may I come in?”

“Ummm..yeah sure. Go ahead and have a seat, and let me get on some clothes.”

I nodded again and went to sit on the couch. It didn’t take long for him to come back. He went from a towel wrapped around his waist to a pair of gym shorts. He walked passed me, and I took a deep breath, taking in the smell of shampoo and soap on him. I smiled and watched him duck into the kitchen. He came back holding two beers. He smiled as he handed me mine.

“This is much better to drink on a Friday night than coffee.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

I took a sip and sat the beer on the table.

“So what can I do ya for Jessi?”

“You can do me for a lot of things Theron, but one thing in particular.”

“Oh yeah what’s that?”

There was a gleam in his eye, he knew what I’d come here for.

“You can start by telling me what you’re doing. You’re little game, though, interesting at first, has started to piss me off.”

“You get right to the point don’t ya?”

He pulled his lips down, along with his eyebrows, giving him a more stern look. “I don’t jack around, Theron. Now please explain yourself.”

He sat his beer down hard on the table, causing me to jump a little. He came closer to me on the couch, and grabbed the hair at the back of my neck.

“I don’t have to explain shit to you.”

“Oh yeah. I think you do. What’s up with that shit you pulled the other night, how the hell could you just leave like that?”

He grabbed my hair tighter, causing me to wince.

“Awww…was the little slut upset by that? Did you want my cock then, Jessi?”

“You knew I did. You know how bad I want it.”

“Yes, maltepe escort you’ve been begging for my cock for a long time haven’t you? You need it Jess? You want it now don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s exactly why you came here. I left the impression and you had to come and ask for it, just like a good little bitch.”

“Theron, please!”

He’d tightened his grip even more on my hair, and tears had come to my eyes. I brought my hands back, trying to have him loosen up. He smiled but didn’t loosen his grip.

“Tell me Jessi, tell me you want my cock.”

“I want your cock, Theron. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all I’ve thought about for so long now, and when I saw that you were my neighbor, I knew the day would finally come. I knew I’d be able to serve your cock just like I’ve begged and wished to do for three years.”

He pulled my head up and kissed me, just like he had two weeks ago. I moaned as I felt his lips press hard into mine, and the moan got louder when I felt his tongue begin to push into my mouth. He broke the kiss but still held on to my head.

“You think you’re ready for it Jessi?”

“I’m more than ready for it, Theron.”

“You sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, yes, please, give it to me!”

He let go of the back of my head, and I brought my hand up to rub the sore skin. He stood up in front of me and my eyes went directly to his cock. It wasn’t completely hard, but I could already see the outline of it through his shorts. He began to stroke his cock over his shorts, causing another moan from me. I watched his hand intently as he woke his cock up completely. I tried bringing my hands up to touch him, but he’d slap them away.

“No, no, no, not yet, my eager little bunny.”

I groaned, “I want it! I want to see it, Theron! Please quit teasing me!”

“You’ve seen it before.”

I huffed and looked up at him pouting, “but only in pictures. I want to see it now, in the flesh.”

“If you insist.”

He pulled his shorts off, and my eyes locked immediately on his cock. I gasped and smiled. Bringing my hands up, without them being slapped away this time, I moved them over his cock, stroking and rubbing it as I stared. I spoke but my voice came out in a whisper.

“My fucking god, it’s so beautiful.”

He looked down as I took in the site of his cock. I bent forward and kissed the tip, moaning as I felt his cock on my lips for the first time. I looked up as I began to lick the long thick shaft.

After wetting it throughly, I moved both hands to the shaft and took the big purple head of his cock into my mouth. I moaned again as I began to jack and suck his cock. He grabbed the hair on top of my head, keeping it out of the way.

“You like that, Jessi?”

I pulled away, though, I kept stroking him.

“I love it. Your cock feels so good in my mouth. I’ve been waiting along time to taste it.”

He smiled and pushed me back, causing my hands to leave his cock. I looked up, surprisingly, as he took his cock in his own hand again. He began to stroke it and I pouted.

“You want more don’t you, you little slut.”

“Yes, please!”

“But you had a taste.”
“It wasn’t enough!” “What you want the whole thing?”

I looked at his cock and my eyes widened. I didn’t think I could get all of it in my mouth. His cock was much bigger than any other I’d ever had.

“Jessi? You want all of it. You know you do.”

I was scared, but I nodded my head anyway, and braced myself for the choking. He grabbed my head again and pushed it back on to his cock. At first, he kept his hand near the base and he drove his cock in and out of my mouth. I had no time to swallow and my spit began to thickly coat his cock.

“That’s a good girl, get it all nice and wet.”

I looked up, keeping eye contact with him as he thrust into my mouth. He pulled it out and wiped the head across my lips. My eyes rolled and I moaned loudly as he took his cock from my lips and moved it across my cheek. He pulled it away and slapped me with it. I cried out in pleasure as I felt the dull slap against my cheek. He moved it across my lips again, and I licked it before he went to the other side and slapped my other cheek.

“You are going to take all of it now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, all of it.”

He thrust back into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged, as I knew I would, and as he pulled back, I had just a split second to take a shallow breath before he thrust it back down my throat, and the choking began again.

