Moving In

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I’m branching out a bit from my usual categories of stories. It’s good to test one’s boundaries, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did imagining and working it up.


Ted woke to his cell phone ringing. It was downstairs, and normally he would just let it ring, go to voicemail, then take care of it in the morning. He looked at the clock – it was 2:30. ‘Damn,’ he thought. For some reason the noise had him wide awake. ‘Might as well go down and see what it is.’ He rolled out of bed, found his glasses in the bathroom, and emptied his bladder. Then he made his way down the steps to the kitchen where he usually left his phone for the night.

Ted picked up the phone and touched the icon indicating he had missed a call. It was his daughter. To be totally accurate, it was his step-daughter. ‘Wonder why she’s calling at this hour,’ he questioned himself, but knew there was only one way to find out.

He tapped the phone to dial his voice mail, and listened for the automated message to start. Then he touched in his PIN code. As he brought the phone to his ear, he heard the end of the automated message “…one new message.” Ted waited for the message to start.

“Hi Dad. Just wanted to talk with you about some things. Give me a call when you get a chance. Love you.” The voice mail system started to list his options, but he pressed 7 to delete the message, then hung up. Her voice was a bit unsteady. It was almost as if she was holding back tears. He thought, ‘well, I better giver her a call.’

He then pulled up the call on call log, and pressed the button to call her back. She answered almost immediately, “Hi Dad. Thanks for calling.”

“Hi, Stacie, what’s up?” Ted was always to the point on the phone. He felt there was no need to beat around the bush. In fact, he felt most phone calls were a waste of time. There was no reason tonight would be any different.

Stacie was used to it. She expected his brevity. Anyone who knew Ted would expect it. She decided there was nothing to do but get right to it. “I think it’s over between Richard and me,” she said, her voice quavering. “We had another huge fight tonight.”

“Are you alright,” Ted asked. “Do you need me to come over? You’re not in any danger, are you?”

“Yea, Dad, I’m OK. I just wanted someone to talk to.”

“I’ll be there in a about 15 minutes,” he replied, then waited for her to agree or tell him not to come over.

“Thanks, Dad,” she said. “Bye.”

Ted didn’t wait to hear her hang up. He pulled the phone away from his face and tapped the “end” icon. He grabbed his jeans, put on a shirt, and slipped on his shoes. His wallet and keys were already in his pants, so he headed to his car in the garage.

His daughter only lived about 5 minutes away. On the way over, he went through her history in his head.

Stacie was 5 when Ted married her mother. She was a delightful child, always eager to please. But while she was growing up, it was a constant battle to see that she developed the set of values that would help her succeed in life. When she went to go visit her father, especially for the summer, she would always come back a bit wild. It was particularly a problem during her teenage years. But common sense and perseverance won out.

Maybe not as soon as everyone would have wanted, but in the end, it did. Stacie had gone to college near where her father lived, and didn’t last the year. She flunked out. Did too much partying and running with the wrong crowd. She was into drugs and got pregnant. After the baby had been born, she decided to turn her life around and come back to be near her mother and Ted.

Ted had made it clear it would not be a free ride. She’d have to work, and be totally responsible for her decisions and her daughter. And to Stacie’s credit, she did all that. Ted and his wife would help out occasionally by taking care of Jennifer, Stacie’s daughter. About a year after moving back, she was on her own two feet with a good job. It had been somewhat of a miraculous turn around, and no one was more pleased than Ted.

Many years later, Stacie met Richard, and fell in love. Ted grew to dislike him almost immediately. It was things he said and choices he made. Ted didn’t come right out and tell Stacie any of his feelings, but didn’t do anything to encourage the relationship either. They ended up getting married a year later.

There were tell tales signs that things were not going well. It seems like they were always running out of money. It became clear that Richard spent everything he had, and more. The phrase “living within your means” had never made it past Richard’s ears. He bought fancy pick-up trucks and boats, as well as other toys. The worst of it was his running around.

So Ted was not at all surprised when it began to fall apart and now was apparently at an end. The only good thing was that Jennifer had just turned 18 and was about to graduate from high school. She had done well in school, and halkalı bdsm escort was planning on going to college not far away next fall.

