Mother’s Soldier Boy Ch. 04

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The train pulled into the grandeur of York railway station, carrying me on the final leg of my journey north. It had been two months since I’d been home after my passing out parade, two months since I’d been initiated into the world of incestuous sex. I was looking forward to seeing my beautiful mother, Aunt Amy, my grandmother and my hot sister again.

I had spent many an idle moment remembering how my mother had seduced me on the afternoon following the parade and how good it felt to slide my prick into the bodies of my other female relatives during my first family orgy during my last leave.

I had been on more training courses since I’d returned to camp after that initial leave and now I was heading home for a long weekend, three whole days and four nights of pleasure to look forward to.

This time however, I had a surprise in store for the girls at home, I’d brought one of my friends up with me. Dave was completely ignorant about my families little peculiarities, but I hoped he’d be accommodating when he saw how attractive the females were in our family. I’d chosen to invite Dave up for the weekend because he had an absolutely huge cock, eight inches at least when flaccid. I’d never seen it angry, but the size of his prick when it was soft made me think that it’d be a nice treat for the ladies.

It was my gorgeous Aunt Amy who met us at the station; she was caught a little off guard by Dave’s presence but recovered beautifully and made him feel welcome. ‘Hello Dave, nice to meet you,’ Amy smiled at my friend in greeting.

‘Uh… hi… uh…’ Dave stuttered.

‘Amy, call me Amy, please,’ said my aunt as Dave struggled to find his voice. I wasn’t surprised that Dave had trouble engaging his brain and mouth. My aunt was looking very foxy in her tight, figure hugging t-shirt and denim mini skirt. Her pert breasts were outlined beautifully beneath the pink cotton and her long, slender, tanned legs looked exquisite as she stood on the busy station concourse. Amy was getting more than a few appreciative glances from passers by, not surprisingly given her provocative skirt and clinging shirt.

Amy strode off, leading a slack jawed Dave and myself to the car park where her VW Golf was parked. Since Dave was the guest I allowed him the passenger seat in front next to my pretty aunt and I was amused during the whole journey as I kept catching Dave taking furtive glances at Amy’s legs as she drove. The mini skirt had ridden high up along my aunt’s lissom thighs, a fact that I’m sure Amy was only too aware of.

‘So you two boys work together?’ Amy asked no one in particular, attempting to open the conversational gambit.

‘Uh… yeah, sort of,’ replied Dave, somewhat inarticulately, but I suppose his concentration was more than a little deflected due to the effect of my aunt’s obvious charms.

‘Any plans for the weekend boys?’ This time Amy winked at me through her rear view mirror. I knew message was being conveyed beneath that question, but poor Dave didn’t have much of a clue.

‘A few beers, probably,’ I replied, replying to her loaded question with a conventional answer.

‘I may join you,’ Amy said, adding suddenly as though in afterthought, ‘If that’s ok? You boys probably wouldn’t want an old woman like me cramping your style.’ She was teasing and I knew it.

‘Sure, that’d be great.’ I had to bite back the laughter at Dave’s newfound voice. He was definitely keen for my aunt to hit the pubs with us.

‘Thanks Dave, that’s sweet of you,’ Aunt Amy continued her little game.

We arrived at my house and I introduced Dave to my mum and dad first, followed by Emma, my sister. ‘Pleased to meet you, son,’ my dad gave Dave his firm handshake. ‘Make yourself at home,’ he continued, walking over to the fridge. ‘Beer?’

‘Er… sure, thanks Mr Braithwaite,’ Dave said, taking the proffered can of lager.

‘Cheers,’ dad toasted.

‘Cheers,’ we dutifully replied and both Dave and I took a swig of the ice cold beer.

As we chatted and drank our beers I watched Dave carefully. As well as my hot aunt, I could tell our guest was impressed by my sister, Emma, beylikdüzü escort and I also saw him take a lingering look at my mother on a couple of occasions. The weekend was off to a great start.