“Ah fuck yeah! That’s fucking nice. Feels so good when you choke on my cock, Jess.”

I looked up and smiled as best I could.

He took his cock from me again, and I was able to take a full breath. I looked at it, and tried to catch it, but he moved it. I moved my head to try again, and he laughed as he kept up his game of cat and mouse.

“C’mon, slut, catch the cock. C’mon you can do it.”

I looked up, as I tried again, this time catching it between my teeth. I smiled at him as I began to nibble on his cock

“Good little kitty, pendik escort bayan you caught it didn’t you?”

I nodded my head, and happily chewed on my reward until he took it away from me again.

He pushed me back on the couch, knelt down, and pulled on my legs so that my ass was sitting right on the edge. He pulled open the button-up skirt I had on, and attacked my pussy. I cried out as I felt his mouth clamp on my already throbbing cunt. He pushed my legs up, giving him better access, and making his tongue hard began to thrust it in and out of my pussy. My body convulsed as he tongue-fucked me, and my hands went to my shirt. I threw it off, and sat up, undoing my bra and throwing that too. My fingers went straight for my nipples, and I began to pinch and pull on them as I grew ever closer to an orgasm.

He pulled up, and placed his hand on my pussy, rubbing his palm hard into it as he watched me play with my tits, and then back down he went, nibbling, sucking, and licking my clit. I began to scream, my orgasm just seconds from hitting my body, but he pulled away. Leaving me to scream again, but this time in protest.

He stood up and smiled down at me. I looked angrily back at him, and he gave me a mocked pout as he began to straddle my chest. He placed his cock between my full breasts and I squeezed them around him.

“Get it wet!”

I sat my head up, spit on his cock, and he began to thrust. His fingers came down and began to twist my nipples hard. I moaned in both a mix of pleasure and pain, as I moved my head down to catch the head of his cock between my lips.

“Mmm..that’s a good girl. Keep that cock wet!”

He fucked my tits for only a short while before standing up again. He lifted me off the couch and kissed me again, as he began to walk us both. I huffed when my back hit a wall, and he broke the kiss.

“I’m going to use every single bit of your body that I can, Jess. I’m going to fuck you in every position I can, until you’ve satisfied me.”

“Do it, Sir. My body is yours.”

He threw my leg up, my foot just barely resting on his shoulder. He grabbed hold of his cock, bent slightly at the knees, and thrust up, sending his entire length into my pussy. My ass bucked off the wall, and I screamed in pure delight as I felt every inch of him enter me.

“Oh my fucking god! Yes! Fuck me, Theron!”

He thrust hard, sending my body back against the wall, as my hips thrust to meet his. His hand came to rest on my throat, and I gave a moan as I felt him tighten his grip.

“You like that you little bitch?”

“Yes, Sir! It’s fucking wonderful! Your cock is wonderful. Now shut up and fuck me harder!”

He thrust harder, my moans echoed through out the room as his cock drove deep and hard into me. He stopped and turned me around. Grabbing my hips hard he thrust in, once again and my body shook hard. He kept hold of my hips, digging his fingers into the bone as he plunged deep inside my pussy.

“Just like that, don’t fucking stop, Theron, I’m going to cum!”

My pussy tightened even more around his cock as my orgasm took over my body. It took all I had to keep myself upright as wave after wave hit me. He pulled out, just after I began cumming, and took me to the couch again. He sat down, and I came down on top of him. I sat down hard, sending his cock back into me, and moaning loudly as my pussy started to spasm again.

“Fuck me, Jessi!”

“Mmmm..yes Sir!”

I began to move my hips, keeping him deep within me as I circled my ass around. He lent forward and bit my tit. I moaned loudly as he moved his head and bit the other one. He placed my nipple in his mouth and I looked down.

“Suck it baby. Ooooo…yes! Harder, suck it harder!”

He did and I winced, then laughed at the glorious pain that surged through me.

“Ahhh..fuck yes! Now bite it, bite it hard!”

I moaned loudly as his teeth came down, and I began to bounce on his cock. He pulled up, watching my tits bounce for awhile, before stopping me.

“Turn around.”

I did so, keeping my legs closed between his and started moving again. He pulled me back on him as I danced on his cock. His hand once again wrapped around my throat, and his teeth came to my skin. He took little bites of my neck and ear, and then pushed my body forward. I grabbed on to my ankles and he slapped my ass.

“Fuck, you bitch!”

I began to move again, bouncing hard on his cock as he kept my body bent. I heard him moan, and he pulled me back up against him and he whispered in my ear.

“I’m going to cum. Get off of me.”

I moaned, got up, and sat on my knees in front of him. I took his cock again in my hands, and placed the head in my mouth. I stroked and sucked him hard while looking at him. I moved, placing one hand on the head of his cock and began to twist both hands on him.

“I want you to cum for me Theron. I want to feel all of it on my skin, and I want to taste it on my lips.”

“Do you?”

“Yes, please, Theron, cum on me!”

He grabbed his cock and began to jack it. I watched, and soon enough I got what I begged for. I felt his hot seed hit my lips and I moaned loudly. He grabbed my head and turned it, from side to side, making sure that my entire face was covered in his cum. He pushed my head back and looked at me when he was finished. I ran my tongue across my lips and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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