Mother’s Needs Ch. 02

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I unleashed a monster in my son. After that first encounter, he wanted me every day. It was difficult being at work and trying not to focus on that amazing cock. I also had to not focus on Tay. She was also a person of desire. What a sad dilemma I was in.

I got home from work on Wednesday evening. It was a slow day at work, and I was able to get ahead of schedule with all my work. I walked into a quiet house. Kenny wasn’t home. Not a bad thing, as he had been assaulting my pussy for 5 days now. He was getting better and better with his love making. He was a good student. He did everything he was taught, very well.

I was lost in thought when I heard a knock. I opened the door to find Tay. Tay dressed in shorts and a tank top. One that barely covered her big boobs.

“Come in Tay, I missed you at work today. Everything OK?”

She looked at me and smiled. “I kicked his ass out today. I have never felt better!! I feel like a new woman. But I will need a lawyer. Could you recommend one?”

I laughed. “How about the one I used? He is top notch and so are his investigators.”

I got his card and gave it to Tay. She leaned in and gave me a kiss. It was so different from Kenny. Her lips were soft. She smelled so sweet. Like mountain flowers.

I kissed her back, each other’s hands finding breasts. She dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled down my pants. Her tongue darting into my pussy. She quickly found my swelling clit and sucked it like a little cock.

I put a hand on her head and guided her to where I needed her. She brought me to orgasm quickly.

“I guess we are even now! Carla, you tasted so good! And that clit of yours? Some man is missing out!!”

I pulled up my pants and got put back together the best I could, knowing Kenny was minutes from returning. Sure enough a few minutes later, Kenny walked in and said hello to us. As he walked by me, he swatted my big butt.

“Wow! He has some nerve for your own child to slap you on your ass!” Tay said.

“We have a great relationship. It is no big deal.” I told Tay trying not sound like he was fucking me.

Tay saw right through it. She was not as naïve as she pretended to be.

“It looks like you enjoyed it. Almost like you 2 were lovers! You smiled when he did it.”

“Can you keep a secret?” I asked Tay.

“Of course! What is it?”

“Kenny’s cock. It is bigger than my dildo. Both in length and girth.”

“CARLA!! How do you know that? Did you peek in his room? You dirty mother!”

“Last halkalı otele gelen escort week I did. After our get together, I peeked in his room to talk to him about dinner. He was nude in front of his mirror. It was just hanging there. Even soft it was the biggest I had ever seen. It is huge!!”

I could barely contain myself. I wanted to tell her.

Tay looked at me and started laughing. “No wonder you have been acting like a 20 year old! You have been fucking him haven’t you? Come on, tell me the truth!”

“Yes. I know it is wrong. But I could not resist. He is so big, and he was a virgin!! He is a marvelous lover. He satisfies my every need.”

Tay grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of earshot of Kenny.

“Would you be opposed to him fucking me? Or even both of us at the same time? How is his stamina? What do you think he would say?” Tay asked, breathing heavier than before.

“You really want to fuck him? Us? Both?” I asked.

“Yes, and I want to now. If his dick is as big as you say, I want to have some. Sounds like there is enough for both of us.”

“KENNY!! Come down a minute honey. Mrs. Jones needs to ask you a question!!”

Kenny came down quickly, still in his sweats and sweaty t shirt. “What is the question, Mrs. Jones?”

Tay thought for a minute and then completely chickened out. “Will you haul some boxes for me this weekend? I kicked Mr. Jones out and need some of his boxes moved.”

“Uh sure. Sorry about Mr. Jones. I hope things work out.”

Kenny turned to go upstairs. I yelled for him to come back.

When he stopped beside me, I reached into his pants and grabbed a hold of his monster.

Kenny was shocked. “Mom what are you doing? I thought this was secret? Mrs. Jones will see!”

“Well you see, Tay and I have been playing with each other a little. I told her about you, and she wants a sample. Could you do that for me? Please baby? I will make it worth your while later. I have a special treat for you.”

Kenny grinned and dropped his pants. He grabbed his swelling cock. His huge balls hanging. His huge cock in his hand.

“Jack off for her. Show her what you can do.”

I sat down and watched my son stroke his beast. I spit on his cock for more lubricant. He was stroking faster now. I am sure he was going nuts with his mom and her best friend in the same room.

“Gonna cum soon Mom. Can I see your tits?”

I peeled my shirt showing my big breasts and fondled halkalı rus escort my nipples. Tay was rubbing her nipples through her tank top.

Kenny started to cum. He unleashed a torrent of cum. He hit Tay square in the chest from about 4 feet away. 8 or 10 squirts later he was done. Tay was covered in Kenny’s cum.