I showed Dave to my room, explaining that it was his for the weekend and that I would sleep on the settee downstairs. I neglected to mention that I could share my sister’s bed if I wanted, or even my mother’s and father’s, but I thought that information would be too much for my friend.

We showered and changed into our play clothes and left the house with my aunt making up a threesome. We hit a few pubs around the town and Amy took the opportunity to flirt outrageously with Dave, teasing him into a virtual frenzy. I could see he was excited by my aunt’s attention, but he was also put off by my presence and didn’t know how to react to Amy’s suggestive comments.

It was only about 9:30pm and I’d just come back from the toilet when Amy said, ‘I’m bored with this, let’s get a taxi and go back to my place.’

I looked at Dave and noticed he was wearing a strange expression and then the penny dropped. He and Amy had taken the opportunity my visit to the toilet had given them to decide between them that we should head back to Amy’s nearby flat. I could tell that Dave had his own motive for leaving town early and I decided to play the game, innocently agreeing to leave.

When we got back to Amy’s she went into her kitchen. ‘Beers?’ she called as Dave paid a visit to the toilet.

‘Sure,’ I said, walking into the kitchen behind my aunt, placing my arms around her slim waist and nuzzling the back of her neck. ‘You bitch,’ I continued. ‘You’ve been winding Dave up ever since he got here.’

Amy turned to face me and handed me a cold can from her fridge. ‘He was all over me when you were in the gents,’ Amy said, grinning. ‘The poor lad is dying to fuck me, but thinks it’s awkward with you around.’

‘You go for it,’ I said, heading for Amy’s living room when I heard the toilet flush.

We sat and watched a film from Amy’s DVD collection. I was pretending to be engrossed in the action on screen and paid no attention as Amy squirmed in her chair, her mini skirt riding higher at each move, exposing more and more of her bare legs to Dave’s boggle eyed stare.

After a decent interval I gave the impression I was sleepy, my head lolling against my chest as I feigned sleep.

‘Hey, sleepy head,’ Amy called out to me.

‘Huh? What…?’ I played the part of the disorientated drunk to perfection.

‘Go to bed,’ my aunt said, grinning. She knew that I was acting all right.

‘Yeah, right, goodnight.’ I stumbled out of the room.

I gave it five minutes and then I pushed the bedroom door open and walked along the hall until I could spy into the living room. Amy had wasted no time; I could see a different film showing on her TV screen now, this one was showing a busty blonde eagerly sucking a black guys thick cock and Amy was now sat next to Dave on the settee.

Amy caressed Dave’s thigh through his jeans as he sat in silence, watching the blonde on screen as she sucked on the actor’s thick prick. ‘Let me suck your cock, Dave,’ I heard Amy say.

She reached over and stroked the front of Dave’s jeans, taking charge of the situation now. It looked to me as though Dave, who had been all over Amy earlier, was now a little out of his depth and needed guidance from the more mature woman.

‘Mmmm, that’s quite a bulge there,’ Amy said as Dave’s arousal became obvious. ‘My God!’ Amy exclaimed when Dave had stood and lowered his jeans to his knees. His thick cock was standing stiffly upright, jutting hugely from between his thighs. ‘It’s fucking huge,’ she continued unnecessarily as Dave’s big gun waggled menacingly.

‘Yeah,’ Dave grinned at my aunt’s enthusiasm. Amy curled her fist around Dave’s girth, her slender fingers barely able to meet as she gripped the big cock tightly. Dave sighed with the pleasure as Amy peeled back his foreskin and slowly caressed the shaft back and forth.

I could see Dave’s buttocks clenching as Amy pulled beylikdüzü eve gelen escort his thickness, his passion already rising. I wondered how much of this Dave could take. Amy noticed Dave’s excitement and licked at the crown of his cock lightly, then sucking the big dome between her lips, all the time keeping up her manipulation of Dave’s cock with her hand.