Ted’s wife had died in an auto accident 6 months ago. They had always talked about watching out for Stacie and Jennifer if that ever should happen. Now, he was just getting back to emotional stability. He felt a need to take care of the girls – they were the only family he had left.

Ted pulled up into her driveway. He paused for a minute after turning off the ignition to gather his thoughts and calm himself. He knew she’d probably be a wreck, and he needed to be a pillar of strength. He made his way to the door.

Jennifer answered the door. “Come on in, Pee-paw,” she said. That had been her name for him. She had so many sets of relatives, that calling him grandpa would never have worked. He stepped in, closed the door behind him, and followed her to the living room. Stacie had been sitting on the couch, but she got up when he walked in. She made his way to him and he pulled her in for a long hug. Jennifer joined in as well.

He told them to sit down, and he took a seat too. “Do you want Jennifer to…” he began.

“Dad, Jen knows everything,” Stacie said.

He looked at Jennifer and she nodded in agreement. “OK, then,” he started. “I guess the first question is how sure are you that everything is over?” he asked. Ted really didn’t want to offer an option of counseling or trying to save the marriage. In his opinion, it was unsalvageable. But he felt he had to be somewhat neutral in this situation.

“It’s over, Dad,” she said. “I’ve had it. There’s no way this is ever going to get better or work out. I’ve decided to get a divorce.”

“Alright. That’s decided then. What have you done so far?” he asked. “Have you talked with an attorney yet?” Ted waited for her response. He didn’t want to take charge of the situation; he didn’t want to even give that impression.

“No, Dad. I haven’t done that,” she replied. “That’s sort of what I wanted to talk with you about. You always seem to know about stuff like this. What should I do?”

Ted paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. “OK. Let’s figure out some things. You still have separate checking accounts, correct?” He always thought that had been a mistake – Richard had insisted on it. It really didn’t matter as they lived in a community property state. But now it was one thing that would play in her favor.

“Yes,” Stacie said. “He has his and I have mine.”

“Good. And he doesn’t have access to it, correct?” he asked further.

“That’s right. Our accounts are totally separate.”

“And I understand that you have no equity in the house. You owe more than it’s worth, right?” Ted continued.

“Yea, that’s right,” Stacie said.

“OK. Tonight, get you hands on everything you can find regarding your assets. What you own and what you owe. If you have them, get a copy of all your bills. Go through your checkbook and make a list of what you’ve been paying for. And if you can find copies of his statements and what he has, get some of those,” Ted told her. “Tomorrow morning, I’ll find out who is a good divorce attorney. Don’t worry about the cost. Chances are he’ll have to help pay for that in the end. But if not, I’ll help you out there. I’ll give you a call and you can make an appointment. As soon as possible. What you want to do is get everything in motion before he has a chance to hide assets, or take something from you.”

Stacie nodded to show she understood.

“Do you think he’s coming back tonight?” Ted asked.

“Probably in the morning. He’ll want to sleep before he has to go to work tomorrow afternoon,” she replied.

“I think it’d be a good idea for you to spend the rest of the night with me. Get all those things I mentioned and pack a bag. Drive over when your ready,” Ted said. He turned to Jennifer, “You should pack a bag too, but you’re 18 and can make your own decision on that.”

He stood up and walked over to Stacie. She stood up and he hugged her again.

“Thanks, Dad,” she said. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

“No problem. I needed to help you with this. See you after a bit.” He gave her another hug, then left. Stacie and Jen made it to Ted’s house about an hour later. The next day, Stacie saw what was probably the toughest and most knowledgeable divorce attorney in the city, and one of the top ones in the state.

They ended up taking Richard to the cleaners. He had been blind sided by the whole process, and ended up hiring the cheapest lawyer he could find. They didn’t have much in the way of assets together. She was able to keep her car, and Jennifer was able to keep hers. They’d continue to make payments. The same was true of Richard’s high dollar truck. But the court made him sell his four-wheeler and boat to liquidize the assets. And the house was put on the market. It sold quickly. Stacie wanted to get out from underneath it, and halkalı elit escort Richard couldn’t afford the mortgage. There was no equity in it. The small amount of money that was generated from the sale of assets mostly went to pay for Stacie’s attorney fees. The entire process took just less than a year.