“Fuck me, that was incredible!” Tay moaned.

“You want me to fuck you, Mrs. Jones? Take off your pants!”

Kenny looked at me for approval and he got it. He walked over to Tay and she bent over the table and presented her bald snatch to him. He roughly entered her, stuffing in as much cock as he could. Fantastically she took every inch. He fucked her without a care. He fucked her hard and fast. Her quiet little orgasms were replaced by guttural screams. I was masturbating as fast as I could. It was such a primal fucking. Kenny filled her full of cum. It dripped from her gaping pussy. Tay flopped down on the chair staring at Kenny’s still hard cock.

“My God! That thing is a wrecking machine. My pussy is sore. I have never felt like this. You are incredible Kenny!!”

“Thanks Mrs. Jones. It was my pleasure. If it is OK with my Mom, I am ready anytime. Mom, can I go shower now?”

“Yes, baby. Dinner will be ready in an hour.”

Kenny ran up the stairs 3 at a time and disappeared into his room.

Tay looked at me.

“You are correct. He is huge! And so willing. Does he make you sore? I feel like was fucked with a post!!

“Tay. He has more stamina than 20 men. The other night, he fucked me for 3 hours. STRAIGHT! I lost track of how many times I came. He never stops, he just changes positions. His cum drains out of me. Not drip. Drains. I am so glad I had my tubes tied!!”

Tay suddenly looked like she had seen a ghost.

“What is wrong Tay? Are you OK?”

“I am not fixed. In fact, I am pretty sure I am ovulating. I am usually pretty horny when I ovulate. That is why I came over to see you today. I think I may have made a mistake! Kenny pumped me full of cum. I mean filled my womb. It is still running from y pussy. I just cant’ get pregnant again.”

I looked at Tay. She looked at me. I knew at that moment she would be carrying my son’s baby. Maybe not from today’s fucking. But sooner than later.

“We will cross that bridge when we come to it. Go home, get cleaned up and get some rest. We will both need it.” I gave a her a new shirt to wear. Hers was still wet from Kenny’s cum blast.

“Call me tomorrow halkalı türbanlı escort Carla. This is all too crazy.”

“I will Tay. You can count on it.”

Tay left and I went to Kenny’s room. It was time to introduce Kenny to anal sex. I couldn’t get his cock in my pussy completely but my ass is another story. I stopped at my room and grabbed my lube. I shed my clothes and headed to Kenny’s room. He was fresh from the shower and when I walked in he was hard and ready to go.

“Time to fuck Mommies ass baby. Fuck me like you did Mrs. Jones. Hard, fast and make it hurt. Mommy needs to have you fill her up!”

Kenny looked at me oddly. “Fuck your butt? How is that possible?”

I got on my hands and knees and presented my ass to Kenny.

“Squeeze this lube on my ass, work it in with your fingers. Rub some on your cock and fuck me, just like my pussy!”

Kenny did as he was told. When he entered my ass, I thought he ripped me open. He pushed in inch by inch slowly, giving me time to adjust to his cock. He filled my bowels completely. He started to pump, I imagined it looked funny pulling almost all the way out of my ass and then plunging back in but it felt good.

“Stop Kenny. I want to get on my back.”

I rolled over and pulled my legs up so my ass was in position to take his mass. He pushed back into me and started fucking me. I could see my abdomen rise each time he buried his cock in me. My fingers found my swollen clit and I masturbated it. My pussy was wet, the juices flowing onto Kenny’s cock as he impaled my asshole.

“I’m cumming baby. Keep fucking Mommies asshole. Shoot your cum in my butt! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. YES. DON’T STOP…HARDER, HARDER. OH GOD Kenny. It is so big!!”

Kenny started cumming. With the tightness of my asshole and the heat from him fucking it made him cum hard. He filled me with is cum. When he stopped cumming, he surprised me and pulled out his cock and slapped my ass with it.

“I saw that in a porn movie Mom. Did you like it?”

I responded by sitting up and sucking his cock clean. Never would I have even considered that with my ex. But Kenny’s cock almost controlled me. I was in love with that cock. I worshipped that cock. I needed that cock.

“I loved it Kenny. Did you like fucking Mommies butthole?”

“Heck yes Mom. I just like sex. Do you think Mrs. Jones will want to do it again?”

“I’m sure she will Kenny. That cock has magical powers.”

“OK, cool. I liked fucking her. She is a nice lady. Too bad about her husband.”

“OK, Kenny. Go get cleaned up and get your schoolwork done.”

I soaked in a hot tub for an hour. My asshole was sore as was every muscle in my body. It was a whole-body work out trying to keep up with my son. Maybe with a partner to share him with I won’t be as sore. Who am I kidding? I loved it.

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