‘Shit,’ Dave hissed through gritted teeth. ‘That’s so good, you’re so pretty… fuck.’

My friend was having difficulty keeping himself under control. Amy had only had his cock out for two or three minutes and already he was threatening to blow.

‘You are an excited young man,’ Amy teased as she peeled the t-shirt off and pulled it over her head. Her perky tits popped into view, the stiff, tight nipples betraying my aunt’s own arousal. She pulled the mini skirt up until it was rucked up around her waist and Dave growled when he saw Amy’s neat, trimmed bush as her tiny thong slid down to the floor.

My aunt sat on the settee and spread her thighs wide, digging the heels of her shoes into the cushions. ‘Lick me, baby,’ Amy whispered as she opened her wet sex for Dave with her fingers.

Dave dived between my aunt’s thighs and buried his head in her quim. I couldn’t see much from the position I was in but Amy’s groans and sighs of pleasure were indication enough that Dave was hitting the spot.

‘Lick me, baby, that’s it. On my clit honey, right there, that’s so good.’ Amy gave Dave an indication of how well he was performing and I suspect that the commentary was as much for my benefit as Dave’s.

Amy’s words were certainly having an effect upon me, my cock was stiff and I was dying to play with it. I pulled at myself and watched Amy writhe on her settee as my friend lapped at her.

Amy pushed Dave away and made him sit on the sofa. Then she lay across the seats and picked up Dave’s big cock and once again sucked on it. She licked at the angry, purple head and down the underside to Dave’s hanging balls. She sucked on it savagely, rubbing Dave’s sticky pre cum over her cheeks, using his cock like a fat paint brush on her face.

My aunt’s face was sticky and shining with Dave’s goo, she was behaving like a total slut and kept up her filthy commentary when her mouth wasn’t full of meat.

‘Oh yes, it’s so big, I fucking love big cocks,’ she spoke between mouthfuls. ‘I can’t wait to be split in two by your prick, Dave,’ Amy babbled, wanking my friend vigorously by now.

My own fist was pumping away at my hard cock too. How I wished it were me on the sofa with my slender aunt, painting her face with my seeping cock.

Suddenly, unable to take any more, Dave grunted, his thighs jerking, hips bucking, his thick spunk jetted high in the air and came to land with a splat on Amy’s cheek. Spunk was threaded in her blonde hair and coated her pretty, smiling face as Dave gushed his semen in vicious arcs, groaning his pleasure as he came.

Heedless of the spunk dripping from her face onto her furniture and carpet, Amy sucked at Dave’s bell end until his climax subsided, releasing his prick from her sucking mouth with a loud, wet pop.

Amy gave Dave no time to recover. She straddled his thighs and nudged her labia apart with his cock. Once the head was at her opening, Amy sank onto Dave slowly, her pussy taking is fat cock, inch by slow inch, her face gleaming with Dave’s spunk still clinging to her face and spread through her hair.

‘Fill me with that big cock,’ Amy’s voice was thick with lust as she sat on my friend, his cock deeply embedded inside her body.

Amy’s back was to Dave, so she was facing me at the door. As Dave gripped her waist with both hands and was lifting and lowering her on and off his cock, Amy looked directly at where I was hidden, her eyes heavy lidded as she smiled across at me.

Amy was squeezing her tight; little breasts and pulling hard on her nipples as she rode Dave like a mad woman. Her grunts and cries of pleasure sounded almost animal like as her climax built. I could see Amy’s quim being stuffed as she accommodated beylikdüzü masöz escort Dave’s thick penis. Her pussy virtually bulged with Dave’s girth, stretched tightly around the shiny, wet pole as it invaded her.

Dave rolled Amy onto her side, his prick remained embedded and he somehow manoeuvred his position so that he was actually kneeling on the soft cushion behind my aunt as she lay on her flank.