During that time, Stacie and Jen had moved in with Ted. As was expected, Jen went off to college on a full ride scholarship the next fall, so it was just Stacie and Ted in the house. He thought it was nice to have someone there again. Before, it had been sort of lonely for him. And he made sure to give her her privacy. She was able to come and go as if she owned the place. Even Jen had a key and a code for the security system.

Ted had been living as a bachelor for more than a year, and he had to change some of his habits. Of course, no more leaving the toilet seat up. And he had to stay dressed around the house. Lastly, he had to be discreet in his masturbation activities. He learned to listen and became able to hear if Stacie was coming his way. Things were going well.

Jen came home for Christmas break after her first semester. She had done well at school, and was eager to get back home and spend some time with her old friends. She was always out with them, and it seemed that she was never even at the house.

One day, when Stacie was at work, Ted was a little bored and began watching some porn on the internet. He was in his study, and one thing led to another. Pretty soon he was jacking off. It was a unusually good session. He was having a good time. Before long, he got to the point of no return when he heard a noise. He turned to look at towards the door and there was Jen, standing with her mouth wide open. He couldn’t stop the orgasm. Even though he discontinued stroking his cock, the sperm erupted and went everywhere. There were a few good spurts, then the semen just oozed out of him.

He couldn’t say anything. He just stared at her, and she at him. She was looking at his cock and the mess he made. Finally, Jen managed to mumble, “I’m sorry.” She turned and walked out of the office. She grabbed her purse and keys, walked out of the house, and drove off.

Ted had no idea of what to do. Well, first he cleaned himself up, then began to think of what would become of this. Hopefully, Jen would just kind of forget about it, and not say anything to anyone, particularly Stacie. He was so embarrassed. Of course, thoughts of the worse happening also went through his head, but surely those things wouldn’t happen, he thought.

Hours later, he heard Stacie’s car pull up. He looked out the window and Jen’s car was right behind her. He went to the living room and tried to act as though he hadn’t noticed their arrival when they walked in.

Jen continued to her bedroom, but Stacie stopped and stood in front of Ted. “Dad, Jen told me what happened.”

Ted turned red. “Stacie, I’m sorry. I forgot she was around, and well, it kind of just…”

“Dad,” she interrupted him. “You’ve got to be careful. Yea, she’s an adult, but she really didn’t need to see her grandfather choking the chicken. Do you really need to be doing that anyway?” she asked.

Ted paused. ‘Why is it women don’t understand this?’ he asked himself. “Stacie, it’s kind of a guy thing. It’d be odd if I wasn’t doing it,” he said.

This time Stacie paused, then with a nod said, “I guess maybe that’s true. Just be more discreet, OK?”

They had a very quiet dinner. No one really said anything. Later, Jen went out with her friends. Ted went back to his office to do some financial work, and Stacie was watching her television shows. Around eleven o’clock, Ted walked through the living room and said, “I’m tired. Going to go to bed. See you tomorrow.”

“Good night,” Stacie said quietly.

“Good night,” Ted said, and walked upstairs to his bedroom. He took a shower, then laid down. He was exhausted, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Later, something woke him up. He was certain the bed moved, but he couldn’t see anything. He turned and noticed the clock read ten till one.


He about leaped from the bed when he heard the voice. He turned, and in the dark, could see Stacie sitting on the other side of the bed. She was dressed in her usual night t-shirt. Then Ted remembered he only had on a pair of briefs. He reached down and pulled the sheets back over his body. Then he sat up.

“Dad?” Stacie said once again. “Do you miss Mom?”

“Of course I do, sweetie,” he replied. “I miss her everyday.”

“Dad, you don’t go out. I mean, you don’t have any girlfriends, do you?” she asked.

“No, I don’t. I have trouble meeting women, and I’m not even sure I want to spend that kind of effort. I mean, it’s been a long time since I’ve dated anyone. I bet I’d have to learn how to do everything over again. And I guess I’m still in love with your Mom.”

“It’s just that after what halkalı escort happened today with you and Jen, I got to thinking about it,” continued Stacie. “I just haven’t thought of you seeing anyone else, and today it became clear that you do have some, well, urges or needs.”

Ted felt very uncomfortable with where this conversation was headed. But he replied to her concern anyway, “Everyone does. Don’t you?” The instant he asked it, it occurred to him that she hadn’t been on any dates since the divorce. Sure, she’d gone out with her girlfriends, but never stayed the night anywhere. And there had been no men come to the house. He wondered if she masturbated; surely she did.

“Well, yes, Dad, I do,” she replied.

Stacie didn’t say anything for a while. Ted just let the silence continue. He wasn’t sure what to say either. It was a bit of an awkward situation.

Finally, Stacie broke the silence. With a very quiet voice, she said, “Dad, you know that we’re not really related.” She paused, then continued, “You’re my dad, but you’re not my father, not by blood anyway.”

“Stacie, I…” Ted started.

“Dad,” Stacie interrupted him. She didn’t want him to block any progress she was making on what she wanted to say. “Dad, can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked.

“Sweetie, you’re my daughter. No, we’re not related by blood, but we do have a real father-daughter relationship,” he said.

“Ted,” she said. “We’re both adults. I’m a grown women. I’ve got an adult daughter. You’re an adult. We’re not related. We like each other. We love each other.” She stopped to gather her thoughts on how to take it to the next level.

It didn’t pass Ted’s attention that she had called him by his name, instead of ‘Dad.” She had always called him Dad. Ted looked at her. She was a beautiful woman. Any guy would be attracted to her. “Sweetie, in addition to our relationship, you’re 21 years younger than me. Most people would say that we don’t have anything in common. How many…”

At that moment, Stacie leaned forward and put her fingers on his lips, saying, “Shhhh.” Ted stopped talking. He wasn’t sure he had much of anything else to say. He knew his daughter. Once she had decided to do something, it would take an act of God to change her mind. He looked into her eyes. He had always thought she had great eyes. Dark brown. Ted saw her mother in those eyes, and it haunted him.

She got up from the bed, pulled the sheets back, and slipped under them. Stacie laid still, facing Ted as he continued to sit up on the bed.

Ted knew she had won the battle. She was going to spend the night in his bed and short of going downstairs to the sofa, there was nothing he could do about it. He gave in, thinking that he’d let her sleep here, but that was all. Sex was not on the table.

He laid down, turned on his side away from her, and laid still. There was no way he was going to easily fall asleep. So many thoughts were racing through his head. The sound of her breathing seemed like the roar of a highway, although he was sure it was just soft breaths in and out. Eventually, sleep took him.

When Stacie heard him fall asleep, she made her move. She closed the distance between them and placed her free hand on his back. Slowly at first, she began to softly draw random figures on the smooth skin of his back. Even this simple, seemingly innocent activity was getting her excited. Her hand then went to his side, and she caressed it up and down. She bent towards him and placed soft kisses on his back.

Ted moaned quietly in his sleep. Stacie was encouraged by his apparent approval of her actions, and scooted up to right behind him. Her face was nuzzled against the back of his neck, and his ass was in her lap. He felt so warm, and smelled so good. It had been a long time since she had been with a man, and even though she knew who this man was, she couldn’t help to think about what might happen. She thought about what Jen had said, how large his penis was, how amazing it had been to see his cock spurt sperm up into the air. It was all she could think about since Jen had told her at work.

But she also knew that Ted would object. She had to go slow. She needed to proceed with baby steps, even though she wanted him now. She reached around him, snaked her hand under his briefs, and grabbed his cock in her hand. God, it was huge, and felt so nice. She just held it, and drifted off to sleep herself.

The next morning, Ted woke up before she did. As usually, wakefulness came slowly, bit by bit. He began to hear the noises from outside, the ceiling fan motor. His eyes slowly opened and he saw the dim light of morning fill the room. Then he felt her snuggled behind him. It felt nice. He could feel her breath on his back. He recalled the discussion they had the night before.

‘I guess it’s OK to lay next to each other,’ he reasoned. ‘Nothing happened. She’s just spooning me. It’s not like we had sex,’ he thought. His senses became more aware as he woke up. Suddenly he realized she was holding his cock in her hand. And on top of that, he was sporting some serious morning wood.

He almost reached down and pulled her hand from his cock and underwear. But it sure felt nice. God, it felt great. He stirred to move to get up, lifting the sheets from his body.

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