He took hold of Amy’s hip and powered his cock into her hard and the sound of Dave’s body slapping against my aunt’s buttocks reverberated throughout the room. Amy parted her legs to give Dave more access to her cock hungry pussy, frantically fingering he clitoris as Dave slammed into her vigorously.

‘Come on baby, come on,’ Amy cried as her teenaged lover fucked her. ‘I’m going to come on your fat prick,’ she shouted lewdly. If I had really been asleep in the bedroom I would have to have been unconscious not to be woken by the sounds of the couple’s frantic fucking.

‘Shit… you’re so hot,’ Dave complimented my aunt. ‘What a body… such a pretty face… oh God, Amy, I’ve never fucked such a beautiful woman before.’

Amy groaned as her climax began. ‘I’m doing it! Oh, fuck… Oh fuck, I’m coming,’ she grunted, shaking her head from side to side, her blonde hair flailing wildly.

‘Me too,’ my friend said quietly, his body stiffening as he pushed as much of is cock into Amy as he could fit inside her welcoming body. It was as though he was trying to get inside my aunt’s very soul, pushing at her inflamed sex brutally as his second load of semen pumped deep into Amy’s body.

When I saw Dave’s thick prick slide out of Amy as he withdrew I left my position and returned to the bedroom, my cock was still swollen with my desire as I hadn’t split my own seed during my aunt’s hot little show.

I could hear voices and movement as I lay in m aunt’s bed. It was a few minutes later that I felt Amy slide under the duvet, next to me. ‘Dave’s on the couch, I’ve given him a quilt so he’s spending the rest of the night there,’ she said as I turned to face my aunt.

I put my arms around her body and pulled her close. ‘Have you washed your face?’ I asked, unable to see in the darkened room.

‘Yes!’ she laughed and I kissed her deeply on the mouth once I knew that my friend’s deposit had been washed from her skin.

‘He’s got one hell of a big cock,’ Amy whispered to me, giggling at the memory. ‘Hmm, you’re quite a proud boy too,’ she added when my stiffness prodded into her thigh as we cuddled.

‘Well, it was a pretty hot show,’ I admitted. ‘I’m glad you had fun,’ I continued, running my hands over the smooth skin of Amy’s back.

I moved on top of my aunt, pushing her onto her back. She opened her thighs in welcome for me and we kissed lovingly as I slid into her, her quim slick and easy with Dave’s semen greasing my path.

‘That’s it baby,’ Amy cooed. ‘Let your aunty make you feel better.’

My cock squelched into Amy’s cunny, Dave’s spunk oozing around my shaft as I fucked into my aunt.

‘I love you aunty,’ I moaned quietly into Amy’s ear, reverting back to childish talk as she held me in an adult way.

‘Do you like your aunt’s pussy?’ Amy whispered in response, probing my mouth with her wet, darting tongue. ‘It’s all gooey and filled with spunk,’ she continued obscenely, my own hot delivery threatening as her filthy words spurred me.

‘That’s it baby, do it deep,’ Amy’s quiet tone urged me onwards as I pumped relentlessly into her, my spunk mingling with my friend’s as it spurted hotly from my cock. I groaned and was forced to bite into Amy’s pillow when the intensity of my climax hit me and I nearly groaned out loud. There was no way to know if Dave was asleep or awake so I had to be as silent as possible, a difficult job indeed as my aunt milked the seed from my shaft.

I fell asleep, wrapped in the slender, loving arms of my aunt, my semen leaking from her well filled vagina, overwhelmed with the feelings of love and tenderness I felt towards her.

I awoke early and got dressed to give Dave the impression I’d slept in my clothes on my aunt’s bed and, when he woke up all bleary eyed, I pretended that I had fallen into an unconscious slumber the night before.

Dave made no reference to his exploits, merely whispering what hot stuff my aunt was and leaving it at that. Dave could have his ‘secret’, today was Friday and it would be my sister, Emma’s turn to sample Dave’s cock tonight!!

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